Tigray Mass Arrests – #TigrayMassArrest – July 28, 2021

#TigrayMassArrest – 1

1. “There is a new surge of mass arrests [by Amhara militia]. It is ethnic cleansing. The forceful eviction of Tigrayans from w. Tigray is getting intense right now,” said surgeon Tewodros Tefera, who fled to Sudan. #TigrayMassArrest @SenateForeign @UN_HRC https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-57818673

2. “They began to harass & beat customers and employees and demanded to see their identity documents, before taking five people, all ethnic Tigrayans.” #TigrayMassArrest must be condemned by world leaders. @AmbMKimani @LindaT_G @SecBlinken @AUC_MoussaFaki https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

3. Ethnic profiling & arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans in Ethiopia has been ongoing & many remain missing. The Ethiopian Govt. must be pressured to release all that have been wrongly detained. #TigrayMassArrest@ChrisCoons @SenBooker @RepBera @GerryConnolly https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-tigrayans-idUSKBN2CO0VF

4. “There is a new surge of mass arrests [by Amhara militia]. It is ethnic cleansing. The forceful eviction of Tigrayans from w. Tigray is getting intense right now,” said surgeon Tewodros Tefera, who fled to Sudan. #TigrayMassArrest @mbachelet @USAmbUN https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-57818673

5. Since the start of the #TigrayGenocide, Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia have had to deal with intense waves of mass arrests simply for existing.Ethiopia must end this harassment. #TigrayMassArrest @ChrisVanHollen @RepJeffries @RepSires @SenatorRisch https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-tigrayans-idUSKBN2CO0VF

6. When will appointed leaders take concrete steps to end #TigrayGenocide & unlawful #TigrayMassArrest? It is critical that the @UN & @IntlCrimCourt demand @PMEthiopia to release all wrongly detained Tigrayans. @mbachelet @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

7. Hate speech & ethnic profiling of Tigrayans is rising in Ethiopia. There are disturbing reports of brutal beatings & mass arrests of Tigrayans. Many are sent to detention centers in unknown locations. #TigrayMassArrest @PmTunisia @VietNam_UN @MexOnu https://apnews.com/article/africa-ethiopia-race-and-ethnicity-health-coronavirus-5f22a5aea128cbd659fbf4f810aac973

8. Ms. Bachelet, how do you plan to address impunity as it relates to the arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia? This includes civilians, journalists and those from opposition parties. #TigrayMassArrest @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF https://twitter.com/mbachelet/status/1420390083983646725

9. The systematic mass arrest of Tigrayans in Ethiopia is at an alarming rate. Tigrayans are being sent to internment camps. Ethnicity is not a crime. The international community must act now! #TigrayMassArrest @Haavisto @EUSR_Weber @USUN @HeikoMaas @hrw https://addisstandard.com/news-analysis-fresh-wave-of-arbitrary-arrest-of-tigrayans-in-addis-abeba-rights-commission-says-it-is-monitoring-the-situation-fed-police-deny-arrests-target-tigrayans/

10. Systemic harassment, mass arrest, eviction, detention of Tigrayans in Ethiopia is rampant. It’s a federally orchestrated #TigrayMassArrests for no other reason than, being ethnic Tigrayan. #TigrayGenocide @hrw @JuttaUrpilainen @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-tigrayans-idUSKBN2CO0VF

11. Does ceasefire mean that innocent Tigrayans should be subjected to arbitrary arrests? Ethiopian authorities must reveal the whereabouts of those detained to their families and release them immediately! #TigrayMassArrest @UNGeneva @francediplo_EN @SVG_UN https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-tigrayans-idUSKBN2CO0VF

12. The Ethiopian govt’s instrumentalization to collectively blame Tigrayans for the Ethiopian National Defense Forces’ military defeat led to #TigrayMassArrest at an alarming rate. The Intl. community must stop this madness. @UNOSAPG @RegSprecher @BorisJohnson @EmmanuelMacron

13. The military defeat led to mass detainment, ethnic discrimination & targeting of Tigrayans across Ethiopia. The Ethiopian govt has also concealed the whereabouts of unaccounted detainees. #TigrayMassArrest @UNHOP @wienerlibrary @PrevGenocide @GCR2P https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-conflict-tigrayans-idUSKBN2CO0VF

