Sexual Violence in Tigray – #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls – August 15, 2021

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Pt. 1

1. Why have @UN leaders allowed widespread weaponized rape with impunity across Tigray? For nine months, we have pleaded for the @UN Security Council to take concrete action to ensure #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls. @UNGeneva @KenyaMissionUN @irishmissionun

2. 10s of 1000s of women + girls have been raped in Tigray to “cleanse the blood line” of the Tigrayan people. The dismissal + whitewashing of these atrocities by @UN_Women @unwomenethiopia warrants condemnation. @MeTooMVMT #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

3. “Soldiers and militias subjected Tigrayan women and girls to rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, sexual mutilation and other forms of torture.” How could the @UN allow this? #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @NorwayUN @PmTunisia @mbachelet @EstoniaUN @franceonu

4. The damage is done & the psychological trauma will affect generations to come. Will world leaders find effective solutions? The @UN has NOT done enough to ensure #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls. @LindaT_G @mbachelet @UNReliefChief @endrapeinwar @UN_HRC

5. The sexual violence in Tigray clearly indicates that weaponized rape was widespread and intended to terrorize the Tigrayan ethnic group. Survivors need protection and support. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @ASteiner @VeraJourova @AnnLinde @ahunnaeziakonwa

6. It‘s difficult for rape survivors to come forward because when they do, they are met with more questions than support. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls will bring justice to all women around the world who face weaponized rape. @endrapeinwar @GCR2P @hrw @NDI

7. .@amnesty’s report about systematic and weaponized rape in Tigray provides a number of shocking first-hand accounts that illustrate the vile nature of the #TigrayGenocide. We demand #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls! @AnnEncontre @ChiwaraLetty @AdeleKhodr

8. Rape & SGBV has been used as a weapon of war. Eritrean & Ethiopian perpetrators must be held accountable for inflicting lasting psychological and physical damage on Tigrayan women and girls. @WomenforWomen @IntlCrimCourt #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

9. “They raped me one after the other..I don’t know if they realized I was pregnant. I don’t know if they realized I was a person.” @amnesty’s latest report has unearthed horrific #weaponizedrape. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNICEF_uk @UNICEFUSA @hrw

10. Per @amnesty, “there are limited, if any, protection, rehabilitation and livelihood services available to survivors.” Immediate & concerted effort is needed to support survivors. @hrw @ICRC @phumzileunwomen @KellyTClements #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls

11. “We left Humera carrying our children as heavy artillery was striking our house. They caught us around the bus station in Sheraro. They raped the women & slaughtered the men.” #ETH is committing a Genocide. @SavetheChildren #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

12. “There were many Shabiyas [Eritrean soldiers]. They commit lots of horrific things. Three of them raped me in front of my child.” The magnitude of these crimes must be taken seriously by the Int’l. community. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @HouseofCommons

13. “We removed 4 nails from the body that stayed there for more than 2 months. One of the nails was curved. It was very difficult for her to sleep and walk before we removed the nails.” @UN ACT NOW! #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @unwomenafrica @unwomenEU

14. “They kept me captive for 15 days in the forest. At the end they put condoms and gravel inside me (my vagina). They thought I was dead & they left me.” We cannot become desensitized to these horrific crimes. @JanezLenarcic #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Pt. 2

1. In an effort to avoid reporting testimonies as evidence, @unwomenethiopia leadership is dismissing the gravity of #weaponizedrape committed against Tigrayan women + girls the urgency for action needed in response. @UN_Women #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

2. A 16 year old recalls her ordeal: “He took my virginity and then left, and then the other three men also raped me. They kept me for three days in that house and continued to rape me many times.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @GisellaLomax @UNICEF

3. Over 1,200 cases of sexual violence were documented by health centers in Tigray between Feb. and April alone. The numbers are expected to be higher as many centers were intentionally destroyed. @NDIWomen @womensaction @ICRW #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

4. .@amnesty stated “rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, sexual mutilation and torture” have been perpetrated by the Ethiopian, Eritrean & Amhara forces. Canada must demand accountability. @JustinTrudeau @marcGarneau @MaryamMonsef #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls

5. Canada claims to stand for women’s rights, yet @JustinTrudeau continues to support a regime that is utilizing weaponized rape against its own citizens.These crimes must be condemned. #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls @CanadaFP @liberal_party @MarcGarneau @NDP@UNICEFCanada

6. Sexual violence has been used as a strategy to “terrorize, degrade, and humiliate both the victims and their ethnic group”. These war crimes and violations must be condemned immediately @JustinTrudeau @MaryamMonsef @NDP @CanadaFP #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls #TigrayGenocide

7. Many Tigrayan women and girls were held in sexual slavery for up to several weeks – @amnesty reported. How will Canada respond to these gross human rights violations? #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls #TigrayGenocide @JustinTrudeau @CanadaFP @liberal_party @MarcGarneau @NDP

8. .@amnesty reported that Ethiopian forces carried out weaponized rape in Tigray with “sadistic brutality.”Why does Canada continue to fund a regime that commits such acts? @JustinTrudeau @CanadaFP @liberal_party @MarcGarneau @NDP @TorontoStar #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls

9. Weaponized rape committed by Ethiopian, Eritrean & Amhara forces amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity. All perpetrators must be held accountable @JustinTrudeau @CanadaFP @NDP @MarcGarneau @MaryamMonsef @KarimKhanQC @endrapeinwar #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls

10. “They raped me one after the other… I don’t know if they realized I was pregnant. I don’t know if they realized I was a person.” Tragic accounts of the human cost of the war in Tigray. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @EUatUN @womensaction @humansofny

11. Lulit, a widow and mother of three, told @amnesty that she was raped by 7 Amhara militia members near Mai Kadra. The men also abducted her 16 y/o daughter. #ETH must be held accountable for these war crimes. @Europarl_EN #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

12. “In detention they beat me three times a day. Every morning, in the afternoon and at night. Then they came every night to rape me.” #ETH must be exposed for using rape as a military strategy. @SecBlinken @antonioguterres #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

13. “They [Eritrean soldiers] committed lots of attacks. They raped me, consecutively for days, in turns. We were with them for 1 month & 2 weeks in the field. They were raping us the whole time.” We demand #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls‼️ @UNAIDS @SAdamsR2P

14. “Three men raped me. They told me “You Junta! We will not get anything if you die. We would rather torture you”, and they beat me, and raped me.” The @UN must help these survivors after all they’ve endured. @USGSRSGPatten #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Pt. 3

1. “There were many soldiers; I was raped by eight of them…Usually, they went out to guard the area in two shifts. When four of them went out, the rest stayed and raped me.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @humansofny @CAREGlobal @GlobalFundWomen @ngowgwps

2. In a recent report, @amnesty interviewed Tigrayan women + girls + concluded that Ethiopian soldiers + allied forces raped them. @ChiwaraLetty @UN_Women @unwomenethiopia however have dismissed + whitewashed these war crimes. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

3. Yemisrach recalls being raped in a ditch: “Four Eritreans captured me and raped me, all of them. I told them I am HIV positive, they said we don’t care. They said, “you think you can fool us”. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @RESCUEorg @WomenDeliver

4. “I have not enough words. They see us [Tigrayan women] as a leftover kollo [a local cereal snack].” Tigrayan women recount their horrifying stories of sexual violence by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara forces. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @iwda @RepSaraJacobs @UNWomenWatch

5. “The pregnant woman gave birth after they raped her, and the baby was stillborn. She was raped by five men.” Testimonies from Tigrayan victims at the hands of Amhara Fano Militia. International actors MUST act. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @USAmbUN

6. The physical pain is a constant reminder of the terror survivors endured at the hands of invading troops. The bleeding, back pain, immobility & fistula. The anxiety and grief. No woman deserves this.#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @USAID @iwda @UNWomenUK

7. Women and girls were subjected to gang rape, sexual slavery, and sexual mutilation. These war crimes need the world’s attention. Survivors are still suffering in the dark. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNICEF @MelissaFleming @MMackenzie74 @GisellaLomax

8. Tigrayan women testify the use of weaponized rape by the Ethiopian Govt. “They raped me while my 2 year old son was watching. When he was crying, they said ‘shut up you a son of a Tigre.'” When will we see #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls? @JosepBorrellF

9. A 16 y/o Tigrayan captive stated, “He raped me while the other three waited outside. He took my virginity & then left, and then the other three men also raped me.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @womensaction @keepachildalive @RepKarenBass @endrapeinwar

10. “The acts of rape set out in this report amount to war crimes, as they occurred in the context of an armed conflict which the perpetrators would have been aware of.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls #TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN @UN_HRC @SenateForeign

11. A survivor described being raped in front of her children then tortured with a hot iron rod: “They inserted pieces of metal in my womb; that was what hurt me. Then they left me on the street.” This is barbarism. @UN ACT NOW! #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

12. “Two survivors reported having hot metal rods, large nails and multiple types of metal and plastic shrapnel inserted deep into their vaginas, causing indescribable pain and lasting & at times irreparable damage.” @RaoufMazou #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Pt. 4

1. In a leaked recording involving Ethiopian country offices of @UN agencies, @unwomenethiopia leadership dismisses the gravity + belief in rape as a weapon of war, referring to it as “media hype.” Believe survivors, @UN_Women. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

2. “Evidence collected and reported by Amnesty International also suggests that these acts may have been committed as part of an attack against the civilian population of Tigray.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls #TigrayGenocide @sfcg_ @UNPeacekeeping @hrw

3. “More than 1,200 cases of sexual violence were documented by health centers in Tigray between February and April alone.” Survivors need ongoing support to deal with this trauma. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @endrapeinwar @EUCouncil @EU_Commission

4. “It’s clear that rape & sexual violence have been used as a weapon of war to inflict lasting physical & psychological damage on women and girls in Tigray.” @AminaJMohammed @SongweVera @FilippoGrandi @Lacroix_UN @mbachelet #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

5. .@amnesty reported, “A dozen women described being held for days or weeks while being raped multiple times, usually by several men.” Several were raped in front of family members. We need #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls‼️ @phumzileunwomen @UNDP @UNWomenLA

6. “It’s clear that rape and sexual violence have been used as a weapon of war to inflict lasting physical and psychological damage on women and girls in Tigray”. – Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNReliefChief @UNAIDS

7. The victims of weaponized rape in Tigray are as young as 10 years old.When will appointed leaders from the @UN demonstrate genuine concern? We need immediate action! #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNOCHA @Refugees @UKUN_NewYork @VietNam_UN @USAmbUN

8. The sexual violence perpetrated against women & girls in Tigray by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces is “shocking in its scale and level of brutality.” The psychological damage has left victims in a state of fear. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @unwomenafrica

9. #ETH and Eritrean armies perpetrating weaponized rape in Tigray wish to chasten their victims, habitually using ethnic slurs, insults and dehumanising remarks such as “this is what you deserve” and “you are disgusting”. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNHumanRights @USAIDAfrica

10. Survivors were savagely raped in front of family members, including children. Will the @UN continue to fail Tigray? Victims need psychological support. Health facilities need restoration. @UN_Women @phumzileunwomen @Ilhan #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

11. Amnesty’s report also detailed “additional acts of brutality accompanying the rapes,” adding that “medical professionals recounted seeing cases of nails & shrapnel used during sexual assaults.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @unwomenafrica @UN_Women @UN

12. “The UN conservatively estimates that 22,000 survivors of rape will need support. Fear of sexual violence means that women and girls stay in hiding, unable to seek food.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @IntlCrimCourt @_AfricanUnion @UNOCHA @UN_Women

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Pt. 5

1. Eritrean soldiers who gang-raped Eyerusalem after abducting her, told her they had been ordered “to come after the women”. “This is our time. It is time for the Tigrayans to weep,” she quoted her assailants. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @GCR2P @UNOSAPG

2. A leaked audio recording exhibits the @UN country offices’ stance in that evidence needs to be verified + approved by Ethiopia, a belligerent to the conflict that stands accused of atrocities incl. #weaponizedrape. @UN_Women #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

3. ‘Women say they have been raped by armed actors, they also told stories of gang rape, rape in front of family members & men being forced to rape their own family members under the threat of violence’ #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @DicarloRosemary @Ilhan

4. After shooting her in the hand, firing warning shots into the floor and an ultimatum, ‘He said he would count to three and if I did not take off my clothes he would kill me’ she said.” @Europarl_EN @FCDOGovUK @endrapeinwar #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

5. Children were not spared from merciless Ethiopian & Eritrean troops. They were raped with objects, beaten, and denied assistance for their injuries. Many were held captive in sexual slavery. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNICEFCHIEF @Alyssa_Milano

6. “He pushed me and said, ‘You Tigrayans have no history, you have no culture. I can do what I want to you and no one cares,'” one woman said of her attacker. She told CNN she is now pregnant. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @eu_eeas @EUatUN @pnudfr

7. #ETH’s @AbiyAhmedAli will be remembered for allowing soldiers to rape & torture women & children. As a leader, what role will you play in getting #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls? You must act TODAY. @MexOnu @irishmissionun @Niger_ONU @AmbMKimani @USUN

8. She counted 15 soldiers who took turns sexually assaulting her over 8 hours. “I was numb. I could see their faces. I could hear them giggle. But after a while, I was no longer feeling the pain.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @UNHOP @RepBera @HeikoMaas

9. “Amnesty International interviewed 63 survivors of sexual violence, as well as medical professionals. Twenty-eight survivors identified Eritrean forces as the sole perpetrators of rape.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @IntlCrimCourt @UNHumanRights @UN

10. Twelve of the survivors of sexual violence interviewed by Amnesty were held for days and weeks during which they were repeatedly raped by several men. Three of them were children. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @MelissaFleming @SavetheChildren @UNICEF

11. Tigrayan “women & girls were subjected to sexual violence by members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF), the Amhara Regional Police Special Force (ASF), & Fano, an Amhara militia group”. @IntlCrimCourt @UN

12. Agnès Callamard, Amnesty’s Secretary-General, said “it’s clear that rape & sexual violence have been used as a weapon of war to inflict lasting physical and psychological damage on women and girls in Tigray.” #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @OCHA_Ethiopia

#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls Spanish

1. Las mujeres y los niñas se han llevado la peor parte de la guerra en Tigray. Fuerzas Etiopia, Eritrea y milicias de Amhara han unido para cometer vilaciones horripilante utilizada como arma de guerra #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @DIASAM @AOC @MexOnu

2. “Está claro que la violación y la violencia sexual se ha utilizado como arma de guerra en Tigray. @mbachelet se necesita una investigaciones independientes dirigidas solo por la ONU en Tigray. @PalomaUnicef @mfespinosaEC @AOC #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

3. 12 mujeres dijeron que fueron mantenidas cautivas y violadas repetidamente por semanas. Actos de “VS, esclavitud y mutilación sexual y otras formas de tortura” cometidos por las Fuerzas de #Ety #Ert #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @mbachelet @DIASAM @AOC

4. Tigray totalmente bloqueado y los centros de salud destrudos y saquedos por fuerzas de #Eth y #Ert, víctimas de la VSno tienen maneras de recibir atención medical @JosepBorrellF @PalomaUnicef @MAECgob @MexOnu @ONUMujeres #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

5. Tigray totalmente bloqueado y los centros de salud destrudos y saquedos por fuerzas de #Eth y #Ert, víctimas de la VSno tienen maneras de recibir atención medical. @JosepBorrellF @PalomaUnicef @MAECgob @MexOnu @ONUMujeres #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls

6. Como si el cuerpo de la mujer fuera un campo de batalla, las tropas de Etiopia, Eritrea y fuerzas de Amhara están usando la violencia sexual como arma de guerra. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @JosepBorrellF @mbachelet @mfespinosaEC @MexOnu @Pontifex @AOC

7. Porque las fuerzas de #Eth y #Ert destruyeron y saquearon centros de salud, víctimas de violencia sexual sufren de falta de ayuda médica encima de la escasez de alimentos, refugio y ropa. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @MAECgob @SpainUN @AranchaGlezLaya

8. La mayoría de las mujeres confesan haber sido obligadas a elegir entre la violación o la muerte. Otras fueron violadas a cambio de productos básicos, como agua y comida. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @mbachelet @JosepBorrellF @PalomaUnicef @SusanaMalcorra

9. “Un esposo de una víctima de VS fue obligado a arrodillarse y mirar mientras su esposa era violada “” 6 mujeres fueron violadas por un grupo de soldados y les dijeron que no buscaran ayuda después.”#Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @mbachelet @ONUMujeres

10. A 2 supervivientes se les introdujeron en la vagina grandes clavos, grava y otros tipos de metralla de metal y plástico @mbachelet pedimos que se ponga fin inmediatamente a los crímenes que se están cometiendo en Tigray. #Justice4TigraysWomenAndGirls @AOC