Twitter Campaign – World Bank and IMF

World Bank- 1
  1. The @WorldBank should not even consider privatization of @ethiotelecom. Bids that could bring revenue into the hands of a war criminal such as @AbiyAhmedAli should be examined closely. His values are not rooted into the WB mission. @DavidMalpassWBG@KGeorgieva #TigrayGenocide

2. Ethiopia is guilty of ethnic cleansing & has one of the current worst humanitarian crisis in the world. @WorldBank, shame on your role in privatization of @ethiotelecom knowing that it will put money into the hands of war criminals like @AbiyAhmedAli.

3. Investing in @ethiotelecom while @AbiyAhmedAli is orchestrating a genocidal war will cause more instability in the Horn of Africa. Is your governance truly aligned with the @WorldBank mission? #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG @wallyadeyemo @SecYellen

4. @WorldBank must stay away from the privatization of @ethiotelecom. This is a grave mistake with consequences. Profits gained have the potential to fund a war. As leaders, are you choosing to play a role in the #TigrayGenocide?@KGeorgieva @SecYellen

5. Privatizing @ethiotelecom has the potential to increase investment capital by attracting foreign investment & raising revenue for the government. This revenue could indirectly fund the #TigrayGenocide. @WorldBank, do you due diligence. @carmenmreinhart

6. The @WorldBank has plans to invest $200 million in the Ethiopia’s digital economy. The global community is very concerned that profits from privatizations will indirectly support the #TigrayGenocide. Your attention to this matter is needed. @SecYellen

7. @WorldBank & @DFCgov must refrain from participating in the privatization of @ethiotelecom. It is negligent to approve this. Any profit gained has a massive potential to fund #TigrayGenocide. Please, do better.@SPimentaIFC @KGeorgieva @carmenmreinhart

8. Ethiopian troops, Amhara militias & Eritrean forces are committing weaponized rape against women & girls in Tigray. @WorldBank @MyGovKe should halt disbursement of funds until a @UN-mandated investigation of war crimes & #TigrayGenocide is over. @DFCgov

9. @WorldBank’s 4th core is supposed to be Integrity. Funds must never be misused & WB should ensure that. You have a responsibility to uphold good governance.As financial leaders you must be held accountable. #TigrayGenocide @SPimentaIFC @FeridBelhaj

10. Are you aware that @AbiyAhmedAli is trying to fund his war on Tigray with your help? We ask that @MTNGroup does their due diligence & cancel bids for @ethiotelecom. #TigrayGenocide@wimMTNUG @StephenBlewett @jschultebockum @DioumSerigne1 @PaulNormanMTN

World Bank – 2
  1. @WorldBank may intend to end poverty, but where is the line drawn? To fund a Ethiopian govt. sponsored war that’s creating a man-made famine is problematic. Financial leaders also play a role in #TigrayGenocide. @SecYellen @DavidMalpassWBG @KFinkelston

2. The Ethiopian govt. is engaged in massacring civilians, blocking aid, destroying hospitals & religious sites. @AbiyAhmedAli should be sanctioned not rewarded on #TigrayGenocide @Safaricom_Care withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. @MyGovKe @SpokespersonGoK @ForeignOfficeKE @DFCgov

3. Ethiopia allowed Eritrea, a country with the worst human rights record to commit atrocities on people of Tigray. This is the level of integrity Ethiopia will apply on money funded by @WorldBank. #TigrayGenocide @IMFNews @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @IFC

4. To @Safaricom_Care @MyGovKe it is critical that you withdraw your bid from @ethiotelecom. There is a genocidal war taking place in Ethiopia & any profits have the potential to go towards war efforts. Do you support war & the #TigrayGenocide?

