Friday 2/4/2022

#StopDroneAttacks Pt. 1

1. The sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls in Tigray by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces is “shocking in its scale and level of brutality.” The psychological damage has left victims in fear. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @unwomenchief @unicefchief https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

2. Ethiopia is supposed to protect its citizens, but instead Abiy Ahmed and his expansionist Amhara elites have given Eritrea their blessing to run a brutal military campaign against Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @AustriaUN @SpainMFA @SwedenUN @swiss_un https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

3. The Eritrean army continues to massacre civilians, loot/destroy public infrastructures and use sexual violence as a tool of war in Tigray. The first step towards peace is to #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @SecBlinken @jakejsullivan @ChrisCoons @StateDeptSpox https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

4. Eritrean soldiers have committed horrific atrocities in Tigray, such as gang-rape, massacres, looting of hospitals and blocking much-needed aid. Failing to #WithdrawEritreanTroops will only increase the suffering of Tigrayans. @UN_HRC @UNDP @UNOSAPG https://nypost.com/2021/05/28/our-season-eritrean-troops-kill-rape-loot-in-tigray/

5. “An Eritrean artillery bombardment lasting about 13 hours killed 150 people in Tirhas Fishaye’s village …” Eritrean troops have carried out egregious massacres in Tigray. They must be held accountable. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @MexOnu @NorwayUN @USUN https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-eritrea-africa-religion-9fe9140b76da946e4fa65095a1d5b04f

6. “Tigrayans interviewed by @AP insisted there can be no peace unless the Eritreans leave. They see the Eritreans’ menace everywhere: the sacked homes, the murdered sons, the violated daughters…vandalized hospitals.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops @VP @POTUS https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-eritrea-africa-religion-9fe9140b76da946e4fa65095a1d5b04f

7. A rape survivor reported that she was abducted by eight Eritrean soldiers and held captive for two weeks. Immediate action must be taken to ensure all parts of Tigray are free of invading forces. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @Lacroix_UN @DicarloRosemary https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

8. As the civil war continues in Ethiopia, the western part of Tigray has been left occupied by invading forces. Eritrean troops have been perpetrators of horrific war crimes against ethnic Tigrayans. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @ArmeniaUN @AustriaUN @NorwayUN https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/05/africa/ethiopia-tigray-humera-sudan-bodies-cmd-intl/index.html

9. “Eritrean forces have fought against Tigrayan forces since the start of the war in support of Mr. Ahmed’s troops, but both nations spent the first 5 months of the conflict denying the Eritrean presence.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops @MFA_Austria @MFAofArmenia https://www.msn.com/en-ae/news/world/ethiopias-tigray-party-accuses-eritrea-of-attacking-its-troops/ar-AASBJmK

10. Eritrea’s agenda points away from peace and accountability. The toxic and jingoistic information environment within Ethiopia complicates the politics of peacemaking. #WithdrawEritreanTroops #TigrayGenocide @trussliz @franceonu @FinlandUN @EUatUN @Ilhan https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

11. For over 30 years, Isaias Afwerki has involved himself in conflicts with neighboring countries. How can there be peace with a tyrant that plays a key role in the world’s refugee crisis? #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UNReliefChief @JanezLenarcic @UN_HRC https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

12. Eritrean troops are illegally occupying parts of North-Western and Eastern Tigray, causing the war to escalate. A swift withdrawal of these forces must be internationally enforced and verified. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @vonderleyen https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

13. Eritrea invaded northwest Tigray on Nov 10, 2020 and left the area’s main hospital dilapidated. Mayani Hospital was completely looted by Eritrean troops and now the population is without healthcare services. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @StateDept @EUatUN https://twitter.com/itswinta/status/1488313056467771392?s=21

14. Eritrea has repeatedly abducted Irob men over the last 20 years with their whereabouts still unknown. In one Irob village, countless young students were killed and their bodies dumped in the river. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UNOSAPG @UNTreatyBodies @UNAOC https://omnatigray.org/a-tigrayan-irob-mothers-experience-during-the-genocidal-war-on-tigray/

15. Eritrea’s involvement in Tigray has caused immense damage & human suffering. Int’l leaders have the responsibility to protect civilians and to stop genocide. Please call for Eritrean forces to depart Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @Europarl_EN @EUAmbUS https://theconversation.com/eritrea-is-involved-in-tigray-to-boost-its-stature-why-the-strategy-could-backfire-175591

16. Events leading up to the war prove clear intent by Isaias Afwerki & Abiy Ahmed to unleash premeditated attacks on Tigray. @IntlCrimCourt must take swift action to help #WithdrawEritreanTroops instead of turning a blind eye to human suffering. @MinPres https://tghat.com/2021/03/31/who-started-the-war-on-tigray/

17. By ignoring peace talks and sending fresh waves of troops into Tigray, Eritrea has made it clear they have no intentions of stopping war on Tigray. An arms embargo is needed. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @POTUS @VP @AmbassadorTai @StateDept @UNOCHA https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

18. “Eritrean troops went on a rampage and systematically killed hundreds of civilians in cold blood.” These crimes against humanity cannot be tolerated; an arms embargo must be enforced + #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @FinlandUN @AustraliaUN @BelgiumMFA https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/02/ethiopia-eritrean-troops-massacre-of-hundreds-of-axum-civilians-may-amount-to-crime-against-humanity/

#StopDroneAttacks Pt. 2

1. Eritrea’s brutal dictator who caused the migration wave of Eritreans to Europe is also the mastermind of Ethiopia’s civil war. Thousands of conscripted troops deployed in Tigray are committing mass atrocities. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EU_Commission @UN https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

2. The @IntlCrimCourt has neglected Tigray as millions grapple with a man-made famine. Eritrean troops are also terrorizing civilians + blocking aid. It’s time to #WithdrawEritreanTroops and open the humanitarian corridor. @ministerBZ @DutchMFA @KarimKhanQC https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/nearly-40-people-ethiopias-tigray-lack-adequate-food-wfp-2022-01-28/

3. Peace cannot be achieved in Ethiopia by keeping Tigray under siege. Tigray’s govt has offered peace talks to address the conflict on several occasions to no avail. The Ethiopian govt must cooperate. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @AUC_PAPS @UK_AfricanUnion https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

4. Despite repeated calls for #WithdrawEritreanTroops, “Eritrean soldiers are…firmly entrenched…in Tigray, where they are brutally gang-raping women, killing civilians, looting hospitals and blocking food and medical aid.” @NLatUN @PLinUN @UKRinUN https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-eritrea-africa-religion-9fe9140b76da946e4fa65095a1d5b04f

5. Tigray’s govt took the first step towards peace by retreating its forces. It’s time to #WithdrawEritreanTroops and place an arms embargo on the Eritrean govt to stop the destabilization of the Horn of Africa. @HouseForeign @SenateForeign @WhiteHouse https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

6. Eritrea is actively supporting Ethiopia on the siege against Tigray and exacerbating the dire humanitarian crisis. Int’l leaders must demand an immediate and verifiable withdrawal of invading forces. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

7. Ethiopia cannot be at peace as long as Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki is allowed to wreak havoc with impunity. He is a danger to the Horn of Africa. Int’l action should have already been taken to #WithdrawEritreanTroops from Tigray. @IntlCrimCourt @UN_HRC https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/tigray-forces-withdraw-neighbouring-ethiopian-regions-spokesperson-2021-12-20/

8. “On top of their suffering and trauma, survivors have been left without adequate support.” An official recognition of the Tigray Genocide commited by Eritrea’s armed forces is needed. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UNPeacebuilding @VDombrovskis @UN_Valovaya https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

9. Eritrean troops continue to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in parts of Tigray with impunity, due to Int’l failure to secure their removal. Enforce an arms embargo on Eritrea and Ethiopia! #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @EUCouncil @StateDept https://twitter.com/cnni/status/1392442088072097796/video/1

10. It’s evident that Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki is responsible for the genocide on the people of Tigray. The int’l community must now hold him accountable and verify that his troops withdraw from Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UNPeacekeeping @AminaJMohammed https://theconversation.com/eritrea-is-involved-in-tigray-to-boost-its-stature-why-the-strategy-could-backfire-175591

11. The presence of Eritrean troops that are committing atrocities against Tigrayans, and the global paralysis in responding to #TigrayGenocide will not bring peace to Ethiopia any time soon. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EUatUN @UNGeneva @FinlandUN @BelgiumUN https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/aid-workers-say-ethiopia-air-strike-northwest-tigray-killed-56-people-2022-01-08/

12. The occupation of Tigray by Eritrean troops has escalated Ethiopia’s civil war. Global leaders must take meaningful action to hold Isaias Afwerki accountable. #WithdrawEritreanTroops from all of Tigray. @MBuhari @PaulKagame @CyrilRamaphosa @_AfricanUnion https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

13. Isaias Afwerki must be held accountable for the war crimes his troops have committed in Tigray, including the massacre in the mountains that took countless lives. Eritrean troops must leave Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @LindaT_G @SecBlinken https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/26/africa/ethiopia-tigray-dengelat-massacre-intl/index.html

14. The town of Sheraro holds over 250k displaced people from western & northwest Tigray. In March 2021, it was reported that the matter was beyond dire. It’s now expected to have gotten worse. @UN_HRC @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF #WithdrawEritreanTroops https://www.nrc.no/news/2021/march/ethiopia-hunger-and-disease-rife-among-displaced-as-aid-workers-gain-access-to-new-parts-of-tigray/

15. Foreign involvement is hindering peace in Tigray. The UAE, Turkey & Iran have all supplied Ethiopia with armed drones, resulting in heavy civilian casualties. We demand an arms embargo on these actors. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @AmbassadorTai @SecBlinken https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html?referringSource=articleShare

16. Eritrean involvement in the war on Tigray is not only evident but premeditated, in an attempt to seek revenge. Isaias Afwerki is a threat to the Horn of Africa and must be held accountable. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @AmbMKimani @KarimKhanQC @USAmbUN @UNDP https://theconversation.com/eritrea-is-involved-in-tigray-to-boost-its-stature-why-the-strategy-could-backfire-175591

17. #WithdrawEritreanTroops – A petition demanding withdrawal of Eritrean troops and intelligence from across Ethiopia to facilitate peace in the Horn of Africa. Please sign here: https://omnatigray.org/petition-withdraweritreantroops/

18. Sign the petition demanding withdrawal of Eritrean troops and intelligence from across Ethiopia, in order to work towards peace in the Horn of Africa. #WithdrawEritreanTroops https://omnatigray.org/petition-withdraweritreantroops/

#StopWarOnTigray Pt. 3

1. “Just 14% of needed aid has entered Tigray since the blockade began, according to the @UN, & almost no medicine at all.” Please demand that Ethiopia #WithdrawEritreanTroops today. @RepCicilline @RepMcCaul @GerryConnolly @SenatorDurbin @SenJackyRosen https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

2. Isaias Afwerki has exacerbated the refugee crisis, as millions in the Horn of Africa have fled their homes for safety elsewhere. When will EU leaders take action to stop him? #WithdrawEritreanTroops from Tigray. @HeikoMaas @luigidimaio @simoncoveney https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

3. The healthcare system in Tigray has deteriorated over the course of a year. Eritrean forces looted + destroyed hospitals. Now they are actively blocking food, medicine & supplies from reaching civilians. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @StateDept @UN_HRC @WHO https://twitter.com/HPN4Tigray/status/1488978760200249351?s=20&t=p_MNqiQzQZ2qXuQb90Fumg

4. Doctors identified 117 deaths + dozens of complications, including infections, amputations & kidney failure, which were linked to shortages of medicines and equipment. Ethiopia & Eritrea must end the siege on Tigray + #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @UN_HRC https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ethiopian-tigray-blockade-killing-hospitalized-doctors-say-rcna10994

5. “…the international community has had little impact on the ground in Tigray where residents and aid workers say that the killing, assaults and starvation continue unabated.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops #TigrayGenocide @Niger_ONU @SVG_UN @PmTunisia @franceonu https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/15/world/africa/ethiopia-eritrea-tigray.html

6. Militant conflict is causing tens of thousands of civilian deaths and has already displaced millions of people across Tigray. There must be int’l monitoring and a verifiable withdrawal of invading troops. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @SenToddYoung @RonWyden https://www.msn.com/en-ae/news/world/ethiopias-tigray-party-accuses-eritrea-of-attacking-its-troops/ar-AASBJmK

7. Despite the US imposing sanctions on the Eritrean army for its role in #WarOnTigray, troops continue to occupy Tigray, resulting in more atrocities on civilians. #WithdrawEritreanTroops today so that the road to peace can commence. @USNATO @USTradeRep45 https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/us-blacklists-eritrean-military-over-conflict-ethiopia-2021-11-12/

8. Eritrean troops remain in Ethiopia despite Int’l calls for them to leave. Their support of the Ethiopian govt in blocking desperately needed food and aid, will cause millions to perish in Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EamonGilmore @dreynders @trussliz https://theparadise.ng/27-truck-wfp-aid-convoy-denied-entry-into-tigray-by-afar-authorities-tplf/

9. There must be an international-mediated, national dialogue among all relevant Ethiopian stakeholders, including the democratically elected Tigrayan govt. Pressure Ethiopia to #WithdrawEritreanTroops from Tigray. @SenBooker @RepGregoryMeeks @SenSchumer https://www.msn.com/en-ae/news/world/ethiopias-tigray-party-accuses-eritrea-of-attacking-its-troops/ar-AASBJmK

10. “The health systems in Tigray are in a state of collapse. They have been pummeled with attacks, looting, and a de facto blockade of medicine and fuel.” Ethiopia must #WithdrawEritreanTroops and the int’l community must verify it. @EU_Commission @eu_echo https://www.devex.com/news/tigray-the-deliberate-destruction-of-a-health-system-102252

11. Tigray is under siege by the Ethiopian & Eritrean govts. Medical supplies have been blocked from entering the region, causing the community to resort to clothing as gauze in order to continue surgeries. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @NYTHealth @unicefchief https://twitter.com/HPN4Tigray/status/1488978760200249351?s=20&t=p_MNqiQzQZ2qXuQb90Fumg

12. Eritrean troops illegally occupying territory in Ethiopia’s Tigray region are blocking desperately needed aid from reaching starving children. The int’l community must end this deadly blockade + #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @CzechMFA @JeppeKofod @JY_LeDrian https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

13. The UN + many aid organizations have consistently reported on how the Ethiopian & Eritrean govts have let little to no food into Tigray. When will world leaders intervene to save lives? #WithdrawEritreanTroops @yokabrandt @CzechUNNY @UKUN_NewYork @FLOTUS https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/01/23/ethiopias-government-appears-to-be-wielding-hunger-as-a-weapon

14. The Eritrean govt has committed egregious war crimes in Tigray by deliberately blocking humanitarian aid. We demand aid access to all of Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops and give peace a fair chance. @JanezLenarcic @EUatUN @GermanyDiplo @ministerBZ https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

15. Eritrea has systematically aided Ethiopia in killing Tigrayans through starvation. How can @UN leaders allow this? We demand that action is taken to open the humanitarian corridor. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @mbachelet @antonioguterres @FilippoGrandi @WFP https://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

16. How much longer will Eritrea be enabled to carry out a genocide in Tigray? The atrocities have been mounting. Appointed leaders must exercise their responsibility to protect civilians. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @mbachelet @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF https://www.garoweonline.com/en/world/africa/eritrean-troops-linked-to-fresh-airstrike-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region

17. In order for the Horn of Africa to work towards a peaceful resolution, invading Eritrean forces must leave Tigray. Sign and share the petition. #WithdrawEritreanTroops https://omnatigray.org/petition-withdraweritreantroops/

#StopWarOnTigray Pt. 4

1. Peace is hard to achieve when Tigrayans suffer daily atrocities under Eritrean soldiers. Eritrea’s presence and unwillingness to withdraw are daunting obstacles to peace in Ethiopia. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @GermanyUN @irishmissionun @JapanMissionUN https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-eritrea-africa-religion-9fe9140b76da946e4fa65095a1d5b04f

2. “Our stark conclusion is that the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea are starving the people of Tigray. Circumstantial evidence suggests that this is intentional, systematic and widespread.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops @HouseofCommons @HouseForeign @USUN https://sites.tufts.edu/wpf/starving-tigray/?fbclid=IwAR01Qi2aIlQXa61D3f5cQUZMtVZejK_rpgBE1fYt2npD9IuQ6GHDlPSrJHs

3. Ethiopia’s use of armed drones to target civilians in Tigray is a violation of Int’l law. We demand an arms embargo on countries supplying drones and other weapons to both Eritrea and Ethiopia. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @AmbassadorTai @AmbassadorRice @NATO https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html?referringSource=articleShare

4. Eritrea’s role in the genocidal war against Tigray has devastated the region and destabilized Ethiopia. Lasting stability will require the verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @ItalyUN_NY @dfatirl @HeikoMaas @MSZ_RP https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-eritrea-africa-religion-9fe9140b76da946e4fa65095a1d5b04f

5. Eritrean troops have refused to leave Tigray. Their heavy presence is only escalating the war in Ethiopia, as they are perpetrators of massacres on civilians + actively hindering aid. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EUCouncil @AM_PSC @vonderleyen @KSzczerski https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/tigray-forces-withdraw-neighbouring-ethiopian-regions-spokesperson-2021-12-20/

6. The int’l community needs to prioritize humanity. Tigray is being starved and under total siege. Leaders must take action to #WithdrawEritreanTroops, ensure unfettered access for aid, restore telecom + banking services. @USAmbUN @WFPChief @PowerUSAID https://www.devex.com/news/tigray-the-deliberate-destruction-of-a-health-system-102252

7. Over the course of #WarOnTigray, disturbing reports have emerged of people being forced to rape relatives or have sex in exchange for basic supplies. It’s past time to #WithdrawEritreanTroops and end the siege. @BulgariaUNHCR @BWoodward_UN @Denmark_UN https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-ethiopia-conflict-rape-idUSKBN29S0BG

8. Eritrean forces have been heavily involved in egregious human rights abuses throughout Ethiopia. Their continuous presence has both prolonged and worsened the hugely destructive civil war. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @TimmermansEU @JuttaUrpilainen @vestager https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/aid-workers-say-ethiopia-air-strike-northwest-tigray-killed-56-people-2022-01-08/

9. Amnesty Int’l interviewed 63 survivors of sexual violence, as well as medical professionals. Twenty-eight survivors identified Eritrean forces as the main perpetrators of rape. It’s past time to #WithdrawEritreanTroops from Tigray. @eu_eeas @eu_echo https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

10. In order to work towards stability in Ethiopia, global leaders must enforce a swift and internationally monitored withdrawal of Eritrean forces from all parts of Tigray. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @irishmissionun https://www.garoweonline.com/en/world/africa/eritrean-troops-linked-to-fresh-airstrike-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region

11. The humanitarian crisis in northwest Tigray is widely unaccounted for and the area is still illegally occupied by Eritrean troops. Last March, NRC reported on how civilians fled widespread violence + SGBV. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EUCouncil @UNGeneva https://www.nrc.no/news/2021/march/ethiopia-hunger-and-disease-rife-among-displaced-as-aid-workers-gain-access-to-new-parts-of-tigray

12. “While the world watches, Tigrayans have been subjected to extrajudicial killings, massacres, weaponized sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), mass arrests, internment, torture and execution.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops @HouseForeign @SenateForeign @UN https://omnatigray.org/situation-reports/

13. If @AbiyAhmedAli and @MohamedBinZayed are truly for peace, then Sheikh Mohamed must halt weapon sales to Ethiopia, and Abiy must stop bombing Tigray. The UAE is known for quietly inciting this war. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UN @StateDept @EU_Commission https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html?referringSource=articleShare

14. If the int’l community is truly concerned about Ethiopia’s fate, then leaders must pressure the regime to end the siege on Tigray, #WithdrawEritreanTroops, and come to a genuine inclusive dialogue with Tigray’s govt. @EU_Commission @StateDept @UN_HRC https://theconversation.com/eritrea-is-involved-in-tigray-to-boost-its-stature-why-the-strategy-could-backfire-175591

