Referring atrocities to the ICC – #UNSCActNow

#UNSCActNow – 1

1. Hospitals in Tigray have been looted & attacked by Eritrean troops, leaving local civilians at risk of death due to lack of medicine & medical help. #UNSCActNow to end crimes against humanity. #TigrayGenocide @KamalaHarris @PmTunisia @IntlCrimCourt @hrw

2. Unelected @AbiyAhmedAli said this was a “law & order” operation, but more evidence of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Tigray people is arising. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @UN_GP_RtoP @Niger_ONU @SVG_UN @SAdamsR2P @SenatorMenendez @BenCardinforMD

3. #PressFreedom has become a criminal act in #Ethiopia. Journalists & translators of foreign media outlets have been arrested for covering the Tigray crisis. What is the Ethiopian gov trying to hide? @SenatorRounds @SenatorRisch @UNESCO #TigrayGenocide

4. “Consistent reports of ethnic-targeted violence, killings, massive looting, rape, forceful returns of refugees (to Eritrea).” Innocent refugees should not be reprimanded. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @hrw @IntlCrimCourt @timkaine @franceonu @SenBooker

5. As the #TigrayGenocide continues in the north, ethnic profiling & discrimination happens in #Ethiopia’s capital as well. This ethnic based discrimination on the people of Tigray must end, NOW! #UNSCActNow @Niger_ONU @SecBlinken @IlhanMN @RepDeanPhillips

6. Soldiers slaughtered locals & savagely opened fire at hundreds of congregants celebrating mass in Dengelat village. These are punishable crimes. It’s time #UNSCActNow & take @AbiyAhmedAli to @IntlCrimCourt! @IlhanMN @JoeBiden @AmbMKimani @RepGregoryMeeks

7. Whole villages were severely damaged or completely erased. Amhara & Eritrean forces under @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki are responsible for war crimes & must be help accountable in @IntlCrimCourt. @RepKarenBass@RepSires @RepMcCaul #TigrayGenocide

8. “80% of the Tigray is unreachable at this particular time,” said president of the Ethiopian @RedCross Society. It is about time #UNSCActNow by taking @AbiyAhmedAli to the @IntlCrimCourt for his major role in the #TigrayGenocide. @SecBlinken @JoeBiden

9. The presence of Ethiopian & Eritrean military is escalating ethnic violence in Tigray. Millions are at risk of violence, rape, & starvation. Kick the military troops OUT & bring @UNPeacekeeping troops IN. #TigrayGenocide @KenyaMissionUN @HouseForeign

10.Everything has become uncertain since @AbiyAhmedAli took office. He is destabilizing east Africa as the war on Tigray continues. #UNSCActNow to bring Abiy to @IntlCrimCourt. End this chaos! @Chinamission2un @VietNam_UN @IndiaUNNewYork#TigrayGenocide

11. Ethiopia’s sovereignty was breached when Eritrea encroached on Ethiopian internal affairs. Now @DemekeHasen @AbiyAhmedAli wants the West not to intervene in Ethiopian “internal affairs.” A double-standard. #TigrayGenocide @ABlinken @LindaT_G @AmbMKimani

12. Examples of crimes against humanity: deliberate killing of civilians, torture, rape, destroying property; which all has been committed in the #TigrayGenocide. There is a Right to Protect. #UNSCActNow @IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC #FatouBensouda @hrw

13. The personal accounts of Tigray victims reported by @AJENews are haunting to say the least. What @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki are unleashing are war crimes and they both must be held responsible. #TigrayGenocide @KarimKhanQC @PmTunisia @RussiaUN @hrw

14. “An Amnesty report said crimes against humanity may have been committed.” Coercive practices of killing Tigray civilian population because of their ethnicity is a crime against humanity.What are you doing about these allegations? #UNSCActNow @LindaT_G