5. Any deal with unelected @AbiyAhmedAli is contributing to #TigrayGenocide. Do not enable weaponized starvation and weaponized rape by the Ethiopian government. Halt any bids on @ethiotelecom @Vodacom @AxianGroup @MTNGroup @LiquidInTech @DouglasMboweni @benliquidkenya@DFCgov

6. .@WorldBank & @DFCgov should not support the privatization of @ethiotelecom. We ask for the withdraw of any bids. As secretive as @AbiyAhmedAli has been, how can we trust his next move isn’t rooted in war efforts? @kyle_a_murphy @IFC_org @wbg_gov

7. Privatizing @ethiotelecom has the potential to increase investment capital by attracting foreign investment & raising revenue for the government. This revenue could indirectly fund the #TigrayGenocide. @WorldBank @AxelVT_WB @MamtaMurthi @WBG_IDA @DFCgov

8. Any entity that turns a blind eye to the human rights violations rampant in Tigray, in order to benefit from the turmoil caused by unelected @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayGenocide is complicit & will be held accountable. That includes you @NicRudnick @eboggsdavidsen @AlgeneSajery46

9. An investigation by @BBC Africa Eye has uncovered evidence that a massacre in Tigray was carried out by members of the Ethiopian military. We ask that @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom @AxianGroup halt bidding for @ethiotelecom until #TigrayGenocide stops!

10. .@WorldBank & @DFCgov must refrain from participating on the privatization of @ethiotelecom. We demand withdraw of bids. Any profit gained has a massive potential to fund #TigrayGenocide. Please, do better. @kyle_a_murphy @wbg_gov @MIGA @SPimentaIFC

World Bank – 3
  1. Kenya, you’re aware of how badly the people of Tigray are suffering at the hands of @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki. We ask that @Safaricom_Care withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. Do NOT fund the #TigrayGenocide! @MyGovKe @SpokespersonGoK @ForeignOfficeKE

2. The Ethiopian govt. is engaged in massacring civilians, blocking aid, destroying hospitals & religious sites. @AbiyAhmedAli should be sanctioned not rewarded on #TigrayGenocide @Safaricom_Care withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. @MyGovKe @SpokespersonGoK @ForeignOfficeKE @DFCgov

3. .@ethiotelecom has been weaponized against the people of Tigray. Unelected @AbiyAhmedAli uses communication as a tool of war. Cease & desist all deals regarding infrastructure in Ethiopia until the #TigrayGenocide investigations are complete. @Vodacom

4. South Africa, it’s important that Shameel Joosub of @Vodacom withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. @AbiyAhmedAli is trying to fund his war on Tigray with your help. Do you support genocidal wars targeting the innocent? #TigrayGenocide @GovernmentZA @GEPF_SA @CyrilRamaphosa

5. Although @AbiyAhmedAli has tried to keep the #TigrayGenocide a secret, he can’t hide that he’s trying to fund it. We ask that @LiquidInTech withdraw any bids from @ethiotelecom. Do not fund a Genocide. @NicRudnick @econetzimbabwe @DouglasMboweni

6. Ralph Mupita & leaders of @MTNGroup must do right & withdraw bids for @ethiotelecom. Do you support genocidal wars against innocent people? The world is watching. #TigrayGenocide @wimMTNUG @StephenBlewett @PaulNormanMTN @jschultebockum @KamalSantina

7. .@AbiyAhmedAli has scared off suppliers of @hm & @childrensplace during the #TigrayGenocide. He’s allowed forces to destroy infrastructures, causing the country’s economy to plunge. This is who you want to do business with? @Safaricom_Care @Vodacom

8. By supporting the sale of @ethiotelecom, @WorldBank would effectively be complicit in financially supporting a govt. that has waged an atrocious genocidal war on Tigray. Stop funding #TigrayGenocide @Bill_Morneau @JoshFrydenberg @WhiteHouseCEA @DFCgov

9. Privatization of @ethiotelecom would be a financial injection into a system that has overseen the shelling of civilians, rampant displacement, weaponized rape, looting & other horrific war crimes. Don’t fund #TigrayGenocide! @LeoVaradkar @simoncoveney

10. After denying civilian deaths, rape victims, & the presence of Eritrean troops, @AbiyAhmedAli admitted all three. @ChrisCoons, imagine the impact of @WorldBankAfrica if it backed away from financially bolstering the same system. Don’t fund #TigrayGenocide!