14. “They began to harass and beat customers and employees and demanded to see their identity documents, before taking five people, all ethnic Tigrayans,..” #TigrayMassArrest must stop.@JustinTrudeau @UKUN_NewYork @EUCouncil @JohnFisher_hrw @amnesty https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

15. Following the recapture of the Tigray region’s capital by the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF), Ethiopian authorities had conducted sweeping mass arrest of ethnic Tigray|ans. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @CyrilRamaphosa @SenSanders @irishmissionun @VP https://news.yahoo.com/tigrayans-ensnared-wave-arbitrary-arrests-110323635.html

#TigrayMassArrest – 2

1. “They are not given access to their families and lawyers… There is no allegation of crime. It is purely ethnic profiling.“ @EUSR_Weber @eu_eeas @HeikoMaas @GermanyDiplo Act Now to stop #TigrayMassArrest in #ETH! #TigrayGenocide https://apnews.com/article/africa-race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-b1a97f2569592f499565bfb6e673dc3d

2. “The group was taken to a military camp on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. He said he was held there for two days and given six pieces of bread a day.” @EUSR_Weber @eu_echo @vonderleyen @GermanyDiplo End the #TigrayMassArrest NOW! #TigrayGenocide https://news.trust.org/item/20210715034802-z4za1/

3. From losing their jobs and their livelihoods being destroyed, Tigrayans are also being detained & taken to concentration camps in unknown locations. @MiguelBergerAA @eucopresident @EUatUN Stop #TigrayMassArrest and #TigrayGenocide! @AuschwitzMuseum https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/end-the-arbitrary-arrests-of-tigrayans/

4. “One man arrested said that police raided his snooker game business around 7 pm. They began to harass and beat customers and employees.” Don’t look away; world leaders must act now. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @Haavisto @eu_eeas @HeikoMaas @USAmbUN https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/end-the-arbitrary-arrests-of-tigrayans/

5. It starts with @AbiyAhmedAli calling Tigrayans “the cancer of Ethiopia” and leads into the #TigrayGenocide that is unfolding in front of your eyes! @vonderleyen @BaerbelKofler @DicarloRosemary @VeraJourovaDon’t turn your back! #TigrayMassArrest https://apnews.com/article/africa-race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-b1a97f2569592f499565bfb6e673dc3d

6. From @NobelPrize winner to war criminal.@AbiyAhmedAli arbitrarily arrests innocent Tigrayans, attack activists & journalists without a reason! It’s time for world leaders to act. #TigrayMassArrest @eucopresident @FMCastaldo @czorrinho @pressfreedom https://omnatigray.org/on-the-mass-detainment-of-tigrayans-and-ethnic-discrimination/

7. Jeopardizing the safety of humanitarian workers & keeping aid from reaching Tigray is a gross violation against human rights. This must be addressed by world leaders. #TigrayMassArrest @JuttaUrpilainen @SecYellen @davidmcallister @tomastobe @Mariearenaps https://omnatigray.org/on-the-mass-detainment-of-tigrayans-and-ethnic-discrimination/

8. Beaten, harassed, arrested – this is what happens to Tigrayan citizens in different parts of Ethiopia, and the situation is getting worse. Appointed leaders must not turn away. #TigrayMassArrest @EP_Development @EP_ForeignAff @eu_echo @CDU_CSU_EP https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

9. The mass detainment, ethnic discrimination, and targeting of Tigrayans across Ethiopia is not indicative of a government acting in the best interest of its citizens! #TigrayMassArrest @BaerbelKofler @ecrgroup @AnnLinde @EUAmbUS @antonioguterres https://apnews.com/article/africa-race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-b1a97f2569592f499565bfb6e673dc3d

10. Blindfolded, abducted and beaten – #ETH govt has detained journalists & translators for “tarnishing the image of the government.” #TigrayGenocide @EUSR_Weber @GermanyDiplo @HeikoMaas @vonderleyenTake action against the #TigrayMassArrest. https://omnatigray.org/on-the-mass-detainment-of-tigrayans-and-ethnic-discrimination/

