#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide #SupportHR6600

March 19, 2022

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 1

1. Ethiopia launched a genocidal war on Tigray. A reported 500,000 lives have been lost & nearly 2 million displaced. @PMEthiopia is still continuing this genocidal war. Please #SupportHR6600. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @RepMariaSalazar @RepHankJohnson https://news.yahoo.com/head-spotlights-catastrophic-humanitarian-crisis-234120248.html

2. The blocking of food & aid from entering Tigray only hurts civilians. The most vulnerable are women, children and the elderly. This is a crime against humanity that must be condemned. #SupportHR6600 @RepYoungKim @RepKirkpatrick @RepLawrence https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/01/23/ethiopias-government-appears-to-be-wielding-hunger-as-a-weapon

3. The ongoing siege & complete destruction of Tigray’s health system has deprived rape survivors of access to adequate treatment. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @glsurvivorsfund @LSE_WPS @GCRFGenderHub @prioGPS @DCConsortiumWPS @feministfp @HUWomensCenter https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/women-and-girls/make-hiv-positive-hundreds-women-rush-tigray-hospitals-soldiers/

4. Tigrayans are suffering from weaponized starvation. Humanitarian aid access remains blocked following the #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Please #SupportHR6600 to save innocent lives. @RepLucyMcBath @RepMalinowski @RepTedLieu @RepJuliaLetlow https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/03/africa/tigray-ethiopia-food-shortage-intl/index.html

5. 500DaysOfTigrayGenocide has shamefully not garnered the attention that it deserves from the international community, despite the magnitude of crimes against humanity. This is unacceptable. We urge you to #SupportHR6600. @RepZoeLofgren @RepElaineLuria https://news.yahoo.com/head-spotlights-catastrophic-humanitarian-crisis-234120248.html

6. .@YouTube, among other global enterprises, should cut its ties with Ethiopia, as it did with Russia, to protect the civilians and recognize #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Humanity must be prioritized. @RepMaloney @RepZoeLofgren @RepElaineLuria https://www.nytimes.com/article/russia-invasion-companies.html

7. Perpetrators of war crimes must be held accountable. Bombings of civilian infrastructures, weaponized starvation and lack of medical care are increasing in Tigray as the siege continues. #SupportHR6600 @RepDianaDeGette @davidcicilline @CongressmanHice https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/2021/12/8/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-Ethiopia-massacres

8. During the #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide credible reports of war crimes have emerged including evidence of ethnic cleansing against Tigrayans. Yet, the int‘l community remains inactive as they did with #Rwanda. @donlemon @Trevornoah @EmmaWatson @RachelCargle https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

9. Tigrayan women have little to no access to food, medicine, & electricity. As feminists, they need you to advocate for an end to this deadly siege. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @ACCORD_online @FemWiseAfrica @keziehelen @AUBinetaDiop @DrJoyceBanda @AU_WGDD https://leads.ap.org/best-of-the-week/exclusive-on-life-under-siege-in-tigray

10. As a result of Ethiopia’s brutal siege, millions of women in Tigray have been forced to watch their children starve. We need you to #SupportHR6600 to end #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. @StateGWI @gpatel2021 @Consortium_GSHR @giwps @WhiteHouseGPC @Wrcommission https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/09/ethiopia-blocking-tigray-aid-harms-rape-survivors#

11. Throughout the past #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, Ethiopia and Eritrea have committed horrific crimes against humanity in Tigray, yet there’s been no accountability. Tigray needs justice. Please #SupportHR6600. @RepLizCheney @davidcicilline @RepYvetteClarke https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

12. It’s been #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide and still the int’l community has done nothing more than discuss “concerns.” How many more lives must be lost before action is taken? Please #SupportHR6600. @RepFilemonVela @RepSaraJacobs @RepJuliaLetlow @RepMaloney https://www.hrw.org/report/2021/11/09/i-always-remember-day/access-services-survivors-gender-based-violence-ethiopias#

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 2

1. While all eyes are focused on Russia & Ukraine, the int’l community must also remember Tigray, where 500,000 of the population have been killed in #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Please spread awareness. #SupportHR6600 @shaunking @MerrittForTexas @angela_rye https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

2. The war on Tigray has left millions in famine. How have you used your power today to save the lives of innocent civilians in Africa? It has been #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Where’s your outrage? @ahunnaeziakonwa @Atayeshe @_AfricanUnion @PaulKagame https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

3. Sadly, the skin color of war victims seems to be the biggest indicator of solidarity. While #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide is hushed up, the west is showing solidarity with #Ukraine. #SupportHR6600 @RepJoeWilson @RepMariaSalazar @Trevornoah @Blklivesmatter https://www.nytimes.com/article/russia-invasion-companies.html

4. While bombs are raining down on the civilian population in Tigray, the outcry is huge when Ukraine is bombed. Indescribable atrocities have been a part of life for #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Do black lives not matter? @jakejsullivan @SecBlinken @USUN https://www.barrons.com/news/more-than-300-civilians-killed-in-three-months-of-ethiopia-airstrikes-un-01646678708

5. After #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, the logical consequence of the greatest famine in the world now follows. For 16 months, the fields in Tigray could not be harvested or cultivated. Existing food stocks were destroyed by invading forces. @UNDP @UNGeneva https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/who-chief-worlds-worst-health-crisis-is-in-ethiopia/2022/03/16/9f83df92-a53b-11ec-8628-3da4fa8f8714_story.html

6. For the victims of the #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide we demand unfettered access to humanitarian aid, a complete investigation of all massacres + the removal of enemy forces from all parts of Tigray. @UNHumanRights @StateDept @antonioguterres @mbachelet https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/who-chief-worlds-worst-health-crisis-is-in-ethiopia/2022/03/16/9f83df92-a53b-11ec-8628-3da4fa8f8714_story.html

7. Patterns during #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide shows that Ethiopia is intimidating aid workers & civilians with airstrikes. When will the int’l community understand that they have a responsibility to protect these lives? @irishmissionun @KenyaMissionUN @USAmbUN https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/airstrikes-hit-capital-ethiopias-tigray-region-80723858

8. Tigrayans have been burned alive, systematically raped, massacred, arbitrarily placed in concentration camps, and their personal properties looted and destroyed by invading forces. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide must be stopped. @Pontifex @CPG_USHMM https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/17/nowhere-on-earth-are-people-more-at-risk-than-tigray-says-who-chief

9. Telecommunication blackouts + limited access imposed on Tigray by the Ethiopian govt have made it difficult for aid workers to reach civilians. More must be done by the int’l community. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @JosepBorrellF @EU_Commission @Haavisto https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/10/06/why-us-should-call-famine-violence-tigray-genocide/

10. The latest UN humanitarian report says that the vast majority of Tigray is considered “hard to reach” or “highly restricted” due to the Ethiopian govt’s blockade. End the siege now! #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @MarosSefcovic @dreynders @CharlesMichel @eucopresident @EUSR_Weber

March 18, 2022

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 1

1. “Abiy and Isaias have shown the world who they are on multiple occasions. Yet, the international community has had considerable difficulty taking these authoritarian leaders at their words.” @SecBlinken @POTUS @VP @PowerUSAID #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.theafricareport.com/183840/ethiopia-isaias-afewerki-and-abiy-ahmed-through-the-prism-of-the-ukraine-conflict/

2. The blockade by the Ethiopian government has stopped over 90% of aid from entering Tigray where 900,000+ are in famine. How much longer will world leaders allow this siege to continue? #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @USUNSpox @WHCOS @JanezLenarcic @UNOSAPG

3. Tigrayans have been subjected to weaponized starvation, rape, indiscriminate shelling and displacement among having essential infrastructure deliberately destroyed. Please #SupportHR6600. @RepJoeWilson @RepKClark @RepAdams #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

4. The war on Tigray must stop. The world cannot stand idle while the Ethiopian government wreaks havoc on innocent civilians. Please advocate for peace and #SupportHR6600. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @RepCheri @RepAndreCarson @USRepKCastor@JoaquinCastrotx https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/17/nowhere-on-earth-are-people-more-at-risk-than-tigray-says-who-chief

5. .@AbiyAhmedAli has demonstrated that he is not a democratic reformer. The world must stop turning a blind eye while millions of lives are at risk of death. All of Tigray needs immediate humanitarian access. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @StateDept @WFPChief

6. We must prioritize the future of all children. A future where they’re able to attend school and be safe from ethnic discrimination and hate. Will you be a voice for the millions of children in Tigray? #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @violadavis @aliciakeys https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/05/28/ethiopia-tigray-schools-occupied-looted

7. As the 500-days conflict drags on, the isolated region of Tigray continues to suffer under what the UN has called a de facto blockade. Please help advocate for an end to this deadly siege. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @NBCBLK @BuzzFeedNews @theGrio @TeenVogue https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/02/patients-dying-as-conflict-prevents-supplies-reaching-tigray-hospitals

8. Tigray has been cut off from the rest of the world, leaving millions at risk of death from weaponized starvation. Please use your voice for those that have been silenced by the Ethiopian govt. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @blackvoices @ColorOfChange @Blavity https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/02/patients-dying-as-conflict-prevents-supplies-reaching-tigray-hospitals

9. “There is no other way to define what is happening to the people of Tigray than by ethnic cleansing.” How much longer will the @UN allow this human suffering? We need meaningful action. @mbachelet @antonioguterres @ASteiner #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

10. As the chief architects of the genocidal war on Tigray, Isaias & Abiy have repeatedly violated the core tenets of Int’l humanitarian law. Why is the @IntlCrimCourt allowing these two to continue to kill? @MinPres @NLatICC @GCR2P #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.theafricareport.com/183840/ethiopia-isaias-afewerki-and-abiy-ahmed-through-the-prism-of-the-ukraine-conflict/

11. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide: According to researchers the estimate includes:50,000 to 100,000 victims of direct killings150,000 to 200,000 starvation deathsMore than 100,000 additional deaths caused by a lack of health care.”@lauraboldrini @ItalyMFA https://tgam.ca/3tiEn2M

12. #RussiaWarCrimes & @AbiyAhmedAli’s #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide must be condemned on the same level. Why is @ItalyMFA signing new economic deals with @PMEthiopia? #BlackLivesMatter too! Stop making money with genocidal dictators! @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-03-07/more-than-300-killed-in-air-strikes-in-northern-ethiopia-since-nov-un-rights-chief

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 2

1. “Soldiers and militias subjected Tigrayan women and girls to rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, sexual mutilation, and other other forms of torture, often using ethnic slurs and death threats.” @angela_rye @RachelCargle @meena @ava #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

2. Millions in the Tigray region are at risk of starvation due to the deadly siege imposed by Abiy Ahmed. Please #SupportHR6600 to bring relief to the people of Ethiopia. @AngieCraigMN @RepCohen @RepDavids @RodneyDavis @RepDelBene #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://apnews.com/article/ethiopia-tigray-crisis-hunger-malnutrition-a772602d2caac96e8024769c012ce8c6

3. More than 6 million Tigrayans have been sealed off from the outside world and are facing an unparalleled health crisis. The @IntlCrimCourt’s failure to uphold itself to its standards is a grave injustice. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @ministerBZ @DutchMFA

4. “Patients are dying because of a lack of oxygen, a lack of electricity, and they cannot keep the babies breathing.” Why has the ICC ignored the crisis in Tigray for over a year? @KarimKhanQC @EU_Commission @EUCouncil @NLatICC #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/02/patients-dying-as-conflict-prevents-supplies-reaching-tigray-hospitals

5. It has been #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide and over 6 million people are in need of aid. In order to bring peace and stabilization to Ethiopia, the passing of H.R. 6600 is a critical component. #SupportHR6600 @RepJoeWilson @RepKinzinger @RepMeijer @RepHerrell https://p.dw.com/p/48QCF?maca=en-Twitter-sharing

6. “Government security forces have subjected Tigrayans … to sweeping ethnically based arrests, enforced disappearances since the beginning of the conflict.” This is unacceptable. Please #SupportHR6600 @SanfordBishop @laurenboebert @RepBonamici @RepHartzler https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/2/10/ethiopian-officials-accused-of-extorting-tigrayan-detainees

7. Tigray’s health system has been left in shambles by invading troops. Survivors lack adequate treatment and transport. Millions face imminent risk of death if action is not taken ASAP. Please #SupportHR6600. @DebDingell @RepAnnaEshoo @RepDwightEvans

8. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide: “The ethnic profiling, detention and killing of Tigrayans bears the hallmarks of genocide as defined by international law.” #SupportHR6600 and ensure accountability for atrocities. @RepBarragan @RepBeatty @RepBice @RepCindyAxne https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2021/09/09/ethiopia-tigray-bodies-recovered-sudan-river-elbagir-pkg-intl-lead-vpx.cnn

9. For 500 days, the Ethiopian govt has deliberately and systematically sealed off Tigray to conceal a genocide. It’s time for the @IntlCrimCourt to act and lift the genocidal siege. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @TimmermansEU @JuttaUrpilainen @vonderleyen https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ethiopia-tigray-news-executions-rape-war-atrocities-genocide/

10. For #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, Tigrayans have been subjugated to systematic destruction of their essential infrastructure with 80% of health facilities looted, vandalized, or destroyed. This siege must end. @USUN @NorwayUN @franceonu @GermanyUN @EstoniaUN https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/terror-and-security/tigray-facing-worlds-biggest-health-catastrophe-warns/

11. “As many as 500k people have died from war & famine in the Tigray region of n. Ethiopia over the past 16 months.” When will Italy stop exacerbating this humanitarian crisis? @MentanaEnrico @lauraboldrini @PabloTrincia @ItalyUN_NY #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

12. At least half a million deaths during the past #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide! “As many as 500k people have died from war & famine in the #Tigray region of northern Ethiopia over the past 16 months” researchers say. @MentanaEnrico @lauraboldrini @PabloTrincia https://tgam.ca/3tiEn2M

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 3

1. Ethiopian & Eritrean troops along with Amhara militias, have weaponized rape against 120,000+ Tigrayan women + girls. These victims have no access to medical care due to the siege. Please #SupportHR6600. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @RepBrownley @RepFletcher https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/11/09/ethiopia-blocking-tigray-aid-harms-rape-survivors

2. Compassion is being selectively demonstrated by the media. Not only are most media outlets not reporting on Tigray, but when they do their language is biased. This is irresponsible and unacceptable. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @NBCNews @TODAYshow @ABChttps://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/17/nowhere-on-earth-are-people-more-at-risk-than-tigray-says-who-chief

3. Compassion is being selectively demonstrated by corporations. Major companies across industries have rightfully and rapidly pulled out of Russia, but have forgotten about Tigray’s plight. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @Airbnb @Meta @Starbucks @YouTube @Boeing

4. .@YouTube has globally blocked Russian state-funded media, yet the platform has been instrumental in propagating Ethiopian propaganda against Tigrayans. This is hypocrisy. Do black lives not matter?#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @Blklivesmatter @ava @Oprah https://www.thedailybeast.com/refugees-from-other-wars-want-to-know-why-white-ukrainians-get-vip-treatment

5. The int’l community must be more compassionate to the unjust suffering of people everywhere. Tigray has been cut off from the world for over a year, and global leaders have failed to take meaningful action. Why? #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @NBCBLK @BNCNews

6. After #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, more than half a million have died from violence and weaponized starvation. The world can no longer turn a blind eye while Ethiopia once again weaponizes hunger. @USAID @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @UNReliefChief @UNPeacekeeping https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

7. Ethiopia began a full-fledged assault on Tigray. Over 500k Tigrayans have been killed and over 2 million have been forced to flee their homes. The world has failed to keep the #NeverAgain promise. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @PaulKagame @JosepBorrellF @USUN

8. Ethiopia has weaponized rape, manufactured a famine, destroyed civilian infrastructure, massacred civilians, & has now resorted to burning civilians alive in its attempt to exterminate the Tigrayan people. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @ObamaFoundation @Oprah https://www.dw.com/en/ethiopian-forces-burned-tigrayan-man-alive-says-ehrc-rights-body/a-61112671

9. Issues of gender are fundamental to the experience of genocide. Over 120,000 women + girls have been raped, mutilated, & forced into slavery. Int’l leaders must persecute those committing these crimes. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @unwomenchief @endrapeinwar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnQmwj9_P5o

10. While 91% of the population needs emergency aid, Ethiopia continues to weaponize starvation with criminal impunity. We can’t allow Ethiopia to normalize genocide while millions are standing at death’s door. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @unicefchief @LindaT_G

11. Do you know that @ItalyMFA signed new economic deals with @AbiyAhmedAli after #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide? Why are Italy’s citizens not informed? Why are you not covering #TigrayGenocide like the #UkraineRussianWar? @PiazzapulitaLA7 @welikeduel @diMartedi https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-03-07/more-than-300-killed-in-air-strikes-in-northern-ethiopia-since-nov-un-rights-chief

12. “There is nowhere on earth where the health of millions of people is more under threat than Tigray”. @AbiyAhmedAli’s imposed blockade is preventing food & medicines to reach over 6 million starving under siege. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @corradoformigli https://bit.ly/36ryLui

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 4

1. In the past 500 days, 500K+ Tigrayan civilians killed, 120K+ women & girls have been raped, health centres looted & destroyed, all under a communication blackout. Please be a voice for those that have been silenced. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @nhannahjones

2. “We are very sure that we will be flooded with acutely sick patients in the coming weeks but we will not be able to help them.” The @EU_Commission must do more to stop Ethiopia from carrying out genocide. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @vestager @VDombrovskis https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.devex.com/news/tigray-the-deliberate-destruction-of-a-health-system-102252/amp

3. While the world is preoccupied with the war on Ukraine, Ethiopia and its allies are working to exterminate an entire population. This is a genocide aimed to erase Tigray. Take a stand for humanity. @TheRevAl @jemelehill @donlemon #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/opinion/2021/12/8/how-international-bodies-can-help-prevent-more-Ethiopia-massacres

4. The @UN must do more to restore Tigray’s health system. Millions will perish if concrete action is not taken today. Prioritize humanity and stop turning a blind eye to #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. @DicarloRosemary @ASteiner @ahunnaeziakonwa @Atayeshe

5. “My child has appendicitis and cannot get treatment” Children are dying from not only bombs but curable diseases and starvation. The Ethiopian govt must stop the deadly siege on Tigray. @CharlesMichel @AnnLinde @dreynders #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

6. “As many as 500,000 people have died from war & famine in Tigray over the past 16 months.” The int’l community’s lack of action has played a key role in this catastrophe. Please ACT NOW. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @UNReliefChief @FilippoGrandi @PalomaUnicef https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

7. The world has rightfully stood up against the war on Ukraine, but why is the war on Tigray not getting the same attention? Horrific crimes have been documented during #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. What will it take? @mbachelet @antonioguterres @NLatICC @USUN https://guardian.ng/news/ethiopian-forces-burned-tigrayan-man-alive/

8. 120K+ Tigrayan women and girls have been brutally raped by Amhara, Eritrean and Ethiopian forces. Many left without proper treatment as a result of the siege. Will you please be a voice for these women? @SophiaBush @EmmaWatson #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/4/21/a-tigrayan-womb-should-never-give-birth-rape-in-ethiopia-tigray

9. .@IntlCrimCourt has shown support towards Ukraine, but why is it controversial when it comes to Tigray? How can you allow Ethiopia to commit genocide? Tigray desperately needs unfettered humanitarian aid. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @KarimKhanQC @NLatICC https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/01/23/ethiopias-government-appears-to-be-wielding-hunger-as-a-weapon

10. Your ‘concerns’ have done nothing but allowed half a MILLION lives to perish at the hands of genocidal regimes. We urge you to take meaningful action today before Tigray is starved to death. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @UNDP @UNFPA @UNTreatyBodies @UNOSAPG https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/

11. Ethiopia is committing a genocide under a total communication blackout. Tigray has been in the dark for 16+ months. The crimes documented so far are only the tip of the iceberg. You must take action. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @StateDept https://staging-omnatigray.com/telecommunications-and-internet-blackout-in-ethiopia-tigray-region/

12. The US sanctioned Russia & @POTUS called Putin a “war criminal” for actions in Ukraine. In Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed waged #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide yet there hasn’t been a similar response. The US must be consistent in its values.#CallItAGenocide @SecBlinken https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/global-opinions/abiy-ahmed-ethiopia-tigray-invasion/2021/01/27/b5ccd58e-5ff9-11eb-9430-e7c77b5b0297_story.html

#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide Pt. 5

1. “As many as 500k people have died from war & famine in the Tigray region of N. Ethiopia over the past 16 months.” End #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide by ensuring those who commit atrocities are held accountable. #SupportHR6600 @RepDavidTrone @RepAnnWagner https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-tigray-war-has-seen-up-to-half-a-million-dead-from-violence-and/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

2. Tigray remains under siege as the Ethiopian government weaponizes hunger. The US must ensure humanitarian aid successfully enters Tigray to reach the millions in famine. Please take action today. #SupportHR6600 #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @AOC @RepJayapal

3. “Many report being told that they are raped & sexually violated because of their ethnic identity.” Perpetrators must be held accountable for using rape as a weapon of war. #SupportHR6600 #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @RepMarcyKaptur @RepBarbaraLee @RepDLesko https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/08/10/what-rape-as-a-weapon-of-war-in-tigray-really-means/

4. “Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped & expelled. Months after crops were burned & communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.” @ClaraLionelFdn #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region

5. While Tigrayans in Italy are mourning #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, @MarinaSereni of @ItalyMFA continues to fund @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal regime by signing new economic agreements with Ethiopia. All despite the 120k women raped by ENDF. @PiazzapulitaLA7 https://twitter.com/ItalyinEthiopia/status/1498752704214192133

6. .@ItalyMFA’s double standards are despicable: On one 🫱 @luigidimaio rightfully condemned Russia’s war crimes. On the other 🫲 @MarinaSereni keeps funding @AbiyAhmedAli (via @aics_it).#BlackLivesMatter too! #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @PiazzapulitaLA7

7. Talking about economic bonds with Ethiopia after #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide is despicable.Talking about the “role of women in peace processes” with @SahleWorkZewde, the president of a govt responsible for 120k rapes is shameful! @MarinaSereni @luigidimaio https://twitter.com/ItalyinEthiopia/status/1498691482169008129

8. Yet another wicked choice by @MarinaSereni! On top of stipulating new economic deals with Ethiopia, after #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide; she also has the nerve to meet with @DemekeHasen, the instigator of genocide. @ItalyMFA is run by criminals. @repubblica https://twitter.com/ItalyinEthiopia/status/1498332044174241797

9. For #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide civilians have been imprisoned, gang-raped, bombed, burned, drowned & murdered by @PMEthiopia. Yet, @MarinaSereni of @ItalyMFA recently went to Addis to sign new economic deals with @AbiyAhmedAli! @ItalyinEthiopia @aics_it https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-03-07/more-than-300-killed-in-air-strikes-in-northern-ethiopia-since-nov-un-rights-chief

10. .@PMEthiopia has granted total impunity to its army & allied forces guilty of all types of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Including, the murders of 20 aid workers. @JanezLenarcic @JosepBorrellF @SpainMFA @MFAofArmenia #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide https://nyti.ms/3IkCIhm