Reparations/Justice and Accountability

Reparations/Justice and Accountability
  1. Post-investigation, the United Nations should demand reparations for those who suffered the outcomes of this senseless war. (As was done to the Eritrean government after the 1998 border war.)
  2. Reparations for the continued divestment from, discrimination toward and exploitation of Tigray, our land, natural resources, and community.
  3. Reparations for the wealth extracted from our communities through environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination and racialized capitalism in the form of corporate and government reparations focused on healing ongoing physical and mental trauma, and ensuring our access and control of food sources, housing and land.
  4. Reparations for the cultural and educational exploitation, erasure, and extraction of our communities and to support, build, preserve, and restore cultural assets and sacred sites to ensure the recognition and honoring of our collective struggles and triumphs.
  5. Legislation that requires the United Nations and Ethiopia to acknowledge the lasting impacts of the Tigray Genocide, and to establish and execute a plan to address those impacts.

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