15. Eritrea’s disproportionately violent and inhumane occupation in Tigray has intensified the conflict at the expense of Ethiopia. The int’l community needs to enforce a verifiable withdrawal of troops. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @KenyaMissionUN @VietNam_UN https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/ethiopia-s-rebellious-tigray-party-accuses-eritrea-of-attacking-its-forces/47248766

16. Eritrea’s Isaias Afewerki played a central role in the genocidal war against Tigray, and his agenda comes at the expense of Ethiopia’s stability and peace. It’s time to demand him to #WithdrawEritreanTroops. @UKUN_NewYork @EstoniaUN @irishmissionun https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-09/aid-workers-say-ethiopia-air-strike-in-tigray-killed-56-people/100746136

17. Even after continued pressure from the UN to withdraw, Eritrean troops remain occupying parts of Tigray leaving civilians in fear. Sanctions and an arms embargo are needed immediately. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @SenMarkey @JeffMerkley @SenatorRisch https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/new-wave-abuses-alleged-ethiopia-s-tigray-n1286091

18. Some of the worst abuses have been reported in the western part of Tigray, which is currently occupied by Eritrean troops. How can peace be achieved while Eritrea continues to attack Tigray? #WithdrawEritreanTroops @UNHumanRights @USAID @UNGeneva https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/new-wave-abuses-alleged-ethiopia-s-tigray-n1286091

19. “As Int’l human rights advocates & various institutions have amply documented, the Eritrean military has committed some of the most horrific violations of the laws of armed conflict.” #WithdrawEritreanTroops @EstoniaUN @NDeRiviere @UN_Command @UNICEF https://www.theafricareport.com/168873/ethiopia-to-achieve-peace-take-eritrea-out-of-the-game/

20. Eritrea invaded Tigray in support of the Ethiopian govt, and together they have kept Tigray under a deadly siege by deliberately hindering humanitarian aid from reaching millions. #WithdrawEritreanTroops @timkaine @RandPaul @BenCardinforMD @SenatorDurbin https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/01/23/ethiopias-government-appears-to-be-wielding-hunger-as-a-weapon


Tuesday 01/11/2022

#EndTigraySiege Pt. 1

1. BBC reports that over 40% of the children who come to the hospital under five are malnourished. The United Nations must protect the #ChildrenOfTigray by ensuring proper medical treatment and supplies. #EndTigraySiege @UNHumanRights @MexOnu @FinlandUN https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

2. “In the largest hospital in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, a child wounded in an air strike bled to death after doctors ran out of gauze and intravenous fluids. A baby died because there were no fluids for dialysis.” #EndTigraySiege @EamonGilmore @dreynders https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ethiopian-tigray-blockade-killing-hospitalized-doctors-say-rcna10994

3. .@PMEthiopia’s imposed siege on Tigray is costing lives. Hospitals are forced to close their doors because they are out of supplies. The #ChildrenOfTigray are left without the medical care they desperately need. #EndTigraySiege @LindaT_G @SecBlinkenhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

4. Hospitals in Tigray have exhausted their supplies and are now forced to close. The #ChildrenOfTigray are receiving inadequate care. Ethiopia’s siege on the region must be lifted. #EndTigraySiege @BenCardinforMD @marcorubio @ChrisCoons @RandPaul @timkaine https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

5. “My child has appendicitis and cannot get treatment,” Medical supply shortages are leading to higher death rates amongst civilians from all walks of life. Tigray needs immediate humanitarian access. #EndTigraySiege @GermanyDiplo @RauZbigniew @UN_HRC https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

6. “About 82% of essential drugs were available at the hospital a year ago, compared to 17.5% by the end of 2021.” Humanitarian access must be expedited to save the #ChildrenOfTigray. @UN ACT NOW TO #EndTigraySiege! @unicefchief @PalomaUnicef @USAmbUN https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/doctors-say-lives-are-lost-hospitals-ethiopias-tigray-due-dwindling-supplies-2022-01-05/

7. Scores of patients with treatable illness and children are dying due to the deadly blockade by Ethiopia. The lack of supplies is largely the result of a months-long government aid blockade. #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @RepGregoryMeeks @SenSchumerhttps://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/doctors-say-lives-are-lost-hospitals-ethiopias-tigray-due-dwindling-supplies-2022-01-05/

8. Ethiopia “imposed a comprehensive and unlawful blockade” which prevents food & aid from entering Tigray. With no communication, banking and electricity services; millions are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. #EndTigraySiege @luigidimaio @JY_LeDrian https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

9. Tigray is under complete siege and the only functioning hospital has run out of medication and food for malnourished children. How can world leaders continue to leave the #ChildrenOfTigray in the dark? #EndTigraySiege @GermanyUN @NorwayUN @irishmissionun https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

10. The @UN stated there is “a de facto blockade” with hundreds of thousands of people living in famine-like conditions, but has failed to help. At what point will life-saving action be taken by appointed leaders? #EndTigraySiege @mbachelet @antonioguterres https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/six-million-need-aid-in-drought-hit-parts-of-ethiopia-un/ar-AASsCzJ

11. It is beyond outrageous that the @IntlCrimCourt, with all the facts on its desk, still refuses to take decisive action to #EndTigraySiege. This deadly blockade is actively threatening millions of lives. @KarimKhanQC @anticorruption @Haavisto @dreynders https://reports.unocha.org/en/country/ethiopia/card/4nmWe1eMdY/

12. In addition to facing malnutrition and lack of access to medical care, the #ChildrenOfTigray are being indiscriminately bombed by @PMEthiopia. The #ICC must demand a ceasefire immediately! @CanadaUN @CzechUNNY @Denmark_UN @UN_HRC#EndTigraySiege https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

13. On Jan. 8, the Ethiopian govt conducted an air strike that targeted a camp for displaced people, killing and wounding many children and women. How long will the #ICC tolerate this impunity? @POTUS @UN_HRC @EU_Commission #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigrayhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

14. “The medics said more than 40% of children aged under five years who come to the hospital are malnourished – double the 2019 rate.” #ChildrenOfTigray desperately need immediate humanitarian assistance. @UNICEFUSA @UNGeneva @SenateForeign #EndTigraySiegehttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

#EndTigraySiege Pt. 2

1. In Tigray, “A child wounded in an air strike bled to death after doctors ran out of gauze and intravenous fluids.” The int’l community must airdrop food and medicine to save the #ChildrenOfTigray. #EndTigraySiege @USAID @UNICEF @UNOCHA @WFPChiefhttps://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/doctors-say-lives-are-lost-hospitals-ethiopias-tigray-due-dwindling-supplies-2022-01-05/

2. On January 9, aid groups suspended their work in parts of Tigray because of the risk of drone strikes by the Ethiopian govt. Abiy must not be allowed to commit genocide by starvation! #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @AustraliaUN @BelgiumUN @franceonu https://www.reuters.com/article/ethiopia-conflict-un-idAFL8N2S407I

3. On January 9, Eritrean forces began fresh attacks on Tigray. These invading forces must immediately withdraw and cease their attacks against Tigrayans. #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @UKUN_NewYork @KenyaMissionUN @ColombiaONU @EU_Commission @PmTunisia https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/ethiopias-rebellious-tigray-party-accuses-eritrea-attacking-its-forces-2022-01-09/

4. “The percentage of children under 5 admitted with severe malnutrition nearly doubled to over 41% in October.” The #ChildrenOfTigray and mothers are the main victims of the genocidal siege. #EndTigraySiege @HeikoMaas @AmbassadorAllen @BWoodward_UN https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ethiopian-tigray-blockade-killing-hospitalized-doctors-say-rcna10994

5. Despite repeated requests to the Ethiopian govt, @WHO deliveries of life-saving medical supplies to Tigray have been blocked since July 2021. The #ChildrenOfTigray are dying in the dark. #EndTigraySiege @SenMarkey @RepSaraJacobs @JeffMerkley @SenatorRisch https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-death-toll-mounting-from-air-strikes-and-aid-blockade-in-northern/

6. “We don’t have supplies. That’s the point we’ve reached now, which is why we wanted to let the world know. Most hospitals are closing.” We demand @UN|SC ACT to #EndTigraySiege before millions perish. @Niger_ONU @MexOnu @SVG_UN @PmTunisia @VietNam_UN https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

7. “According to medical notes…his mother’s milk has dried up and his parents…cannot afford formula…” Countless families are forced to watch their children starve because of the blockade. Act now to #EndTigraySiege! @NLatUN @PLinUN @UKRinUNhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

8. “The hospital has less than 18% of the essential drugs that it needs, compared to 82% a year ago…Children needing surgery have been left to die..” When will the world help to #EndTigraySiege? @eucopresident @DicarloRosemary @ASteiner @JuttaUrpilainen https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-death-toll-mounting-from-air-strikes-and-aid-blockade-in-northern/

9. It’s a travesty of justice that the @IntlCrimCourt is failing to do what it claims it’s responsible for. The #ChildrenOfTigray are suffering while the #ICC refuses to take meaningful action to stop genocide and to #EndTigraySiege. @EUCouncil @StateDept https://twitter.com/IntlCrimCourt/status/1480183333137092612?s=20

10. “Whatever the cause of the war is, it cannot be right or ethical to deny patients lifesaving health care. Neither can it be justified to completely withhold a hospital budget..” When will the @IntlCrimCourt take proper action to #EndTigraySiege? @PILPG

11. Deliberately dropping bombs on civilians, and imposing a siege on millions already in famine by blocking food and medicine are war crimes. Why is the @_AfricanUnion still allowing this to continue? #EndTigraySiege @Blklivesmatter @Complex @TheDemocrats https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

12. “The world is tested with COVID19. Add a large-scale, full-fledged War on it. Then add a siege on it. Imagine these three combined in a poor region that struggles for survival even in times of peace & stability.” #EndTigraySiege @mvankerkhove @DrMikeRyan https://www.tghat.com/2022/01/04/ayder-doctors-and-health-professionals-hoping-against-hope/

13. “Abiy seems to have forgotten a lesson from history: previous Ethiopian leaders lost their legitimacy when their people starved.” It’s time the @IntlCrimCourt hold @PMEthiopia & Isaias Afwerki accountable for their war crimes. #EndTigraySiege @UNGeneva https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

14. As medical staff fight to keep patients alive, they are struggling to survive themselves. They have not been paid their salaries + are unable to withdraw any amount of money since banking services have been terminated. #EndTigraySiege @HouseForeign @Ilhan https://www.tghat.com/2022/01/04/ayder-doctors-and-health-professionals-hoping-against-hope/

#EndTigraySiege Pt. 3

1. “Signing death certificates has become our primary job.” The international community is failing humanity as it silently allows the #ChildrenOfTigray to perish in the dark. #EndTigraySiege @SenBooker @RepJeffries @SpeakerPelosi @BarbaraLeeSays @RepBera

2. “The doctors identified 117 deaths and dozens of complications, including infections, amputations and kidney failure, which they said were linked to shortages of essential medicines and equipment.” The Ethiopian govt must #EndTigraySiege. @WHO @NIH @GHS https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ethiopian-tigray-blockade-killing-hospitalized-doctors-say-rcna10994

3. “Those who could easily have been saved with hemodialysis are dying. Patients who have had dialysis for years at our hospital are forced to die just because the supplies that could have been brought are not allowed to reach us.” #EndTigraySiege @USAID

4. The Ethiopian govt is intentionally targeting Tigrayans by performing airstrikes on civilian infrastructures, then blocking food, medicine, & supplies. @PMEthiopia is guilty of genocide. Take action to #EndTigraySiege! @UNGeneva @IntlCrimCourt @UNOSAPG https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

5. “A comprehensive news blackout has been imposed to stop images & information from seeping out. But the truth is inescapable.” Tigray is being starved and bombed. Why are @UN leaders complicit with genocide? #EndTigraySiege @mbachelet @antonioguterres https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

6. As communities struggle with the effects of a man-made famine, @PMEthiopia continues to bomb civilian infrastructures throughout Tigray. When will the @UN take proper action to stop a genocide & #EndTigraySiege? @NDeRiviere @yokabrandt @BWoodward_UN https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/8/dozens-killed-in-ethiopian-air-strike-on-idp-camp-in-tigray

7. As a result of the intensified drone strikes, aid agencies have suspended their work in Tigray. Despite these deliberate obstacles by @PMEthiopia, the @UN must act now. Open a humanitarian corridor & airdrop food. #EndTigraySiege @USUN @USAID @WFP https://www.reuters.com/article/ethiopia-conflict-un-idAFL8N2S407I

8. Doctors in Tigray “blame a 6 month blockade by federal forces & their allies for the severe shortage of medicines & equipment which they say are leading to avoidable deaths.” End the impunity & #EndTigraySiege. @simoncoveney @NorwayMFA @AM_PSC @trussliz https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

9. The Ethiopian regime bombed an internally displaced camp in Tigray, killing 56 civilians. This attack is a war crime. The int’l community must work to deliver an end to hostilities & ensure humanitarian access. #EndTigraySiege @jakejsullivan @paytonknopf https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/8/dozens-killed-in-ethiopian-air-strike-on-idp-camp-in-tigray

10. The @IntlCrimCourt must pressure the Ethiopian govt to stop war crimes. But instead, the #ICC remains silent as drone attacks on civilians intensify, and an already dire humanitarian crisis spirals out of control. #EndTigraySiege @WBHoekstra @MinPres https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/8/dozens-killed-in-ethiopian-air-strike-on-idp-camp-in-tigray

11. Doctors in Tigray are struggling to work without “intravenous fluids, gloves, even the most commonly used antibiotics, anti-pain medications, drugs vital for women undergoing labor & delivery…and a lot more other essential drugs.” #EndTigraySiege @UN_HRC https://www.tghat.com/2022/01/04/ayder-doctors-and-health-professionals-hoping-against-hope/

12. The unimaginable is happening in Tigray as famished mothers watch their children wither away due to forced starvation by the Ethiopian govt. Int’l leaders must step in to #EndTigraySiege. Help save the mothers and #ChildrenOfTigray. @UNHumanRights @POTUS https://www.tghat.com/2022/01/04/ayder-doctors-and-health-professionals-hoping-against-hope/

13. “The number of children hospitalized for severe acute malnutrition has surged —18,600 from Feb to Aug compared to 8,900 in 2020. Hospitals have run out of nutrition supplies to treat them. Help us to #EndTigraySiege. @BilleHermann @MauMassari @KSzczerski https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

14. Health professionals in Tigray have consistently communicated the deteriorating medical crisis ravaging civilians, and more specifically #ChildrenOfTigray. The Int’l community has a responsibility to protect. #EndTigraySiege @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU

15. .@AbiyAhmedAli offers words of reconciliation then shortly after, carries out drone attacks on children sleeping in a displacement camp on Orthodox Christmas. The blockade must be lifted so the #ChildrenOfTigray can receive care. @goarch @BishopAngaelos https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

16. The number of injured in drone attacks are rising, with more deaths anticipated due to the collapse of Tigray’s healthcare system. An arms embargo on Ethiopia, Eritrea + the countries supplying drones must be enforced. @POTUS @USTradeRep #EndTigraySiege https://twitter.com/OmnaTigray/status/1480756612847398914?s=20

17. A no-fly zone that does not hinder humanitarian aid delivery must be enforced to save the lives of #ChildrenOfTigray. #EndTigraySiege@SenBooker @RepGregoryMeeks @WhiteHouse @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @jakejsullivan https://omnatigray.org/omna-tigray-on-ethiopias-airstrikes-against-civilians-in-tigray-including-at-camps-for-internally-displaced-persons-and-refugees/

#EndTigraySiege Pt. 4

1. “3 month old Surafeal Mearig weighed 3.4 kg at birth but is now 2.3 kg, hospital records show. A photograph shared by his parents shows his ribs protruding, eyes sunken in his skull.” #ChildrenOfTigray #EndTigraySiege @vonderleyen @TimmermansEU @dfatirl

2. “The medics said more than 40% of children aged under 5 years who come to the hospital are malnourished.” Having seen all this overwhelming evidence, what is causing you not to speak out against this cruelty? #EndTigraySiege @JuttaUrpilainen @ItalyMFA https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59893216

3. Civilians in Tigray are facing death due to starvation and inadequate medical care. Although it’s very late, the lifting of the siege could save lives. We need the @UN to take action now! #EndTigraySiege @MFAofArmenia @AustriaUN @MFABulgaria @ministerBZ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ethiopian-tigray-blockade-killing-hospitalized-doctors-say-rcna10994

4. Aid agencies suspended their work in Tigray due to airstrikes by @PMEthiopia. These attacks on civilian populated areas such as homes, market places & displacement camps are war crimes. #EndTigraySiege @TimmermansEU @JanezLenarcic @VDombrovskis @vestager https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2022/1/9/aid-agencies-suspend-work-in-northwest-tigray-after-deadly-strike

5. “This shortage is not because food is unavailable, but because the Ethiopian govt is obstructing humanitarian aid.” Use your power to help lift this ongoing siege threatening millions. #ChildrenOfTigray #EndTigraySiege @PolandMFA @CzechMFA @DanishMFA https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-58279442

6. “A woman killed herself because she was no longer able to feed her children.” The Int’l community, including the @IntlCrimCourt, has the responsibility to #EndTigraySiege and save the #ChildrenOfTigray. @UNPeacekeeping @JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic

7. How can we trust @PMEthiopia when he offers words of reconciliation one day then bombs a camp for the displaced the next? How barbaric to carry out these attacks on Orthodox Christmas + continue to block life-saving aid. #EndTigraySiege @Pontifex @POTUS https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59921355

8. “One month ago, everything ran out,” Girmanesh Meles, mother to an 18-month old baby, told Al Jazeera. “It became normal to spend four days eating nothing.” How can the #ICC allow the gravest humanitarian crisis to continue? #EndTigraySiege @Lacroix_UN https://theowp.org/tigrays-humanitarian-crisis-worsens-as-starvation-spreads/

9. Bebes, niños y mujeres son algunas de las victimas de la ultimas de los bombardeos aéreos diarios mientras el asedio continúa en Tigray. #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @mbachelet @SenTedCruz @MexOnu @MAECgob @SpainUN @SpainMFA

10. “Ya es muy tarde, pero las autoridades sanitarias nacionales, continentales y mundiales, así como los gobiernos y las organizaciones responsables de solucionar estos problemas, pueden evitar una catástrofe.” @SpainUN @MexOnu @AOC #EndTigraySiege

11. Tigray, la tierra del Arca de la Alianza, uno de los lugares más sagrados del mundo se ha convertido en el centro de las más graves violaciones de los derechos humanos perpetradas por el gobierno de Etiopía. #EndTigraySiege @Pontifex_es @AlexPadilla4CA https://nuevarevolucion.es/las-bombas-siguen-cayendo-sobre-tigray/

12. “Firmar certificados de defunción se ha convertido en nuestro trabajo principal”, dijo el hospital en una presentación el martes para las agencias de ayuda internacional. #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @mbachelet @m_ebrard @lopezobrador_ @HLGatell

13. Mientras Tigray se repliega con un llamamiento a la comunidad internacional, el gobierno etíope sigue bombardeando y bloqueando el acceso a los servicios humanitarios. #EndTigraySiege #ChildrenOfTigray @desdelamoncloa @sanchezcastejon @sebastianpinera https://nuevarevolucion.es/tigray-se-repliega-con-un-llamamiento-a-la-comunidad-internacional/?fbclid=IwAR2hluFX0ZZPKACsX2mOiP-qmgRMjRKzsoXmWMuV3GtPMXR6EQc8KJF8G1s

14. .@AbiyAhmedAli uses hunger as a weapon against his own population + deliberately allows the healthcare system to deteriorate after massacres and bombings. It’s critical for world leaders to take action; not just voice concerns. #EndTigraySiege @SecBlinken https://emnetnegash.wordpress.com/2022/01/08/hes-the-worst-head-of-state-of-the-year/

15. With all the mounting evidence, it is now up to the international community to deliver justice to Tigray. Delaying action to #EndTigraySiege is being complicit with war crimes and genocide. #ChildrenOfTigray @USAmbUN @USNATO @POTUS @EU_Commissionhttps://twitter.com/TsenatSaba/status/1480352426897121282?s=20

