Twitter Campaign – Irob + Kunama

Irob + Kunama – 1
  1. Irob was the first location to be attacked & fall under Eritrean forces. “The north is dying,” said a Irob man. “I strongly believe there is a campaign to target the people.” Please protect this group. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UN @UN4Indigenous @hrw

2. The Kunama & Irob people are suffering immensely & both may be on the brink of extinction. We cannot turn a blind eye. It’s time the @UN ensure unfettered humanitarian access to all of Tigray. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide@KenyaMissionUN @UN4Indigenous @hrw

3. Muruts Beyenem was facing an uncertain future at the time of this 2019 interview, & now his community is facing mass extinction at the hands of Eritrean soldiers. When will the @UN wake up & help? #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UNReliefChief @IPRightsIntl

4. The Irob & Kunama are located in remote areas of Tigray & are silently suffering. It’s time the @UN lead & stop the #TigrayGenocide. Hold Isaias & Abiy accountable! #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @UNTreatyBodies @CSORG @MinorityRights

5. The Kunama have faced war crimes by invading Eritrean troops. Their livelihood is at risk as they are being systematically starved by the burning of crops, farming equipment, and villages. @UN you have a Responsibility to Protect. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN @SVG_UN

6. The Kunama have been terrorized by Eritrea for years. This is a minority group that must be protected. We are in the 5th month of the #TigrayGenocide & the @UN continues to fail this group. Why? #KunamaStarvation @AmbMKimani @UN4Indigenous @IFADEastAfrica

7. Irob land is under full Eritrean occupation & leader Dori Asgedom, who advocated against border issues & for the plight of the Irob community is now detained by @AbiyAhmedAli. Free Dori Asgedom & condemn #IrobMassacre. #TigrayGenocide #PressFreedom@UN @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani

8. The Irob community continues to suffer a great deal under the violence & occupation of invading forces. We demand the withdrawal of Eritrean forces. Protect the Irob. Be a voice for all indigenous tribes. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UNSRCulture

9. Charges brought against Dori Asgedom are absurd. Arresting opposition party leaders for condemning #WarOnTigray is @AbiyAhmedAli ‘s tactic to consolidate his power. Please protect democracy as well as lives in Tigray from another #IrobMassacre. Can we count on you? @USAmbUN @UN

10. Irob women cont. to face weaponized rape & starvation in the mountains of Tigray by occupying Eritrean forces. It’s time the @UN Security Council takes concrete measures to remove these troops from Tigray. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @IFADEastAfrica

Irob + Kunama – 2
  1. The Irob community never healed from the wounds of the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrean border war, yet again they find themselves fully occupied by Eritrean troops, who are killing them. Who is advocating for them? #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide@UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @Niger_ONU @hr

2. Dori Asgedom has been arrested by @AbiyAhmedAli for condemning #TigrayGenocide & demanding withdrawal of Eritrean forces. Dori did the right thing but he is paying the ultimate price. Please step up & save people from another #IrobMassacre. @Haavisto @JosepBorrellF @pressfreedom

3. The Irob are still grappling from the trauma of the last border war. Sadly, the #TigrayGenocide has renewed invasion of Eritrean forces who are pillaging villages.The @UN must lead an honest investigation of war crimes & ensure these troops leave Tigray. @SenateForeign @hrw

4. Awalom, a witness of #IrobMassacre, described watching Eritrean troops order 18 young men to lie in a remote field so they could be shot to death. Please protect this indigenous community. #TigrayGenocide @EUCouncil @IWGIA @IENearth @Survival

5. Unfortunately, the Irob community with rich culture, generous and loving people are now one of the worst victims of the ongoing #WarOnTigray. Please protect this tribe.#TigrayGenocide #IrobMassacre @EU_Commission @UN4Indigenous @Pontifex @TheCWIS @hrw

6. The Irob are left with no means to survive in #TigrayGenocide. Eritrean troops have looted health centers & food from homes. They even killed cattle. Ethiopia & Eritrea must be held liable for war crimes. #IrobMassacre @RSPCA_official @UNReliefChief

7. The Irob of Ethiopia have been found dead of starvation and massacres by Eritrean troops. When will the @UN Security Council use it’s power to end the #TigrayGenocide and ensure that another #IrobMassacre doesn’t happen? @mbachelet @USAmbUN @RussiaUN

8. “If you don’t bring your father, your brothers, you don’t get the aid, you’ll starve,” an Irob woman was told. In #TigrayGenocide, civilians are being denied means to survive. These are war crime & perpetrators must be condemned. @mbachelet #IrobMassacre