11. Stop criminalizing Tigray’s identity and take action against the mass arrests being executed all over Ethiopia. Why has the Tigray identity been portrayed as pure evil?#TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @POTUS @UNHumanRights @ScottMorrisonMP @SenatorAbetz

12. International leaders, please stop supporting the strategic discrimination towards the civilians of Tigray. Your authority doesn’t only require words but actions. Action saves lives. Where do you stand?#TigrayMassArrest @IntlCrimCourt @EUCouncil @ScottMorrisonMP @NickMcKim

13. For nine months the people of Tigray have been inflicted by barbaric and inhumane acts that cannot be undone. Why are world leaders still allowing a dictator to run #ETH ? #TigrayMassArrest @POTUS @UNHumanRights @IntlCrimCourt @SenatorWong@MarisePayne @ZedSeselja

14. The ongoing discrimination of Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia is part of a larger effort of erasure & genocide. It is imperative that the Intl. community call it what it is – #TigrayGenocide. Eritrean, Amhara, & #ETH forces must be held accountable. #TigrayMassArrest @USAmbUN @VP

15. On Thursday 15th July, Kibrom Berhe, of Baytona Political Party was arrested and taken to an unknown location. The @IntlCrimCourt must intervene in light of these egregious human rights offenses. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @article19org @JamesDuddridge

16. The harassment of Tigrayans across Ethiopia is proof of @AbiyAhmedAli’s agenda to subjugate all Tigrayans. Another arbitrary arrest is that of Kibrom Berhe of the Baytona Party – he was arrested on July 15th and taken to an unknown location. #TigrayMassArrest @article19org

#TigrayMassArrest – 3

1. Amid growing anti-Tigrayan propaganda in Ethiopia, Tigrayans throughout the country have been targets of discrimination and violence by the state. #TigrayMassArrest must be condemned and stopped. #TigrayGenocide @UNHumanRights @JACL_National @wienerlibrary @GerrySimpsonHRW

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli labeled Tigrayans as a ‘cancer, a devil & invasive weed that must be uprooted’. This genocidal rhetoric has intensified #TigrayMassArrest & the violent targeting of Tigrayans throughout the country. @RonWyden @SenMarkey @HouseForeign https://www.tghat.com/2021/07/18/the-cancer-of-ethiopia-statement-by-pm-abiy-ahmed/

3. The collective punishment of Tigrayans extends beyond the Tigray region. Tigrayans in and around Addis Ababa have had their constitutional rights violated by their own government. Stop #TigrayMassArrest @RepCicilline @RepMcCaul @RepSpanberger @timkaine https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

4. This campaign of collective punishment and subjugation is a clear violation of international law. End all trade agreements with Ethiopia and Eritrea until #TigrayMassArrest and #TigrayGenocide stop. @POTUS @StateDept @HouseForeign @SenateForeign https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

5. Since November 2020, thousands of Tigrayans in Ethiopian cities, including Addis Ababa, have been unlawfully detained; their bank accounts frozen, and dismissed from their jobs. The world must stop turning a blind eye. #TigrayMassArrest @EP_President @Europarl_EN @Haavisto

6. As of April 2021, over 300 Tigrayans are being unlawfully detained in an inhumane warehouse just south of Ethiopia’s capital city. We need independent investigations of #TigrayGenocide & #TigrayMassArrest. @FilippoGrandi @USAmbUN @DicarloRosemary @Haavisto @UNReliefChief @hrw

7. .@MSF team members were killed in the Tigray region. As a result, MSF has suspended sending aid in Tigray, further impacting critical aid being delivered. These acts of violence and #TigrayMassArrest must be condemned. @antonioguterres @sanchezcastejon https://www.cbsnews.com/news/united-nations-humanitarian-workers-attacks-warning/

8. .@NobelPrize laureate turned war criminal @AbiyAhmedAli, has weaponized rape and famine against the populace in Tigray; consistent with the mass arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans outside of the region. Australia must speak up and ACT NOW! @tanya_plibersek #TigrayMassArrest

