Ceasefire in Tigray more urgent than ever: UN relief chief

Speaking in Geneva, Martin Griffiths highlighted the urgency of the situation for all those affected in the northern Ethiopian region, after eight months of fighting between Government forces and those loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Earlier this week, the UN senior official warned that 200,000 people had been displaced by fighting in neighbouring Amhara region, along with more than 50,000 in Afar.

“This war has to stop, this war has to end; we will all of us continue to try to make sure that those 100 trucks a day reach Mekelle, reach the beneficiaries”, Mr. Griffiths insisted. “We will do everything we can to help the people affected in Amhara and Afar, while continuing the work in other parts of Ethiopia.”

AFP: UN condemns ‘dangerous’ claims of bias against aid workers in Tigray

The UN’s humanitarian chief on Tuesday condemned as “dangerous” accusations by Ethiopian government officials that aid workers were biased in favour of — and even arming — rebel forces in war-hit Tigray.

Martin Griffiths also called for access to allow desperately needed aid into the region where the UN says hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from famine.

“Blanket accusations of humanitarian aid workers need to stop,” he said during a press conference at the end of a six-day visit to Ethiopia, his first mission in his new role.

East Africa: ERIPS Statement on Addressing the Conflict and Refugee Situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

While calls for the Government of Eritrea to pull out of the conflict in Ethiopia increases, the international community must also consider the repercussions of Eritrean intervention in the Tigray war if a lasting solution is to be developed.

“Refugees International is concerned about reports that Ethiopian government forces and Eritrean soldiers have forced Eritrean refugees to return to Eritrea or other locations where they may be in danger. For example, Eritrean refugees who fled to Addis Ababa to avoid the fighting in Tigray have been rounded up and returned to camps in Tigray. This is unacceptable, as camps in Tigray are in the middle of an active conflict zone and have little access to food or medical supplies.”

UNFPA Ethiopia – Preparedness and Response Plan for the Tigray Crisis – 2020

Nearly 96,000 refugees are affected by the crisis and are in need of protection and health services as well.

The plan seeks US$75.7 million to provide life-saving assistance to people affected by the conflict in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara regions.

UN: Rape used for political, military goals in Tigray

Rape and sexual violence are being used to pursue political and military goals in Ethiopia’s crisis-hit Tigray region, UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said Tuesday.

“That is also what we have seen in the last six months in northern Ethiopia. The rapes there have not stopped,”

Mass Rapes in Tigray; Burma Sinks Further; Climate, Climate, Climate

The Joe Biden climate-fest; rape as a weapon of war in Tigray; Burma slides further downhill.

“Tigray Can’t Wait: The UN Security Council Must Act to End Sexual Assault Now”: Susana Malcorra, an Argentine who was a top UN official under Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, urges with other members of the Global Women Leaders group that the Council stop the sexual atrocities occurring in the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia.

UN Security Council: ‘Deep concern’ about Ethiopia’s Tigray

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council expressed concern Thursday about humanitarian conditions and human rights in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, marking the council’s first collective comment on the conflict that has raged in the region for six months.

Lowcock, meanwhile, told the council last week that some 4.5 million of Tigray’s 6 million need humanitarian aid and that “there is no doubt that sexual violence is being used in this conflict as a weapon of war.” He cited alarmingly numerous reports of rape and other sexual attacks, mainly by men wearing the uniforms of various forces.

Sexual violence being used as weapon of war in ethiopia’s tigray UN says

ADDIS ABABA: Sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war in Ethiopia’s Tigray, the UN aid chief told the Security Council prompting the US envoy to challenge the body’s silence, asking: “Do African lives not matter as much as those experiencing conflict in other countries?”

Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at a UN Security Council Open Debate on Sexual Violence in Conflict

In particular, right now the Security Council needs to pay attention to deeply disturbing reports of mass sexual violence occurring in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. We as a Council must address reports of women being forced by military elements to have sex for basic commodities, and reports of sexual violence against women and girls in refugee camps, among other horrific information. The international community must work to ensure that all those involved respect their obligations under international human rights law and international humanitarian law. And the international community must establish immediate protection mechanisms, humanitarian aid, and other needed services for survivors. Independent, credible investigations must be conducted to hold perpetrators of these, and other human rights abuses and violations committed in Tigray, accountable.