Humera Massacre – #HumeraMassacre – August 11 – August 11, 2021


1. When will the execution of Tigrayans take an end? Why is the world silently watching? Stop the genocide in #Tigray NOW! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @HeikoMaas @RegSprecher @BaerbelKofler

2. The #HumeraMassacre is evidence of the #TigrayGenocide. Tigrayans are being massacred in the dark. The world must officially recognize this is a genocide. Act NOW! @RegSprecher @UNICEFgermany @AuswaertigesAmt @EUatUN @_AfricanUnion @PaulKagame

3. While the #ETH government remains silent, shocking news reaches us about dozens of refugees from Humera whose bodies are pulled out of Tekeze Lake. We cannot become desensitize to these atrocities. #HumeraMassacre @RegSpokesperson @UN @antonioguterres

4. How many more brutal, terrifying tragedies like the #HumeraMassacre need to happen until the Int’l community acts?! @JuttaUrpilainen @vonderleyen @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF it is critical that you act now, not tomorrow! Stop the #TigrayGenocide!

5. #AxumMassacre #MahbereDegoMassacre #TogogaMassacre #HumeraMassacre and the list continues. ALL of these tragedies could have been avoided if the Int’l wouldn’t look away! @EU_Commission @UNICEFgermany @HeikoMaas @vonderleyen Take Action! #TigrayGenocide

6. ????Over 70k of Tigrayans made it to Sudan refugee camps, others lost their lives on the way, and some are scattered as IDPs. We call on the Int’l community to intervene, today. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @EU_Commission @vonderleyen @EUSR_Weber

7. Due to severe flooding many bodies could not be recovered from the Tekeze River. The families of these victims were deprived of an honorable burial. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @EU_Commission @BaerbelKofler @eu_echo @JanezLenarcic @JuttaUrpilainen

8. #AxumMassacre #MahbereDegoMassacre #TogogaMassacre #HumeraMassacre and the list continues. @NobelPrize laureate @AbiyAhmedAli kills his own civilian population. @vonderleyen @HeikoMaas @BaerbelKofler, your inaction causes an immense growth of suffering.

9. It starts with the #ETH Govt hatefully speaking of his opponents as weeds and cancer, and leads to horrible atrocities like #HumeraMassacre. @UN @Refugees @mbachelet, we call on the Int’l community to not look the other way. Save lives! #TigrayGenocide

10. Behind Ethiopia’s closed doors, gross violations against human beings are taking place. Recently, shocking reports from the #HumeraMassacre have been released. @mbachelet @HeikoMaas @BaerbelKofler @GermanyDiplo – don’t look away! #TigrayGenocide

11. After infrastructure destroyed, land stolen, possessions looted, and countless massacres in #TigrayGenocide, including the #HumeraMassacre, the people of Tigray are subjected to starvation. This must stop. @amnesty @eucopresident @vonderleyen @EstoniaUN

12. . @NobelPrize laureate and war criminal @AbiyAhmedAli has managed to destroy Ethiopia from within, in just 3 years. Especially in Tigray, where tragedy takes the worst course. #HumeraMassacre is just one example of many! @amnesty @IntlCrimCourt @czorrinho

13. A 4th refugee camp has already been constructed for the victims of the #HumeraMassacre in Sudan, and over 1.1 million are internally displaced in Tigray. The world should be outraged. #TigrayGenocide @mbachelet @EmmanuelMacron @EUSR_Weber @UNICEF_uk

14. “The war in Yugoslavia began with speeches, political disputes and minor clashes. It continued, and grew, in part because of international inaction.” The same inaction is currently leading the #TigrayGenocide! #HumeraMassacre @IntlCrimCourt @GCR2P @UN

15. Over 80 civilians were slaughtered & thrown into the Tekeze River. Tigrayans are being tortured to death and the world is just watching! Stop the terrorism of PM @AbiyAhmedAli! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @HouseofCommons @UNHumanRightsEU @MKoehlerEU

16. UNFASSBAR! @AbiyAhmedAli & seine Regierung erklärten Tiginya sprechende vogelfrei!!! Wir leben nicht mehr im Mittelalter&doch verfolgt????????eine Hexenjagd desaströsen Ausmaßes! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @EU_Commission @JuttaUrpilainen @vonderleyen

#HumeraMassacre Pt. 2

1. The Amhara militia continues its ethnic cleansing campaign against Tigray’s civilians. The #HumeraMassacre is another gruesome tragedy! @ItalyMFA needs to condemn @AbiyAhmedAli’s allies unequivocally! @MarinaSereni @sebastianocardi @luigidimaio @ecdelre