World Bank – 4
  1. .@WorldBank should support a govt. that is invested in the safety & security of ALL its citizens; one that is accountable & transparent. Ethiopia does NOT have that w/ @AbiyAhmedAli. What it has is a genocidal govt. Don’t fund #TigrayGenocide @SecYellen

2. No woman should should support a government & system that condones rape. It has been weaponized throughout Tigray these last 5 months of war. Use your power to put a stop to #TigrayGenocide. Vote NO. @KGeorgieva @carmenmreinhart, @ADixon_WB @KFinkelston

3. How many civilians need to be massacred? How many girls & woman raped so the @WorldBank & IMF must stop aligning with the needs of perpetrators of the #TigrayGenocide? @NadiaCalvino @ArturoHerrera_G @MichealMartinTD @CharlesMichel @EUCourtPress @IMFNews

4. The war is not obscure anymore. The whole world is watching @WorldBank & IMF decide on whether to support #TigrayGenocide by funding @ethiotelecom privatization. @DavidMalpassWBG @JosephEStiglitz @DonnellyStephen@RepDeanPhillips @RepSteveChabot

5. Financial support of a government & system perpetuating #TigrayGenocide on its own people is complicity to genocide. DO NOT encourage impunity. @SandieOkoro @AntonellaBassa3 @MamtaMurthi @USTreasury @StateDept @federalreserve @deppauloguedes @MAECgob

6. Girls are being raped by soldiers. Is this what @WorldBank stands to exacerbate? Is this what IMF is likely to support financially? Say NO to #TigrayGenocide. Say NO to supporting the sale of @ethiotelecom. @SvonFriedeburg @AlbertZeufack @Diarietou_WB

7. .@WorldBank did hold on disbursements in Myanmar 24 days after a coup. 5 months later, it is still supporting @AbiyAhmedAli, while he’s accused of ethnic cleansing in #TigrayGenocide. @SecYellen @wallyadeyemo @DavidMalpassWBG @eucopresident @PresidentIRL

8. .@WorldBank has two ambitious goals: End extreme poverty within a generation & boost shared prosperity. Yet, it is funding @AbiyAhmedAli’s war in Tigray that has intentionally destroyed both objectives. @Diop_IFC @USTreasury @vonderleyen #TigrayGenocide

9. Ethiopia is committing war crimes by withholding food to create a famine in Tigray. The @WorldBank should not be complicit with this. Do not fund the #TigrayGenocide. @WhiteHouseCEA @JulieBSiegel @KGeorgieva @RepGregoryMeeks @federalreserve @SenatorRisch

10. Factories, farm crops, livestock, health centers, & the drinking water system in Tigray were intentionally destroyed to use food as a weapon of war. Mass atrocities committed. The @WorldBank should not fund #TigrayGenocide. @WhiteHouse @ChrisCoons

World Bank – 5

1. Weaponized rape & hunger, massacres, & ethnic cleansing by invading forces are widely reported in #TigrayGenocide. This is against the human rights principles embodied in WB’s Environment & Social framework. @DavidMalpassWBG @HafezGhanem_WB @FeridBelhaj

2. Ethiopian & Eritrean forces looted & destroyed schools, hospitals, universities, pharmaceuticals, textile & cement factories, power plants, & mechanized farms that employ thousands of citizens. @WorldBank stop funding the #TigrayGenocide @HafezGhanem_WB @EP_President @USAID

3. You should not bid for @ethiotelecom it is neither ethical nor profitable to invest in those perpetrating #TigrayGenocide. Those funding war crimes in Tigray will be held accountable. @srichard @orange @TeIkomMobileSA @etisalat @SnailMobileUSA @Vodacom

4. .@WorldBank – listen to experts @JendayiFrazer & @JDevermont, “The Int’l. community should pause the current IMF debt relief negotiations with Ethiopia & the @DFCgov should of @ethiotelecom’s privatization.” @jorgedajani #TigrayGenocide

5. .@SenBooker & @ChrisCoons we urge you to ask the @WorldBank to stop funding #TigrayGenocide. @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki are committing war crimes. We need independent investigation NOT funds for armament. @HouseForeign @GerryConnolly @SenatorRisch

6. .@WorldBankAfrica “it is critical to establish credible benchmarks to move forward. Humanitarian access is the responsibility of all governments, and it is unacceptable to reward Addis Ababa.” @USAIDEthiopia @DFID_UK @SecBlinken @USAID #TigrayGenocide

7. It would be unprecedented for int’l institutions @WorldBank & @IMF_atUN along with gov agencies @USTreasury @StateDept @SecBlinken @USEmbassyAddis to cont. funding @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki while they stand accused of war crimes in #TigrayGenocide.

