External Article Contribution – Guidelines

Omna Tigray will accept external writing contributions from non-Omna Tigray members to better understand the situation in Tigray during the war.

Omna Tigray accepts the following types of articles from external contributors

  • News articles (Tigray related)
  • Essays (investigative writing on different issues related to Tigray)
  • Opinion pieces – Op-Ed or Commentary
  • Stories of war victims (experiences of those in Tigray and/or individuals that recently left the region)

Omna Tigray will accept and review external writing contributions that address the following

  • The different facets of the crisis during the war on Tigray;
  • Humanitarian crisis during the war on Tigray;
  • Tigrayan experiences during the war on Tigray;
  • An analysis on Ethiopian or Tigrayan politics; and
  • An analysis on Ethiopian or Tigrayan social or political ideologies.

When submitting articles to Omna Tigray, the writer should consider the following

  • The writing should be apolitical, fair, and balanced. It should not intend to offend any group of people or non-public figure individuals.
  • The writing should intend to educate the public about the atrocities being committed in Tigray, Tigray’s history, and/or Tigray’s future.
  • The writing should be shorter than 800 words. Omna Tigray will make an exception for investigative pieces.
  • The writer must agree to reasonable edits. The writer will be allowed to review the final version before it is posted on Omna Tigray’s website.
  • The writer can choose to stay anonymous.
  • If you have articles you would like to contribute to Omna Tigray, please send your draft to: editor@omnatigray.org.
  • Please specify the category your article falls under and whether you want to stay anonymous.