September 8th – Turkey Drone Sale – September 08, 2021

#TurkeyDroneSale Pt. 1

1. .@AbiyAhmedAli has shown the world that peace cannot be achieved under his leadership. Abiy has partnered with Turkey to buy drones. The @IntlCrimCourt must hold ALL perpetrators of #TigrayGenocide responsible. #TurkeyDroneSale @davidcicilline @WHCOS–3520116

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli has partnered with Turkey to purchase weapons to continue the genocidal war on Tigray. @UN and @NATO leaders must take some form of action to stop #TigrayGenocide. Enough is enough! #TurkeyDroneSale @Niger_ONU @SVG_UN @PmTunisia @UKNATO–3520116

3. How can Turkey support the Ethiopian Govt while @AbiyAhmedAli weaponizes rape & intentionally blocks aid to civilians? EU leaders must step in. Children are dying of starvation in 2021. #TurkeyDroneSale #TigrayGenocide @EU_Commission @eu_echo @MFATurkey

4. The #TurkeyDroneSale supports the genocide on the people of Tigray. World leaders must condemn Turkey for standing with @AbiyAhmedAli as he starves his own population.#TigrayGenocide @EUCouncil @EmmanuelMacron @vonderleyen @JuttaUrpilainen @NRC_Egeland

5. Turkey is a @NATO member state and in violation of its agreed upon commitment to preventing Conflict Related Sexual Violence. The #TurkeyDroneSale is only escalating matters. Turkey must stop doing deals that cause human suffering. @UNReliefChief @USUN

6. Turkey’s Govt is participating in a genocide by supplying drones & ammunition to the Ethiopian Govt. World leaders must not turn the other way as perpetrators add fuel to the fire. #TurkeyDroneSale #TigrayGenocide @RepChuck @RepMaloney @CongressmanRaja

7. .@AbiyAhmedAli signed a military agreement pact with Turkey. @RTErdogan’s “peaceful mediation to the war” is questionable. Both are perpetrators of genocide. @vonderleyen @JuttaUrpilainen @trpresidency @hrw #TurkeyDroneSale #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice

8. The Turkish Govt has chosen to be perpetrators of #TigrayGenocide. Even after @POTUS declared massacres of Armenians by Ottoman forces during WWI, a genocide. #TurkeyDroneSale must be condemned! @RepSpeier @USAID @RepAlGreen @RepSarbanes @RepMcGovern

9. The #TurkeyDroneSale with Ethiopia will have devastating effects in Tigray, as it’s only escalating the war. It is critical that both the Ethiopian & Turkish governments are condemned for their military pact. @RepGraceMeng @RepZoeLofgren @RepColinAllred

10. Ethiopia is guilty of heavily using weaponized rape during war on Tigray. Sexual violence is well-documented in various reports; so why is @NATO allowing Turkey as a member state to perpetuate rape? #TurkeyDroneSale @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @StateDept

#TurkeyDroneSale Pt. 2

1. How can Turkey arm Ethiopia with weapons as @AbiyAhmedAli’s govt stands accused of state-sanctioned weaponized rape, massacres, and systematic hunger? #TurkeyDroneSale must be condemned. @NATOCanada @NATOinAustralia @FrankPallone @BradSherman @StateDept

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli used drones to cause agonizing harm to Tigrayan civilians. Health facilities & civilian infrastructure were destroyed among other atrocities. #TurkeyDroneSale will prolong #TigrayGenocide & must be condemned. @UnderSecPD @UnderSecStateJ–3520116

3. As the Int’l community is pushing for a negotiated cease-fire, @RTErdogan is facilitating @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal war against Tigrayans via #TurkeyDroneSale. How can @NATO allow its member to enable #TigrayGenocide? #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @SenateForeign @DeputySecState

4. The Turkish government violates a core tenet of @NATO by selling weapons to a regime that uses rape as a weapon. #TurkeyDroneSale must be condemned immediately. #TigrayGenocide @KenyaMissionUN @EstoniaUN @irishmissionun @GermanyNATO @ItalyatNATO

5. The #TurkeyDroneSale will aid in destabilizing regions across the globe. Leaders must take a firm stance against the Turkish govt. Ethiopia is committing a genocide and Turkey is an accomplice. #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @EUCouncil @USAmbUN @USNATO

6. .@NATO must hold the Turkish Govt accountable for its role in inciting the #TigrayGenocide; a war where Ethiopia & Eritrea are openly weaponizing rape. Turkey is in violation. #TurkeyDroneSale #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @NorwayNATO @BelgiumNATO @NLatNATO