8. .@WorldBank & @SecYellen should know @AbiyAhmedAli & Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki have destroyed an unimaginable amount of civil infrastructure throughout Tigray. They should NOT be rewarded with more funds to continue #TigrayGenocide. @USTreasury

9. .@WorldBank is not upholding its own social safeguard policies, protection of human rights as provided in their Environmental & Social Mgmt. Framework, but gearing up to support the privatization of @ethiotelecom. No credibility! @Lagarde @Paschald @KGeorgieva #TigrayGenocide

10. .@WorldBank should not support the privatization of @ethiotelecom; a project to be implemented in an environment where massacres, gang rapes, & other human rights violations are taking place. @gwsokamoto @wallyadeyemo @EU_Justice #TigrayGenocide

World Bank – 6

1. .@WorldBank froze funds to Myanmar immediately after a coup. The bank is still supporting a govt conducting ethic cleansing and massacres. STOP @ethiotelecom privatization. #TigrayGenocide@antoniocostapm @KGeorgieva @KlaasKnot @nsitharaman @EUCouncil

2. .@WorldBank trashing it’s own standards by not conducting govt finance review or a public consultation before @ethiotelecom privatization. WB is complicit with the #TigrayGenocide. @DavidMalpassWBG @jleibenluft @HMcEntee @JulieBSiegel @CalvinMitchell6

3. .@WorldBank suspend @ethiotelecom privatization! Stop the needless suffering before carelessly giving funds for armaments. Govt using rape as a weapon of war should be condemned! #TigrayGenocide @federalreserve @EUatUN @SecYellen @wallyadeyemo @RepMcCaul

4. Stop funding the #TigrayGenocide through the sale of @ethiotelecom. We call on the @WorldBank to stop funding the killing of black and brown bodies for geopolitical expediency. #BlackLivesMatter #TigrayGenocide @RepGregoryMeeks @Diop_IFC @RepKarenBass

5. On April 21, @WorldBank’s Board of Directors will vote on whether to fund Ethiopia as the country wages a war on Tigray, a minority indigenous population. Abiy wants to revenue for weapons through the sale of @ethiotelecom. Vote ‘NO’! #TigrayGenocide @ShaolinyangWBG @kanshula

6. Voting for the sale of @ethiotelecom is a vote for funding the #TigrayGenocide. @WorldBank should not aid the genocide of the minority ethnic Tigrayan population, as Ethiopia weaponizes food. @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @CF_Jaramillo @DFCgov @kanshula

7. We all should ask why the @WorldBank knowingly funds the #TigrayGenocide by facilitating the sale of @ethiotelecom? What is in it for WB? Who is condoning this ethnic cleansing? How does the U.S. which controls the Bank benefit from this? @SecBlinken @SenBooker @RepGregoryMeeks

8. Now is not the time for @WorldBank to sell @ethiotelecom as it will fund the #TigrayGenocide. Now is time to hold the leadership in Ethiopia accountable for all war crimes & crimes against humanity. @DavidMalpassWBG @SecYellen @SenatorRisch @IMF_atUN

9. By helping Abiy sell @ethiotelecom in the midst of his genocidal war against the indigenous people of Tigray, @WorldBank’s Board is setting up to fund Abiy’s genocide. This is an unforgivable, historical mistake. Say ‘NO’ to #TigrayGenocide @Mari_Pangestu @SandieOkoro @Diop_IFC

