Main road for aid to embattled Ethiopian region ‘impassible’

During a visit this week to Ethiopia, the Administrator of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) visited food warehouses outside the capital Addis Ababa run by the Catholic Relief Services, with the help of USAID.

Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, denounced the “dehumanizing rhetoric” surrounding Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict, which has devastated the area.

Wednesday’s visit to Ethiopia has been welcomed by CRS’s Ethiopia country representative, Lane Bunkers.

“The compound in Adama [about 60 miles southeast of the capital] has a long history and has been in use for four decades for the purpose of storing and staging food aid, including humanitarian distributions,” he told Crux.

Tigray could face famine without increased access to region, US aid official says

“somewhere between 950,000 to 1.25 million people are inaccessible to humanitarians.”

“Right now, we’re tracking about 4.5 million people in the Tigray region who are in need of humanitarian assistance, and about 4 million of those people are in need of food assistance,”

“We are seeing increased numbers of people who are internally displaced. Right now about 1.1 million internally displaced people are in the Tigray region. And we’re also seeing a concerning situation when it comes to the health situation, about 15% of hospitals and health centers are fully functioning.”

US raising alarm over ‘deteriorating’ humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region

“Humanitarians absolutely need unhindered access to populations in need, and we are concerned about the fact that there are populations that we haven’t yet been able to reach,” said Emily Dakin, the senior U.S. Agency for International Development official leading the U.S. response in Tigray.

More 500 rape cases have been reported, the United Nations said in late March, although the number is likely higher. The top health official in Tigray’s interim government told Reuters last week, “Women are being kept in sexual slavery.”

africanews: USAID Airlifts Shelter Supplies to help Ethiopians affected by the Conflict in Tigray

It is critically important that all parties ensure unhindered humanitarian access. However, humanitarian assistance alone will not address the root of this crisis. An immediate end to the conflict is needed to alleviate suffering. A cessation of hostilities, the immediate and complete withdrawal of Eritrean forces, and an end to the Ethiopian government’s deployment of Amhara regional forces in Tigray are essential first steps. As this crisis deepens, the United States welcomes contributions of other donors to continue scaling up assistance to reach the people who need it most.

Twitter Campaign – World Bank

World Bank-1

1. “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create significant health, social & economic challenges in Ethiopia,” said @SonaliJC. But why hasn’t @AbiyAhmedAli’s #WarOnTigray been addressed & the role funding will play in the #TigrayGenocide? @DavidMalpassWBG

2. The aim of #IMF funds is to promote economic growth, financial stability, & reduce poverty. NOT potentially fund a genocide with no end in sight. @AbiyAhmedAli must call for a ceasefire & @WorldBank should require it. @Adixon_WB @IMFNews #TigrayGenocide

3. So #IDAworks when @WorldBank & #IMF agree to fund @AbiyAhmedAli’s #WarOnTigray? As financial leaders you should demand a ceasefire, removal of foreign troops & a @UN-led only independent investigation. Not reward a dictator with more money! #TigrayGenocide @wbg_gov @AxelVT_WB

4. By providing money to a regime that is intentionally blocking much needed humanitarian access to its own country, is condoning a war on humanity. #IMF & @WorldBank – stop funding the #TigrayGenocide. @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @Adixon_WB

5. COVID19 is @AbiyAhmedAli’s scapegoat to receive aid relief for Ethiopian. Meanwhile, he is STILL using food as a weapon in #WarOnTigray. Demand that he open ALL humanitarian corridors, not reward him with funds for guns! #TigrayGenocide @IFC_org @WBG_IDA

6. The @UNOCHA reported that 35 of 40 hospitals in Tigray are inaccessible. Most looted or destroyed. @WorldBank aid isn’t about COVID-19 relief for Ethiopia. This is about funding a cruel war waged by @AbiyAhmedAli. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG

7. .@AbiyAhmedAli has scared off suppliers of @hm & @childrensplace during the #TigrayGenocide. He’s allowed forces to destroy infrastructures, causing the country’s economy to plunge. This is who you want to do business with? @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom

8. The @WorldBank mission is “to reduce poverty, & improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth & investment in people.” But @AbiyAhmedAli has only exacerbated issues. Are you holding him accountable or choosing to fund #TigrayGenocide? @HafezGhanem_WB @SPimentaIFC

9. Merhawit was abducted, starved & left with rape injuries so bad, she can’t walk. This is the reality in Ethiopia as @AbiyAhmedAli wages a cruel war on Tigray. A conflict @WorldBank could likely be funding. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB

10. With debt relief comes the responsibility to protect humanity & @WorldBank must hold governments to higher standards. The actions of @AbiyAhmedAli do not align with World Bank’s mission. Halt funds to Ethiopia. #TigrayGenocide @SPimentaIFC @HafezGhanem_WB

11. Please sign the petition. Urge World Bank to halt funding to Ethiopia. #TigrayGenocide

12. Please sign the petition calling for an end to privatization of Ethio Telecom. #TigrayGenocide

13. Have you signed both petitions yet?
1) Suspend Grants Stop privatization

World Bank-2

1. @UNOCHA has confirmed refugee camps in Tigray have been destroyed, looted, & vandalized. @WorldBank, action is needed to save lives & you must do your part to help. Halt funds to Ethiopia as long as it wages a cruel war. #TigrayGenocide @HafezGhanem_WB

2. A government that has inflicted a humanitarian disaster to 4.5 million people in Ethiopia should NOT receive money from #IMF @WorldBank. The world is failing the African people. Stop funding @AbiyAhmedAli & the #TigrayGenocide. @SPimentaIFC @HafezGhanem_WB @FeridBelhaj @Diop_IFC

3. The @WorldBank aims to reduce poverty & improve living standards, but providing relief aid or funding of any kind to Ethiopia or Eritrea would certainly prove that humanitarian needs do not matter to them. #TigrayGenocide @ADixon_WB @DFCgov @kyle_a_murphy

4. As #IMF welcomes Ethiopia’s request for debt treatment under the G20 Common Framework, they are effectively funding war crimes & encouraging @AbiyAhmedAli’s economic mismanagement. They must deny all aid! #TigrayGenocide @IFC_org @DFCgov @HafezGhanem_WB

5. .@AbiyAhmedAli received 3 billion in aid from @WorldBank in 2019 & promised to transition Ethiopia to a “prosperous & peaceful nation.” He is far from proving this. As leaders you must hold him accountable to deliver. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG

6. People are intentionally being starved by @AbiyAhmedAli’s Govt. & now he’s approved for billions in aid from @WorldBank & #IMF. Where do you draw the line, @DavidMalpassWBG? We ask for transparency on where he plans to spend this money. #TigrayGenocide

7. We ask that @WorldBank review @AbiyAhmedAli’s budget allocation & expenditure over the last 3 years. The public should know where money is being spent in Ethiopia, especially during conflict. #TigrayGenocide @wbg_gov @DavidMalpassWBG @HafezGhanem_WB

8. .@WorldBank & @DFCgov should not support the privatization of @ethiotelecom. We ask for the withdraw of any bids. As secretive as @AbiyAhmedAli has been, how can we trust his next move isn’t rooted in war efforts? #TigrayGenocide @kyle_a_murphy @IFC_org

9. To @Safaricom_Care @MyGovKe it is critical that you withdraw your bid from @ethiotelecom. There is a genocidal war taking place in Ethiopia & any profits have the potential to go towards war efforts. Do you support war & the #TigrayGenocide?

10. Are you aware that @AbiyAhmedAli is trying to fund his war on Tigray with your help? We ask that @MTNGroup does their due diligence & cancel bids for @ethiotelecom. #TigrayGenocide@wimMTNUG @StephenBlewett @jschultebockum @DioumSerigne1 @PaulNormanMTN

11. Please sign the petition. World Bank needs to understand the potential role they could play in the #TigrayGenocide.

12. Privatization of Ethio Telecom should be suspended. Please sign the petition. #TigrayGenocide

World Bank-3

1. Kenya, you are aware of how badly the people of Tigray are suffering at the hands of @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki. We ask that @Safaricom_Care withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. Do NOT fund the #TigrayGenocide! @MyGovKe @SpokespersonGoK @ForeignOfficeKE