2. “Around 50 bodies have been discovered over the last 2 weeks.” @AbiyAhmedAli & Amhara militias are massacring civilians in another #HumeraMassacre. #TIgrayGenocide We need your voices! @robertosaviano @fabfazio @corradoformigli @zdizoro @giovannifloris3

3. #HumeraMassacre is ongoing in #ETH, the 2nd most populous nation in Africa. Eritrea, a nation that generates 1000s of @Refugees reaching ????????’s shores, is also involved. Why are @Palazzo_Chigi @Viminale @ItalyMFA & @MinisteroDifesa supporting @AbiyAhmedAli?

4. “The U.S. says up to 900,000 people now face famine conditions.” As if that wasn’t enough, the Amhara militia is committing heinous massacres on civilians. #TigrayGenocide #HumeraMassacre @GinoStrada @lauraboldrini @robertosaviano @aboubakar_soum @amrefit

5. .@MinisteroDifesa has a military deal with @AbiyAhmedAli: #ETH’s dictator that committed #HumeraMassacre & forced millions out of their homes. Italy’s politicians must act now instead of crying later about @Refugees! @GiorgiaMeloni @matteosalvinimi

6. Unspeakable and barbaric atrocities are committed on Tigrayans in Humera. Around 50 bodies were found floating in the river between Tigray and Sudan. @luigidimaio @guerini_lorenzo, stop the military deal with @AbiyAhmedAli! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide

7. As if the siege & forced starvation were not enough, Ethiopian troops & their allied Amhara militias continue to cleanse Tigrayans by killing & throwing their bodies in the Tekeze River. @ItalyMFA @MinisteroDifesa – stop the military deal! #HumeraMassacre

8. It’s extremely sad to see the genocidal coalition of #ETH, Eritrea & Amhara militia continuing to commit genocide on Tigrayans just like in MaiKadra! @Palazzo_Chigi @Viminale @MinisteroDifesa, stop supporting @AbiyAhmedAli! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide

9. #HumeraMassacre: It’s troubling to see dozens of Tigrayan bodies washed up on the Sudanese banks of the Setit River. The genocidal regime of #ETH continues to massacre innocent civilians. @pdnetwork @MarinaSereni Stop supporting @AbiyAhmedAli!

10. “I saw a lot of barbaric things, some had been struck by an ax.” The bodies were found downstream from Humera in the Tekeze River. @guerini_lorenzo @Eli_Trenta how does it feel to have a military deal with these genocidal sadists? #HumeraMassacre @RaiNews

11. “Tewodros Tefera, a surgeon, told @AP that 2 of the bodies were found Monday, one a man with his hands bound & the other a woman with a chest wound. Fellow refugees have buried at least 10 other bodies, he said.” #HumeraMassacre @Pontifex @TgLa7 @RaiNews

12. #HumeraMassacre: Many Tigrayan bodies were found floating on the Tekeze River. They were killed by Ethiopian forces. Italy, stop supporting Abiy & take action against #TigrayGenocide! @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni @sebastianocardi @guerini_lorenzo @ItalyMFA

13. By analyzing cell phones of captured Ethiopian soldiers, the magnitude of atrocities committed on Tigrayans was revealed. #HumeraMassacre is just one of dozens of massacres. @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni @sebastianocardi @ItalyMFA @Montecitorio @coe

14. By analyzing cell phones of captured Ethiopian soldiers, the magnitude of atrocities committed on Tigrayans was revealed. #HumeraMassacre is just one of dozens of massacres. @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni @sebastianocardi @ItalyMFA @Montecitorio @coe

15. Since day one the Amhara militia committed unimaginable atrocities in #TigrayGenocide. #HumeraMassacre is the latest: 50+Tigrayans were killed & thrown into the Tekeze River. Rwanda is happening again! @MarinaSereni @luigidimaio @sebastianocardi ACT NOW!