10. Coup in Myanmar & @WorldBank halts all projects within a month. Genocide in Ethiopia & WB votes to fund the 5 month long #TigrayGenocide, through sale of @ethiotelecom. What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with the @WorldBank? @DavidMalpassWBG

World Bank and IMF

World Bank and IMF 1

1. “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create significant health, social & economic challenges in Ethiopia,” said @SonaliJC. But why hasn’t @AbiyAhmedAli’s #WarOnTigray been addressed & the role funding will play in the #TigrayGenocide? @KGeorgieva @eucopresident @gwsokamoto

2. So #IDAWorks when @WorldBank & #IMF agree to fund @AbiyAhmedAli’s #TigrayGenocide? As financial leaders you should demand: a ceasefire, #AllowAccessToTigray, lift blackout & independent investigations. Not reward a dictator with more money! @GitaGopinath @gwsokamoto @JanetYellen

3. By providing money to a regime that is intentionally blocking much needed humanitarian access to its own country, is approving a war on humanity. #IMF & @WorldBank – stop funding the #TigrayGenocide. @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @JanetYellen @RishiSunak

4. COVID19 is @AbiyAhmedAli’s scapegoat to receive aid relief for #Ethiopia @WBG_IDA. Meanwhile, he is using food as a weapon in #WarOnTigray. Demand that he open ALL humanitarian corridors, not reward him with money for more guns! #TigrayGenocide @FeridBelhaj @SonaliJC @gwsokamoto

5. Ethiopia’s @AbiyAhmedAli has scared off foreign businesses such as @hm. He’s allowed forces to destroy infrastructures in his own country. Now he wants a hand out from #IMF? Abiy cannot be trusted with money. #TigrayGenocide @USTreasury @federalreserve

6. Mehrawit was abducted, starved & left with rape injuries so bad, she can’t walk. This is the reality in #Ethiopia as @AbiyAhmedAli wages a cruel war on #Tigray. A conflict @WorldBank is likely funding. #TigrayGenocide @AxelVT_WB @kanshul @JanetYellen

7. With debt relief comes responsibility. #G20 must hold govts. accountable. Do @AbiyAhmedAli actions align with the @WorldBank mission when mass civilian death & destruction are involved? @ScottMorrisonMP @BorisJohnson @eucopresident#TigrayGenocide

8. The @UNOCHA reported that 35 of 40 hospitals in Tigray are inaccessible. Most looted or destroyed. @WorldBank aid isn’t about COVID-19 relief for Ethiopia. This is about funding a cruel war waged by @AbiyAhmedAli. #TigrayGenocide @Mari_Pangestu @IMF_inEU

9. A government that has inflicted a humanitarian disaster to 4.5 million people in Ethiopia should NOT receive money from #IMF @WorldBank. The world is failing the African people. Stop funding @AbiyAhmedAli & the #TigrayGenocide.@SPimentaIFC @HafezGhanem_WB @FeridBelhaj @Diop_IFC

10. The aim of #IMF funds is to promote economic growth, financial stability, & reduce poverty in countries. NOT to fund a genocide in #Ethiopia. Stop funding @AbiyAhmedAli’s war on humanity. #TigrayGenocide @JanetYellen @RishiSunak @nsitharaman @Bill_Morneau@JoshFrydenberg

11. When @AbiyAhmedAli received 3 billion in aid from @WorldBank in 2019, he wrote, ”this reaffirms both governments’ & donors’ partnership to transition #Ethiopia to a prosperous & peaceful nation.” He has done the exact opposite. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB

12. The @WorldBank mission is “to reduce poverty, & improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth & investment in people.” But @AbiyAhmedAli has only exacerbated issues. Are you holding him accountable or choosing to fund #TigrayGenocide? @HafezGhanem_WB @SPimentaIFC

13. “What we need from the #Ethiopia|n gov’t is the green light to the humanitarian community to negotiate access,” @Haavisto said. A country that weaponizes hunger does not deserve debt relief. @JoshFrydenberg @AxelVT_WB @JustinTrudeau #TigrayGenocide