16. .@AbiyAhmedAli has consciously sabotaged the livelihoods of Tigrayans. Drone attacks have caused aid workers to halt their work, leaving the wounded helpless. We must read between the lines – this is a genocide. #EndTigraySiege @POTUS @VP @PaulKagame https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/9/aid-agencies-suspend-work-in-northwest-tigray-after-deadly-strike

17. An arms embargo on Ethiopia and Eritrea, and countries supplying drones and other weapons to Ethiopia (including the UAE, Turkey, Iran, and China) must be enforced to save the #ChildrenOfTigray. #EndTigraySiege @HouseForeign @SenateForeign @EUCouncil https://omnatigray.org/omna-tigray-on-ethiopias-airstrikes-against-civilians-in-tigray-including-at-camps-for-internally-displaced-persons-and-refugees/


Thursday 12/23/2021

#StopDroneAttacks Pt. 1

1. 28 civilians including a 7 year old girl were killed, and about 78 injured by drone attacks in Alamata, Tigray. The UAE, Turkey and China must stop placing economic interests above respect for human rights. #StopDroneAttacks @EUSR_Weber @vonderleyen https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/rights-groups-report-wave-abuses-against-tigrayans-ethiopian-region-2021-12-16/

2. A wave of Ethiopian air strikes killed 18 civilians and wounded 11 in Mekelle, Maychew and Korem. The silence of the vast majority allows tyrants like @AbiyAhmedAli to commit further atrocious war crimes. #StopDroneAttacks @EU_Commission @ABaerbock https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html

3. “Three children killed in airstrikes on Ethiopia’s Tigray region” – Tigrayans are being tortured to death and the world is just watching. Stop the terrorism of @AbiyAhmedAli! #StopDroneAttacks @OlafScholz @EUatUN @GermanyUN @eu_echo @EUCouncilPress https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/19/africa/ethiopia-airstrikes-tigray-children-killed-un-intl/index.html

4. “They started shooting whoever was in range running.” One year later, Tigrayans are still being systemically held, tortured or killed in concentration camps. #StopWarOnTigray @GermanyNATO @NLatNATO @UNGeneva @AA_stabilisiert https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

5. A new wave of refugees to Germany is inevitable. Economic sanctions must be placed on countries that incite violence and cause wars to further escalate. #StopWarOnTigray @OlafScholz @MarosSefcovic@dreynders @HeikoMaas @EUCouncil @GermanyDiplo https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/ethiopia-turkey-pact-fuels-speculation-about-drone-use-in-tigray-war

6. Civilians are being killed by drone attacks. @AbiyAhmedAli’s government is killing its own people in cold blood. Please take action now, instead of looking the other way. #StopWarOnTigray @vonderleyen @TimmermansEU @JosepBorrellF @JuttaUrpilainen https://www.africanews.com/2021/12/21/air-strikes-kill-at-least-28-people-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region/

7. The war on Tigray cannot be allowed to become the next proxy war. We demand that leaders stand up for human rights. Take solid action to help get food and aid into Tigray. People are needlessly dying. #StopWarOnTigray @HouseForeign @SenateForeign @UN https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

8. As @AbiyAhmedAli starves his own citizens, he is investing millions in acquiring war equipment to savagely finish them off. All perpetrators must face sanctions, that includes Turkey. #StopDroneAttacks @NormaJTorres @RepAlGreen @RepMcGovern@RulesDemocrats https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/ethiopia-turkey-pact-fuels-speculation-about-drone-use-in-tigray-war

9. Since Aug. 2021, over 100 cargo flights from UAE to Ethiopia have been observed. Reports of drone attacks in Tigray are also piling up. The UAE is enabling this war and must be held accountable. #StopDroneAttacks @ABaerbock @eucopresident @EU_Commission https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2021/11/uae-air-bridge-to-ethiopia-continues.html?m=1

10. Instead of ending the conflict in Ethiopia peacefully, @AbiyAhmedAli chooses domestic terrorism by bombing civilians. It is imperative that a no-fly zone is implemented in order to save lives. #StopWarOnTigray @USNATO @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU https://twitter.com/omnatigray/status/1472822648644067328?s=21

11. “Drones attacked the market & killed more than 38 people & more than 80 people were injured.” It is critical that a no-fly zone is implemented + unfettered medical aid to save lives. #StopDroneAttacks @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu @MexOnu @EstoniaUN https://www.africanews.com/2021/12/21/air-strikes-kill-at-least-28-people-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region/

12. The UAE, Turkey, and Iran have quietly supplied @PMEthiopia with some of the latest armed drones, making these nations complicit with Genocide. There must be consequences for such acts. #StopDroneAttacks @RepAlGreen @RepBarbaraLee @SpeakerPelosi @UNOSAPG https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html

13. The genocidal Ethiopian regime met Tigray’s call for peace with a wave of airstrikes in the civilian towns of Mekelle, Maychew & Korem. @AbiyAhmedAli & his allies must be stopped from committing further war crimes. #StopWarOnTigray @USTradeRep @ABlinken https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html

14. “Ethiopia’s govt is already believed to have deployed drones made in Iran and China.” Ethiopia won’t stop bombing civilians unless an arms embargo is implemented. Help stop these war crimes. #StopDroneAttacks @BelgiumNATO @NorwayNATO @NorwayUN @BelgiumUN https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/ethiopia-turkey-pact-fuels-speculation-about-drone-use-in-tigray-war

#StopDroneAttacks Pt. 2

1. As if 13+ months of war isn’t enough, the Ethiopian govt continues to target civilians. In a recent string of drone attacks, a church, school, and market were hit, killing and severely injuring civilians. #StopDroneAttacks @VDombrovskis @VeraJourova https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

2. “Over the past 4 months, the UAE, Turkey, and Iran have quietly supplied @AbiyAhmedAli with some of the latest armed drones.” We’re calling for economic sanctions on the Ethiopian govt and an arms embargo. Help us #StopDroneAttacks. @POTUS @VP @SecBlinken https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html

3. The use of Turkish made drones by Ethiopia is rapidly escalating the humanitarian crisis in Tigray & other parts of Ethiopia. Turkey is fueling a Genocide. Place economic sanctions on Erdoğan! #StopDroneAttacks @StateDept @NATO @EU_Commission @USTradeRep https://english.alaraby.co.uk/analysis/bayraktar-tb2-rise-turkeys-drone-industry?amp

4. Foreign involvement is hindering diplomatic solutions to the war in Ethiopia. “Over the past four months, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Iran have quietly supplied Mr. Abiy with some of the latest armed drones.” #StopWarOnTigray @StateDept @UN https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html?referringSource=articleShare

5. Silence from @StateDept @UN @EU_Commission on foreign involvement is widely noticeable. “Mr. Abiy built his drone arsenal by tapping …foreign autocrats and a booming segment of the global arms trade.” UAE is Ethiopia’s main supplier. #StopDroneAttacks https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html?referringSource=articleShare

6. Emboldened by the @IntlCrimCourt’s silence, Abiy Ahmed has continued indiscriminate drone attacks against civilians. The @IntlCrimCourt must act now to impose arms embargo on the Ethiopian & Eritrean governments. #StopWarOnTigray @USUN @POTUS @JanezLenarcic @JosepBorrellF

7. The Ethiopian govt has targeted Tigray with a series of airstrikes in recent days, resulting in massive civilian casualties. Why is the @IntlCrimCourt allowing Turkey, UAE & China to prolong the war? #StopDroneAttacks @SecBlinken @jakejsullivan @UNGeneva https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/ethiopia-turkey-pact-fuels-speculation-about-drone-use-in-tigray-war

8. Drones supplied by UAE, Turkey and China continue attacking Tigrayan civilians and infrastructure. In the town of Alamata, six rounds of airstrikes killed 28 and injured many more civilians. #StopWarOnTigray @RepChuck @RepMaloney @FrankPallonehttps://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840/video/1

9. The Ethiopian govt’s airstrikes in Tigray are targeted at civilians and civilian infrastructures, in an attempt to terrorize the population into submission. These drone attacks must stop. #StopWarOnTigray @jensstoltenberg @NATOinAustralia @ItalyatNATOhttps://www.africanews.com/2021/12/21/air-strikes-kill-at-least-28-people-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region/

10. Ongoing drone attacks on civilians by @PMEthiopia, even after Tigrayan forces have withdrawn to Tigray, is a clear indication that Abiy Ahmed is NOT willing to negotiate. Sanctions & arms embargo on Ethiopia is needed! #StopWarOnTigray @POTUS @ChrisCoons https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/tigray-forces-withdraw-neighbouring-ethiopian-regions-spokesperson-2021-12-20/

11. Air strikes on populated areas in Tigray have become a disgustingly common tactic by Abiy Ahmed. With drones purchased from Turkey, Ethiopia has killed scores of civilians in the past week. #StopDroneAttacks @LindaT_G @AmbassadorRice @DicarloRosemaryhttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/ethiopia-turkey-pact-fuels-speculation-about-drone-use-in-tigray-war

12. .@PMEthiopia’s refusal to cooperate with @UN OHCHR’s independent investigation, as he continues to commit war crimes in Tigray, is a huge red flag that must be taken seriously by int’l leaders. #StopWarOnTigray @BradSherman @CongressmanRaja @RepSarbanes https://omnatigray.org/a-glimpse-into-the-false-start-and-the-dangers-surrounding-the-joint-ehrc-ohchr-investigation-in-tigray/

13. Ethiopia’s use of drones to target civilians in Tigray is a violation of Int’l law. Children are amongst the dead. We are calling for a no-fly zone for hostile aircraft over Tigray and an arms embargo on Ethiopia. #StopDroneAttacks @USNATO @eucopresident https://somaliguardian.com/news/africa/drone-strikes-kill-dozens-in-ethiopias-tigray-after-tplf-rebels-announced-retreat/amp/

14. Multiple countries are supplying Ethiopia with weapons to continue the war on Tigray. The UAE, China, Turkey and Russia to name a few. This is all while millions of civilians in Tigray are under siege. #StopWarOnTigray @DepSecDef @PentagonPresSec @NATO https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2021/12/the-uae-joins-tigray-war-emirati-wing.html?m=1

#StopWarOnTigray Pt. 3

1. “We are using our bare hands to treat the casualties here b/c we couldn’t get medical equipment, including gloves. We are desperate to save the lives of injured ones at the hospital, but it’s beyond our control.” #StopWarOnTigray @jensstoltenberg @MSF https://twitter.com/tsabawian/status/1473402289662709762?s=21

2. “As a member of the investigation team, he was supposed to be open-minded & not second-guess the response of the victims..” Tigray needs independent investigations where victims are not silenced by the Ethiopian govt. #StopWarOnTigray @TheDemocratshttps://omnatigray.org/a-glimpse-into-the-false-start-and-the-dangers-surrounding-the-joint-ehrc-ohchr-investigation-in-tigray/

3. The Int’l community carries the responsibility to protect civilians by adequately taking action to halt genocide. The @UN Security Council must use that power to stop drone attacks in Tigray. #StopDroneAttacks @KenyaMissionUN @irishmissionun @NorwayUN https://twitter.com/tsabawian/status/1473402289662709762?s=21

4. “..when investigating the atrocities that happened in Mai Kadra, they showed reluctance in uncovering the truth from the Tigrayan victims and survivors..” We are still calling for independent investigations in Tigray. #StopWarOnTigray @AJEnglish @nytimeshttps://omnatigray.org/a-glimpse-into-the-false-start-and-the-dangers-surrounding-the-joint-ehrc-ohchr-investigation-in-tigray/

5. Int’l leaders must take meaningful action to #StopWarOnTigray. Otherwise, you are signaling that war crimes and genocide are acceptable norms. It is your Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and uphold International law. @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres https://twitter.com/tsabawian/status/1473402289662709762?s=21

6. “Instead of going into the investigations without preconceived notions about the atrocities and the identity of the perpetrators, the @EthioHRC was biased from the start..” Tigray needs independent investigations. #StopWarOnTigray @UN_HRC @AUC_PAPS @hrw https://omnatigray.org/a-glimpse-into-the-false-start-and-the-dangers-surrounding-the-joint-ehrc-ohchr-investigation-in-tigray/

7. How can we expect Tigray to survive drone attacks when the region is already under an imposed siege by the Ethiopian govt? Medication, supplies, and food are critically low. This is inhumane. #StopWarOnTigray @davidcicilline @RepGusBilirakis @RepTedDeutchhttps://twitter.com/tsabawian/status/1473402289662709762?s=21

8. .@PMEthiopia is carpet bombing cities all over Tigray. Over 118 civilians have been killed by the latest round of drone strikes in Alamata, Maichew, Korem & Malzat. An arms embargo on Ethiopia is urgently needed. #StopDroneAttacks @MauMassari @ItalyUN_NY https://nyti.ms/3qe6gpV

9. In Tigray, dozens of civilians are being killed on a daily basis due to the massive deployment of drones by @PMEthiopia. Ethnic Tigrayans continue to be the main target of @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal campaign. #StopDroneAttacks #TigrayGenocide @MarinaSereni https://www.africanews.com/2021/12/21/air-strikes-kill-at-least-28-people-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region/

10. Forced starvation, denial of medicines & systematic carpet bombing of civilian areas are being used by @PMEthiopia to kill & subjugate Tigrayans into submission. Children are the everyday victims of these heinous crimes. #StopWarOnTigray @PieroBenassi https://twitter.com/drmahmoudrefaat/status/1473066560080207881?s=21

11. .@PMEthiopia launched 6 rounds of drone strikes in Tigray targeting and killing 28 civilians & injuring dozens more. The impunity emboldening Abiy Ahmed’s war crimes cannot be tolerated anymore. #StopWarOnTigray @fattoquotidiano @EUAmbUS @vestager https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

12. The deliberate targeting of civilians by drone strikes is one of @PMEthiopia’s main strategies to exterminate and terrorize Tigrayans into submission. #StopWarOnTigray @marcotravaglio @ItalyUN_Vienna @AustriaUN @MFAofArmenia @MentanaEnrico https://twitter.com/drmahmoudrefaat/status/1473066560080207881?s=21

13. As the targeting of civilians intensifies, the imposition of a no-fly zone is the only chance to prevent further deadly airstrikes by @PMEthiopia. Abiy Ahmed impunity must end! #StopWarOnTigray #StopDroneAttacks @PieroBenassi @KarimKhanQC @JosepBorrellF https://www.africanews.com/2021/12/21/air-strikes-kill-at-least-28-people-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region/

14. The deployment of drones has once again intensified, as @PMEthiopia is now widely operating UAE/Turkish UAVs in Tigray, killing 100s of civilians just in the last week. An arms embargo is vital to halt Abiy’s genocidal campaign. #StopDroneAttacks @USAmbUN https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/world/africa/drones-ethiopia-war-turkey-emirates.html

15. The Tigray govt proved its commitment to peace talks by withdrawing its army from Afar & Amhara. As a response, @PMEthiopia carpet bombed 3 cities in Tigray killing +50 civilians in a one day. A no-fly zone must be imposed in Tigray to #StopDroneAttacks. #StopWarOnTigray @USUN

URGENT Tigray Genocide Call Banking Campaign Guide

Find your Representative:

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https://www.congress.gov/members/find-your-member (Type in your address)

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Phone Script Guide:

Hello, my name is _________,

As your constituent, I need to make you aware that since November 4th, 2020 the Ethiopian government with its allies – the Eritrean and regional Amhara governments – has been carrying out a genocidal war against the people of Tigray. The Ethiopian government continues their deliberate and indiscriminate airstrikes targeting civilians across Tigray by utilizing Turkish, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iranian, and Chinese drones.

Honorable Congressman/Congresswoman, I ask that you and your colleagues release a public statement pressuring the Ethiopian government to agree to a cease fire and begin peaceful negotiations with the Government of Tigray. We also ask you to urge for a no fly zone and an arms embargo to prevent more drones from killing Tigrayan civilians and other civilians across Ethiopia. Your action can help save the lives of millions of Tigrayans from further bombardment and famine, including those most impacted, women and children.

Thank you.

Petitions to International Community: #ReconnectTigray

Petition to the UN
Petition to the EU
Petition to US Congress
Petition to Canada Government
Petition to UK Parliament
Petition to Australian Parliament


Friday 12/17/2021

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 1

1. The #TigrayGenocide is being executed under a strategic communication blackout. The longer we wait to #ReconnectTigray, the more time @AbiyAhmedAli’s regime has to starve, rape, and execute civilians. @PowerUSAID @UN_Women @hickspeggy @KellyTClements https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/11/ethiopias-crisis-shows-no-sign-of-abating.html

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli has “left Ethiopia the second-worst jailer of journalists in Africa after Eritrea, the continent’s gulag state” all to hide his #TigrayGenocide. #ReconnectTigray @CJR @ICIJorg @CFR_org @CPJAfrica @pressfreedom @FreedomofPress @trevortimm https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2021/12/14/a-record-number-of-journalists-are-in-prison

3. Journalists reporting on the war in Tigray continue to face arrest & violence in Ethiopia as they provide a voice for the victims of the #TigrayGenocide. @UN – when will you take action to #ReconnectTigray? @USAmbUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @KenyaMissionUN https://www.ifj.org/media-centre/news/detail/category/press-releases/article/ethiopia-relentless-crackdown-on-journalists-covering-military-conflict.html

4. .@AbiyAhmedAli continues to silence independent & critical voices, prevent access to Tigray, and intimidate foreign reporters and their local counterparts. @ABlinken – we need your help to #ReconnectTigray! @POTUS @LindaT_G @StateDept @StateDeptSpox https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/26/ethiopia-genocide-warning-signs-abiy-ahmed

5. Tigrayans are experiencing mass atrocities. Lack of intervention from the Int’l community has only emboldened @AbiyAhmedAli to continuously block media access to Tigray & block aid to those dying. We must #ReconnectTigray! @UN_Women @StateDept @USUNSpox https://theconversation.com/mass-atrocities-in-ethiopia-expose-the-limitations-of-early-warning-tools-172244

6. Over one year into the #TigrayGenocide and the Ethiopian govt is still blocking all telecommunication in the region. Despite their efforts, a new wave of atrocities in western Tigray is revealed. It’s time to fully #ReconnectTigray. @StateDept @UNGeneva https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

7. The Ethiopian govt and @ethiotelecom have cut off internet access to millions to hide war crimes. It’s now more critical than ever that @UN leaders take measures to #ReconnectTigray instead of being complicit. @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @ASteiner https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

8. Journalists have been trying to gain access to Tigray for over a year. Many have been targeted and killed by the Ethiopian govt. These actions amount to war crimes – a clear violation of international law. #ReconnectTigray @MexOnu @FinlandUN @AustraliaUN https://cpj.org/2021/01/reporter-dawit-kebede-araya-shot-and-killed-in-ethiopia/

9. It has been over a year since Tigrayans in the diaspora have been able to contact their families in Tigray. Their whereabouts are unknown. Could they be alive, displaced, starving? Leaders, please help to #ReconnectTigray. @BelgiumUN @MFAofArmenia https://www.euractiv.com/section/global-europe/news/eu-crisis-envoy-urges-ethiopia-to-restore-tigray-communications/

10. Democracy in Ethiopia is under attack. Journalists covering the #TigrayGenocide are being abducted, put into concentration camps, and tortured. Please demand the release of Fitsum Berhane, Alula Akalu and Girmay Gebru. #ReconnectTigray @StateDept @USUN https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-journalists/three-workers-for-foreign-media-arrested-in-ethiopias-tigray-region-idUSKCN2AU163

11. “On Facebook, calls for the murder & mass internment of ethnic Tigrayans have proliferated.” As Ethiopia bans independent journalists from reporting on the war, misinformation & hate speech against Tigrayans intensifies. #TigrayGenocide @ICFJ @UNOSAPG https://restofworld.org/2021/why-facebook-keeps-failing-in-ethiopia/

12. The @UN has a day dedicated to celebrating “World Press Freedom Day,” however, in Ethiopia, the freedom of press is replaced by state propaganda. The UN must stop @PMEthiopia’s war on journalists. #ReconnectTigray @UruguayONU @RMIMission @irishmissionun https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

13. The communications blackout in Tigray is a tool used by the Ethiopian government to suppress the victims of this conflict. We call on international actors to demand that communications be restored in Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @nazhatskhan @jukka_salovaara https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