9. Australia is duty-bound to pressure @AbiyAhmedAli’s government to cease mass arbitrary arrests, criminalising Tigrayan citizens outside of the region with no rational motive. ACT NOW! @pmc_gov_au @Birmo @TonySmithMP @SenatorRyan #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide

10. In the new phase into the #TigrayGenocide, police have arbitrarily detained hundreds of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa, exposed as a “nationwide crackdown on ethnic Tigrayans”. @AlexHawkeMP @davidhurleyHS @JoshFrydenberg #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/hundreds-tigrayans-detained-ethiopian-capital-recent-weeks-witnesses-say-2021-07-15/

11. .@AbiyAhmedAli is increasingly & deliberately arresting Tigrayans in #ETH simply because of their ethnicity❗️Yet, @luigidimaio & @MarinaSereni continue to merely issue abstract and ineffective statements on #TigrayMassArrest. Why? @EUCouncil @eu_echo https://apnews.com/article/africa-race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-b1a97f2569592f499565bfb6e673dc3d

12. Dictator @AbiyAhmedAli intensified his attacks on the press by abducting, beating & robbing local reporters & deporting independent journalists. @corradoformigli @gadlernertweet @zdizoro help your colleagues by condemning #TigrayMassArrest @CPJAfrica https://omnatigray.org/on-the-mass-detainment-of-tigrayans-and-ethnic-discrimination/

13. Nine months of #TigrayGenocide!”Tigrayans in Addis have been arbitrarily arrested & detained without due process in what appears as ethnically motivated detention” cit. @amnesty.Why is Draghi ignoring @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayMassArrest ? @amnestyitalia https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/end-the-arbitrary-arrests-of-tigrayans/

14. The #ETH government continues to arrest hundreds of Tigrayans simply because of their ethnicity! @ItalyMFA, your abstract statements wont stop #TigrayMassArrest & #TigrayGenocide! ACT NOW! @sebastianocardi @MarinaSereni @luigidimaio @giuseppemistre4 https://reut.rs/3iZe0IY

15. Unlawful arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans continues to take place in Ethiopia. As of today Kibrom Berhe of Baytona Party, was arrested without reason in Addis Ababa. Federal police continue to abuse their power and refuse to follow legal protocol. #TigrayMassArrest @article19org

16. The campaign to continue targeting and harassing Tigrayans across Ethiopia has intensified as invading forces face defeat in Tigray. The arrest of leader of Baytona Pol. Party, Kibrom Berhe, in Addis Ababa on 15th July 2021 is proof of that. #TigrayMassArrest @article19org

#TigrayMassArrest – 4

1. “We condemn these mass arrests of journalists, which clearly aim to deter independent investigative reporting on the war in Tigray” @ArnoFrog of @RSF_inter.@Palazzo_Chigi @Montecitorio & @SenatoStampa need to condemn @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayMassArrest! https://rsf.org/en/news/rsf-decries-wave-arrests-ethiopia

2. How can @ItalyMFA & @Palazzo_Chigi continue their bilateral trade relations with #ETH ⁉️ Dictator @AbiyAhmedAli is still carrying out #TigrayMassArrest. Tigrayans are still being starved, abducted and killed! Draghi & Italy ACT NOW! #TigrayGenocide https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

3. We call on the international community, @ItalyMFA & @Palazzo_Chigi to impose targeted sanctions on Ethiopian & Eritrean government officials & an arms embargo on both countries. @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayMassArrests need to stop NOW! @ItaliaRai @welikeduel https://omnatigray.org/on-the-mass-detainment-of-tigrayans-and-ethnic-discrimination/

4. 1000s of Tigrayans are arbitrarily arrested & detained in concentration camps across #ETH. @PMEthiopia has adopted the same practices of the Nazis during the Holocaust. Since the defeat of ENDF, #TigrayMassArrest have only intensified!@FilippoGrandi https://bit.ly/3i5A9G9

5. #TigrayMassArrest have escalated across #ETH. Tens of 1000s of Tigrayans are victims of abuses, forced disappearance & arbitrary detentions simply because of their ethnicity. Where is your outrage @MarinaSereni @lauraboldrini @LiaQuartapelle? @ItalyMFA https://nyti.ms/3rFkUqx