7. .@AbiyAhmedAli has signed a military agreement with @RTErdogan. This will only allow Ethiopia’s genocidal gov’t to commit further war crimes on the people of Tigray. @UN leaders must act now! #TurkeyDroneSale @KenyaMissionUN @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu

8. The silence from the @IntlCrimCourt on the ongoing #TigrayGenocide continues to cost thousands of Tigrayan lives. Now, @AbiyAhmedAli’s military deal with Turkey will only escalate the war! #TurkeyDroneSale #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @StateDept @POTUS

9. Erdogan said ‘all countries in the region will be affected by the worsening of the situation (over Tigray).’ So whupy did Turkey sign a military deal with @AbiyAhmedAli & allow him to continue #TigrayGenocide? #TurkeyDroneSale @michaelgwaltz @NormaJTorres

10. Turkish government violates a core tenet of @NATO by selling arms to a regime that uses sexual violence as a weapon. #TurkeyDroneSale must be condemned immediately. #TigrayGenocide @mbachelet @EUatUN @GermanyNATO @ItalyatNATO @eu_eeas @amerkel57

#TurkeyDroneSale Pt. 3

1. The genocidal war on Tigray has created a man-made famine where 900k+ are in famine conditions and 5.2M+ in dire need of emergency food. Turkey & Ethiopia have signed a military agreement escalating the war. #TurkeyDroneSale @RepGusBilirakis @repdinatitus @eu_echo @thinkper

2. Over 10 months after the war on Tigray began, the @IntlCrimCourt continues watching #TigrayGenocide silently. Now, @AbiyAhmedAli has made a military deal with Turkey. It’s time to take action‼️#TurkeyDroneSale @StateDept @HouseForeign @JosepBorrellF @VP

3. Turkey’s new military agreement + #TurkeyDroneSale to Ethiopia will continue to fuel #TigrayGenocide. @NATO members should not be involved in supporting genocide & worsening the catastrophe in Ethiopia + the Horn. @RepBrianFitz @StateDept @SecBlinken @RepAdamSchiff @RepJudyChu

4. Turkey is worsening the catastrophic humanitarian situation and sabotaging an opportunity for a negotiated ceasefire by supplying military equipment + UAVs to #Ethiopia. #TurkeyDroneSales must be condemned! @RepBrianMast @RepDonBacon @RepTedDeutch @USUN

5. Turkey’s military involvement in #TigrayGenocide is only going to intensify the humanitarian crisis and massacres being committed against the people of Tigray. #TurkeyDroneSale @DicarloRosemary @MFATurkey @NorwayUN @RepDavidValadao @RulesDemocrats

6. .@NATO member states endorsed a new policy on preventing & responding to #weaponizRape. Then why is Turkey sponsoring the Ethiopian govt that’s actively using rape as a weapon of war? #TurkeyDroneSales @trpresidency @eucopresident @BorisJohnson @UNGeneva

7. The Turkish government violates a core tenet of @NATO by selling arms to a regime that uses sexual violence as a weapon of war. #TurkeyDroneSale must be condemned immediately. #TigrayGenocide #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @EUAmbUS @POTUS @JustinTrudeau

8. .@NATO member states endorsed a new policy to prevent & respond to weaponized rape, only for #Turkey to supply Ethiopia, a country that’s actively using systematic rape as a weapon of war. @USNATO @FranceOTAN @UKNATO #TurkeyDroneSale @StateDept #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice

9. France made the right decision to suspend a military deal with Ethiopia after witnessing how Ethiopia engaged in #TigrayGenocude for 9 months. Turkey should reverse its decision of #TurkeyDroneSale to Eth????????. @trpresidency @TurkishAirline #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice

10. Turkey’s plan to restore the Al Nejashi (first Mosque in Africa) is noble. But #TurkeyDroneSale to the same govt who purposely destroyed that same mosque is disastrous. #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice @TurkishAirlines @trpresidency @MFATurkey @RTErdogan

11. Why would #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice make a #TurkeyDroneSale to @AbiyAhmedAli, a tyrant who brought on his country a man-made famine, a genocidal war & who has committed war crimes & crimes against humanity? @FranceOTAN @SpainNATO @USNATO @IntlCrimCourt

12. In the name of “peaceful resolution” #ErdoğanGenocideAccomplice has indulged himself sponsoring #TigrayGenocide supplying arms to #Eth, a country that has unleashed a Genocide on its citizens. #TurkeyDroneSales @CanadaNATO @UKNATO @hrw @irishmissionun