14. “In the early days of the fight, at least 6 Ethiopian reporters working for local media in Tigray were arrested. Later, the authorities turned against Ethiopians working with international news outlets.” #ReconnectTigray @UN_Command @JapanMissionUN https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/13/world/africa/ethiopia-tigray-journalists.html

15. The Ethiopian govt has used the media blackout in Tigray to continue committing atrocities in the dark. Int’l leaders must pressure the Ethiopian Govt to #ReconnectTigray + conduct independent investigations. @jakejsullivan @ambassadorRice @DeputySecState https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/new-wave-abuses-alleged-ethiopia-s-tigray-n1286091

16. The international community must condemn the harassment and intimidation of journalists, restrictions of media access, and all other efforts to suppress news about the #TigrayGenocide. #ReconnectTigray @BulgariaUNHCR @CzechUNNY @Denmark_UN @franceonu https://www.voanews.com/a/press-freedom_ethiopian-journalist-attacked-her-home-questioned-tigray-connections/6201958.html

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 2

1. One year after Michelle Gavin of @CFR_org stated, “Journalists are being beaten and harassed, presumably for reporting the truth and sullying the rosy rhetoric from the leadership in Addis Ababa,” media repression in #Ethiopia persists. #ReconnectTigray https://www.cfr.org/blog/amid-misinformation-and-suppressed-free-speech-ethiopian-conflict-erodes-abiys-credibility

2. Journalists are pivotal for #TigrayGenocide documentation, yet “Ethiopia (has) brutally slammed the door on press freedom” to prevent atrocities committed by Ethiopian and allied forces against Tigrayans from being reported on. #ReconnectTigray @RandPaul https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/9/record-number-of-journalists-jailed-in-2021-cpj

3. The Ethiopian govt’s smear campaign against journalists is an act of desperation to prevent the truth about #TigrayGenocide from coming out. Journalists should not have to anticipate reprisals for Tigray coverage. #ReconnectTigray @SenMarkey @RepMcCaul https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

4. Due to @AbiyAhmedAli’s repressive regime, Ethiopian journalists like Lucy Kassa often get defamed after publishing a story on #TigrayGenocide. “Its aim is to bully me and stop me from investigating, to harass and threaten me.” #ReconnectTigray @WHCOS https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjbpd7/how-facebook-is-stoking-a-civil-war-in-ethiopia

5. “From the start of the Tigray conflict, Ethiopia’s govt sought to limit information. Media access was restricted, & journalists covering the conflict were arrested.” Ethiopia must allow @pressfreedom and must immediately #ReconnectTigray. @JapanMissionUN https://www.voanews.com/a/press-freedom_tigray-war-exposes-limits-abiys-promises-press-freedom/6206789.html

6. “Lack of electricity and telecommunications in Tigray…(are) causing delay or lack of reporting and information on the situation.” Ethiopia must #ReconnectTigray to stop further hindrances to humanitarian services and preventable deaths. @UNReliefChief https://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/Situation%20Report%20-%20Ethiopia%20-%20Northern%20Ethiopia%20Humanitarian%20Update%20-%2025%20Nov%202021.pdf

7. With millions facing famine in Tigray, “the blackout of electricity, telecom, and internet throughout [the] Tigray region will only exacerbate the already dire humanitarian situation.” Telecomm services must be restored. #ReconnectTigray @SenatorMenendez https://www.independent.co.uk/news/ethiopia-denies-its-trying-to-suffocate-tigray-region-ethiopia-nairobi-united-nations-world-food-program-kenya-b1876951.html

8. The Ethiopian govt’s ongoing internet and telecom blackout in #Tigray is endangering lives, hindering humanitarian services, and denying Tigrayans and journalists access to information. #ReconnectTigray @UNOCHA @simoncoveney @UMBorgerservice @DmytroKuleba https://www.independent.co.uk/news/ethiopia-denies-its-trying-to-suffocate-tigray-region-ethiopia-nairobi-united-nations-world-food-program-kenya-b1876951.html

9. A total “news blackout has been imposed to stop images and information from seeping out. But the truth is inescapable.” Ethiopia’s siege of Tigray aims to disconnect the region from the rest of the world. #ReconnectTigray @ColombiaONU @NLatUN @PLinUN https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

10. Ethiopia has used expulsion, arrests, and intimidation to dissuade accurate Tigray reporting, and yet journalists have worked diligently to ensure the truth about #TigrayGenocide comes out. #ReconnectTigray @CoryBooker @SenBrianSchatz @RonJohnsonWI https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/20/world/africa/ethiopia-new-york-times-simon-marks.html

11. Ethiopia is imprisoning journalists for exposing the truth. “…it is especially horrifying that Myanmar and Ethiopia have so brutally slammed the door on press freedom” #TigrayGenocide #ReconnectTigray @POTUS @UnderSecStateP @StateDeptSpox @unicefchief https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/9/record-number-of-journalists-jailed-in-2021-cpj

12. Journalists in Ethiopia can’t do their job effectively as the Ethiopian govt. enforced a telecom blackout in Tigray. Please help us #ReconnectTigray. Civilians have been living in the dark for over a year. @AlMissionUN @IcelandUN @SpainUN @UNHCRGreece https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

13. Journalists like Lucy Kassa face death threats from the Ethiopian govt when trying to report on atrocities in Tigray. Most of the brutal war crimes remain concealed under an internet/telecoms blackout. @FbdnStories @Irenekhan @OSCE_RFoM #ReconnectTigray https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2021-02-11/i-reported-on-ethiopias-secretive-war-then-came-a-knock-at-my-door

14. Ethiopia denied the presence of foreign troops in Tigray for months until journalists helped expose the truth. Now under a media & telecoms blackout, Ethiopia denies ethnic cleansing in western Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @trustconf @caoilfhionnanna @TRF https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/new-wave-abuses-alleged-ethiopia-s-tigray-n1286091

15. The telecoms blackout in Tigray isn’t only making it difficult for journalists to document & uncover heinous crimes against civilians, it’s also tearing families, communities & businesses apart. #ReconnectTigray @SecYellen @WorldBank @ethiotelecom @UN https://www.accessnow.org/voices-from-tigray-ongoing-internet-shutdown-tearing-families-communities-businesses-apart/

16. The Ethiopian regime uses the war on Tigray as a pretext to target journalists. @MarksSimon of the @nytimes was expelled because of his coverage of the war on Tigray while @berhe_lucy faced “death threats from the govt.” #ReconnectTigray @SenToddYoung https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/first-person/2021/6/29/emotional-toll-of-reporting-ethiopias-tigray-conflict

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 3

1. .@PMEthiopia continues to commit genocide by targeting Tigrayans. On Dec 16, 2021 he ordered six drone strikes in civilian areas, killing 28 civilians and injuring more than 78. This must stop! #ReconnectTigray #AlamataMassacre @mbachelet @UN_HRC https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

2. A region already struggling from the effects of @PMEthiopia’s engineered famine is now hit with six rounds of airstrikes on a busy market day. This is a genocide. @UN act now! @antonioguterres @SecBlinken @USTradeRep #ReconnectTigray #AlamataMassacre https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

3. “Turn the internet on & shine a light on the Tigray region.” Since Nov 2020, Tigray has been cut off from the world by the Ethiopian regime, resulting in impunity and underreported war crimes. #ReconnectTigray @JakubKulhanek @DmytroKuleba @KarimKhanQC https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

4. The communication blackout in Tigray is a tool to conceal war crimes by @PMEthiopia and Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki. Are world leaders complicit with these crimes? #ReconnectTigray @MexOnu @irishmissionun @NorwayMFA @IntlCrimCourt @ABlinken @jakejsullivan https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

5. On Dec 16, 2021 @AbiyAhmedAli conducted airstrikes targeting a school, church, marketplace and other civilian areas. Abiy Ahmed is guilty of genocide and must be held accountable. #ReconnectTigray #AlamataMassacre @UNHumanRights @UNReliefChief @UNDP https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

6. A day before the @UN special session on Ethiopia, @PMEthiopia conducts 6 rounds of airstrikes on civilians in Tigray. How much longer are UN leaders going to allow these war crimes to continue? #ReconnectTigray #AlamataMassacre @UNGeneva @StateDept https://twitter.com/NegasiTeklai/status/1471547865411747840?s=20

7. .@Abiyahmed declared war on Tigray and simultaneously shut access to all communication there. He continues to wreck havoc and new waves of atrocities are being revealed. #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @intgovforum @TorontoStar @UNESCO @YouthIGFSummit https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

8. Journalists risk their lives for reporting anything related to #TigrayGenocide. This threat to justice, democracy and press freedom must be openly condemned. Please use your voice to help #ReconnectTigray. @RepChrisSmith @RepCicilline @RepSpanberger https://cpj.org/2021/05/journalists-shutdowns-myanmar-ethiopia-kashmir/

9. Despite facing threats like these, journalists in Tigray continue to use their voices about the #TigrayGenocide. The int’l community must protect these journalists by demanding to #ReconnectTigray & independent investigations. @SenatorDurbin @BernieSanders https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/

10. Despite facing threats, journalists in Tigray continue to use their voices about the #TigrayGenocide. The int’l community must protect these journalists by demanding independent investigations and to #ReconnectTigray. @SenatorDurbin @BernieSanders https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/

11. Journalism is not a crime. Free press is necessary for exposing atrocities and holding govts accountable. The world needs to push to release imprisoned journalists and #ReconnectTigray. @MarkWarner @RonWyden @SenJackyRosen @SenBobCasey @SenatorBennet https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

12. Under PM Abiy Ahmed’s rule, Ethiopia is the “2nd worst jailer of journalists in Africa after Eritrea, the continent’s gulag state.” Abiy Ahmed isn’t a reformer & Ethiopia has regressed! #TigrayGenocide #ReconnectTigray @HouseForeign @jeffmerkley @IlhanMN https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2021/12/14/a-record-number-of-journalists-are-in-prison

13. The communication blackout and blockade has contributed to the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, limiting aid workers from assessing the needs of the areas they support. Please act to help #ReconnectTigray. @yokabrandt @SergiyKyslytsya @BWoodward_UN https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/04/21/switch-tigrays-internet-back-on/

14. Since the start of the #TigrayGenocide, there has been a lack of coverage on the mass atrocities committed by the Ethiopian and Eritrean govts. The communication blockade must be lifted. #ReconnectTigray @UNGeneva @UNOSAPG @UNTreatyBodies @eu_eeas https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/12/16/ethiopia-war-western-tigray/

15. For over 400 days the Ethiopian government has been harassing, threatening and jailing journalists who try to report on #TigrayGenocide. We demand justice for journalists who have been killed and imprisoned! #ReconnectTigray @UnderSecStateJ @PowerUSAID https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ap-ethiopia-journalist-detained-amir-aman-kiyaro_n_61bb7000e4b0297da61b5ac3

16. Countless stories of rape and executions committed in Tigray have been revealed by journalists, risking their own lives. Yet there are countless more stories censored by the communication blockade. #ReconnectTigray @vestager @VDombrovskis @NDeRiviere https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/17/conflict-ethiopia-tigray-war-starving

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 4

1. “The new onslaught of abuses by Amhara forces against Tigrayan civilians remaining in several towns in Western Tigray should ring alarm bells.” So, why is the world failing to take action? #ReconnectTigray @StateDept @USNATO @UN_HRC @USAmbUN @EUatUN https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

2. “They separated the old from the young, took their money and other possessions. … Older people, parents were loaded on big trucks [going] east. They let them go with nothing, while the young remained behind.” #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @WhiteHouse https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

3. “They started shooting whoever was in range running. When the people tried to escape…[the Fano] attacked them with machetes and axes so no one could escape.” It’s time to #ReconnectTigray & end #TigrayGenocide. @eucopresident @EmmanuelMacron @VeraJourova https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

4. “Six witnesses said Amhara forces shot at Tigrayans seeking to flee the roundups in Adebai and attacked them with sticks and sharp objects. An unknown number were killed.” @UN ACT NOW. @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNHumanRights #ReconnectTigray www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

5. The roundups, abusive detentions, and forced expulsions separated families and left many unaccounted for. Its time that @IntlCrimCourt & @_AfricanUnion hold Abiy Ahmed accountable for #TigrayGenocide. @PaulKagame @RwandaRemembers #ReconnectTigray www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

6. “My wife and my mother called me 4 days ago, told me they had put them in vehicles, & they don’t know where they are taking them. After that I have never heard from them.” @antonioguterres & @mbachelet must hold perpetrators responsible! #ReconnectTigray www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

7. The roundups, abusive detentions, and forced expulsions separated families and left many unaccounted for. Its time that @IntlCrimCourt & @_AfricanUnion hold Abiy Ahmed accountable for #TigrayGenocide. @PaulKagame @RwandaRemembers #ReconnectTigray www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

8. “My wife and my mother called me 4 days ago, told me they had put them in vehicles, & they don’t know where they are taking them. After that I have never heard from them.” @antonioguterres & @mbachelet must hold perpetrators responsible! #ReconnectTigray www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

9. The Ethiopian govt must cease attacks, release those detained, and urgently provide unimpeded access to western Tigray for aid agencies. What is the EU & @UN waiting for? People are dying on your watch. #ReconnectTigray @UNHumanRights @UNReliefChief www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/12/ethiopia-new-wave-of-atrocities-in-western-tigray/

10. The joint @EthioHRC-@UN OHCHR probe has not established an impartial and independent account of the atrocities in Tigray. A year later, we are still calling for independent investigations. Tigray deserves justice. @UNHumanRights #ReconnectTigray https://twitter.com/omnatigray/status/1471691325896478723?s=21

11. If the @UN truly stands for human rights, then the responsibility to protect civilians must be a priority. You must do everything in your power to secure independent investigations in Tigray. @mbachelet @UN_HRC @UNGeneva #ReconnectTigray https://twitter.com/omnatigray/status/1471691325896478723?s=21

12. “It is about the victims’ right to justice and effective remedies. It is about establishing truth and facts for the sake of dialogue and reconciliation in the country.” Tigray needs independent investigations. @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC #ReconnectTigray https://omnatigray.org/a-glimpse-into-the-false-start-and-the-dangers-surrounding-the-joint-ehrc-ohchr-investigation-in-tigray/

Thursday 12/16/2021

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 1

1. Civilian lives, democracy, and @pressfreedom are all under threat in Ethiopia due to @PMEthiopia’s deadly siege on the Tigray region. Int’l leaders must step in to help #ReconnectTigray. @AraratMirzoyan @MFA_Austria @trussliz @GermanyDiplo @ministerBZ https://www.politico.eu/article/ethiopia-expels-journalist-who-reported-on-atrocities-in-tigray/

2. “A comprehensive news blackout has been imposed to stop images & information from seeping out. But the truth is inescapable.” For over a year Tigray has been in the dark. When will world leaders take action to #ReconnectTigray? @mbachelet @antonioguterres https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

3. Ethiopia is guilty of strategically planning a genocide, where it has not only manifested on the ground but digitally as well. So why would anyone think it’s a good idea to have them host #IGF2022? #ReconnectTigray @igf_2021 @intgovforum @PLinUN @UN_HRC https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/15/world/africa/ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-nobel-war.html?auth=login-email&login=email

4. For over a year, Tigrayans have been pleading for an end to the communication blackout. The siege is taking innocent lives. Access to phone lines, internet and power must be completely restored. #ReconnectTigray @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @WFPChief @StateDept https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

5. Violence towards journalists have been a hallmark of the #TigrayGenocide. Journalists must be allowed to report freely and safely. Int’l leaders should be asking what is @PMEthiopia hiding, and demand that he #ReconnectTigray. @JY_LeDrian @DanishMFA https://www.barrons.com/news/journalist-shot-dead-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region-relative-says-01611246906

6. How long will the world stand by “concerned” while journalists are being shot dead for exposing the truth about @AbiyAhmedAli‘s genocide against Tigray? #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @SenJohnBarrasso @SenTedCruz @SenatorRounds @BillHagertyTN https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/

7. It’s time the world take a stand to #ReconnectTigray and push to have journalists report freely and safely. Journalists should never be jailed and silenced for exposing truths. #TigrayGenocide @PressSec @WhiteHouse @pressfreedom @theintercept @truthout https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/9/record-number-of-journalists-jailed-in-2021-cpj

8. World leaders must not stand by while @PMEthiopia detains and kills journalists in an attempt to conceal the #TigrayGenocide. We are still demanding independent investigations and to #ReconnectTigray! @JuttaUrpilainen @mbachelet @ChrisCoons @SenatorRisch https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

9. Numerous journalists are still imprisoned in Ethiopia + multiple other @pressfreedom violations have been committed. If you stand for democracy & free press, then it’s a must you demand their release and #ReconnectTigray. @PressSec @POTUS @SecBlinken https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

10. In just the first 2 weeks of the war on Tigray, @PMEthiopia arrested 6 journalists for attempting to report on it. What is Abiy Ahmed hiding by pushing harsh emergency laws onto journalists? #ReconnectTigray @RepKarenBass @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks https://ipi.media/six-journalists-arrested-in-ethiopia-on-trumped-up-charges/

11. “Many, myself included, are harassed by government officials or targeted by doxxing campaigns for covering the conflict.” A year later and the attacks on freedom of press have escalated in order to hide the #TigrayGenocide. #ReconnectTigray @EU_Commission https://ipi.media/six-journalists-arrested-in-ethiopia-on-trumped-up-charges/

12. Journalism is not a crime. Brutalizing, abducting and murdering journalists are crimes against humanity – a violation of international law. The @UN and EU leaders must take action to stop @PMEthiopia’s genocidal campaign. #ReconnectTigray @UNHumanRights https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

13. Sexual violence has been weaponized in the war on Tigray. Journalists such as Lucy Kassa have been targeted for uncovering it. To women in @UN leadership roles – your inaction is complicity. #ReconnectTigray @unwomenchief @unicefchief @DicarloRosemary https://www.voanews.com/a/press-freedom_ethiopian-journalist-attacked-her-home-questioned-tigray-connections/6201958.html

14. The first casualty of war is truth. Obstructing the press by denying access to Tigray, imposing a telecom blackout + attacks and arbitrary detention of journalists must be condemned, and independent investigations must follow. #ReconnectTigray @UN_HRC https://cpj.org/2021/01/reporter-dawit-kebede-araya-shot-and-killed-in-ethiopia/

15. It’s ironic that #IGF2022 will be hosted by Ethiopia, a country that has cut off telecommunications, including the internet, to millions of its own citizens for over a year. Research #ReconnectTigray. @neemalugangira @MSalimu @ItsKamala @RIAnetwork https://twitter.com/MinistryofInno2/status/1470748755221692420?s=20

16. IGF2022 is held to exchange information and share good practices amongst those with policy-making power, so it’s quite concerning that Ethiopia, a country that keeps millions under siege, would be asked to host. #ReconnectTigray @intgovforum @PolandMFA https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 2

1. Since Nov. 4, 2020, Tigray has faced a constant telecommunications blackout, a critical strategy of war orchestrated by @AbiyAhmedAli. This limits access to evidence of atrocities and deprives civilians of justice. # ReconnectTigray @ABlinken @USAmbUN https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

2. To control the narrative of the war on Tigray, @PMEthiopia has attempted to suppress journalism. Int’l journalists were expelled, while local journalists were attacked, harassed, detained and killed. #ReconnectTigray @dfatirl @HeikoMaas @RauZbigniew https://www.yahoo.com/now/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-163444166.html

3. Despite Ethiopia’s war on journalism, which includes the expulsion of international media, the horrific stories of atrocities in Tigray have come to light. If Tigray was reconnected, much more would be uncovered. #ReconnectTigray @marcorubio @timkaine https://www.politico.eu/article/ethiopia-expels-journalist-who-reported-on-atrocities-in-tigray/

4. Journalists have risked and lost their lives to tell stories of war and terror in Tigray. Attacks, detention and killing of journalists are crimes against humanity and must be condemned. #ReconnectTigray @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @FreedomofPress https://www.voanews.com/a/press-freedom_ethiopian-journalist-attacked-her-home-questioned-tigray-connections/6201958.htm