2. South Africa, it’s important that Shameel Joosub of @Vodacom withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. @AbiyAhmedAli is trying to fund his war on Tigray with your help. Do you support genocidal wars targeting the innocent? #TigrayGenocide @GovernmentZA @GEPF_SA

3. Although @AbiyAhmedAli has tried to keep the #TigrayGenocide a secret, he can’t hide that he’s trying to fund it. We ask that @LiquidInTech withdraw any bids from @ethiotelecom. Do not fund a Genocide. @NicRudnick @econetzimbabwe @DouglasMboweni

4. Ralph Mupita & leaders of @MTNGroup must do right & withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. Do you support genocidal wars against innocent people? The world is watching. #TigrayGenocide @wimMTNUG @StephenBlewett @PaulNormanMTN @jschultebockum @KamalSantina

5. Ethiopian leaders have repeatedly shown no accountability about anything in the #WarOnTigray. Almost 5 months after declaring victory over #WarOnTigray & civilians are continuing to be victims of ethnic cleansing. @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB

6. Ethiopia allowed Eritrea, a country with the worst human rights record to commit atrocities on people of Tigray. This is the level of integrity Ethiopia will apply on money funded by @WorldBank. #TigrayGenocide @IMFNews @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @IFC

7. After months of denying the presence of Eritrean troops in Tigray, troops are now dressed in Ethiopian uniform. Money granted to @AbiyAhmedAli will be used to kill civilians and fabricate more lies in the #TigrayGencoide. Do you support this? @Diop_IFC

8. An investigation by @BBC Africa Eye has uncovered evidence that a massacre in Tigray was carried out by members of the Ethiopian military. We ask that @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom @AxianGroup halt bidding for @ethiotelecom until #TigrayGenocide stops!

9. Ethiopian troops, Amhara militias & Eritrean forces are committing weaponized rape against women & girls in Tigray. @WorldBank @MyGovKe should halt disbursement of funds until a @UN-mandated investigation of war crimes & #TigrayGenocide is over. @DFCgov

10. Many #tigray healthcare facilities built with funds given by #IMF and #worldbank were intentionally destroyed @AbiyAhmedAli during this genocidal war. #worldbank should be furious about this, rather than reward him with more funding @WorldBank @wbg_gov

11. Please sign both petitions. #TigrayCantWait

1) Suspend Grants
2) Stop Privatization

World Bank-4

1. Privatizing @ethiotelecom has the potential to increase investment capital by attracting foreign investment & raising revenue for the government. This revenue could indirectly fund the #TigrayGenocide. @WorldBank @AxelVT_WB @MamtaMurthi @WBG_IDA @DFCgov

2. .@WorldBank & @DFCgov must refrain from participating on the privatization of @ethiotelecom. We demand withdraw of bids. Any profit gained has a massive potential to fund #TigrayGenocide. Please, do better. @kyle_a_murphy @wbg_gov @MIGA @SPimentaIFC

3. .@WorldBank’s 4th core is Integrity. It requires the use of funds, resources, assets & authority according to the intended purposes aligned with public interest & with broader principles of good governance. @AbiyAhmedAli must be held accountable! #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG

4. .@ethiotelecom has been weaponized against the people of Tigray. Unelected @AbiyAhmedAli uses communication as a tool of war. Cease & desist all deals regarding infrastructure in Ethiopia until the #TigrayGenocide investigations are complete. @Vodacom

5. Any deal with unelected @AbiyAhmedAli is contributing to #TigrayGenocide. Do not enable weaponized starvation and weaponized rape by the Ethiopian government. Halt any bids on @ethiotelecom @Vodacom @AxianGroup @MTNGroup @LiquidInTech @DouglasMboweni @benliquidkenya@DFCgov

6. Any entity that turns a blind eye to the human rights violations rampant in Tigray, in order to benefit from the turmoil caused by unelected @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayGenocide is complicit & will be held accountable. That includes you @NicRudnick @eboggsdavidsen @AlgeneSajery46