14. “You have come to the situation which is militarily and human rights-wise, humanitarian-wise very out of control,” said @Haavisto. #Ethiopia should not be provided debt relief while it commits mass atrocities. @SPimentaIFC @HafezGhanem_WB #TigrayGenocide

French & Spanish

1. .@WorldBank vise à réduire la pauvreté et à assurer la stabilité et la paix par desmoyens économiques. Cependant, fournir des fonds à un pays étant en guerre contre son propre peuple menace toute possibilité de paix et de stabilité. #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire

2. .@WorldBank ne devrait approuver aucun prêt au gouvernement éthiopien car il sera utilisé pour le #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire @OusseynouIFC @Diop_IFC @JustinTrudeau @Diarietou_WB

3. .@WorldBank ne devrait pas soutenir un gouvernement qui viole et met en danger des réfugiés et execute le #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire @OusseynouIFC @Diop_IFC @JustinTrudeau @Diarietou_WB

4. L’objectif des fonds du #FMI est de promouvoir la croissance économique, la stabilité financière et de réduire la pauvreté dans les pays, mais pas de financer le génocide en #Éthiopie. Cessez de financer la guerre d’AbiyAhmedAli contre l’humanité. #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire

5. Selon @Haavisto les dirigeants d’#Ethiopie n’ont pas réussi à fournir une “image claire”de la situation au #Tigré et des soldats de l’#Erythrée. L’allégement de ladette ne devrait pas être accordé à un pays qui manque de transparence. #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire @Diop_IFC

6. Alors qu’il est en train de demander un allègement de la dette, @AbiyAhmedAli se trouve dans une frénésie d’acquisition d’armes. La @WorldBank aidera-t-elleà financer des armes? #TigrayGenocide @BrunoLeMaire @Diop_IFC @OusseynouIFC @JustinTrudeau

7. 4,5 millones de personas en #Tigray se enfrentan a una crisis humanitariadebido #TigrayGenocide – La presencia de los soldados deEritrea en Tigray agrava la situacion @ArturoHerrera_G @NadiaCalvino @g20org @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @MAECgob

8. Se están cometiendo graves abusos de derechos humanos en #Tigray. Los soldados de #Eritrea son los que están cometiendo la mayoría de las atrocidades. #TigrayGenocide @ArturoHerrera_G @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @MAECgob @p

9. Merhawit fue secuestrada, pasó hambre y quedó con heridas de violación tan graves que no puede caminar. @WorldBank probablemente está financiando el conflicto de #Tigray. #TigrayGenocide @ArturoHerrera_G @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @NadiaCalvino @g20org

10. Human Rights Watch, Laetitia Bader afirma “Al comienzo de la guerra, ejercito etíopes dispararon artillería en ciudades de Tigray de indiscriminada que estaba destinada a causar víctimas civiles & daños a la propiedad.” #TigrayGenocide @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @NadiaCalvino

11. Human Rights Watch, Laetitia Bader afirma “Al comienzo de la guerra, ejercito etíopes dispararon artillería en ciudades de Tigray de indiscriminada que estaba destinada a causar víctimas civiles & daños a la propiedad.” #TigrayGenocide @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @NadiaCalvino

12. “Un 80% de la población de #Tigray es inalcanzable… es un apagón total”. El gobierno Etiope está manejando muy mal la crisis humanitaria en Tigray & no se le debería confiar el alivio de la deuda. #TigrayGenocide @alferdez @lopezobrador_ @NadiaCalvino

13. Las acciones hacia la paz y la estabilidad en #Tigray deben ser consideradas antes de que se proporcione el alivio de la deuda a #Etiopía. El gobierno federal está poniendo obstáculos burocráticos para impedir el alivio del sufrimiento de sus ciudadanos. #TigrayGenocide @MAECgob

14. #COVID19 es el chivo expiatorio de @AbiyAhmedAli para recibir ayuda a Etiopía @WBG_IDA. En tanto, usando la ambruna como arma en la guerra de #TigrayGenocide. Exige que abra TODOS las puertas humanitarios y no premiarlo con dinero para más armas! @NadiaCalvino @ArturoHerrera_G