5. Justice must be served for journalists targeted & killed for covering the #TigrayGenocide. @AbiyAhmedAli’s regime has done everything to conceal atrocities. That is evident, even with the limited evidence we have. #ReconnectTigray @CzechMFA @PolandMFA https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/03/ethiopia-tigray-violence-media-blackout.html

6. Since the start of the war on Tigray, journalists have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed. We demand justice for all journalists imprisoned or killed for doing their jobs. #ReconnectTigray @CPJAfrica @IntlCrimCourt @USAmbUN @UnderSecStateP https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/

7. Journalists have done a remarkable job in exposing some of the atrocities of the #TigrayGenocide, under extremely difficult conditions, often risking their liberty and lives. Journalists must be protected to do their jobs @SecBlinken @UNHumanRights @USAID #ReconnectTigray

8. .@CPJAfrica reported that Ethiopia is one of the worst jailers of journalists in Africa. Several journalists have been killed while numerous are still imprisoned. We must collectively demand for their release. #ReconnectTigray @CFR_org @truthout @Snowden https://cpj.org/2021/12/ethiopia-civil-war-hopes-press-freedom/

9. In Nov. 2021, the Ethiopian government placed new restrictions on the press, forbidding reporting and information sharing about the war. This continuation of the information blockade must be condemned! @UN_HRC @ICIJorg #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/ethiopia-restricts-information-sharing-about-war-2021-11-26/

10. The Ethiopian govt has been carrying out the #TigrayGenocide for over a year, imposing a communications blackout and disconnecting Tigray from the world. We call for the restoration of all public services. #ReconnectTigray @StateDeptSpox @UNGeneva @USUN https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

11. World leaders must hold @PMEthiopia accountable for imposing a siege on an entire region of innocent civilians. “Turn the internet on, and shine a light on the Tigray region.” #ReconnectTigray @KarimKhanQC @vonderleyen @USTradeRep @UNReliefChief https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

12. “I am not satisfied with reporting the crimes I have uncovered so far. I know that what I have exposed is just the tip of the iceberg.” Journalists have been forced to censor themselves. #ReconnectTigray @CPJAfrica @trevortimm @micahflee @ggreenwald https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/first-person/2021/6/29/emotional-toll-of-reporting-ethiopias-tigray-conflict

13. Dehumanizing hate speech targeting Tigrayans has become normalized online and on state-sponsored media. @PMEthiopia has intentionally done nothing to stop it. Why is Ethiopia hosting #IGF2022? #ReconnectTigray @KrzysiekSzubert @PremierRP_en @UNESCO https://restofworld.org/2021/why-facebook-keeps-failing-in-ethiopia/

14. It’s baffling that a country that cuts off millions of its own citizens from telecommunications will be hosting #IGF2022. Ethiopia has normalized digital hate speech and ethnic cleansing, and refuses to #ReconnectTigray. @intgovforum @ITU @YouthIGFSummit https://www.cgdev.org/blog/how-destroy-country-does-ethiopia-have-future

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 3

1. It’s 2021 and innocent civilians are being thrown into concentration camps because of their ethnicity. We demand that world leaders pressure Ethiopia to #ReconnectTigray and stop being complicit with genocide. @JustinTrudeau @ScottMorrisonMP @CanadaUN https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

2. Journalists are targeted for fulfilling their primary duty of informing the public of what the Ethiopian govt wants to keep hidden. The govt is aggressively silencing opposing voices. #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @dfatirl @GermanyDiplo @LinhartBMEIA https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

3. Publishing accounts that expose @PMEthiopia’s war crimes will either get you killed or detained in unknown places. The imposed telecommunication blackout on Tigray has resulted in an untold catastrophe. #ReconnectTigray @RepBera @DarrellIssa @CoryBooker https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/11/1105892

4. The rule of law is in total collapse in Ethiopia. Journalists are detained, tortured, killed, or disappear to conceal human rights atrocities. They were the only voices left for those silenced in Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @MFABulgaria @JeppeKofod @trussliz https://cpj.org/2021/12/ethiopia-civil-war-hopes-press-freedom/

5. Ethiopian govt’s practice of “the rule of law” includes: inflicting relentless cruelty of punishment without trial, silencing & assaulting journalists, & coordinated intimidation against Tigrayans. #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @JY_LeDrian @trussliz https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/17/at-least-1000-arrested-since-ethiopia-state-of-emergency-un

6. Tigray is under siege. Tigrayans targeted, tortured, & detained based on their ethnicity. In addition, journalists are imprisoned & tortured for doing their job. Pressure on the Ethiopian Govt is needed to #ReconnectTigray! @LiberalAus @PeterSweden7 https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/17/world/africa/ethiopia-tigrayan-detention.html

7. Despite govt curtailment, journalists reported war crimes in Tigray. The Int’l community must consider present evidence of Ethiopia’s disregard for Tigrayan lives. We demand justice and accountability. #ReconnectTigray @Blklivesmatter @TeenVogue @Complex https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/26/ethiopia-genocide-warning-signs-abiy-ahmed

8. Since @AbiyAhmedAli waged #TigrayGenocide on #Tigray|ans, Ethiopia became a deadly place for journalists. Many sacrificed their lives to uncover unspeakable massacres. They deserve justice! #ReconnectTigray @corradoformigli @Mentana_Enrico @M_gabanelli https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/

9. .@berhe_lucy is the epitome of fearless investigative journalism. She has been attacked & threatened for her work but has refused to stay silent. ????????n journalists must support her & advocate to #ReconnectTigray @AndreaScanzi @robertosaviano @marcotravaglio https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/first-person/2021/6/29/emotional-toll-of-reporting-ethiopias-tigray-conflict

10. Independent journalism is a crime in @AbiyAhmedAli’s Ethiopia. 7 Million #Tigray|ans are dying b/c of a manufactured famine. Journalists reporting this tragedy are jailed or killed. @luigidimaio must condemn @PMEthiopia! #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/03/ethiopia-tigray-violence-media-blackout.html

11. In Ethiopia, journalists are jailed in concentration camps and killed. Their crime? Uncovering mass rapes and massacres in Tigray, ordered by @AbiyAhmedAli. Help us to #ReconnectTigray! #TigrayGenocide @ItalyUN_Vienna @UNESCO @intgovforum @PLinUN https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

12. “Internet shutdowns cannot be arbitrarily implemented by governments & other parties who don’t want the???? to witness their harrowing behavior.” Help us to #ReconnectTigray & stop @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayGenocide! @fabfazio @robertosaviano @chetempochefa https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

13. Millions in Tigray face famine. @AbiyAhmedAli’s deadly siege is an injustice to life itself. There is no access to food, water, medication, and electricity. How long will the Int’l community stand by and watch?#ReconnectTigray @ASteiner @ahunnaeziakonwa https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

14. Since the start of #TigrayGenocide, journalists and media workers have been arrested with no due process. By arresting and killing journalists, @AbiyAhmedAli has covered up his atrocities in Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @FnsiSocial @ItalyUN_NY @UKUN_NewYork https://www.barrons.com/news/journalist-shot-dead-in-ethiopia-s-tigray-region-relative-says-01611246906

#ReconnectTigray Pt. 4

1. The Ethiopian Government is deliberately attacking the freedom of the press by imprisoning journalists on trumped-up charges. International leaders must condemn these human rights violations. #ReconnectTigray @StateDept @RepSaraJacobs @GerryConnolly @USUN https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

2. Journalists are arbitrarily arrested for reporting on the conflict in Ethiopia. Already, several have been killed to undermine reporting that differs from the Ethiopian govt. propaganda. What is Abiy Ahmed hiding? #ReconnectTigray @m_ebrard @Haavisto https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

3. Ethiopia continues to target journalists. Amir Aman Kiyaro, a freelance video journalist accredited to @AP, is in police custody on bogus charges. World leaders must demand his immediate release. #ReconnectTigray @StateDept @KenyaMissionUN @PressSec https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

4. The freedom of press is the strongest weapon against tyranny and fascism. This freedom has been threatened, and repressed in Ethiopia for over a year. Communication must be restored. #ReconnectTigray @BritishVogue @Complex @theintercept @Blklivesmatter https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/freelance-journalist-accredited-to-ap-detained-in-ethiopia/ar-AARQFQt

5. The harassment & killing of journalists documenting the ongoing #TigrayGenocide has emboldened the impunity of those responsible for war crimes & atrocities against the people of Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @zdizoro @welikeduel @redazioneiene @MentanaEnrico https://www.politico.eu/article/ethiopia-expels-journalist-who-reported-on-atrocities-in-tigray/

6. Journalists have been killed, harassed, expelled & detained simply for trying to cover the brutal atrocities committed by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces in Tigray. The worst has yet to be discovered. #ReconnectTigray @dreynders @EamonGilmore @dreynders https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/9/record-number-of-journalists-jailed-in-2021-cpj

7. By expelling journalists, the Ethiopian govt is trying to hide the fact that allied forces are committing gross atrocities. Attacks on free press must stop and journalists must be given unfettered access. #ReconnectTigray @KenyaMissionUN @NorwayUN https://www.politico.eu/article/ethiopia-expels-journalist-who-reported-on-atrocities-in-tigray/

8. Ethiopia’s war zone blackout is a deliberate attempt to censor journalists & conceal war crimes. Ethiopia must restore telecommunications in Tigray and allow for journalists and human rights actors to monitor the situation. #ReconnectTigray @EUCouncil https://www.accessnow.org/tigray-internet-shutdowns/

9. In another turn towards authoritarianism, @AbiyAhmedAli continues to detain Tigrayan activists & journalists arbitrarily. These detentions must end & whereabouts of unaccounted detainees must be revealed. #ReconnectTigray @ICIJorg @CFR_org @UNGeneva https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

10. The Ethiopian Govt’s communications blackout was designed to hide the fact that scores of Tigrayan children are starving to death by an engineered famine. @PMEthiopia must be held accountable! #ReconnectTigray @UN_HRC @CPJAfrica @USAID @FilippoGrandi https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/16/children-starving-to-death-in-ethiopias-tigray-conflict-report

11. The veil of silence must be lifted. Journalists are being killed for reporting the wide-scale rape and massacres of Tigrayan civilians. Ethiopia must end its siege on Tigray. #ReconnectTigray @pressfreedom @theintercept @truthout @FreedomofPress https://addisstandard.com/analysis-cpj-says-ethiopia-biggest-setback-for-media-freedom-in-sub-saharan-africa-two-journalists-shot-dead-a-dozen-remain-behind-bars-in-2021/

12. The communications blackout in Tigray is a tool used by the Ethiopian government to suppress the victims of this conflict. We call on Int’l actors to demand that communications be restored in Tigray. @SenateForeign @CPJAfrica @ICIJorg @CFR_org #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide

13. .@AbiyAhmedAli continues to put a stronghold on freedom of speech as he arbitrarily imprisons journalists fighting to unveil the truth. #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @pressfreedom @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @FreedomofPress https://www.politico.eu/article/ethiopia-expels-journalist-who-reported-on-atrocities-in-tigray/

14. .@AbiyAhmedAli intends to bury the untold stories of journalists abducted, forced into concentration camps, tortured, and killed. #ReconnectTigray #TigrayGenocide @Snowden @ChrisCoons @timkaine @SenateForeign @SenatorRisch @LindaT_G @SecBlinken https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/journalist-shot-dead-ethiopias-tigray-aid-worker-residents-2021-01-21/


#HumanRightsDay2021 Pt. 1

1. TPS is a vital foreign policy tool demonstrating to the world that the US will not return people to conditions where their lives are at risk. @SecMayorkas & @SecBlinken, on #HumanRightsDay, designate TPS to ensure safety to those at risk. #Justice4Tigray https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60b79f3630f94f1039bd0125/t/610af43b0e40a35d46c8725c/1628107835347/Ethiopia+TPS+request_TPS+DED+AAC_August+4+2021+%286%29.pdf

2. TPS could protect up to 30K in the US from deportation to life-threatening conflict and famine in Ethiopia. This is exactly the kind of humanitarian protection TPS was meant for. @POTUS @SecMayorkas must act NOW. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/ethiopias-tigray-conflict-deepens-ethnic-rifts/ar-AARBj4E

3. The 2021 #HumanRightsDay slogan is “All human, All equal”. Yet, the Int’l community has ignored the state-sanctioned genocide of Tigrayans for over a year. If all human lives are equal, then Tigrayan lives must be protected. #Justice4Tigray @USAmbUN @USUN @WFPChief @StateDept

4. Equality is the focus of #HumanRightsDay 2021. Yet, the people of #Tigray have been subjected to massacres, famine, ethnic cleansing, SGBV & a brutal siege. Where is the outrage and concern for Black Tigrayan Lives? #Justice4Tigray @mbachelet @antonioguterres @FilippoGrandi

5. For more than a year, millions of Tigrayans have endured severe human rights violations, including SGBV. @UNHumanRights must conduct independent investigations of ALL atrocities. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UNReliefChief @unwomenchief @UN_Women https://inews.co.uk/news/world/tigray-rape-crisis-workers-blockade-treat-survivors-1339254

6. Tens of thousands of women, girls, men and boys in Tigray have been subjected to weaponized sexual violence in Tigray. Rape has been used as a weapon of war. All survivors need justice and support. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @unwomenchief @UN_Women https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

7. In Tigray, over 6 million are in desperate need of food aid, nearly a million are in famine and millions more are on the brink. The @IntlCrimCourt must act to stop these human rights violations! #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UNICEFCHIEF @trussliz @ministerBZ @GermanyDiplo

8. If “all human, all equal” is true, the world must affirm that Tigrayan lives matter by recognizing the state-sanctioned #TigrayGenocide. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @RepKarenBass @IlhanMN @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @StateDept @USAmbUN https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/08/ethiopia-international-action-needed-prevent-atrocities

9. Temporary Protective Status (TPS) must be granted in response to any humanitarian rights crisis. The ongoing conflict in Ethiopia is over a year old with no end in sight. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @DHSgov @POTUS @SecMayorkas https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/ethiopias-tigray-conflict-deepens-ethnic-rifts/ar-AARBj4E

10. “The lack of consequences for the crimes committed in Tigray has made it easier for warring parties to commit further atrocities”. When will #HumanRightsDay mean #Justice4Tigray? #CallItAGenocide @SecBlinken @StateDept @WHCOS @SenateForeign @HouseForeign https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/2021/12/8/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-Ethiopia-massacres

11. .@StateDept must urge @UN to conduct a special session & investigate the gut-wrenching reports of atrocities committed in Tigray. The sexual violence against women & children deserves more than “concern.” #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @POTUS @LindaT_G https://twitter.com/fifi_pols/status/1455315644145152005/video/1

12. “We saw women treated like animals, gang raped…in public…in front of their families; kept as sex slaves…and left for dead…The trauma is for the whole family, and the society at large.” #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @Ilhan @RepBera @RepKarenBass @VP https://inews.co.uk/news/world/tigray-rape-crisis-workers-blockade-treat-survivors-1339254

13. “We were 250 detainees. The Amhara forces take detainees every night and bring new ones. The ones they take never come back.” This is just one of countless testimonies of ethnic cleansing. @RepGregoryMeeks @SenSchumer #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray https://www.businessinsider.com/ethiopia-ethnic-tigrayans-put-into-concentration-camps-reports-say-2021-9

12. “They beat us every day, They harass and threaten to execute us.” In the year 2021, Ethiopia has resorted to mass arresting and using concentration camps on civilians solely due to their ethnicity! @Ilhan @RonWyden #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

#HumanRightsDay2021 Pt. 2

1. Basic healthcare has become impossible in Tigray due to the govt siege on basic resources. Civilians are starving and dying of preventable illnesses. Rape victims are left untreated. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @CoryBooker @JeffMerkley @timkaine @UN https://theconversation.com/decades-of-progress-gone-in-one-year-tigrays-healthcare-system-has-been-destroyed-170406

2. Over 50 NGOs have called for a resolution & independent monitoring mechanism to halt & prevent pushbacks, human rights violations, & disregard for life at borders. @UN_HRC must uphold its mission & act now! #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UNHumanRights https://www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/2021/6/23/human-rights-council-51-groups-urge-action-on-global-pattern-of-pushbacks-and-expulsions

3. There’s been an overwhelming number of reports showing human rights abuses, war crimes & crimes against Int’l humanitarian law during the war in Tigray. Justice must be served, & the @UN_HRC must no longer stay silent! #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @ChrisCoons @SenateForeign

4. For over a year, Tigrayans have been subjected to unimaginable pain & suffering:????famine????weaponized rape????looted towns/homes????destroyed hospitals????razed farms????desecrated holy sites #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UNReliefChief @USUN @USAID @VP https://ctt.ec/sMGCY+

5. “@UN_HRC, the world’s rights body, finally placed Ethiopia on its agenda in July, but its actions have not reflected the urgency of the ongoing crisis, which has left more than 7 mil ppl in need of humanitarian assistance.” #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/2021/12/8/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-Ethiopia-massacres

6. The people of Tigray have been subjected to gender-based violence, a man-made famine, ethnic cleansing, and other grave human rights abuses. The @UN_HRC must end their silence and hold perpetrators accountable. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @GermanyDiplo @dfatirl @MFAofArmenia

7. The crisis in Ethiopia is a “stain on our conscience,” the @UNReliefChief said, as children and others starve to death in the Tigray region under what the @UN has called a de facto government blockade of food, medical supplies and fuel. #HumanRightsDay https://apnews.com/article/africa-health-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-a2b1639797c2a31973ce12985d82b865

8. The children of Tigray have been forced out of school and subjected to horrific physical and psychological harm because of the genocidal war. The @IntlCrimCourt & @UN must protect the lives of the children. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @unicefchief https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

9. In 2021, the world is witnessing people languishing in concentration camps because of their ethnicity. Leaders must demand the release of all Tigrayans unlawfully imprisoned. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @StateDept @WhiteHouse @JustinTrudeau https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/17/world/africa/ethiopia-tigrayan-detention.html

10. The crisis in Ethiopia is not only a threat there, but to Black immigrants that face deportation. President Biden, you must keep your promises of racial equity and a better future for Black immigrants. Grant TPS to save lives! #HumanRightsDay @POTUS https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/17/world/africa/ethiopia-tigrayan-detention.html

11. The US has warned Embassy staff in Ethiopia to leave due to the ongoing war, yet they plan to deport Black immigrants there. @SecMayorkas must designate TPS to ensure Ethiopians in the US aren’t forcibly returned. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @DHSgov https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60b79f3630f94f1039bd0125/t/610af43b0e40a35d46c8725c/1628107835347/Ethiopia+TPS+request_TPS+DED+AAC_August+4+2021+%286%29.pdf

12. “I saw my son with blood from his neck. I saw only his neck was bleeding. He was dead. I didn’t bury him,” she screams between sobs.” The @IntlCrimCourt must stop this suffering. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @ChrisVanHollen @paytonknopf @trussliz https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/ethiopia-grave-humanitarian-crisis-unfolding-never-saw-hell-before-now-have

#HumanRightsDay2021 Pt. 3

1. Tigrayans have been facing killings, forceful removals/displacements, sexual assaults, and other extremely serious human rights violations and abuses by several parties. Stop the genocide now. @StateDept @UnderSecStateJ #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray https://www.state.gov/atrocities-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/

2. “Credible reports of indiscriminate shelling, extrajudicial killing, pillaging and sexual assaults slowly reached the outside world. Refugees shared harrowing stories of abuses committed by the EDNF and Amhara militias” #HumanRightsDay @HouseForeign @UN http://www.lawfareblog.com/ethiopias-tigray-conflict-alleged-atrocities-law-war-violations-and-regional-implications

3. “she and 5 other women were gang-raped by Eritrean soldiers. She said the troops joked and took photos as they injected her with a drug, tied her to a rock, stripped, stabbed & raped repeatedly her.” #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UNOSAPG @ItalyMFA https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ethiopia-tigray-news-executions-rape-war-atrocities-genocide/

4. It’s clear that @AbiyAhmedAli has decided against peace. We ask that @UNHumanRights hold a special session to discuss atrocities in Tigray. This must be taken seriously! #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @mbachelet @antonioguterres @FilippoGrandi @UN https://www.theafricareport.com/149787/ethiopias-abiy-from-peace-prize-to-frontline-fighter/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=post_articles_twitter_24_11_2021&utm_medium=social