#UNSCActNow – 2

1. From @AbiyAhmedAli’s “no single civilian was killed in Tigray” rhetoric to reports of crimes against humanity & ethnic discrimination. #UNSCActNow & bring him to @IntlCrimCourt for #TigrayGenocide. You must uphold #R2P. @LindaT_G @SenBooker @KarimKhanQC

2. House searches, looting, killings, & #SGBV against civilians continue to be reported. The Amhara forces are equally responsible for the atrocities committed in the ongoing #TigrayGenocide. @IntlCrimCourt @SecBlinken @irishmissionun @LindaT_G @Niger_ONU

3. Displaced Tigrayans “recalled wanton slaughter, the destruction of crops and livelihoods, and tens of thousands fleeing from areas of #Ethiopia’s #Tigray region under #Eritrea|n military control.” #UNSCActNow @Niger_ONU @SVG_UN @PmTunisia #TigrayGenocide

4. Schools in #Tigray’s capital #Mekele now house the displaced. “Its pediatric wards team with children nursing bullet and shrapnel wounds, some of whom have had limbs blown off.” #UNSCActNow @KenyaMissionUN @EstoniaUN @IndiaUNNewYork #TigrayGenocide

5. 13-year-old Nahom was struck by shrapnel in #Tigray in Nov, losing his right foot and vision in his right eye. “The gov’t is doing nothing while people are affected by the war,” his father Halefom Gebremariam said.” #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @MexOnu

6. US govt report about the situation in western #Tigray “documents in vivid terms what it describes as an apparent campaign to force out the ethnic Tigrayan population under the cover of war.” #UNSCActNow @RussiaUN @NorwayUN @USUN @LindaT_G #TigrayGenocide

7. Tigray’s population is being starved. “At least 4.5 million people in the region urgently need food aid.” #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @VietNam_UN @irishmissionun @UKUN_NewYork@franceonu @IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC @UNReliefChief @UNOCHA @SecBlinken

8. Saba, a displaced woman from Mai Kadra, told @AJENews “More than 10 soldiers took turns raping us.” Tigray needs @UN led investigations into the war crimes! #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @IntlCrimCourt @EstoniaUN @MexOnu @LindaT_G @RepAnnWagner @Niger_ONU

9. .@how reported that Ethiopian forces carried out indiscriminate shelling of urban areas in Tigray targeting homes, hospitals, schools, & markets in violation of the laws of war. #UNSCActNow & take @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias to @IntlCrimCourt @irishmissionun

10. Eritrean troops and Amhara militias are engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Tigray region of Ethiopia through the use of rape, plunder and massacres. #UNSCActNow to end the war crimes and #TigrayGenocide @USUN @KarimKhanQC @MexOnu

11. Eritrean soldiers opened fire on churchgoers in Tigray while celebrating mass & as people tried to flee, troops followed “spraying the mountainside with bullets”. #UNSCActNow & force these troops out & end #TigrayGenocide @KenyaMissionUN @RussiaUN @GCR2P

12. All human rights are suspended in Tigray. Journalists reporting on #TigrayGenocide & war crimes by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have been illegally detained by the @AbiyAhmedAli’s regime. #UNSCActNow @ChrisCoonsCMUNC @USUN @IntlCrimCourt @SenBooker

13. There are numerous reports of genocide, war crimes, & crimes against humanity implicating @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki. #UNSCActNow to bring these perpetrators to justice & end the atrocities in Tigray. #TigrayGenocide @KarimKhanQC @irishmissionun @Niger_ONU @LindaT_G @USUN

14. Clear evidence of ethnic cleansing reported in Tigray, with entire villages being destroyed. Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers, alongside Amhara militias, are leading it. Why hasn’t @UN #SecurityCouncil stepped in? #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow@PmTunisia @Niger_ONU @KenyaMissionUN

#UNSCActNow – 3

1. Mass killings of civilians, rape, & looting by Ethiopian & Eritrean troops, alongside Amhara militias, is happening all over Tigray. The @UN #SecurityCouncil can choose to end the #TigrayGenocide, but only if it acts immediately. #UNSCActNow @SenateForeign @VP @franceonu @SVG_UN