6. On top of roundups & arbitrary detentions of Tigrayans across Ethiopia, thousands of Tigrayans repatriated from Saudi Arabia have been arrested or have disappeared once they reached #ETH soil. @FilippoGrandi @lauraboldrini @hrw @HRC #TigrayMassArrests https://bit.ly/378yrNS

7. As part of @AbiyAhmedAli’s project of #TigrayGenocide, Tigrayans living in Addis Ababa and different parts of #ETH are imprisoned in concentration camps simply because of their identity. #TigrayMassArrests @GCR2P @EU_Commission @eu_echo @SecBlinken https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/hundreds-tigrayans-detained-ethiopian-capital-recent-weeks-witnesses-say-2021-07-15/

8. #ETH Govt is committing genocide against 6M Tigrayans by mass starvation, rape, ethnic cleansing & intensified #TigrayMassArrest to concentration camps. We demand the EU to impose targeted economic sanctions on ???????? gov’t. @vonderleyen @eucopresident https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

9. Tigrayans all over #ETH including Saudi repatriates and former ENDF members are being mass arrested in concentration camps deprived of basic human rights all because of their identity. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @IntlCrimCourt @GCR2P @eu_eeas https://addisstandard.com/news-tigrayans-repatriated-from-saudi-arabia-kept-in-detention-police-unwilling-to-comment/

10. “Former detainees told us that police stations are filled with people speaking Tigrinya, and that authorities had conducted sweeping mass arrests of Tigrayans.”#TigrayMassArrest @IntlCrimCourt @GCR2P @eu_eeas @hrw @UN_HRC https://bit.ly/3yd6nVx

11. “They kept us on open air and it was raining the whole night. We also stayed there the next day on Saturday. We were 26 Tigray|ans arrested in the station that day.” #TigrayMassArrest @LindaT_G @UN_HRC @GCR2P @EU_Commission @SamanthaJPower @unicefchief https://bit.ly/3yd6nVx

12. On a televised program @AbiyAhmedAli dehumanizes Tigrayans using words such as “weeds”, “cancer” and “disease” and vowed to wipe out the “cancer”. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @PrevGenocide @GCR2P @UNOSAPG @UNHOP https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/abiys-pledge-to-crush-weeds-of-tigray-raises-fears-of-genocide-in-ethiopia-sx0xkqb2v

13. “Police in Addis Ababa have arbitrarily arrested and detained dozens of Tigrayans without due process..” @EUCouncil should pressure the Ethiopian Govt for the cease of arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans. #TigrayMassArrest @SvonFriedeburg @VeraJourova https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

14. ​​Having lost control of Tigray’s capital, Tigrayans are being detained & ethnically profiled across Ethiopia. They aren’t safe under @AbiyAhmedAli & his administration. The @IntlCrimCourt must demand for the cease of #TigrayMassArrest. @JosepBorrellF https://www.eepa.be//wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Situation-Report-EEPA-Horn-No.-185-12-July-2021.docx.pdf

15. We call on the embassies in Ethiopia to denounce discrimination and take necessary measures to ensure that they do not contribute directly or indirectly to human rights violations.#TigrayMassArrest @NorwayinAddis @GerEmbAddis @UKinEthiopia https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/end-the-arbitrary-arrests-of-tigrayans/

16. ​​The Ethiopian federal police refused to disclose the location of Kibrom Berhe, leader of Baytona Party, and his friend when they arrested them both on Thursday 15th July in Bole, Addis Ababa. How can we be certain of their well being? #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @IFEX

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#TigrayMassArrest – 5

1. The Ethiopian govt is detaining Tigrayans without informing their families of their whereabouts and without due process, this is happening solely based on their identity and it must stop now! #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

2. “Tigrayan residents in Addis Ababa tell @africaarguments racial profiling has escalated to an alarming degree” With the ongoing #TigrayMassArrest & #TigrayGenocide, Tigrayans across Ethiopia are scared to leave their houses. @EUCouncil @JanezLenarcic https://africanarguments.org/2021/07/tigrayans-in-ethiopia-fear-becoming-the-next-rwanda/