5. The sexual violence during #TigrayGenocide is also perpetrated against men & boys & includes mutilation of reproductive and sexual organ parts. This is a genocide and must be labeled as such! #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @StateDept @UNOSAPG @ArmeniaUN https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

6. Infrastructure destroyed, weaponized rape, and countless massacres in #TigrayGenocide. Tigrayans are now subjected to starvation. Int’l leaders must hold talks to stop Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal govt. #HumanRightsDay @MittRomney @senrobportman @RandPaul https://apnews.com/article/Counting-Ethiopias-War-Dead-Vignette-bf8a387633403e899289078ac9c943a0

7. “Testimony provides evidence of rapes occurring in victims’ homes in front of their families. They were dragged out and raped in public.” When will Int’l leaders seek out #Justice4Tigray? #HumanRightsDay @MichelleObama @FLOTUS @LindaT_G @Blklivesmatter https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

8. A government that weaponizes food and rape cannot be assigned with investigating its own crimes. It’s critical that a @UN session is held to discuss #Justice4Tigray, then action must follow. #HumanRightsDay @RauZbigniew @PolandMFA @MSZ_RP @DmytroKuleba https://www.hrw.org/report/2021/11/09/i-always-remember-day/access-services-survivors-gender-based-violence-ethiopias

9. Men stood in line to rape her, then handed her child to the next while the other would take his turn. She was raped continuously & could not breastfeed her baby. When will @UN_HRC & @unwomenchief provide #Justice4Tigray? #HumanRightsDay #AskBachelet https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

10. “Insecurity, deeply rooted social stigma, & the lack of functioning healthcare facilities mean that the actual number of cases of sexual violence far exceeds the no. reported.” How will @UN_HRC take measures to @endrapeinwar? #HumanRightsDay #AskBachelet https://www.hrw.org/report/2021/11/09/i-always-remember-day/access-services-survivors-gender-based-violence-ethiopias

11. Tigray has been cut off from telecom, banks, aid and electricity by the Ethiopian Govt. A violation of Int’l humanitarian law, yet the @UN has not stepped in to protect civilians. When will @UN_HRC provide #Justice4Tigray? #AskBachelet #HumanRightsDay https://inews.co.uk/news/world/tigray-rape-crisis-workers-blockade-treat-survivors-1339254

12. “Eritrean troops committed heinous killings in Axum with wanton disregard for civilian lives.” If the @UN has a responsibility to protect civilians, what stops them from taking action to end a genocide? #AskBachelet #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @UN_HRC https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/03/05/ethiopia-eritrean-forces-massacre-tigray-civilians

13. “Health facilities and health staff need to be protected during a conflict, in accordance with international humanitarian law. This is clearly not happening in Tigray.” #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @SecBlinken @YoungKimCA @WhiteHouse @HouseForeign https://www.msf.org/health-facilities-targeted-tigray-region-ethiopia

14. Ethiopian authorities have “unlawfully” blocked food & aid from entering Tigray. This is after months of committing massacres, burning farmland & looting food storages throughout the region. This must end now! @BernieSanders @MarkWarner #HumanRightsDay https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/08/ethiopia-international-action-needed-prevent-atrocities

#HumanRightsDay2021 Pt. 4

1. Tigrayans are facing brutal human rights violations. Civilians are trying daily to survive arbitrary mass arrests, massacres, and rape. The @IntlCrimCourt has failed enormously. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @lauraboldrini @MauMassari @FAO @luigidimaio https://bit.ly/3oCLil0

2. On #HumanRightsDay let’s remember the millions of Tigrayans that are victims of systematic massacres, torture, rape, arbitrary detentions & forced displacement. @ItalyMFA has ignored the desperate calls of these victims. #Justice4Tigray @Francescorocca https://bit.ly/3Iz3GDs

3. For over a year, there has been no sign of accountability for the unspeakable crimes committed against Tigrayans. We reiterate our call to ensure #Justice4Tigray. Sadly, our pleas to @ItalyMFA have fallen on deaf ears. @MarinaSereni @luigidimaio https://bit.ly/31B3Ute

4. Mothers repeatedly gang raped in front of their children. Women & girls treated like animals, with many suffering severe injuries as result of brutal GBV. Access to medical/psychological help is being denied to the victims. #Justice4Tigray @lauraboldrini https://bit.ly/31Iow2z

5. Tigrayans across Ethiopia have been detained, tortured and killed. Their constitutional rights violated. Why do global appointed leaders remain hesitant to take action against @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal regime? #HumanRightsDay @luigidimaio @ItalyUN_NY https://www.ibtimes.com/far-ethiopia-war-front-mass-arrests-ensnare-fearful-tigrayans-3327199

6. The western????continues to express its concerns without taking action. The horrors of @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal campaign are raging on unabated. Tigray’s civilians are imprisoned, starved, tortured & executed. @ItalyUN_Vienna #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay https://apnews.com/article/africa-kenya-ethiopia-d70dec133d9529e69597d3292d8a142e

7. .@AbiyAhmedAli & his allies have committed countless crimes against humanity. Rape has been used as a weapon of war to inflict physical & psychological damage on Tigrayan women & girls. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @lauraboldrini @Pontifex @FAO https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

8. Eritrean armed forces massacred scores of civilians, including children as young as 13, in the historic town of Axum. Today @AbiyAhmedAli continues to abduct Tigrayan priests & nuns with impunity. @UN_HRC @Pontifex_it #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/03/05/ethiopia-eritrean-forces-massacre-tigray-civilians

9. “Soldiers went house to house in Bora, and executed more than 160 people … the soldiers didn’t allow us to cry.” Tigrayans are being denied their right to live by genocidal @AbiyAhmedAli and his allies. We demand #Justice4Tigray. @BelgiumMFA @ArmeniaUN https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2021-03-19/ethiopia-tigray-war-massacre-bora

10. “The men were separated from the women..shortly afterward, the men were shot.” All war crimes committed in Tigray show the genocidal intent of @AbiyAhmedAli & his administration against Tigrayans. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @EP_President @EUCouncil https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/24/horrific-msf-witness-execution-of-at-least-four-men-in-tigray

11. An airstrike hit a busy market in Tigray, killing at least 51 people. Invading soldiers blocked medical teams from traveling to the scene. Eritrea & Ethiopia must be held accountable. #Justice4Tigray. #HumanRightsDay @UN_HRC @UNOSAPG @BelgiumUN https://apnews.com/article/ethiopoia-tigray-airstrike-togoga-424851651a0e02c21df71c86d9b70ec2

12. Witnesses saw dozens of bodies along the route as they fled their shops, homes and farms. Amhara Fano militia continue to commit ethnic cleansing in western Tigray. Where is #Justice4Tigray after a whole year? #HumanRightsDay @BelgiumUNGeneva @BelgiumMFA https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/09/world/africa/ethiopia-tigray-sudan.html

#HumanRightsDay2021 Pt. 5

1. When will @AbiyAhmedAli face punishment for his execution of Tigrayans across Ethiopia? Why is the world silently watching as a genocide unfolds? The @UN must ACT NOW and provide #Justice4Tigray! #HumanRightsDay @HeikoMaas @GermanyDiplo @GermanyUN https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/08/18/ethiopia-ethnic-tigrayans-forcibly-disappeared

2. The lack of consequences for the crimes committed in Tigray has made it easier for warring parties to commit further atrocities. The world must officially recognize the #TigrayGenocide. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @ABaerbock @LinhartBMEIA @MFA_Austria https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/12/08/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-ethiopia-massacres

3. L’équipe de MSF a été autorisée à quitter les lieux mais a vu les corps des personnes tuées sur le bord de la route” Le gouvernement belge doit prendre action pour arrêter @AbiyAhmedAli. Quand allez-vous agir ? @Sophie_Wilmes @BelgiumMFA #Justice4Tigray https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/24/horrific-msf-witness-execution-of-at-least-four-men-in-tigray

4. ‘L’armée érythréenne continue de terroriser les habitants, de les affamer et de confisquer leurs animaux afin de se nourrir’.Les forces érythréennes à Irob doivent être tenues responsables de leurs actions! @franceoun @BelgiumUNGeneva #Justice4Tigray https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/5/4/tiny-ethnic-group-fears-extinction-as-tigray-war-enters-6th-month

5. “Not only have Tigrayan women and girls experienced horrific abuses, they are confronting shortages of food, medicine, and other desperately needed support to rebuild their lives.” #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @unwomenchief @UN_Women @PalomaUnicef https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/09/ethiopia-blocking-tigray-aid-harms-rape-survivors

6. The government’s effective siege of Tigray is doubly victimizing survivors by denying them critical medical & mental health support. How many more brutal tragedies like this need to happen until the Int’l community acts?! @UN_Women @UN #Justice4Tigray https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/09/ethiopia-blocking-tigray-aid-harms-rape-survivors

7. Infrastructure destroyed, land theft, looting, countless massacres – the list of brutal atrocities continues. The @UN_HRC must conduct a true independent investigation. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @DicarloRosemary @KenyaMissionUN @PmTunisia @MexOnu https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/2021/12/8/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-Ethiopia-massacres

8. “The men were separated from the women..shortly afterward, the men were shot.” All war crimes committed in Tigray show the genocidal intent of @AbiyAhmedAli & his administration against Tigrayans. #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray @EP_President@EUCouncil https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/24/horrific-msf-witness-execution-of-at-least-four-men-in-tigray

9. For over a year, the people of Tigray have lived in fear and terror, leaving deep wounds that may never heal. We demand #Justice4Tigray! The @UN & EU must take this seriously. #HumanRightsDay @HeikoMaas @BaerbelKofler @OlafScholz @ABaerbock @JeppeKofod https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/24/horrific-msf-witness-execution-of-at-least-four-men-in-tigray

10. The Ethiopian Govt continues to demonize Tigrayan civilians with hate speech showcased on state-sponsored media. When will @AbiyAhmedAli be held accountable? We demand #JusticeForTigray! #HumanRightsDay @IntlCrimCourt @antonioguterres @JuttaUrpilainen https://www.channel4.com/news/tigray-conflict-the-testimonies-of-alleged-war-crimes

11. The world has failed to protect women in Tigray from the most horrific atrocities. Those responsible for the rapes, tortures + killings must be held accountable! #JusticeForTigray #HumanRightsDay @UNHumanRights @UNHCRUK @UNHumanRightsEU @unwomenchief https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/jun/19/dont-betray-women-of-tigray-calls-grow-for-international-action-against-rape-in-war

12. What will it take for leaders to take action instead of just voicing concerns on Tigray? Concerns are not saving lives. A special session must be held to discuss next steps to get #Justice4Tigray! #HumanRightsDay @antonioguterres @vonderleyen @StateDept https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/26/ethiopia-genocide-warning-signs-abiy-ahmed


#COIforTigray Pt. 1

1. While the world celebrated unity between Ethiopia & Eritrea in 2018, dictator Isaias Afwerki & fascist @AbiyAhmedAli created a perfidious plan to keep themselves in power. #TigrayGenocide #COIforTigray@AM_PSC @BilleHermann @NDeRiviere#COIforTigray https://tghat.com/2021/03/31/who-started-the-war-on-tigray/

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli has decided against peace. Instead of stopping the #TigrayGenocide, he is escalating it. We ask that EU nations and the @UN hold a special session to discuss atrocities in Tigray. #COIforTigray @AraratMirzoyan @MFAofArmenia @ArmeniaUN

3. One of the deadliest massacres took place a year ago, known as the #AxumMassacre. To get justice for the victims, independent investigations are needed and not distorted by the Ethiopian govt + @DanielBekele.#COIforTigray @BulgariaUNHCR @MFABulgariahttps://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/press-release/2021/02/ethiopia-eritrean-troops-massacre-of-hundreds-of-axum-civilians-may-amount-to-crime-against-humanity/

4. Tigrayans have been unlawfully targeted, ethnically cleansed and massacred. We ask that Germany hold a special session with other EU nations + the @UN to call for a Commission of Inquiry. #COIforTigray@GermanyUN @HeikoMaas @AuswaertigesAmt @EUSR_Weber https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-minority-ethnic-cleansing-sudan-world-news-842741eebf9bf0984946619c0fc15023

5. Why won’t the Ethiopian govt allow a true independent probe into the atrocities in Tigray? What exactly is @AbiyAhmedAli and @DanielBekele hiding, and why is Tigray still in the dark? #COIforTigray #TigrayGenocide@UNHumanRights @JeppeKofod @DanishMFAhttps://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/2/ethiopia-tried-to-limit-rare-un-probe-on-tigray-abuses-report

6. .@EthioHRC has done everything in its power to conceal many of the atrocities committed in Tigray. It cannot be trusted to conduct further investigations. We need #COIforTigray. #TigrayGenocide @JY_LeDrian @simoncoveney @franceonu @irishmissionunhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-kenya-ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-ccf2665d453f6af0d08e3bdf8db81b96

7. Infrastructure destroyed, land theft, possessions looted, and countless massacres in #TigrayGenocide. Now, Tigrayans are subjected to starvation. The @UN & EU must hold talks + pressure Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal govt. #COIforTigray @MauMassari @luigidimaio https://apnews.com/article/Counting-Ethiopias-War-Dead-Vignette-bf8a387633403e899289078ac9c943a0

8.“Never again” is a slogan often used by EU politicians to show disapproval of genocide. How can the @UN endorse the involvement of state-led @EthioHRC in investigating war crimes in Tigray? We need a #COIforTigray. @dfatirl @irishmissionun @simoncoveney https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

9. A govt that weaponizes food and rape cannot be assigned with investigating its own crimes. It’s critical that a @UN session is held to discuss #TigrayGenocide + establish a #COIforTigray.@UNHumanRights @ItalyUN_NY @CzechUNNY@Denmark_UN @UKRinUNhttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

10. Independent investigations and a Commission of Inquiry are the only valid options to bring accountability to the genocidal crimes that have been committed in Tigray. #COIforTigray #TigrayGenocide @PolandMFA @RauZbigniew @MSZ_RP @JakubKulhanek @EUSR_Weberhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-kenya-ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-ccf2665d453f6af0d08e3bdf8db81b96

#COIforTigray Pt. 2

1. .@DanielBekele’s involvement in investigating atrocities committed in Tigray has produced a biased report. It is critical that @UNHumanRights & EU member states consider #COIforTigray. @MFABulgaria @DmytroKuleba @UKUN_NewYork @irishmissionun @franceonu https://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray/

2. “I saw many bodies, even priests. They killed all Tigrayans.” We urge the Int’l community to stand firmly with Tigrayans with concrete actions to hold Ethiopia and Eritrea to account. #COIforTigray #TigrayGenocide @ArmeniaUN @AraratMirzoyan @UNHumanRights https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-minority-ethnic-cleansing-sudan-world-news-842741eebf9bf0984946619c0fc15023

3. .@EthioHRC has underplayed the atrocities committed in Tigray. Justice must be served through an independent investigation & must include all massacres left out of the joint report with @UNHumanRights. #COIforTigray @Dmytrokuleba @PLinUN @NLatUN @UKRinUN https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/2/ethiopia-tried-to-limit-rare-un-probe-on-tigray-abuses-report

4. Tigrayan women and girls continue to be victims of gang rape and sexual slavery in the concentration camps of western Tigray. We demand that the EU and @UNHumanRights take #COIforTigray seriously. @ministerBZ @trussliz @AM_PSC @DmytroKuleba @dfatirl https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

5. The involvement of state-owned @EthioHRC in the investigation of war crimes has led to a biased report. The #TigrayGenocide must be investigated impartially & independently! @UNHumanRights & EU must call for a #COIforTigray. @ministerBZ @MSZ_RP @CzechUNNY https://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray/

6. “Their aim is to leave no Tigrayan.” Amhara forces occupying western Tigray today, continue to commit ethnic cleansing. Thousands have either been massacred or taken to concentration camps. #COIforTigray @BilleHermann @JeppeKofod @DanishMFA @Denmark_UNhttps://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-minority-ethnic-cleansing-sudan-world-news-842741eebf9bf0984946619c0fc15023

7. Tigrayans are being abducted & put into internment camps throughout Ethiopia. Tigrayans are held in camps w/o adequate food, water or sanitation facilities. Priests, nuns, @UN staff, children under age of 3 & elderly are not spared! @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF #TigrayMassArrests

8. For the past year, Tigrayans have been subjected to barbaric killing sprees and gang rapes, a man-made famine and so much more. The genocidal governments of Ethiopia & Eritrea must be held accountable. #COIforTigray #TigrayGenocide @BulgariaUNHCR @AM_PSC https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/4/tigray-is-starving-it-is-time-for-the-un-to-act

9. Contrary to what @AbiyAhmedAli & his govt claim, events leading up to the #TigrayGenocide show that it was pre-planned by the genocidal regimes of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The @UN must establish #COIforTigray. @KSzczerski @SergiyKyslytsya @MauMassari https://tghat.com/2021/03/31/who-started-the-war-on-tigray/

10. We mourn the 1st anniversary of #AxumMassacre knowing that justice was denied. @EthioHRC intentionally failed to report a deadly massacre + other killings across Tigray. Thousands have perished in the dark. #COIforTigray @BWoodward_UN @DmytroKuleba https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/press-release/2021/02/ethiopia-eritrean-troops-massacre-of-hundreds-of-axum-civilians-may-amount-to-crime-against-humanity/

#COIforTigray Pt. 3

1. “Nous avons vu des choses de pure méchanceté, des gens dont le cou était coupé, des membres pendus.” Le manque d’impartialité & de crédibilité de @EthioHRC est évident depuis le début de la guerre génocidaire en Novembre 2020. #COIforTigray @NDeRivierehttps://tghat.com/2021/03/03/survivors-recount-the-mai-kadra-massacre/

2. La commission conjointe @EthioHRC & @UNHumanRights n’a pas visité Maryam Dengelat et de nombreux autres sites où des massacres ont eu lieu. NOUS DEMANDONS une enquête immédiate et indépendante menée par l’ONU. #COIforTigray @UN @franceonu @JY_LeDrian https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/26/africa/ethiopia-tigray-dengelat-massacre-intl/index.html

3. Während die Welt 2018 den Frieden zwischen ????????&???????? gefeiert hat,haben Diktator Isaias Afwerki & Faschist @AbiyAhmedAli einen perfiden Plan kreiert,um sich an der Macht zu halten&den #TigrayGenocide zu entwerfen! @HeikoMaas @mbachelet @UNHCR_de #COIforTigray https://tghat.com/2021/03/31/who-started-the-war-on-tigray/

4. .@AbiyAhmedAli hat sich mal wieder gegen Frieden&für Gewalt entschieden.Statt den #TigrayGenocidezu stoppen & versucht er von der Front aus,das Land ???????? ins Verderben zu lenken! #COIforTigray @HeikoMaas@GermanyDiplo @GermanyUN @AustriaUN @MFA_Austria https://www.theafricareport.com/149787/ethiopias-abiy-from-peace-prize-to-frontline-fighter/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=post_articles_twitter_24_11_2021&utm_medium=social

5. Vor 365 Tagen fand das #AxumMassacre statt!Eins von vielen im #TigrayGenocide!Um Gerechtigkeit für die Opfer zu bekommen,benötigt es unabhängige Untersuchungen,die nicht durch die Regierung ????????+ @DanielBekele verfälscht werden!!!#COIforTigray @GermanyDiplo https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/press-release/2021/02/ethiopia-eritrean-troops-massacre-of-hundreds-of-axum-civilians-may-amount-to-crime-against-humanity/

6. #COIforTigray Wieso lässt die ???????? Regierung keine unabhängigen Untersuchung über die Gräueltaten im Rahmen des #TigrayGenocide zu?Was haben @AbiyAhmedAli und @DanielBekele zu verbergen? @HeikoMaas @GermanyDiplo @GermanyUN @LinhartBMEIA @AM_PSC @MFA_Austria https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

7. Tigrayan civilians have been tortured, drowned, burned, raped & massacred! @DanielBekele’s @EthioHRC played a big part in hiding these atrocities. @MauMassari must ask for a @UN led independent investigation #COIforTigray #TigrayGenocide @luigidimaio https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/2/ethiopia-tried-to-limit-rare-un-probe-on-tigray-abuses-report