2. The @IntlCrimCourt must implicate @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki immediately. Tigrayan civilians are being raped & killed, & their entire villages are being destroyed. The #UNSC & #ICC can stop this. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @USAmbUN @CourPenaleInt

3. What’s happening in #Tigray is “ethnic cleansing” & whole villages severely damaged & erased. The @UN #SecurityCouncil must step up and hold @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki responsible for their crimes! #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN @UKUN_NewYork

4. #NeverAgain is happening in Tigray & @UN members must stop sitting idle. Abraham states “I’ve never seen a massacre like this and I don’t want to [again],”. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @USAmbUN @irishmissionun @KenyaMissionUN @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un

5. .@amnesty reports the “mass execution” of Axum may amount to crimes against humanity. Eritrean troops went on a rampage and killed hundreds. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow #EritreaOutOfTigray @USUN @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @UKUN_NewYork @KenyaMissionUN

6. Hundreds of buildings burned. Civilians in Tigray have been executed and evacuated from their homes by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara forces. #UNSCActNow to get these troops out of Tigray! #TigrayGenocide @MexOnu @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu @Niger_ONU

7. #MonalizaAbraha suffered gunshot wounds to her hand and leg, leaving her to be an amputee. She bravely resisted rape and invading troops showed no mercy. #UNSCActNow to protect women from such war crimes. #TigrayGenocide @LindaT_G @VP @AmbMKimani @UN

8. Merhawit was raped by 15 Eritrean soldiers who took turns raping her over 8 hours. These are punishable war crimes. The #UNSC should be disgusted! @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki must be taken to @IntlCrimCourt.#TigrayGenocide @KenyaMissionUN @EstoniaUN

9. “Media watchdog groups reported the arrests of at least 13 journalists in Ethiopia last year.” Aljazeera reports of Tigrayan soldiers unjustly being arrested for providing translation services about the Tigrayan crisis. #TigrayGenocide@KenyaMissionUN @HouseForeign

10. “They tried to rape me & I was thrown to the ground. Then, one of the soldiers fired bullets, but they hit my hand & then fired another bullet that went through my arm.” This is #MonalizaAbraha’s story or survival.#UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @NorwayUN

11. How many more will have to die before the International community intervenes? Harrowing reports recorded of war crimes in Tigray. #UNSCActNow to end #TigrayGenocide! @KenyaMissionUN @UKUN_NewYork @Niger_ONU @franceonu @AOC @Ilhan @VP @StateDeptSpox

12. Countless reports from fleeing refugees recount atrocities committed by the Ethiopian govt & Eritrean army. Justice must be served in @IntlCrimCourt. Hold @AbiyAhmedAli for his crimes against humanity. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @RussiaUN @LindaT_G

13. An Axumite resident cries, “all we could see were dead bodies and people crying.” The @UN #SecurityCouncil must charge both Abiy & Isaias with war crimes committed in Tigray! #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @franceonu @KarimKhanQC @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN

14. Recently @amnesty reported that troops systematically killed hundreds of unarmed civilians in Axum. The #UNSC & #ICC have a responsibility to incriminate Ethiopian & Eritrean forces! #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @VietNam_UN @IndiaUNNewYork @HouseForeign

Irob Massacre

1. Irob was the first location to be attacked & fall under Eritrean forces in Ethiopia. “The north is dying,” said a Irob man. “I strongly believe there is a campaign to target the people.” #IrobMassacre #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @UN @cnalive @Pontifex

2. The Irob district is little known & the situation there is not getting the attention it deserves from Int’l leaders. @AbiyAhmedAli is liable for all the crimes he is endorsing in northern Ethiopia. @LindaT_G @AmbMKimani #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide

3. “If you don’t bring your father, your brothers; you don’t get the aid, you’ll starve.” Irob is a severely affected area due to heavy Eritrean army presence. Hundreds have been executed & many women raped. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @irishmissionun

4. Irob Advocacy Association (IAA) has credible information that the Irob people are displaced & starving to death in the mountains; occupied by the Eritrean forces. #UNSCActNow & and remove Eritrean forces. @KenyaMissionUN #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide

5. “It is to be recalled that Eritrean forces abducted over 97 Irob civilians during Ethio-Eritrean war” & still their whereabouts are unknown. Many #Irob have been killed by Eritrean troops. This is a great loss for the tribe. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide

6. “This is the least-documented war. The world will apologize to the people of Tigray, but it will be too late.” When will @UN TRULY advocate for the people of Tigray & Irob? These ethnic groups are being targeted. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @NorwayUN

7. The Irob tribe is systematically being targeted, killed, & starved in the highlands of Ethiopia. When will @UN #SecurityCouncil be a voice for the voiceless dying in the shadows? #UNSCActNow & end the #IrobMassacre & #TigrayGenocide @irishmissionun @hrw

8. Ethiopian govt. is unfairly withholding food aid from starving families suspected of links to Tigray forces. The Irob are deeply affected & silently feeling the effects of #TigrayGenocide. When will the @UN intervene? @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia #IrobMassacre

#UNSCActNow – 4

1. Human rights atrocities & war crimes are regularly being committed by the Ethiopian govt. In addition, the withholding of crucial humanitarian aid will lead to a devastating famine in the land. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide@Chinamission2un @IndiaUNNewYork

2. Ethiopian + Eritrean forces committed multiple war crimes in Tigray. Indiscriminate shellings, killing, rape, the use of child soldiers, looting property, and the blocking ofhumanitarian aid are grave breaches of the of #GenevaConvention #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @NorwayUN

3. The horrific accounts of the #AxumMassacre & ongoing #WarOnTigray should hold both tyrants @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afewerki accountable in @IntlCrimCourt. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @JoeBiden @VP @IndiaUNNewYork @NorwayUN @USUN @IlhanMN @CoryBooker

4. The intentional malicious attacks against hospitals, schools, churches, cultural heritage sites; along with the intentional killings, rape & torture of innocent civilians are all punishable war crimes. Let @AbiyAhmedAli have his day in court for the #TigrayGenocide! @AmbMKimani

5. Operation to restore “law & order” in Tigray was all a sham. It has been a genocidal war of oppression, psychological warfare, & widespread violence on the Tigray people. @AbiyAhmedAli must face @IntlCrimCourt. @SecBlinken #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow

6. From Nobel Prize winner to grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. Unelected @AbiyAhmedAli must face @IntlCrimCourt. He’s a terrorist in his own country. This isn’t democracy! #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @jakejsullivan @AmbMKimani

7. It’s time @AbiyAhmedAli is held liable for endorsing ethnic profiling, genocidal campaigns, weaponized rape, & starving a population. And it’s time @SecBlinken call Abiy out for what he truly is. He is a war criminal & a threat to democracy.@AmbMKimani @LindaT_G @PmTunisia @hrw

8. The Eritrean & Ethiopian govt. has repeatedly denied the involvement of Eritrean troops in Tigray, yet there are several reliable reports of looting, SGBV & massacres. #UNSCActNow & take ALL perpetrators to @IntlCrimCourt! #TigrayGenocide @LindaT_G @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu

9. A Mai Kadra survivor pleads to @AJENews ‘Tell the world we are dying!’ But one question remains. When will the @UN #SecurityCouncil actually listen & ACT? #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @IntlCrimCourt @KenyaMissionUN @EstoniaUN @Ilhan @AOC @RepKarenBass @VP

10. ‘They tried to rape me & I was thrown to the ground. I was bleeding for hours. Then, I had my arm amputated.’ Sadly, #MonalizaAbraha is one of many reports of rape in war. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @VP @irishmissionun @ambassadorRice @YohannesAbraham

11. #TigrayGenocide ‘soaring death tolls’ need to be ringing alarm bells among Intl. leaders. The same ???????? govt waging war in Tigray will not be the one to put an end to this horror. Intl. leaders have a moral obligation to intervene NOW. @ABlinken #UNSCActNow

12. The indisputable proof of war crimes committed by ???????? & ???????? military forces include #SGBV, looting and destruction of civilian infrastructure and mass killings. Tigray will not be helped by the same ???????? govt. attacking them. Intl. leaders MUST intervene #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow

13. @amnesty report on Axum massacre recount the graphic details of the horrific day. There are many stories just like this coming out of Tigray, widespread mass killings and sexual violence is happening at an unfathomable rate #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow


1. Desde la retórica de “ningún civil fue asesinado en #Tigray” de Abiy hasta las denuncias de #CrímenesContraLaHumanidad, #CrímenesDeGuerra & #LimpiezaEtnica. @IntlCrimCourt llevar a este mentiroso patológico a un tribunal penal. #TigrayGenocide @MexOnu

2. Hay numerosos informes de genocidio, crímenes de guerra y crímenes contra la humanidad que implican a @AbiyAhmedAli e Isaias Afwerki. @IntlCrimCourt debe llevar a estos autores a la justicia y acabar atrocidades en Tigray. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @MexOnu @lopezobrador_

3. Hay muchos informes de genocidio, crímenes de guerra y crímenes contra la humanidad que implican a @AbiyAhmedAli e Isaias Afwerki. La @IntlCrimCourt actuemos ahora para llevarlos ante la justicia y poner fin a las atrocidades en Tigray. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @mexonu1

4. Prácticas coercitivas de matar a la población civil #tigray por su etnia es un crimen contra la humanidad. “Un informe de Amnistía dice que pueden haberse cometido crímenes de lesa humanidad” #TigrayGenocide @IntlCrimCourt ¿qué hace ante estas denuncias?

5. La presencia de Los militares etíopes y eritreos esta creando un riesgo a milones de personas de #Tigray que sufran violencia, violaciones y hambre. Porfavor trae a las tropas de @UNPeacekeeping. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @UniNoticias @MexOnu

6. Las historias de las víctimas de #Tigray que informa @AJENews son atroces. Lo que @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki están haciendo son #CrímenesDeGuerra #CrímenesContraLaHumanidad @IntlCrimCourt debe llevarlos la justicia #TigrayGenocide @MexOnu #UNSCActNow


1. La liberté de la presse est devenue un acte criminel en #Éthiopie. Des journalistes+des traducteurs de médias étrangers ont été arrêtés sans raison. Qu’est-ce que le gouvernement ???????? essaie de cacher? #TigrayGenocide @franceonu #UNSCActNow

2. Les attaques intentionnelles contre les hôpitaux, les églises + les sites du patrimoine religieux + les exécutions+ les tortures de civils sont des crimes de guerre. @AbiyAhmedAli au @IntlCrimCourt #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @franceonu @JustinTrudeau

3. Les massacres, les viols et les pillages par les troupes éthiopiennes + érythréennes+milices Amhara sont au quotidien au #Tigré. La Cour pénale int’l doit agir immédiatement pour sauver le peuple du #Tigré. #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide @franceonu

4. Les récits horribles du #Axummassacre +de la guerre au #Tigre doivent amener les responsables #AbiyAhmed+#Afewerki à être persécutés par la @CourPenaleInt #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @JustinTrudeau @franceonu @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @EmmanuelMacron @UNOCHA

5. Les forces de l’Ethiopie+de l’Erythrée commettent de nombreux crimes de guerre au #Tigré. Les bombardements,les meurtres+viol de civils, l’utilisation d’enfants soldats+le blocage de l’aide sont des violations #TigrayGenocide @franceonu @KarimKhanQC @CourPenaleInt #UNSCActNow

6. 80% du #Tigré est inaccessible. De bloquer l’aide humanitaire est une violation des droits de l’homme international. #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow @CourPenaleInt @NorwayUN @Niger_ONU @franceonu @PmTunisia @KarimKhanQC