9. The Irob and Kunama are minorities within a minority, making up less than 1% of the population in Tigray.The existence of both groups is under immense threat as the #WarOnTigray continues. #TigrayCantWait #TigrayGenocide @UN4Indigenous @UNOCHA @IWGIA

10. The vast population of Kunama live in the Greater Sheraro area, located close to the Eritrean border and is currently occupied by Eritrean forces. This is alongside reports of entire families dying of starvation in Sheraro. #KunamaStarvation @IWGIA @UN4Indigenous @UNReliefChief

Irob + Kunama – 3
  1. The Kunama depend on farming for their livelihood. The intentional looting & destruction of livestock, burning of villages & farming equipment has left them without food for 5 months. They are facing mass starvation. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @UNReliefChief @UNDP @hrw

2. The Irob minority are vulnerable given the location – alongside the unprotected Ethio-Eritrean border. Eritrean forces have taken advantage of the proximity to Irob. Young men throughout Irob land face continuous attacks by Eritrean troops. #IrobMassacre @Haavisto @UN4Indigenous

3. Young men in Irob are being taken from their homes & massacred. This is happening alongside a communications blackout all while Irob land is under full Eritrean occupation. The minority group needs to be protected. #IrobMassacre @EUatUN @mbachelet @CSORG

4. “Better to kill the women of #Tigray because tomorrow they will give birth to the woyane” often said by Eritrean forces. Attacks on the Irob community are incredibly concerning bc they run the increased risk of extermination. #TigrayGenocide @UNOCHA

5. Irob people of Tigray were devastated by the Ethio-Eritrean 1998-2000 border war which they never healed from. In just 20 yrs, exposed to yet more mass atrocities by #EritreanTroops-their ethnic survival depends on immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces. #IrobMassacre @USUN

6. The war on Tigray is an imminent threat to the existence of the Kunama & Irob indigenous minorities of Tigray. we demand @UNHCR & @UNSC to live up to their obligation of protecting both minority groups. #KunamaStarvation #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UN_GP_RtoP @mbachelet

7. The Kunama people were devastated by Ethio-Eritrean border war. In just 20 years , they’re facing more war crimes by Eritrean troops-their ethnic survival depends on immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @UNAction

8. “Irob is now under the total control of invading Eritrean forces – there are no Ethiopian troops in the area, no telephone, no transportation, no lighting.” Irob & Kunama of Tigray are suffering. #KunamaStarvation #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @EUCouncil

9. In a tragic irony, the govn’t of Ethiopia, one of the first nations to sign the 1948 Genocide Convention, currently stands accused of permitting & participating in violence that could amount to genocide. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation @LindaT_G

10. “What I would have never in my worst nightmares thought was that Eritrean army would return 20 years later, to fully occupy our lands & commit the same atrocities they committed during the Ethio-Eritrea border war” #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @hrw

Irob + Kunama – 4
  1. The Irob + Kunama are minority groups within a minority. They are facing real extermination under Eritrean soldiers.Their geographical location & low population size puts them at a higher risk of genocide. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @NorwayUN @UN_GP_RtoP

2. The Irob & Kunama are experiencing insurmountable atrocities during this 5 month-long genocidal tragedy of Ethiopian & Eritrean occupation. They are being starved to death. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @UN_GP_RtoP @UKUN_NewYork @Haavisto @SecBlinken @mbachelet

3. Tigrayans are hungry today bc starvation is relentlessly & systematically being used as a weapon of war. Minorities like the Irob & Kunama are particularly at higher risk of starvation. #KunamaStarvation #IrobMassacre @EUCouncil @jakejsullivan

4. 3 days ago @EmmanuelMacron stated that France’s role before+during the 1994 #RwandanGenocide was a “monumental failure”. So why does France ignore #TigrayGenocide? Ethnic #Irob + #Kunama face gross violations under Eritrea|n troops. @franceonu  #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation

5. The Ethiopian govt. is intentionally & systematically starving Tigrayans. Ethnic minorities like the Kunama & Irob are likely in danger of going extinct. Responsibility to Protect. @SAdamsR2P @LindaT_G #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide

6. The Irob + Kunama communities, as minorities in Tigray, are being deliberately slaughtered by Ethiopian + Eritrean forces. A community that is less than 1%, is the most threatened with extinction. @EU_Council @UNOCHA @SecBlinken @EstoniaUN #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide

7. The Irob + Kunama population in Tigray are limited in number, & the atrocities they face in the #TigrayGenocide are putting them at risk of extinction. The @UN must provide special protections for these people, before there are none left. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation @UNDPPA