8. We have recently mourned the 1st anniversary of the incredibly gruesome #AxumMassacre. Due to @AbiyAhmedAli’s close ties with @EthioHRC, there has not been an independent investigation to assure accountability. We demand a #COIforTigray! @luigidimaio @UN https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

9. Despite overwhelming evidence, the massacres of Adigrat, Axum, Debre Abay, Edaga Berhe, Gijet, Mahibere Dego, and Togoga were not investigated.The @UN & @EthioHRC failed to deliver justice. #COIforTigray @irishmissionun @PieroBenassi @MFABulgariahttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

10. Countless civilians have died in the ongoing #TigrayGenocide. Yet, independent human rights groups, humanitarian orgs & Int’l media are banned from Tigray. Govt appointed @EthioHRC is not credible. @ItalyMFA must ask for a #COIforTigray @pierofassinohttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

#COIforTigray Pt. 4

1. Considering the fallacies in the @UN & @EthioHRC joint investigation, @luigidimaio, @ItalyinEU & @ItalyUN_NY must act in order to establish an independent #COIforTigray. There must be accountability for the crimes committed by @AbiyAhmedAli in Tigray!https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

2. “Five warning signs for mass, ethnically targeted violence are flashing red.” It’s been through hate speech, mobilized militias, and mass internment.When will the @IntlCrimCourt take action? #COIforTigray @ItalyUN_Vienna @UNGeneva @NLatUN@PLinUN https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/26/ethiopia-genocide-warning-signs-abiy-ahmed

3. The establishment of a new #COIforTigray must be the top priority in the new Treaty of coop. b/w @francediplo_EN???????? & @ItalyMFA????????. Both nations must engage actively in the pursuit of accountability of those who committed war crimes in the #TigrayGenocide. https://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray/

4. .@EU_Commission must consider the @EthioHRC-led investigation in Tigray as biased & unreliable. The only way to obtain accountability is to establish an impartial & internationally recognized #COIforTigray! #TigrayGenocide @MauMassari @ItalyMFA @FAOhttps://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray/

5. .@DanielBekele’s @EthioHRC has whitewashed or denied unspeakable atrocities committed by ENDF soldiers, Amhara militia & Eritrean troops during #TigrayGenocide. @ItalyinEU must help Tigrayans in getting their justice & freedom. We need a #COIforTigray!https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

6. The links b/w @EthioHRC & @AbiyAhmedAli are simply an affront to impartiality. @PieroBenassi & @MauMassari must work for the creation of an independent #COIforTigray. Credibility comes only with impartiality! @eucopresident @ItalyinEU @ItalyUN_NY @FAO https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/report-on-tigray-civil-war-to-be-released-amid-objectivity-concerns

7. Any investigation involving state-affiliated @EthioHRC will only help @AbiyAhmedAli in downplaying his atrocities. All stakeholders must urge a Commission of Inquiry for Tigray. #COIforTigray @luigidimaio @ItalyMFA @ItalyUN_Vienna @FilippoGrandihttps://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

8. Given the multiple atrocities that @DanielBekele purposely omitted, @hrw urged for an independent #COIforTigray. The previous joint investigation involving state-affiliated @EthioHRC is simply unreliable. @luigidimaio must condemn #TigrayGenocide @FAO https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/04/international-investigation-needed-abuses-ethiopia

9. “By excluding the voices of the majority of victims, the UN violated its cardinal principle of a victim-centred investigation.” It is critical that EU & @UN leaders meet to discuss #COIforTigray. @ItalyUN_NY @franceonu @NDeRiviere @dfatirl @JakubKulhanekhttps://www.theelephant.info/op-eds/2021/11/27/joint-un-ethiopia-atrocities-report-poison-fruit-of-poisonous-tree/

10..@EthioHRC will never be a neutral institution. On the contrary, @DanielBekele worked tirelessly to protect @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal regime. None of the scenes of the most gruesome massacres were investigated. @mbachelet @FilippoGrandi @FAO #COIforTigray https://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray/

#COIforTigray Pt. 5

1. The @EthioHRC is nothing but @PMEthiopia’s watchdog. In fact, its latest joint investigation did not include the most gruesome massacres like #AxumMassacre & #DengelatMassacre. We demand a #COIforTigray @mbachelet @lauraboldrini @ItalyMFA @hickspeggy https://tghat.com/2021/03/20/why-ehrc-should-not-investigate-abuses-of-human-rights-in-tigray

2. “The joint investigation’s report failed to establish facts because the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) had no access to the location it purported to cover & where most of the crimes are presumed to have been committed.” #COIforTigray @AmbMKimani @UNOSAPGhttps://www.theelephant.info/op-eds/2021/11/27/joint-un-ethiopia-atrocities-report-poison-fruit-of-poisonous-tree/

3. “The soldiers went door to door. A pregnant woman was shot, her husband killed.” @EthioHRC’s incomplete probe is an injustice to victims of countless untold massacres throughout Tigray. #COIforTigray @AraratMirzoyan @LinhartBMEIA @JakubKulhanek @dfatirlhttps://www.cnn.com/2021/02/26/africa/ethiopia-tigray-dengelat-massacre-intl/index.html

4. These are some of the heartbreaking stories of #IrobMassacre not included in the @UN & EHRC investigation. #COIforTigray is a crucial first step in ensuring full accountability for all atrocities. @AraratMirzoyan @trussliz @yokabrandt @BWoodward_UN

5. .@EthioHRC failed to consider all atrocities from areas like Axum, Abi Addi, Hagere Selam, Togoga, Irob, Adwa, Adigrat, Hawzen, Gijet & Mariam Dengelat. This was intentional because they have blood on their hands. We demand a #COIforTigray. @UKUN_NewYork https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

6. Involving @EthioHRC to investigate atrocities in Tigray was a huge mistake that has caused further damage. Justice has not been served. A true independent probe must be performed. #COIforTigray@mbachelet @CzechMFA @JakubKulhanek@JeppeKofod @DanishMFAhttps://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

7. The Irob people have endured heinous atrocities by Ethiopian & Eritrean troops. The @UN has a responsibility to protect these civilians and demand a #COIforTigray. They risked their lives to tell their stories. @simoncoveney @unwomenchief @AmbMKimani @hrw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp-hUiw3SoI

8. There have been warranted concerns about @EthioHRC’s involvement in investigating atrocities in Tigray, because of its record of partiality and demonstrated bias against Tigrayans. We need #COIforTigray. @trussliz @yokabrandt @BWoodward_UN#COIforTigray https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-kenya-ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-ccf2665d453f6af0d08e3bdf8db81b96

9. .@EthioHRC has underplayed the atrocities committed across Tigray, by leaving out some of the deadliest massacres in Ethiopia’s history. @UNHumanRights must serve justice and not turn a blind eye. #COIforTigray@mbachelet @UKUN_NewYork @irishmissionunhttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/26/hundreds-died-in-axum-massacre-during-tigray-war-says-amnesty

10. “The people who were hiding us who are very pro-Abiy said that Tigrayans were the ones who started the massacre. But we saw it with our own eyes. Tigrayans were being attacked. We saw Tigrayans being killed.”#COIforTIgray @irishmissionun @Denmark_UNhttps://tghat.com/2021/03/03/survivors-recount-the-mai-kadra-massacre/

#COIforTigray Pt. 6

1. “Four of my siblings died when the artillery hit our home. Welketut [collaborators] & Fano were saying that they don’t want to see any Tigrayans & we will slaughter you.” The whole truth about #TigrayGenocide must be told. #COIforTigray @mbachelet @hrwhttps://sayarainternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Humanitarian-Crisis-in-Ethiopia-E.-Sudan-Sayara-report-Dec-2020.pdf

2. “People rightfully questioned what purpose an investigation into atrocities could serve if it is conducted with the help of and under the conditions set by the alleged perpetrators.” #COIforTigray@yokabrandt @KSzczerski @SergiyKyslytsya @BWoodward_UNhttps://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

3. Any investigation involving state-affiliated @EthioHRC only serves to downplay atrocities in Tigray, committed by both the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments. We need a #COIforTigray. #TigrayGenocide@BulgariaUNHCR @franceonu @UKUN_NewYork @UKRinUNhttps://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/11/24/there-is-need-for-a-truly-independent-probe-into-ethiopia-abuses

4. The joint investigation team did not visit the scenes of #AxumMassacre, one of the most gruesome. @UNHumanRights has said this is because of Abiy’s siege on Tigray. Lift the siege & commence investigations. #COIforTigray @MFAofArmenia@PolandMFA https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-kenya-ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-ccf2665d453f6af0d08e3bdf8db81b96

5. As a man-made famine takes place in Tigray, the Irob ppl. are under full Eritrean military occupation. Their stories of weaponized rape & massacres should have been investigated by @EthioHRC & @UNHumanRights. #COIforTigray #IrobMassacre @AM_PSC @trusslizhttps://apnews.com/article/world-news-eritrea-ethiopia-kenya-e84f072e2f08e542652b8f4dac09a3f8

6. “The north is dying. I strongly believe there is a campaign to target the people. Every public & private institution is looted.” The north is occupied by Eritrean soldiers,” said a man from Irob. @UNHumanRights must push for #COIforTigray. @BWoodward_UNhttps://apnews.com/article/world-news-eritrea-ethiopia-kenya-e84f072e2f08e542652b8f4dac09a3f8

7. This is a partial list of victims killed by invading Eritrean Forces in the Irob area of Tigray. Justice must be served for those senselessly killed for their ethnicity. We demand a true independent investigation. #COIforTigray @UNHumanRights @ArmeniaUN

8. Eritrean forces invaded various Irob villages in Tigray, and massacred innocent civilians. Families were denied burial of their loved ones. These crimes against humanity must be investigated. #COIforTigray @mbachelet @irishmissionun @UKUN_NewYorkhttps://irobanina.org/irob/irob-massacre-victims

9. Although witnesses have said that the perpetrators of most abuses were Eritrean, Ethiopian & Amhara forces, @DanielBekele pushed to highlight abuses by Tigrayan forces. This is a distorted probe. #COIforTigray @irishmissionun @franceonu @UNHumanRightshttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-kenya-ethiopia-abiy-ahmed-ccf2665d453f6af0d08e3bdf8db81b96


#StopRapeInTigray Pt. 1

1. Why has the @UN allowed weaponized rape to go unchecked across Tigray? Sexual violence is still actively taking place in concentration camps in Humera. #16DaysofActivism2021 #TigrayMassArrests #16Days @unwomenchief @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia https://apnews.com/article/africa-180f41945ae512e8170ca05b0cc65540

2. Amhara Fano militia, as well as Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers continue to invade areas of western Tigray, leaving the most vulnerable trying to escape rape, torture, detention, and death. This must stop! #16DaysofActivism2021 @StateDept @HouseForeign https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-waves-of-displacement-reported-in-western-tigray-un/ar-AAR5N8I

3. Tigrayans in western Tigray are still under attack by Amhara Fano militias. There are reports of rape and killings in concentration camps. The @UN has a responsibility to help end #TigrayMassArrests. #16DaysofActivism2021 @irishmissionun @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN @UNGeneva @UNOSAPG

4. The brutality of rape & sexual slavery has not come close to ending in western Tigray. Appointed leaders have failed to hold Ethiopian & Eritrean forces responsible and so it continues. #16DaysofActivism2021 #TigrayMassArrests @IntlCrimCourt @vonderleyen https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

5. “In Humera, the biggest town in western Tigray, security forces on Saturday placed Tigrayan civilians -mostly the elderly, women and children- on 21 buses headed east.” #16DaysofActivism2021 #16Days @vonderleyen @EUSR_Weber @DicarloRosemary @TimmermansEU https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-waves-of-displacement-reported-in-western-tigray-un/ar-AAR5N8I

6. Women are still subjected to gang rape & sexual slavery in concentration camps in western Tigray. Survivors are suffering in the dark as @UN & @_AfricanUnion fail to take meaningful action to stop #TigrayMassArrests. #16DaysofActivism2021 @unwomenchief https://edition.cnn.com/2021/08/12/africa/tigray-ethiopia-sexual-violence-amnesty-report-intl/index.html

7. Sexual violence has been weaponized against Tigrayans and It’s still ongoing in western Tigray where girls and women including boys and men face gang rape and torture. All invading forces must withdraw. #16DaysofActivism2021 @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @USUN https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

8. Tigrayans have been ethnically cleansed & forcibly removed from their indigenous lands by Amhara forces. The #TigrayGenocide continues as Tigrayans are abducted, killed & raped. #16DaysofActivism2021 #TigrayMassArrests @ChrisCoons @SenThomTillis https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-waves-of-displacement-reported-in-western-tigray-un/ar-AAR5N8I

9. Why has the @UN allowed weaponized rape with impunity? For over a year, we have pleaded for the @UN to #StopRapeInTigray. Women in western Tigray are still under attack by invading forces. @MexOnu @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu @UNGeneva #16DaysofActivism2021 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-assault-on-health-care-in-tigray/ar-AANk3qb

10. There are new reports of sexual violence in concentration camps in western Tigray. Tigrayans are enduring weaponized rape. We need action to #StopRapeInTigray! #TigrayMassArrests #16DaysofActivism2021 @unicefchief @mbachelet @JuttaUrpilainen @endrapeinwar https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

#StopRapeInTigray Pt. 2

1. “In Humera, the biggest town in western Tigray, security forces on Saturday placed Tigrayan civilians — mostly the elderly, women and children — on 21 buses headed east..” #TigrayMassArrests #16DaysofActivism2021 @StateDept @USAmbUN @EU_Commission @hrw https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-waves-of-displacement-reported-in-western-tigray-un/ar-AAR5N8I

2. “The sexual assault made her infertile,” a doctor confirmed to @AJEnglish. The intentional targeting of women & children by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces are crimes against humanity. Where is the accountability? #16DaysofActivism2021 @unicefchief @UN_Women https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/4/21/a-tigrayan-womb-should-never-give-birth-rape-in-ethiopia-tigray

3. Over a year into the #TigrayGenocide & Ethiopia has escalated #TigrayMassArrests. Concentration camps are filled with tens of thousands of innocent Tigrayans solely based on their ethnicity. Many tortured before being killed. @PhilipRBarton @LindaT_G https://www.businessinsider.com/ethiopia-ethnic-tigrayans-put-into-concentration-camps-reports-say-2021-9

4. The int’l community cannot continue to indulge Ethiopian in its campaign to round up & arrest Tigrayans based on their ethnicity. #TigrayMassArrests must end now! This is cruel & inhumane. #16DaysofActivism2021 @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @EU_Commission https://www.businessinsider.com/ethiopia-ethnic-tigrayans-put-into-concentration-camps-reports-say-2021-9

5. “Rape committed during war is often intended to terrorize the population, break up families, destroy communities, and change the ethnic makeup of the next generation.” @UN_Women where is justice for Tigrayans? #16Days #16DaysofActivism2021 @endrapeinwar https://www.un.org/sexualviolenceinconflict/about-us/un-action/

6. The inaction of the int’l community has emboldened Ethiopia’s genocidal regime. There are extremely distressing reports that Amhara militias are raping & executing Tigrayans held in concentration camps in Humera, western Tigray. #TigrayMassArrests #16DaysofActivism2021 @UN_Women

7. Tigrayans are being abducted & put into internment camps throughout Ethiopia. Tigrayans are held in camps w/o adequate food, water or sanitation facilities. Priests, nuns, @UN staff, children under age of 3 & elderly are not spared! @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF #TigrayMassArrests

8. Tigrayans are held in concentration camps where torture, rape & killings are taking place. The phrase ‘never again’ loses meaning when you fail to take action, @SecBlinken. #16DaysofActivism2021 #TigrayMassArrests @JakeSullivan46 @RwandaRemembers @hrw https://www.salon.com/2021/09/25/eyewitness-accounts-video-confirm-reports-of-tigrayan-children-held-in-concentration-camp


#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 1

1. Ethiopian officials justify #TigrayMassArrests & publicly call for youth vigilante groups to report their Tigrayan neighbors. What happened to ‘never again’ after the Rwandan Genocide? @AuschwitzMuseum @HolocaustMuseum @PaulKagame @RwandaRemembershttps://twitter.com/NatyYifru/status/1457527056066043907?s=20

2. State-sanctioned terrorism against tens of thousands of Tigrayans as they’re harassed, then vanished. We cannot allow you to keep us in concentration camps. The world must know about #TigrayMassArrests. @antonioguterres @DicarloRosemary @mbachelet @hrwhttps://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/ethiopia-sweeping-emergency-powers-and-alarming-rise-in-online-hate-speech-as-tigray-conflict-escalates/

3. Civilians are being tortured & massacred in western Tigray by invading Amhara & Eritrean forces. Your inaction over the course of a year is complicity to #TigrayGenocide and #TigrayMassArrests. @antonioguterres @mbachelet @ASteiner @DicarloRosemaryhttps://apnews.com/article/middle-east-africa-sudan-kenya-ethiopia-ec3ca1600edd93e2b99ad05b29c07430

4. You must find a way to provide adequate support to those suffering throughout Tigray, especially women and children. People are dying due to #TigrayGenocide and #TigrayMassArrests. When will you take meaningful action? @unicefchief @unwomenchief @UNhttps://www.cnn.com/2021/11/08/africa/ethiopia-detentions-ethnicity-rights-commission-intl/index.html

5. You cannot claim that you didn’t know about 20,000 to 30,000 Tigrayans taken to concentration camps across Ethiopia, b/c we have been telling you for a year now. @antonioguterres @mbachelet @JosepBorrellF@SecBlinken #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHatehttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

6. “For the next 93 days, he said he was imprisoned – and often tortured – at the camp with hundreds of other Tigrayans..” Disappearances, ethnic profiling & #TigrayMassArrests are too common. What is the @IntlCrimCourt waiting for? @DenshoProject @UNHOPhttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

7. “a rat that strays far from its hole” – that is how @AbiyAhmedAli and his regime reference Tigrayans. The hate speech by Ethiopian & Eritrean nationalists on platforms such as @Meta @YouTube and @Twitter must stop. #StopTigrayanHate @Blklivesmatterhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-kenya-ethiopia-addis-ababa-abiy-ahmed-bcbd0980e5a1c9af4b55f5f489d83d36

8. “Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind…” The contempt is visible, where is your outrage & action? @JuttaUrpilainen @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic? #StopTigrayanHatehttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59154984

9. “drain the sea, catch the fish”, “weeds,” “cancer,” “wipe out the Tigrayans for 100 years,” such is the genocidal rhetoric that’s been normalized by Ethiopia’s @AbiyAhmedAli, his Govt & supporters. #StopTigrayanHate@EUCouncil @Europarl_EN @eu_echo @UN https://omnatigray.org/hate-speech-and-the-tigray-genocide/

10. 22 Ethiopian @UN staff members were arrested & detained during govt raids targeting ethnic Tigrayans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.This is your legacy as leaders as well, @antonioguterres @mbachelet @UNHumanRights.#TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHatehttps://www.dw.com/en/un-says-16-local-staff-detained-in-ethiopia/a-59770619

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 2

1. After alternating b/n silence & empty warnings over #TigrayGenocide, Int’l leaders seem to be siding with the perpetrators instead of Tigrayan victims. The fascists are emboldened and ethnic cleansing is escalating. Stop #TigrayMassArrests @SecBlinkenhttps://omnatigray.org/hate-speech-and-the-tigray-genocide/

2. Innocent Tigrayans are facing profiling, arrests, internments, disappearances & killings. Yet the Int’l community seems to be siding with the perpetrators instead of the victims fighting to end the siege. Stop #TigrayMassArrests @antonioguterres @EUatUNhttps://www.cnn.com/2021/11/08/africa/ethiopia-detentions-ethnicity-rights-commission-intl/index.html

3. Ethiopia’s Government is carrying out ethnic profiling and hate speech targeting ethnic Tigrayan civilians. As a result, unlawful imprisonments and extrajudicial killings are now rampant. Help stop #TigrayMassArrests.@POTUS @VP @jakejsullivan @UNOSAPGhttps://twitter.com/simon_te/status/1458123518458146816?s=21

