Omna means “our large tree” in Tigrigna

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Our mission

It is to build a global community and resource center advocating for the human rights and economic development of Tigrayans and other oppressed peoples in Tigray. Omna Tigray was formed with the belief that access to educated and inclusive advocacy is key to fighting disinformation and injustice, and it is our mission to create that platform for the Tigrayan community and the wider global community. We believe that strength is in unity and collaboration.

We believe that strength is in unity and collaboration. Our goal is to ultimately eradicate failures that have prevented the development of Tigray and contributed to the suffering of its people. Omna believes that peace and stability in Tigray are key to fostering stability in the region.

Our vision is to fight injustice, advocate for peace and economic development, and amplify the voices of the people in Tigray, via our sustainable, long-lasting platform.


Our History

Omna Tigray was founded by a collective of international Tigrayan professionals from various backgrounds in response to the war and genocide waged on Tigrayan people on November 4, 2020. Omna Tigray is a nonprofit nonpartisan global organization in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia with a purpose to effectively advocate for an end to the war, call for unrestricted humanitarian aid to the Tigrayan people, and promote the economic development of Tigray. Omna means “our large tree” in Tigrigna. Om is a tree with plentiful branches that keeps growing, and this signifies that despite adversity, Tigray will continue to grow, flourish, and reach new heights. The word Omna fully encompasses the mission and vision of our organization.


What We Do


Effectively advocating to elected officials and governing bodies to end the war.

Humanitarian Aid

Calling for unrestricted aid to support civilians affected by the war crimes.

Economic Development

Promoting and fostering economic development of the region of Tigray, in rebuilding and moving forward.