15. “Muitos, muitos e graves casos de desnutrição” estão a ser relatados em Tigray, e 80% da população está inatingível no 4º mês de combate. O que #Etiopia está a fazer é contra a missão de @IMFNews & @WorldBank @SonaliJC #TigrayGenocide

16. “Nunca vi um lugar onde houvesse um simples antibiótico” disse @Francescorocca “o ataque sistemático às instalações de saúde”. @WorldBank não deveria financiar crimes de guerra e atrocidades. #TigrayGenocide @DavidMalpassWBG @eucopresident@moonriver365

17. “Muitos, muitos e graves casos de desnutrição” estão a ser relatados em Tigray, e 80% da população está inatingível no 4º mês de combate. O que #Etiopia está a fazer é contra a missão de @IMFNews & @WorldBank @SonaliJC #TigrayGenocide

World Bank and IMF 2

1. .@Haavisto told journalists that #Ethiopia’s leadership failed to provide a “clear picture” of the situation in #Tigray including the presence of #Eritrea|n soldiers. Debt relief shouldn’t be provided to a country that lacks transparency. @FeridBelhaj @Diop_IFC #TigrayGenocide

2. “Some 80 percent of #Tigray’s population is’s a complete blackout.” The #Ethiopia|n gov’t is greatly mismanaging the humanitarian crisis in Tigray & shouldn’t be trusted with debt relief. @kanshul @KGeorgieva @GitaGopinath #TigrayGenocide

3. Actions toward peace & stability in Tigray should be considered before debt relief is provided to #Ethiopia. The federal government is placing bureaucratic obstacles to prevent the alleviation of the suffering of its citizens. #TigrayGenocide @eucopresident @gwsokamoto @Diop_IFC

4. The @WorldBank aims to reduce poverty and improve living standards, but providing relief aid or funding of any kind to Ethiopia or Eritrea would certainly prove that humanitarian needs do not matter to them. #TigrayGenocide @MamtaMurthi @ADixon_WB @KFinkelston @EmmanuelMacron

5. As the IMF welcomes Ethiopia’s request for debt treatment under the G20 Common Framework, they are effectively funding war crimes & encouraging the economic mismanagement of the country. They must deny any forms of relief aid, immediately. #TigrayGenocide @USTreasury @SonaliJC

6. The @IMF cites COVID-19 as a major reason to provide funding for Ethiopia, despite the fact that most hospitals in Tigray have been destroyed or looted without a single condemnation nor promise of investigation from @AbiyAhmedAli. #TigrayGenocide @JanetYellen @SvonFriedeburg

7. Despite the NUMEROUS reports of war crimes & blocking of humanitarian corridors in Tigray, IMF & @WorldBank are happy to provide relief aid to Ethiopia under the G20. What will it take to withhold aid? Tigray cannot wait. #TigrayGenocide @vonderleyen @JoeBiden @ScottMorrisonMP

8. 4.5 million ppl are in a humanitarian crisis caused by the same #Ethiopia|n government that is requesting debt relief from @WorldBank & IMF, relief that would continue funding the genocidal war. Where is the line drawn? #TigrayGenocide @JanetYellen @JustinTrudeau @IFCEurope

9. G20 has an obligation to its commitment to stability by condemning actions of the Ethiopian govt. Investigative reports & eye witness accounts give voice to horror stories from fleeing civilians in Tigray. Is that how #IDAworks?#TigrayGenocide @BorisJohnson @ShaolinyangWBG

10. IMF is an organization that aims to reduce poverty and ensure stability and peace through economic means. However, providing funding to a country at war with its own people will threaten any possibility of peace & stability. #TigrayGenocide @KGeorgieva @RTErdogan @JoeBiden

11. Laetitia Bader of @hrw states, “At the war’s start, Ethiopian federal forces fired artillery into Tigray’s urban areas in an apparently indiscriminate manner that was bound to cause civilian casualties & property damage.” #IDAworks #TigrayGenocide @IMF_atUN @WorldBankAfrica

12. Victims of the war on Tigray include: mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, children, uncles & aunts. Providing funding for a country that weaponizes hunger is in direct contradiction to the IMF mission. #TigrayGenocide @IMFSpokesperson@IMF_inEU @KGeorgieva@gwsokamoto

13. “@UN warns of ‘serious’ rape charges in Ethiopia’s Tigray.” How can the #IMF still agree to debt restructuring for a country that has been implicated with horrendous war crimes? #TigrayGenocide @IMFSpokesperson@IMF_inEU @KGeorgieva@gwsokamoto

14. “Why would they do that? Is it to hide things? Is it because they don’t want us to be there to see what is happening? @NRC_Egeland asked. @WBG_IDA @icsid do NOT provide debt relief for Ethiopia while @AbiyAhmedAli commits atrocities. #TigrayGenocide

World Bank and IMF 3

1. “I am not producing enough milk as I do not receive enough food. Most days I only eat one meal per day” said Terhas. Why would IMF provide debt relief to #Ethiopia which is weaponizing hunger?#TigrayGenocide @IMF_inEU @WorldBank @SonaliJC @JanetYellen

2. “Many, many severe cases of malnutrition” are being reported in Tigray, and 80% of the population is unreachable in the 4th month of fighting. What #Ethiopia is doing is against the mission of @WorldBank@CyrilRamaphosa @narendramodi #TigrayGenocide

3. “I have never seen a place where a simple antibiotic is not present,” said @Francescorocca “the systematic aggression to health facilities.” @WorldBank shouldn’t be funding war crimes & atrocities. @DavidMalpassWBG @eucopresident @g20org #TigrayGenocide

4. “He believes some 800 people were killed that weekend at the church & around the city, and that thousands in Axum have died in all.” Ethiopia is using all its resources to wage this cruel war. #IMF @ICSID & @WorldBank should not sponsor #TigrayGenocide

5. “When you are in the middle of crises, usually people say things cannot get worse. But unfortunately, they can get even worse.” EU envoy Haavisto.#DefundTigrayGenocide Now.@WorldBank @KGeorgieva @DavidMalpassWBG

6. The EU recognizes the Ethiopian govt continues to breach IL by denying unrestricted humanitarian access to Tigray. We ask that the ICC enforce these laws through targeted measures.#DefundTigrayGenocide@JosepBorrellF @JuttaUrpilainen @DavidMalpassWBG

7. The ICRC’s director of operations, Dominik Stillhart, noted his alarm at the overwhelming needs in Tigray but the Ethiopian government continues to put roadblocks to unfettered access.#TigrayGenocide@SecBlinken @ChrisCoons @WorldBank @KGeorgieva

8. On his return from his fact-finding mission, EU envoy Haavisto noted the situation in Tigray is out of control with no end in sight.It is past time for the IC to step in to fulfill its #R2P mandate.#TigrayGenocide #IDAworks@LindaT_G @KGeorgieva

9. The Ethiopian govt is ‘in denial’ about #Tigray. Development partners cannot keep on financing a govt that is politically committed to condemning millions of people to starve to death.#DefundTigrayGenocide@GermanyDiplo @WorldBank @DavidMalpassWBG

10. These peacekeepers sought asylum to escape indefinite imprisonment & torture. Thousands are currently detained. Pls, stop financing the profiling & persecution of #Tigrayans based solely on ethnic identity.#DefundTigrayGenocide@SecBlinken WorldBankMENA

11. As far back as Nov. @UN expressed its fear that #Ethiopia was purging Tigrayans from peace-keeping missions. This purge included 16K+ Tigrayan members of the military detained without cause since.#DefundTigrayGenocide@vonderleyen @WorldBank @IMFNews

12. There is a reason why #WarOnTigray is the darkest in the world today – the Ethiopian government uses all of its resources to maintain the media blackout. This includes violence against journalists.#DefundTigrayGenocide@SenatorMenendez @DavidMalpassWBG

13. We only have these testimonies of #WeaponizedRape because these witnesses escaped. Many children & women in Tigray continue to be tortured today. Please, help us stop it. #IDAworks#DefundTigrayGenocide@WorldBank @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @WBG_IDA