7. The Ethiopian govt. is engaged in massacring civilians, blocking aid, destroying hospitals & religious sites. @AbiyAhmedAli should be sanctioned not rewarded on #TigrayGenocide @Safaricom_Care withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. @MyGovKe @SpokespersonGoK @ForeignOfficeKE @DFCgov

8. Many healthcare facilities built with funds given by #IMF & @WorldBank were intentionally destroyed by @AbiyAhmedAli during this genocidal war. @WorldBank should be furious about those actions, rather than reward him with more funding. @DFCgov @wbg_gov

9. Privatizing @ethiotelecom has the potential to increase investment capital by attracting foreign investment & raising revenue for the government. This revenue could indirectly fund the #TigrayGenocide. @WorldBank @AxelVT_WB @MamtaMurthi @WBG_IDA @DFCgov

10. “The @WorldBank is preparing a new Digital Ethiopia Foundations project & invest some $200 million in the country’s digital economy”. We are highly concerned that profits from privatizations will indirectly support war efforts. @IFC_org @Diop_IFC @DFCgov

11. .@WorldBank & @DFCgov must refrain from participating on the privatization of @ethiotelecom. We demand withdraw of bids. Any profit gained has a massive potential to fund #TigrayGenocide. Please, do better. @kyle_a_murphy @wbg_gov @MIGA @SPimentaIFC

12. Let’s help stop the #TigrayGenocide. Please sign both petitions.
1) Suspend Grants Stop Privatization

World Bank-5

1. Ethiopia is facing intense scrutiny over human rights violations. Please do your due diligence & consider your role in funding this war. Are you a supporter of genocide? #TigrayGenocide @NicRudnick @wimMTNUG @GovernmentZA @MyGovKe @benliquidkenya @GEPF_SA

2. It’s clear that @AbiyAhmedAli mismanages money. He’s brought Ethiopia’s economy to the ground by going to war with his own country. Add war crimes to the list. How can you support this? #TigrayGenocide? @WorldBankMENA @SecYellen @kanshul @kyle_a_murphy

3. .@wbg_gov World Bank principles state resources and assets must be used for what’s intended. Ethiopia has been using money from WB for the war on Tigray. @WorldBank should not finance @ethiotelecom bid by @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom @AxianGroup @MTNGroup @DFCgov #TigrayGenocide

4. Ethiopia is guilty of ethnic cleansing & has the worst humanitarian crisis in the HOA if not in the world. @AbiyAhmedAli will be in @IntlCrimCourt for war crimes & genocide. Shame on you if you bid for @ethiotelecom. @MTNGroup @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom @AxianGroup #TigrayGenocide

5. Investing in @ethiotelecom while Ethiopia is orchestrating a genocidal war will cause more instability in HOA. @AbiyAhmedAli will use profits for war. You support this? #TigrayGenocide @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom @AxianGroup @NicRudnick @jschultebockum

6. It’s important that @WorldBank hold Ethiopia accountable for crimes against humanity. How can WB naively give money to @AbiyAhmedAli when he’s actively destroying the country? Be responsible & suspend all aid! #TigrayGenocide @HafezGhanem_WB @SPimentaIFC

7. Analysis of massacre video raises questions for Ethiopian Army. It raise questions for @WorldBank as well. Will you be complicit in @AbiyAhmedAli’s war on humanity? Suspend aid. Don’t escalate the #TigrayGenocide. @FeridBelhaj @DFCgov @KFinkelston

8. IMF is an organization that aims to reduce poverty and ensure stability & peace through economic means. However, providing funding to a country at war with its own people will threaten any possibility of peace & stability. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBankAfrica

9. The WB mission is “to reduce poverty, & improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth & investment in people.” But @AbiyAhmedAli is killing people. Are you holding him accountable or funding #TigrayGenocide? @HafezGhanem_WB @SPimentaIFC @DFCgov

10. The G7 group of leading economic powers has said it is “strongly concerned” by reports of human rights abuses in Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region. And what does @WorldBank do, reward the country with money. Absurd. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG