#StopTigrayFamine – September 22, 2021

#StopTigrayFamine Pt. 1

1. Deadly siege & blockade of Tigray is already resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis. It is critical that @UN and EU leaders act now in order to airdrop food into Tigray! #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide

@vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EU_Commission https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

2. Famine is wielded as a weapon of war as the delivery of humanitarian aid to Tigray continues to be obstructed by the Ethiopian government. Millions are at risk of starvation. It’s time to #StopTigrayFamine!

@USAID @KenyaMissionUN @PalomaUnicef @UN_HRC https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

3. In some cases, “people are eating only green leaves for days.” International leaders must work to #StopTigrayFamine. Airdrop food into Tigray before millions die of starvation. @WFP @EU_Commission @unicefchief @SamanthaJPower @JanezLenarcic

4. The Ethiopian government has failed its constitutional and moral obligations. Millions will die in Tigray if humanitarian aid doesn’t go through. Food must be airdropped into Tigray! #StopTigrayFamine @USAID @WFPChief @SecBlinken @UKUN_NewYork @USAmbUN https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

5. The Ethiopian govt’s refusal to let aid workers into Tigray has hampered humanitarian operations. Civilians are steadily dying from an engineered famine.

Airdropping food into Tigray is an option that must be considered ASAP! @EU_Commission @WFPChief https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/400000-people-ethiopias-tigray-face-famine-now-78640838

6. The Ethiopian government’s use of starvation against a civilian population is a war crime that appointed leaders are fully aware of.

What are you doing to help #StopTigrayFamine? More must be done!

@UNHumanRights @UNICEFUSA @IntlCrimCourt @UNGeneva https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

7. The Ethiopian govt is systematically killing Tigrayans. The govt hasn’t taken steps toward a true ceasefire and refuses to let aid into Tigray. This engineered famine is currently threatening millions of lives. #StopTigrayFamine @UnderSecStateJ @WHCOS https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

8. 6.8M people in #Tigray need emergency food aid

900k civilians are in famine conditions

90% of the harvest looted or burned

80% of the livestock looted or slaughtered

Food needs to be air-dropped NOW!

@FilippoGrandi @FAO #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/03/africa/tigray-ethiopia-food-shortage-intl/index.html

9. A disaster engineered by @AbiyAhmedAli: GENOCIDE via mass STARVATION. A man-made catastrophe that has been unfolding in Tigray for the past 10 months. Millions of lives are at risk. AIR-DROP FOOD to #StopTigrayFamine! @DavidSassoli @Europarl_IT @FAO https://bit.ly/2XLc8g9

10. THE????WORST HUNGER CRISIS! “Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped & expelled.” Italy chose to ignore @AbiyAhmedAli’s atrocities over business. @pdnetwork @MarinaSereni #StopTigrayFamine https://bit.ly/2XLc8g9

11. Millions face forced starvation in Tigray as @AbiyAhmedAli uses hunger to exterminate civilians during #TigrayGenocide.@Palazzo_Chigi needs to stop ignoring @PMEthiopia’s crimes & participate in air-dropping food to save lives! @FAO #StopTigrayFamine https://bit.ly/2XLc8g9

12. The latest appeal by the catholic bishop of Adigrat is a desperate cry for help. @AbiyAhmedAli must be stopped & forced to end the siege on Tigray. Millions are being deliberately starved to death! #StopTigrayFamine @luigidimaio @ItalyMFA @EU_Commissionhttps://www.panorama.it/tigray-bishop-millions-to-die?share_id=6683945

13. “Tragedies of historic proportions”: @UN confronts @AbiyAhmedAli’s Ethiopia as famine grips Tigray region. @Montecitorio & @Palazzo_Chigi MUST help by air-dropping food via @UN &/or @EU_Commission! #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide @FAO @EnricoLetta https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

14. Over 90% of Tigray’s harvest looted and burned. 80% of livestock looted or slaughtered. This scorched earth policy + humanitarian blockade has resulted in 900K+ civilians living in famine conditions. #StopTigrayFamine @EP_President @eucopresident @EUAmbUS https://twitter.com/tghatmedia/status/1438415169080729600?s=21

#StopTigrayFamine Pt. 2

1. This man-made humanitarian catastrophe of biblical proportions will claim millions of lives. Yet, @MinisteroDifesa maintains a military deal with @AbiyAhmedAli, the very same tyrant that started #TigrayGenocide and that now refuses to #StopTigrayFamine.https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/400000-people-ethiopias-tigray-face-famine-now-78640838

2. On 5/26/21 @USAID reported that 5.5M Tigrayans were critically food insecure. “Since then, a near-total blockade put in place by Ethiopian military forces has allowed less than 500 relief trucks to enter the region.” #StopTigrayFamine @PiazzapulitaLA7 https://www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/2021/8/19/6-tough-questions-we-need-to-ask-about-the-famine-in-tigray

3. ⚠️Tigray is experiencing famine

⚠️Relief aid is not getting in

⚠️The blockade is causing extreme human suffering

⚠️Needs are mounting

⚠️Children are needlessly suffering

⚠️This is a man-made famine. The 2nd in 40yrs

@FilippoGrandi @FAO #StopTigrayFamine https://t.ly/sCWv

4. ⚠️For days in Tigray people have been eating only green leaves. Deliberate starvation is @AbiyAhmedAli’s latest genocidal chapter. Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped & expelled. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide @WFP @UN @POTUS @EU_Commission https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

5. Due to lack of action, a preventable humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding under the eyes of the @IntlCrimCourt. @AbiyAhmedAli’s Govt continues the #TigrayGenocide by deliberately starving Tigrayans. Time to airdrop food! @WFP @UN @POTUSPlease ACT NOW & #StopTigrayFamine!

6. In 10 months of #TigrayGenocide, Ethiopia & its allies:-Burned crops & seeds-Slaughtered livestock-Enforced a humanitarian blockadeNow 97% of Tigrayans are facing starvation! #StopTigrayFamine@EnricoLetta @FilippoGrandi @luigidimaio@EUCouncilhttps://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/03/africa/tigray-ethiopia-food-shortage-intl/index.html

7. People in Tigray are dying every day because of the Ethiopian govt’s humanitarian blockade. No food. No medicines. No electricity. No telecoms. People are eating tree leaves to survive #TigrayGenocide! #StopTigrayFamine@luigidimaio @EnricoLetta @EUatUNhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

8. .@POTUS is ready to sanction the Ethiopian govt.Yet, @ItalyMFA continues to support @AbiyAhmedAli. Italy must align with the EU & @NATO. Cancel the arms deal & stop financing @PMEthiopia! #StopTigrayFamine@luigidimaio @guerini_lorenzo @RaiNews @FAOhttps://www.reuters.com/world/africa/us-paves-way-more-sanctions-over-ethiopias-tigray-conflict-2021-09-17/

9. Eritrean & Ethiopian troops along with Amhara militia continue to massacre Tigrayans while also blocking them from receiving basic life-saving aid.@AbiyAhmedAli’s goal is to starve Tigray to death!#StopTigrayFamine @luigidimaio @lauraboldrini@UNICEF https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

10. Ethiopia’s tactic has been to allow aid into Tigray when pressure from @IntlCrimCourt mounts. “Just because they allowed trucks in for some visibility at the time of a high-level visit …there is an ongoing blockade.” #StopTigrayFamine @StateDept @UNICEFhttps://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news/2021/8/9/tigray-aid-response-hit-by-suspensions-blockade

11. Ethiopia has been warned countless times to allow aid into Tigray. Many are already dying daily due to lack of food and “If no urgent solution is found, we will lose many people due to hunger.” #StopTigrayFamine @USAIDEthiopia @irishmissionun @EUatUN @UN https://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region?fbclid=IwAR18e-Gft73Su2xULZecmxWF-EnNupxoOU-lfGz-0ZEVKRyYxbmfE_H2mbg

12. .@UNOCHA report shows it’s operating with only 0.2% cash, 12% fuel, & 3% trucks of what’s needed to operate. This magnifies the level of aid inadequacy and lack of access to resources in Tigray. #StopTigrayFamine @davidmcallister @USUN @WhiteHouse @UN https://reports.unocha.org/en/country/ethiopia/?fbclid=IwAR2xoH7-3M2tzJ0JQSqEuaO1MjFPZEGxa19tLR3fAIZ4or2n91vY7jsGUNM

13. The @IntlCrimCourt & @UN are failing to protect civilians from a famine engineered by Abiy Ahmed & Isaias Afwerki. “More than 350,000 metric tons of food aid are positioned in Ethiopia, but very little of it can get into Tigray.” #StopTigrayFamine @hrwhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

14. Currently, 91% (97% according to Tigray Gov) of the population needs emergency aid. 90% of 2020’s harvest was lost. Tigray desperately needs world leaders to act today to #StopTigrayFamine! @USAID @USAmbUN @EU_Commission @antonioguterres@unicefchief https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/exclusive-un-official-accuses-eritrean-forces-deliberately-starving-tigray-2021-06-11/

#StopTigrayFamine Pt. 3

1. The Ethiopian government is deliberately impeding the delivery of food aid, medical supplies & fuel into Tigray. The international community must quickly act to #StopTigrayFamine. Avert the world’s worst humanitarian crisis unfolding by air dropping food now! @PowerUSAID @UN

2. To restrict life-saving aid from reaching Tigray, bridges have been destroyed, aid workers killed & humanitarian workers face obstacles imposed by the Ethiopian govt. The international community must #StopTigrayFamine by air dropping food now! @UN @USAIDCharles @simoncoveney

3. Famine has already set in for almost a million people in Tigray, with millions more at risk. The international community must take bold action to avert the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. #StopTigrayFamine by air dropping food now! @TimmermansEU @vestager @EUSR_Weber @WFP

4. Ethiopian, Eritrean & Amhara forces are using starvation to carry out #TigrayGenocide. Starving the people of Tigray is intentional, systematic & widespread. The international community must act now to #StopTigrayFamine before millions die! Food must be airdropped now! @UNOCHA

5. “Tigray needs an immediate ceasefire, and an end to the blockade so that full humanitarian access—most importantly food and medical supplies—can get in. Without this, the famine will grow.” #StopTigrayFamine@unicefchief @EU_Commission @LindaT_G @UNOSAPG https://www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/2021/8/19/6-tough-questions-we-need-to-ask-about-the-famine-in-tigray

6. “Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped and expelled. Months after crops were burned & communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.” #StopTigrayFamine @AmbMKimani @UN_HRChttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

7. One of the most disturbing acts committed by the Ethiopian govt in their war on Tigray, is the weaponization of food & aid. This has caused hundreds of people to die of hunger and illness daily. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide@USAIDAfrica @UNICEF_uk @tomastobe @MedairInt

8. Ethiopia has blocked food from entering Tigray. Farmers have had their crops burned & food storages looted by Ethiopian/Eritrean troops in an attempt to starve civilians. It’s time to airdrop food to Tigray. #StopTigrayFamine @SoceFallBirima @DrMikeRyan https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/03/africa/tigray-ethiopia-food-shortage-intl/index.html

9. “More than 400,000 people are estimated to have crossed the threshold into famine and another 1.8 million people are on the brink of famine.” The numbers are steadily growing. Children are dying. #StopTigrayFamine @SavetheChildren @ChildrensRightshttps://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

10. “This shortage is not because food is unavailable, but because the Ethiopian government is obstructing humanitarian aid and personnel, including land convoys and air access.”We need meaningful action to #StopTigrayFamine. @NorwayUN @franceonu @USAmbUNhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-58279442

11. The Ethiopian govt has created a man-made famine in Tigray in order to starve the population to death.Civilians are dying daily due to hunger.This needs to end NOW! #StopTigrayFamine@antonioguterres @mbachelet @JosepBorrellF@KellyTClementshttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

12. “The children are coughing and getting diarrhea. We eat once a day,” said Priest Mokonen. Half his harvest had to be abandoned due to fighting, & the half he had gathered was burned. The @WFP must airdrop aid to Tigray ASAP. @SecBlinken #StopTigrayFamine https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/exclusive-un-official-accuses-eritrean-forces-deliberately-starving-tigray-2021-06-11/

13. 10+ months since Tigray is under weaponized starvation. Now, children are dying each minute due to starvation. It is critical that life-saving aid is airdropped into Tigray. #StopTigrayFamine @UNICEF @WFP @FAOAfrica @FAOemergencies @unwomenchief https://twitter.com/TghatMedia/status/1438415169080729600/video/1

14. “The number of people at risk of starvation is exponentially increasing in both rural and urban areas. In some cases, people are eating only green leaves for days.” We need concrete action to #StopTigrayFamine! @UNICEF @WFP @FAOemergencies @FAODG @ICAO https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

15. Ethiopia and its allies have been using a scorched earth policy to systematically starve Tigray. Millions of lives hang in the balance. Act now and #StopTigrayFamine. #TigrayGenocide @Mariearenaps @FMCastaldo @fernanddev @UKUN_NewYork https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/exclusive-un-official-accuses-eritrean-forces-deliberately-starving-tigray-2021-06-11/

16. In the man-made famine where 900k+ people are at risk of starvation, Ethiopian gov’t has imposed a total siege. Basic services need to be restored immediately + @WFP must airdrop food into Tigray to save millions. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide @UNReliefChief @USUN @MexOnu

#StopTigrayFamine Pt. 4

1. As a man-made famine takes place in Tigray (northern Ethiopia), it’s impossible to know how many in Irob have already died. This area has been under complete military occupation and blockade for over 10 months. #StopTigrayFamine @WFP @WHO @FAO @UN https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

2. “This is not a ceasefire, it’s a siege and starvation is being used as a weapon of war,” EU crisis-management commissioner Janez Lenarčič. The international community must take action to #StopTigrayFamine executed by the #ETH gov’t. @EU_Commission https://euobserver.com/world/152370

3. The Ethiopian govt suspended reputable relief organizations such as @MSF to prevent delivery of aid to northern Ethiopia. #Eth will stop at nothing to continue it’s cruel campaign of starvation as a weapon of war. #StopTigrayFamine @UNOCHA @paytonknopf https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news/2021/8/9/tigray-aid-response-hit-by-suspensions-blockade

4. People in northern Ethiopia have to resort to eating green leaves just to survive. A mother & her newborn weighing just 1.7 pounds died from hunger last week. How is the global community letting this happen in 2021? @paytonknopf @Invisible @UNICEF @ICRC https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/cry-dying-hunger-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-80121113

5. Food is definitely being used as a weapon of war. There’s been far too much evidence showing that the #Eth govt is trying to starve Tigrayans to death. @WFP @USUN @JanezLenarcic, you must and fulfill your responsibilities and #StopTigrayFamine. https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/exclusive-un-official-accuses-eritrean-forces-deliberately-starving-tigray-2021-06-11/

6. “The lives of many of these people depend on our ability to reach them with food, medicine, nutrition supplies… we need to reach them now. Not next week.” Millions of Tigrayan lives are going to perish if you don’t #StopTigrayFamine NOW. @dreynders @WFP https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/400000-people-ethiopias-tigray-face-famine-now-78640838

7. For months, the #Eth govt has made it clear that it won’t lift its blockade of humanitarian aid from entering northern Ethiopia. It is time to airdrop much-needed food into Tigray and save lives. #StopTigrayFamine @USAID @UNGeneva @WFP @VeraJourova https://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

8. Tigray is experiencing a MAN-MADE FAMINE and 97% of the population need emergency food aid. World leaders are in a position of power for a reason; use it & save human lives. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide @StateDept @PowerUSAID @UN_HRC @eu_echo https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tigray-ethiopia-famine-united-nations-meeting/

9. “900,000 people in Tigray face famine conditions in what the @UN has called the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade”. This is a result of the anti-farming campaign and blockade by the #Eth govt & its allies. Act now & #StopTigrayFamine! @UN @UNOCHA https://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

10. “People’s skin color was beginning to change due to hunger; they looked emaciated with protruding skeletal bones.” Tigray is on the brink of extinction. The world needs to take concrete action now! #StopTigrayFamine @WFP @eu_echo @dreynders @vonderleyen https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

11. Millions of people are in dire need of food,medical supplies, water and sanitation. Among the worst-affected are women and children. @PalomaUnicef @unwomenchief @UNICEFuk_action – it’s time to ACT NOW to #StopTigrayFamine. The @UN must do more! https://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region

12. Many children in northern Ethiopia are suffering from severe malnutrition. These children are fighting to survive. Save the Children of Tigray by airdropping life-saving aid. #StopTigrayFamine @unicefaustralia @UNICEFUSA @WFPChief @PmTunisia @Niger_ONU https://www.unicef.org/press-releases/tenfold-increase-number-children-requiring-treatment-acute-malnutrition-tigray

13. “Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped and expelled.” The world is silently watching as millions in Tigray are being wiped out. #StopTigrayFamine @VDombrovskis @MarosSefcovic https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

14. Using food as a weapon is an act of genocide. Millions may perish due to a famine manufactured by Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki. When will world leaders step in to #StopTigrayFamine? @UNOSAPG @PalomaUnicef @UNICEFCHIEF @unwomenchief @antonioguterres https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/3800-metric-tons-of-food-blocked-from-reaching-tigray-world-food-bank-says/ar-AALHcV4

15. 100K children at risk of death from malnutrition not because of lack of food but because Ethiopia won’t #AllowAccessToTigray. @UN mustn’t allow Ethiopia to starve children. #StopTigrayFamine @UNICEFEthiopia @savechildrenuk @save_children @keepachildalive https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/100000-children-tigray-risk-death-malnutrition-unicef-2021-07-30/

16. “In every district of the more than 20 where one aid group works, residents have starved to death.” Ethiopia is starving Tigray by blocking critical aid. Act now to #StopTigrayFamine before millions perish. @EstoniaUN @VietNam_UN @czorrinho @hickspeggy https://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region

#StopTigrayFamine Pt. 5

1. “No medical supplies or fuel have been delivered to Tigray in more than a month, the U.S. says, blaming “government harassment” and decisions, not the fighting.” We need leaders to take action against Ethiopia’s blockade. #StopTigrayFamine @UNReliefChief https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/cry-dying-hunger-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-80121113

2. The international community MUST demand unfettered humanitarian access into all of northern Ethiopia. The children of Tigray are suffering and must not be forgotten. #StopTigrayFamine @mbachelet @PalomaUnicef @UNReliefChief @WFPChief @SecBlinken https://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

3. Int’l leaders have an obligation to protect children but continue to fail them. Children are deliberately being starved by the Ethiopian government & their Eritrean allies. We need concrete action to #StopTigrayFamine. @SamanthaJPower @IntlCrimCourt @UN https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/05/28/ethiopia-tigray-schools-occupied-looted

4. “The humanitarian situation in Tigray is now dire because the people there have not had access to the basic needs to survive for a long time.” When will you use your power to #StopTigrayFamine? @antonioguterres @mbachelet @UNReliefChief @PalomaUnicef https://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

5. Ethiopian & allied forces intentionally destroyed public services such as grain milling businesses in Tigray. Civilians are forced to mill the very scarce grains they had left on querns, but even those were destroyed. #StopTigrayFamine @USAID @WFP_Africa pic.twitter.com/mGHYJZHIJn

6. A famine was manufactured by @AbiyAhmedAli’s leadership as a strategy to exterminate Tigrayans; as if weaponized rape, massacres, looting & destruction of infrastructures wasn’t enough. We need action from global leaders to #StopTigrayFamine @PowerUSAID pic.twitter.com/YbEi12HKyF

7. “There were around 400,000 people on the edge of famine-like conditions [in Tigray] in June. We have not really managed to assess the situation since then, it has been too difficult to do so.” @USUNSpox @DeputySecState #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/report-150-starved-death-ethiopias-tigray-august-79871087

8. “In Tigray region, people now eat only green leaves for days. At a health center last week, a mother and her newborn weighing just 1.7 pounds died from hunger.” #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide @ICAO @FAODG @UnderSecPD @UnderSecStateP @StateDeptSpox https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/cry-dying-hunger-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-80121113

9. Children throughout northern Ethiopia are severely malnourished & as a result, they are dying. Appointed leaders have a responsibility to protect and it’s time for those leaders to #StopTigrayFamine. @antonioguterres @mbachelet @unicefchief @USAmbUN pic.twitter.com/LHOGEq1l8o

10. A 2 year old is treated for malnutrition after fleeing from the town of Abi Adi with his mother. The weaponization of food is a war crime that must be condemned. Hold the Ethiopian & Eritrean govt responsible. #StopTigrayFamine @StateDept @EU_Commission pic.twitter.com/iIZQoMtYt1

11. A mother walked 12 days in search of help for her malnourished 3 week old baby girl. The situation is only getting worse as Tigrayans are deprived of life-saving aid by the Ethiopian govt. #StopTigrayFamine @LindaT_G @unicefchief @SecBlinken @vonderleyen pic.twitter.com/ieddKe9SAf

12. A woman sits with her underweight 17 month old baby. The lone survivor of her triplets, the infant was admitted with complications stemming from severe acute malnutrition, including heart failure. #StopTigrayFamine It’s time for the @UN to act NOW. pic.twitter.com/5r6oE5FEYQ

13. This 22 month old child was unconscious when he was first admitted in April, severely malnourished & anemic after losing half his body weight. How much longer will Tigray have to wait for @UN leaders to help #StopTigrayFamine? @unicefchief @WFPChief @hrw pic.twitter.com/qQJFT74IqT

14. .@AbiyAhmedAli’s administration is so determined to erase Tigrayans that it joined all its forces to exterminate Tigrayans. Abiy ordered troops to shell dense cities, massacre civilians, and created a man-made famine. More must be done to #StopTigrayFamine! @JanezLenarcic

15. Since early on in the war, its been clear that Ethiopia is weaponizing food by systematically using bureaucracy to delay/block aid to Tigray. Aid agencies warned about it and the @IntlCrimCourt did nothing. @PowerUSAID @WFP @StateDeptPM #StopTigrayFamine https://sentinelcolorado.com/orecent-headlines/in-tigray-food-is-often-a-weapon-of-war-as-famine-looms/

16. “Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped & expelled. Months after crops were burned & communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.”⁦#StopTigrayFamine airdrop food @RepGregoryMeeks⁩ ⁦⁦@POTUS