4. Rather than condemning ethnic profiling, internments, disappearances & killing of Tigrayans, the Int’l community is trying to stop Tigrayans from ending the siege and bringing perpetrators to justice.#StopTigrayanHate & #TigrayMassArrests @StateDept @UNhttps://omnatigray.org/hate-speech-and-the-tigray-genocide/

5. Ethiopian Govt officials and social media users have called for the ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans, leading to profiling, mass arrests, internments, disappearances & killings of Tigrayans across Ethiopia. #StopTigrayanHate & #TigrayMassArrests! @GCR2P @UN https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/ethiopia-sweeping-emergency-powers-and-alarming-rise-in-online-hate-speech-as-tigray-conflict-escalates/

6. State-sponsored profiling, internment, disappearances and killings of Tigrayans is taking place in Ethiopia. The Govt is encouraging this vigilante justice and using security forces. Stop #TigrayMassArrests @VeraJourova @eucopresident @dreyndershttps://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/ethiopia-sweeping-emergency-powers-and-alarming-rise-in-online-hate-speech-as-tigray-conflict-escalates/

7. Extreme hate speech calling for the ethnic profiling, arrests and killings of Tigrayans is on the rise across Ethiopia. Social platforms are complicit with these injustices. #StopTigrayanHate and #TigrayMassArrests! @POTUS @VP @Clubhouse @Meta @Twitter https://twitter.com/omnatigray/status/1457738356914335747?s=21

8. The Int’l community has not taken meaningful action to stop the seige on Tigray. There is also nothing being done to stop profiling, mass detention, and massacres of Tigrayans. This is unfair. #TigrayGenocide #StopTigrayanHate @ABlinken @LindaT_G @Ilhan https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/ethiopia-sweeping-emergency-powers-and-alarming-rise-in-online-hate-speech-as-tigray-conflict-escalates/

9. Why is the Int’l community hellbent on stopping Tigrayans from breaking the cruel siege that is costing countless lives in Tigray? Do African lives not matter?#StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests @SecBlinken @mbachelet @antonioguterres @Blklivesmatter https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/ethiopia-sweeping-emergency-powers-and-alarming-rise-in-online-hate-speech-as-tigray-conflict-escalates/

10. Ethiopian Govt loyalist, politicians & social media activists call for ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans, as Ethiopia & Eritrea continue to block aid and starve the civilian population. The world has failed Tigray! @LindaT_G @USAmbUN #TigrayMassArrests https://omnatigray.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/November-2021-Situation-Report.pdf

11. “They (Amhara forces) circulated a paper saying, ‘If you don’t leave the area within two days, you will lose your lives’”. Amhara invaders are murdering Tigrayans while illegally occupying their land @SecBlinken @StateDept

12. In August 2021, over 30 corpses washed up on the Sudanese river banks from neighboring Tigray. All were Tigrayans brutally tortured & murdered by Amhara forces. The reality the @IntlCrimCourt ignores.@KarimKhanQC @UNHumanRights @mbachelet @UN_HRC

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 3

1. “Tigrayans living in the capital said police would not explain why they had arrested their family members and neighbors, including a young mother and an elderly priest.” #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @vestager @VDombrovskis @JosepBorrellF @UN_HRChttps://www.cnn.com/2021/11/08/africa/ethiopia-detentions-ethnicity-rights-commission-intl/index.html

2. “For the past year, a mass campaign of arbitrary arrests targeting Tigrayans from all walks of life has played out in the capital Addis Ababa & elsewhere in Ethiopia.”#TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayGenocide @marcorubio @SenToddYoung @RepSires https://mg.co.za/africa/2021-11-07-mass-arrests-of-tigrayans-sow-fear-in-ethiopia/

3. The anti-Tigrayan hate speech emanating from officials in the Ethiopian govt echoes in state media, & militia groups leading to the mass arrests of Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @GCR2P @UNOSAPG@mbachelet @UNHOP https://tinyurl.com/59esjuaj

4. Disappearances and mass arrests of Tigrayans have reached alarming levels. The int’l community must pressure the Ethiopian Govt. to release all that have been wrongfully detained. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigryanHate @eu_eeas @EUatUN @UNGeneva @StateDepthttps://www.cnn.com/2021/11/08/africa/ethiopia-detentions-ethnicity-rights-commission-intl/index.html

5. Using the newly proclaimed state of emergency, Ethiopian police are mass arresting Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia. Tens of thousands are at risk of being killed, starved, & harassed while detained. #TigrayMassArrests @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @PmTunisiahttps://www.reuters.com/world/africa/rally-back-militarys-campaign-ethiopians-denounce-us-2021-11-07/

6. As if #TigrayMassArrests and concentration camps weren’t bad enough, there is now a new wave of deadly attacks and forced conscription against ethnic Tigrayans in western Tigray. Ethiopia must be held accountable for this genocidal campaign. @StateDepthttps://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/people-fleeing-ethiopia-allege-attacks-forced-conscription/ar-AAQrKeJ

7. As Ethiopians spiel hate speech on social media, #TigrayGenocide thickens in western Tigray. Those that did not flee have had to change their identity, pay bribes or claim mixed heritage for a measure of protection. @Blklivesmatter #StopTigrayanHate https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/people-fleeing-ethiopia-allege-attacks-forced-conscription/ar-AAQrKeJ

8. The genocidal campaign targeting innocent civilians is rampant in Ethiopia. Tens of thousands are unlawfully detained in inhumane concentration camps. Many are deemed missing. #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests @ChrisCoons @SenBooker @SenatorMenendez https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

9. ‘They just vanished’: Tigrayans are being held in secret Ethiopian concentration camps. How can we continue to let this happen? Ethiopia must release all Tigrayans unlawfully detained. #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @USUNhttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

10. Abiy Ahmed continues to unjustly imprison Tigrayans in concentration camps across Ethiopia, without access to counsel or their families. The @_AfricanUnion must take meaningful action to stop #TigrayMassArrests. @PaulKagame @CyrilRamaphosa @AUC_PAPShttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

11. Supporters of #TigrayGenocide use Facebook to spread hate speech. One genocidal post can easily be praised by hundreds of supporters in the comments & the message amplified/shared on additional accounts. #StopTigrayanHate @Meta @amnesty @nohate_speechhttps://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3189277347958371&id=100006284118810

12. “It sickens me when I even hear the Tigringa language.”HaileEyesus Adamu of the Ethiopian govt, incites violence on the people of Tigray long before #TigrayGenocide actually began. This must be condemned. #StopTigrayanHate@Meta @SecBlinken @mbachelethttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVnkpsWphis

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 4

1. “They are an infection. What can you do with an infected person?” Gen. Kassaye Chemeda showcases his hate for Tigrayans with genocidal speech. @walta_info has no place on @YouTube or @Twitter as it is only exacerbating #TigrayGenocide. #StopTigrayanHate https://twitter.com/TsenatSaba/status/1418223933094961155

2. Hate speech is rampant on Facebook. In this public message, Tahir Mohammed exclaims, “Living with these traitors is not going to work!” He encourages Ethiopians to target Tigrayans throughout the country. #StopTigrayanHate @Meta @amnesty @nohate_speechhttps://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3189277347958371&id=100006284118810

3. “The bodies of the youth were even dragged with carts, they had no sin, done nothing wrong.” Survivors and families tell of their traumatic ordeal in #AxumMassacre. This story must be told. #StopTigrayaHate @SecBlinken @mbachelet @hrw @GCR2P @CPG_USHMM https://twitter.com/translateet/status/1445535896934096897?s=21

4. How can the @_AfricanUnion allow beings of their own race to be profiled, tortured, and detained in concentration camps? What is your ‘African solution’ for this problem? #TigrayMassArrests @rochkaborepf @jlprdeangola @PatriceTalonPR @OfficialMasisihttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

5. Tigrayans are unjustly being arrested based on their ethnicity. This is dangerous as hate speech continues to sweep the country. We ask that the Int’l community intervene to #StopTigrayanHate. #TigrayMassArrests @UNOSAPG @EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt https://twitter.com/Yonigussie/status/1458176407675285505?s=20

6. Abiy Ahmed will go to great lengths to conceal & carry out #TigrayGenocide. Not only is he blocking food & aid to Tigrayans, but public services such as electricity, running water & telecom are still cut off. Now, #TigrayMassArrests continue. This is a genocide. @UNOSAPG @UN

7. “The sweeping nature of this state of emergency is a blueprint for escalating human rights violations, including arbitrary detention.” When will world leaders intervene? You have a responsibility to protect. #TigrayMassArrests @irishmissionun @NorwayUNhttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

8. An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Tigrayans are being held at concentration camps in Ethiopia. How can appointed leaders let such horrific events unfold in the course of 1 year? #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@mbachelet @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellFhttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

9. Amhara elites in Ethiopia continue to spread dangerous hate speech, claiming that there are no such things as civilians in Tigray; that all inhabitants are actually fighters. This is an incitement of violence. #StopTigrayanHate @amnestyusa @SecBlinken https://twitter.com/translateet/status/1450969551538098176?s=21

10. Ethiopians & Eritreans desperate to protect the image of their countries, deny massacres like that in Axum. This is an injustice to all lives lost and their grieving families. #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayGenocide @UNOSAPG @PaulKagame @_AfricanUnion https://twitter.com/translateet/status/1445535896934096897?s=21

11. Under the guise of a state of emergency, Tigrayans across Ethiopia are being isolated & demonized. Tigrayans are being rounded up into concentration camps & some never heard from again. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @HarvardLawHRP @humanrights1st https://t.co/sOpuwUAGYL

12. “They tortured me until I lost consciousness.” Thousands of innocent Tigrayans are rounded up in house-to-house searches & tortured in detention camps for months. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @CHR_HumanRights @Trial @PhilipGrant40 @OSFJustice https://t.co/sOpuwUAGYL

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 5

1. The fascist regime of Abiy Ahmed has given a carte blanche to it’s cadres to arrest, harass and harm Tigrayans living in the capital by invoking a “state of emergency. The @IntlCrimCourt is failing Tigray #TigrayMassArrests @DicarloRosemary @KarimKhanQC

2. Our Tigrayan families are being rounded-up from their homes and workplaces in the capital Addis Ababa. Some of them are being asked to pay large sums of money for their release. #TigrayMassArrests @SecBlinken @DicarloRosemary @UNHumanRights @UNDPPA @UNDP

3. The crumbling regime in Addis Ababa is openly rallying Ethiopians against ethnic Tigrayans in a genocidal campaign. The @IntlCrimCourt must take action! #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @RepGregoryMeeks @RepKarenBass @RepJimCosta @RepJuanVargas https://omnatigray.org/hate-speech-and-the-tigray-genocide/

4. The world is witnessing a genocide unfold in Tigray but are doing very little to stop it. The silence and inaction isn’t going unnoticed. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@mbachelet @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SenSchumer @RepGregoryMeeks @RepKarenBass

5. My ethnicity shouldn’t be a crime. Yet, in Ethiopia, it is a crime to be ethnic Tigrayan. Tigrayans continue to be subjected to indiscriminate harassments, arrests, disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings. #StopTigrayanHate @RepAlGreen @UN

6. What happened to “never again?” Well “never again” is happening again under your watch and has been for over a year. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @antonioguterres @mbachelet @JosepBorrellF @UNHumanRights @_AfricanUnion

7. Detainees estimated over 3,000 prisoners in Mai Kadra concentration camp, others estimated the number closer to 8,000. At least 400 being children of all ages. #TigrayMassArrests is taking place all over Ethiopia. @Complex @BritishVogue @GenPrev @hrw

8. Hate speech in Ethiopia against ethnic Tigrayans is only escalating the #TigrayGenocide. Social media platforms must be aware of the type of violent rhetoric they play a role in spreading. @YouTube @Meta @Clubhouse #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests

9. Hate speech is fueling #TigrayGenocide and #TigrayMassArrests across Ethiopia, putting many lives at risk of torture & death. Here, @Twitter user Dr. Solomon Bogale from @VCUHealth calls for the detention of Tigrayan children. @nohate_speech@USAmbUN https://twitter.com/GebremeskelGeb/status/1454400012721459203?s=20

10. Tigrayans of all ages are forced into uninhabitable concentration camps and denied food & meds.Some held by their captors until a ransom is paid.The world is allowing Ethiopia to get away with genocide. #TigrayMassArrests @UNHumanRights @UNOSAPG @USUN https://www.salon.com/2021/09/25/eyewitness-accounts-video-confirm-reports-of-tigrayan-children-held-in-concentration-camp/

11. Hallmarks of genocide are repeating in Ethiopia as Tigrayans are subjected to massacres, torture and detainment in concentration camps. Please be a voice for those silenced. #TigrayMassArrests @HolocaustMuseum @AuschwitzMuseum @NMNH @Blklivesmatter

12. Dr. Mebrahtom recalls treating child prisoners in a concentration camp in Tigray. They included 4 boys, ages 2, 9, 13 & 15. The 2 year-old was imprisoned with his mother in the Mai Kadra camp. Where is @KarimKhanQC from @IntlCrimCourt? #TigrayMassArrests

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 6

1. “‘Their heads were shaved,’ he said. ‘I could see the officers brutally beating them outdoors. They were bleeding. Then the officers took them to a dark room. At night I heard shootings coming from that dark room.'” #TigrayMassArrests @SenatorRisch @UN https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

2. “In my 30 years of experience in complex emergency settings, this is one of the most vicious conflicts that I have come across.” Tigray needs justice. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @dreynders @trussliz @EamonGilmore @BelgiumUNGeneva @AraratMirzoyan https://theconversation.com/tigray-the-devastating-toll-of-ethiopias-vicious-year-of-war-podcast-171138?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bylinetwitterbutton

3. These are innocent children who were imprisoned and abused in concentration camps. The Int’l. community is not only failing Tigray, but humanity as a whole. #TigrayMassArrests @unicefchief @unwomenchief @JuttaUrpilainen @PaulKagame @CyrilRamaphosa

4. “They forced us to squat barefoot in a very hot pavement inside the camp. As we squatted barefoot, they were whipping us in the back. There were teens as young as 12 between us, screaming in pain.” ???? #TigrayMassArrests @AraratMirzoyan @Sophie_Wilmes

5. “They harass and threaten to execute us. It is so difficult, I have no words to describe the suffering. We are all low-profile Tigrayans with no military or political background or social media engagement.” #TigrayMassArrests @SenBooker @Ilhan @ChrisCoons https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-they-just-vanished-tigrayans-disappear-for-months-in-secret-ethiopian/

6. Under the guidance of @AbiyAhmedAli, Tigrayans are being persecuted because of their ethnicity. @AbiyAhmedAli is promoting ethnic discrimination through hate speech and is fanning the flames of genocide. @UNHumanRights @POTUS @SecBlinken #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate

7. “Several Tigrayans living in the capital said police would not explain why they had arrested their family members and neighbors, including a young mother and an elderly priest.” #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@PaulKagame @CyrilRamaphosa @AUC_PAPS

8. “Family members have travelled hundreds of kilometres in search of detained relatives. Others went round police stations in Addis searching for relatives,” he told AFP. #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests @EU_Commission @Haavisto @simoncoveney

9. “Human Rights Watch previously reported on the increase in ethnic profiling, arbitrary arrests, and enforced disappearances of scores of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa.” #StopTigrayanHate #TigrayMassArrests@Meta @amnesty @Meta @YouTube @Twitter

10. “Tigrayans told AFP they were increasingly worried about their safety and the possibility that friends and neighbours might denounce them to security forces merely because of their ethnicity.” #TigrayMassArrests @PaulKagame @CyrilRamaphosa @AUC_PAPS

11. According to dozens of escapees from the camps and estimates, there are up to nine locations where it is thought thousands of Tigrayans are being detained.#TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@JanezLenarcic @VeraJourova @JuttaUrpilainen@TimmermansEU

12. “West Tigray residents described roundups that continued into this year, in which Amhara gunmen searched for people with Tigrayan IDs and imprisoned unknown numbers of them.” #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@RepSteveChabot @BradSherman @IlhanMN

13. A man who fled to Sudan from the city of Humera said last week Amhara authorities “started collecting people. Young men and boys are being forced to join the fighting.”#TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate@RepGregoryMeeks @RepCicilline @RepMcCaul

14. Daniel Kibret, a close advisor to Abiy Ahmed, compared the Tigrayans to Satan & called for their extermination. Hate speech must be condemned.#TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @CharlesMichel @JanezLenarcic @vonderleyen @GermanyDiplo @HeikoMaas

#TigrayMassArrests Pt. 7

1. A senior Ethiopian military official said of Tigrayans, “We had to clean out our insides…even if there may be good people among them, we can’t differentiate the good from the bad.” @BelgiumUN @BelgiumMFA @paytonknopf #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate https://apnews.com/article/africa-ethiopia-race-and-ethnicity-health-coronavirus-5f22a5aea128cbd659fbf4f810aac973

2. .@SecBlinken, ethnic cleansing & genocide against ethnic Tigrayans is taking place across Ethiopia.Finland’s @Haavisto confirmed that officials vowed “they’re going to wipe out the Tigrayans.” What does ‘never again’ mean to you? #StopTigrayanHate

3. Tigrayans living throughout Ethiopia are being persecuted. Their bank accounts closed, property confiscated, fired from work, barred from international travel & put into concentration camps. Children & elderly are not spared. #TigrayMassArrests @USAmbUN

4. Tigrayans are being put into concentration camps! The elderly, children as young as 3, priests & nuns have been taken. Even Tigrayans that work at the @UN aren’t spared. When will the world intervene? #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @RepCicilline@RepMcCaul @RepSpanberger

5. Mass arrests of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia has continued. Tigrayan civilians are being rounded up and taken to concentration camps. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @franceonu @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu @ItalyMFA @SpainMFA

6. The consistent dehumanization of Tigrayans has followed by a new wave of arbitrary arrests with dozens of Tigrayans being held without due process. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @FilippoGrandi @HouseofCommons @MarosSefcovic@dreynders @Europarl_EN

7. “They just vanished”- The increasing reports of intense harassment, arrests of Tigrayans should concern the int‘l community. Their whereabouts are still unaccounted for. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @UNWatch @JuttaUrpilainen @MBuhari @KarimKhanQC

8. It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 Tigrayans have been held in detention centers throughout Ethiopia. When will the international community step up to end the #TigrayGenocide? #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @UNHumanRights @POTUS @SecBlinken @hrw

9. A young mother and elderly priest were among those arrested in Addis Ababa. What was their crime? Being Tigrayan. The harassment, torture, & #TigrayMassArrests must end! #TigrayGenocide #StopTigrayanHate @HouseForeign @SenateForeign @USUN @PrevGenocide

10. “They arrested me from the street because I spoke Tigrinya”- When will the international community take action to stop the arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans?! #TigrayGenocide. #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate @UNHumanRights @POTUS @SecBlinken

11. Rahel, a young mom, arrested while at work solely based on her ethnicity. “Relatives were allowed to bring her child, who is still breast-feeding, into the station once, but were denied access after that.”#TigrayMassArrests @4GenderJustice @USAIDGender https://t.co/GGnHSdaxBJ

12. Where is genuine outrage from the @UN on #TigrayGenocide, the executions of dozens of aid workers & now unlawfully detained @UN staff? You’ve played a pivotal role in the escalation of #TigrayGenocide and #TigrayMassArrests. @antonioguterres @mbachelet

13. Why didn’t your team report on #TigrayMassArrests & #TigrayGenocide in Humera @mbachelet @UNHumanRights? Ethnic cleansing is confirmed & bodies are washing up in Sudan, yet you remain quiet. Why?

14. “outlines of limbs emerge through the mist along the Setit River…The marks of torture are easily visible…Evidence indicates the dead are Tigrayans”. How are you hopeful when crimes against humanity continue in western Tigray @SecBlinken?

13. Ethiopian leaders have referred to Tigrayans as “cancers” and “weeds”. The hate speech in Ethiopia is actively dehumanizing Tigrayans and has encouraged the #TigrayGenocide. When will the @UN protect Tigrayans from this genocidal rhetoric? #TigrayMassArrests #StopTigrayanHate