3. “They’re not given access to their families and lawyers. There’s no allegation of crime. It’s purely ethnic profiling.” How can the @IntlCrimCourt turn a blind eye to this? Our identity is not a crime! #TigrayMassArrest @EUCouncil @JanezLenarcic @hrw https://apnews.com/article/africa-race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-b1a97f2569592f499565bfb6e673dc3d

4. Massive arrest of Tigrayans, ethnically motivated. The police checked identity documents before arresting people and taking them to detention centres. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @ONU_fr @pnudfr @IFADfrancais https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/07/ethiopia-end-arbitrary-detentions-of-tigrayans-activists-and-journalists-in-addis-ababa-and-reveal-whereabouts-of-unaccounted-detainees/

5. Harrassed, detained and beaten, that’s how Tigrayans are treated in Addis Ababa. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @ONU_fr @pnudfr @IFADfrancais https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/hundreds-tigrayans-detained-ethiopian-capital-recent-weeks-witnesses-say-2021-07-15/

6. Not only Tigrayans are targeted, but also aid workers helping in Tigray. Attacks on humanitarian workers are indefensible and must end immediately #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @IFADfrancais @CourPenaleInt @francediplo_EN https://www.state.gov/killing-of-doctors-without-borders-staff-in-tigray/

7. Tigrayans arrested to the shutting down of Tigrayan business, ethnic profiling is real in Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @CourPenaleInt @francediplo_EN @EmmanuelMacron https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/7/14/fear-pervades-as-tigrayans-rounded-up-after-battlefield-reversals

8. “The weed is being removed from our country,” says @AbiyAhmedAli in reference to Tigrayans that have been unlawfully arrested & taken to unknown locations. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @CourPenaleInt @francediplo_EN @EmmanuelMacron @AuschwitzMuseum https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/abiys-pledge-to-crush-weeds-of-tigray-raises-fears-of-genocide-in-ethiopia-sx0xkqb2v

9. “I don’t feel safe here,” and “We feel very unwanted here,” are testimonies from Addis Ababa residents in Ethiopia. Tigrayans are not safe anywhere in Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @ONU_fr @gouvernementFR @francediplo_EN https://africanarguments.org/2021/07/tigrayans-in-ethiopia-fear-becoming-the-next-rwanda/

10. Tigrayans are targeted in their homes, places of work, and daily lives. Their homes searched, families evicted and some being marched to camps. Don’t turn a deaf ear again to the march of a genocidal regime! @ONU_fr @pnudfr @EmmanuelMacron #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide

11. “Today they are arresting us and tomorrow they will kill us.” Tigrayans are being arbitrarily detained from restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and even their homes in Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide @ONU_fr @CourPenaleInt @CourPenaleInt https://bit.ly/3i9MLft

12. Thousands of Tigrayans are being unlawfully detained, and out of reach of family and lawyers. Are innocent civilians undeserving of rights in @AbiyAhmedAli’s Ethiopia, just because they’re ethnic Tigrayan? #TigrayMassArrest@ONU_fr @francediplo_EN @EmmanuelMacron

13. “If you want to defeat them, you have to eliminate all the youth in Tigray,” said @AbiyAhmedAli’s ally Seyoum Teshome.Why does the world continue to watch a genocide unfold? #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide@EmmanuelMacron @CourPenaleInt @francediplo_EN @IFADfrancais

14. We are continuously receiving harrowing news of ethnic-based mass harassment, abduction, confiscation of properties, imprisonment and torture & extrajudicial killings of Tigrayans living outside Tigray in Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrest @ChinaEmbAddis @IndiaInEthiopia

15. .@AbiyAhmedAli publicly accused the people of Tigray for all the failures and political crises in Ethiopia. He is inciting violence & the extermination of Tigrayans living in and outside Tigray in Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrest @ItalyinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @UKinEthiopia

16. “Ethiopia’s military & government stands accused of purposeful ethnic cleansing, a precursor to all-out genocide, as outlawed by the UN Convention against Genocide,” Professor Robert Rotberg, Former President of @WorldPeaceFdtn. #TigrayMassArrest @Denmark_Addis