Rape survivors describe slavery, mutilation in Tigray

Ethiopian and Eritrean troops have raped hundreds of women and girls during the Tigray war, subjecting some to sexual slavery and mutilation, Amnesty International said in a report Wednesday.

Drawing from interviews with 63 survivors, the report sheds new light on a scourge already being investigated by Ethiopian law enforcement officials, with at least three soldiers convicted and 25 others charged.

Some survivors said they had been gang-raped while held captive for weeks on end. Others described being raped in front of their family members.

Nation: ‘Scores killed’ in anti-government protests in Tigray — Sources

Anti-government protests in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region claimed the lives of several people last week, multiple sources from the region confirmed to the Nation.

According to credible sources, at least 28 people were killed since the protests began on February 8 in the regional capital of Mekelle and other towns.

“Five died in Mekelle, 17 in neighbouring Wukiro town. Federal forces are using live bullets to quell the protests,” said one medical worker who declined to be named over security concerns.

“Dozens were injured and many more were arrested” he told the Nation adding, “young protesters who were throwing stones at security forces had been shot dead”