8. The remote, vulnerable Irob community in Tigray has been under a major telecommunications + electricity blackout as they suffer through horrific massacres & weaponized rape in the midst of the #TigrayGenocide. We need your help protecting them, @UN. #IrobMassacre @Refugees @hrw

9. The people of Kunama in Tigray, are at extreme risk of extinction due to the #TigrayGenocide. This vulnerable community in particular is facing weaponized starvation, as villages & farming equipment are burned down + property & cattle are looted. #KunamaStarvation @FilippoGrandi

10. The Kunama community is suffering immensely from the #TigrayGenocide. They’ve faced not only starvation & destruction of villages & property, but also the abduction of refugees & the destruction of refugee camps. We must protect them immediately. #KunamaStarvation @UNOCHA @hrw

Irob + Kunama – 5
  1. 5 months into the conflict, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in stories about the #TigrayGenocide. The more remote communities, such as Irob & Kunama, are the most vulnerable & need protection, before they become extinct. #IrobMassacre #KunamaStarvation @mbachelet @USUN

2. Kunama people in Tigray are facing mass starvation and displacement from their indigenous lands by Eritrean troops and Amhara militias. They deserve protection. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @un @IWGIA @CSORG @Survival @IPRightsIntl @nowthisnews

3. Kunama people are facing mass looting of properties, including cattle & farming equipments. They lead their lives through farming & Eritrean troops are deliberately burning farming equipments, to prevent them from growing crops. #KunamaStarvation @UN @Incomindios @IENearth

4. Credible sources indicate that Kunama villages near Sheraro such as Geza Adura & Geza Meker have been burned by Eritrean troops with livestock’s stolen & Kunama women being told to bring their husbands & sons or face consequences. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @hrw @UNOCHA

5. The Kunama people are minority within a minority & have the smallest population in Tigray. The towns and villages where Kunama live have been occupied by Eritrean troops & Amhara militias since the beginning of the genocidal war #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @UN @IWGIA

6. Kunama people of Eritrea have long standing tension with dictator Isaias Afewerki. Eritrean troops burned down Shimelba refugee camp where large Kunama pop. reside. Same is being done to #Tigray #Kunama community. #KunamaStarvation @UN4Indigenous @UNSRCulture @IFADEastAfrica

7. Indigenous communities lead sustainable life, Kunama & Irob people have strong spiritual, cultural, social & economic ties to their lands. Many of them are currently IDPs & facing atrocities by Eritrean troops. #KunamaStarvation #IrobMassacre @UN @mbachelet @EUCouncil @EUatUN

8. Kunama people depend on farming for livelihood. Eritrean troops are deliberately burning crops,& equipment which is leading to mass starvation.@UN must act immediately to protect the people of #Kunama #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @IWGIA @Survival @IndigenousPpls @USAmbUN

9. Kunama settlements are in northwestern Tigray, now under Eritrean occupation. Reports of massacres & mass destruction by Eritrean troops threaten the very existence of this minority group. We urge @PmTunisia @Niger_ONU @KenyaMissionUN to end #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide

10. Kunama are fleeing sexual violence, massacres, & looting by Eritrean troops only to arrive in Sheraro & find a desperate, dire situation. We demand unfettered humanitarian access to all of Tigray. #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide @EstoniaUN @MexOnu

11. Due to the ongoing state-sponsored #TigrayGenocide, #Tigray|an Kunama are facing serious risk of starvation and extinction. @UN needs to ensure unfettered humanitarian access to all of Tigray and independent investigations into war crimes. @Chinamission2un #KunamaStarvation

12. Kunama settlements throughout northwestern Tigray have been burned down and looted by Eritrean troops causing massive displacement, #KunamaStarvation, and risking their survival as an indigenous minority group. We are demanding @UN protect the Kunama people. #TigrayGenocide

13. Kunama are the smallest ethnic minority in Tigray. Facing possible extinction due to the genocidal war waged against Tigray by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. Why isn’t @MinorityRights fiercely advocating for their protection & right to exist? #KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide

14. 5 months into the genocidal war in Tigray the Kunama people are suffering disparate and existential consequences. Their unique culture, indigenous to Tigray, is at risk of total annihilation.#TigrayGenocide #KunamaStarvation @DicarloRosemary @wessendorfk @nowthisnews

15. The Kunama within Tigray, Ethiopia must be protected. As a vulnerable minority within a minority group, the survival of their language and culture is an international & moral imperative. #UNSCActNow to save the Kunama people!#KunamaStarvation #TigrayGenocide@Incomindios @hrw