16. These bodies are evidence of genocide. Tigrayans are victims of unimaginable atrocities. Amhara militia & Eritrean troops are acting with total impunity and it is all occurring under the nose of the @IntlCrimCourt. #HumeraMassacre @MarinaSereni @UKUN_Rome

#HumeraMassacre Pt. 3

1. “On day one I know we received around 15 dead bodies & 7 wounded civilians.” #HumeraMassacre is one of the many massacres during #TigrayGenocide. When will the world say enough is enough & take action? @davidmcalliste @tomastobe @Mariearenaps @FMCastaldo

2. “All this has happened under a dark shroud.” By keeping Tigray under a communication blackout, the #ETH Govt along with its allies are committing all types of war crimes against humanity. #HumeraMassacre @eu_echo @Europarl_EN @BelgiumAddis @BelgiumMFA

3. Amhara Special Forces have been going door to door, warning Tigrayans to get out of what they call their land. Through #TigrayGenocide, Amhara forces are trying to fulfill their desire of annexing Tigray’s rightful land. #HumeraMassacre @UNTreatyBodies

4. “At least 30 corpses have washed up on the Sudanese banks of a river.” The @IntlCrimCourt’s failure to act is allowing the perpetrators to continue committing gruesome war crimes on the people of Tigray. #HumeraMassacre @EUinEthiopia @ecdelre @UNCERF

5. “The bodies floated over the border in ones & twos, bloated & bearing knife or gunshot wounds.” How is the world still silent when such reports are coming out of Tigray everyday? We urge the @IntlCrimCourt to take action NOW! #HumeraMassacre @Haavisto

6. “Residents of towns of Humera & Alamata say they are being singled out, attacked & driven from their homes by Amhara Special Forces.” With the presence of invading forces, their own land has become a living hell for Tigrayans. #HumeraMassacre @Haavisto

7. “We found her dead on the spot,” he said. “A bullet entered her chest and came out through her back.” The @IntlCrimCourt must take concrete action to halt the ongoing #TigrayGenocide. Tigrays must be protected. #HumeraMassacre @EUinEthiopia @GCR2P @hrw

8. “There was a mother who was brought by her son. She was bleeding. Her intestine was hanging from her stomach.” @EUinEthiopia must call for a verified withdrawal of Amhara Forces who have committed acts of genocide in Humera. #HumeraMassacre @LindaT_G

9. “The latest discovery raised fears that even more bodies could be dumped into the Setit, known in Ethiopia as the Tekeze.” The people of Tigray cannot wait any longer, we demand justice! @vonderleyen @IntlCrimCourt @EUinEthiopia #HumeraMassacre

10. “They were shot in their chest, abdomen, legs… and also had their hands tied.” @IntlCrimCourt has a responsibility to hold the Ethiopian government accountable for #TigrayGenocide. #HumeraMassacre @KarimKhanQC @CPG_USHMM @JACL_National @AuschwitzMuseum

11. “As Seid put it, ‘their aim is to erase Tigray.’” #NeverAgain is happening now. A genocide is taking place in Tigray and world leaders must act now to save lives. #HumeraMassacre @BelgiumAddis @EUinEthiopia @EUAmbUS @EP_President @VeraJourova @AnnLinde–hPMovB2qFn9xLPB9joiBupXlFJhYeSJ68rSePfqUwnfZawv8W5TfgflhqPuk2I97eiXPrDq2XM88yGCRny2l7wNB_azRw1kz3PusHMDsqAfv0zr

11. “Tigrayans say they have been given just 24 hours to leave their homes. Some people have been beaten & the community is traumatized.” How is the Int’l community still reluctant to act after hearing these stories? #HumeraMassacre @eu_eeas @UN @FCDOGovUK

13. “Hundreds of thousands face famine conditions in one of the world’s worst hunger crises in a decade.” The systematic blockade of aid & killing by invading forces still continues. Call it for what it is & ACT NOW! #HumeraMassacre @Haavisto @IntlCrimCourt

14. “He shared pictures showing bruised & swollen corpses lying on the banks of the river.” What is stopping you from taking concrete actions against the war criminals? @UN @hrw @IntlCrimCourt @JosepBorrellF @EUCouncil #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide

15. “The community says the situation is really urgent. They say they’re being starved, abused, traumatized & have no hope.” Don’t turn a blind eye to #HumeraMassacre, Act Now and put a stop to #TigrayGenocde. @UN @hrw @JosepBorrellF @vonderleyen @BelgiumMFA

16. “I kept it to show the world,” Seid said. “This is genocide …Their aim is to erase Tigray.” Put a stop to the state-led #TigrayGenocide! #HumeraMassacre @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @FCDOGovUK @USAmbUN @ChrisCoons @GermanyDiplo @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID

#HumeraMassacre Pt. 4

1. The crimes we’re hearing about are unfathomable. “Some had been struck with an axe.” When will France take significant action? When will world leaders demonstrate that they are genuinely concerned? #HumeraMassacre @Elysee @francediplo_EN @eu_echo

2. Black lives must matter everywhere. Sound the alarm and push for action on #TigrayGenocide! Recently over 40 corpses of Tigrayans have washed up on the Sudanese river banks. This genocide must be stopped. #HumeraMassacre @Elysee @francediplo_EN @hrw

3. ‘They were shot in their chest, abdomen, legs and also had their hands tied.’ This intentional act of genocide cannot be overlooked. Innocent civilians suffer as the French government stays silent. @Elysee @francediplo_EN @AmbafranceET #HumeraMassacre

4. Tigrayans in Humera continue to suffer at the hands of Ethiopian government. When will the world speak of the #HumeraMassacre? Bodies wash up along the river, massacres continue, and lives are lost. Enough is enough. #TigrayGenocide @UNOCHA @Refugees @UNHumanRights

5. What is taking place is #TigrayGenocide. The current #HumeraMassacre should serve as a wake-up call that it is not enough to condemn. You must take meaningful action, today! @UN_HRC @Elysee @francediplo_EN @UKinEthiopia @JanezLenarcic @EUCouncil

6. “They were terribly injured, and some were riddled with bullets,” said Tewodros Tefera who buried two bodies himself. This is #HumeraMassacre. Please don’t look away. It’s critical that you take action today. @UN_HRC @Elysee @francediplo_EN @Europarl_EN

7. “They were shot in their chest, abdomen, legs … and also had their hands tied,” This is the #HumeraMassacre, this is #TigrayGenocide. Sanction Ethiopia and show them that France values human lives. @gouvernementFR @UN_HRC @Elysee @francediplo_EN

8. As a result of the current invading Amhara militia, fearful Tigrayans are fleeing their homes in Humera and other western Tigray districts. They have been forced to leave. Nobody deserves to live in perpetual fear of their own country. #HumeraMassacre @Elysee @francedip @UN

9. “Some of the corpses had facial markings indicating they were ethnic Tigrayans.” The barbaric Amhara militia are continuing Ethiopia’s brutal genocidal campaign against innocent civilians. @ItalyMFA is once again silent in front of #HumeraMassacre @hrw

10. More than 50 slaughtered bodies were found on the shores of the Tekeze River. It’s been nine months since the beginning of #TigrayGenocide, yet @ItalyMFA is watching aloof. @Palazzo_Chigi act now before it’s too late! @UNHumanRights @ItalyinUS @UKinItaly

11. #HumeraMassacre is another example of how @AbiyAhmedAli’s war on the Govt of Tigray is a pretext. His true goal is to suppress every Tigrayan. It is time for the @IntlCrimCourt to intensify its efforts & put an end to #TigrayGenocide! @ItalyMFA @RaiNews

12. #TigrayGenocide is ongoing throughout Ethiopia. @IntlCrimCourt’s Piotr Hofmański & its other leaders must hold Ethiopia’s @AbiyAhmedAli accountable for the war crimes perpetrated. #HumeraMassacre @KarimKhanQC @sebastianocardi @luigidimaio @ItalyUN_NY

13. “We have been burying people nearly daily. Most come with their hands tied behind their back. Some had gunshot wounds in the head & others in the back.” #TigrayGenocide #HumeraMassacre @BWoodward_UN @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @hrw

14. “An official who spoke to the Associated Press said, some bodies were found with gunshot wounds or their hands bound.” Tigrayans deserves justice! #HumeraMassacre @JosepBorrellF @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen

15. Amhara militias are committing genocide in western Tigray. Many dead bodies are found floating on Tekeze river. Why is the Int’l community silently watching #TigrayGenocide unfold? #HumeraMassacre @StateDept @HouseForeign @UKinEthiopia @JanezLenarcic

16. “An official who spoke to the Associated Press said, some bodies were found with gunshot wounds or their hands bound.” Tigrayans deserves justice! #HumeraMassacre @JosepBorrellF @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen

#HumeraMassacre Pt. 5

1. “Refugees believe the bodies were Tigrayans who were dumped into the river at Humera, which has seen some of the worst violence since the war began in November.” This is a genocide. @UN ACT NOW. @UNReliefChief @AminaJMohammed @Lacroix_UN #HumeraMassacre

2. The bodies of deceased Tigrayans continue to wash up on the Sudanese banks of a river, close to where another #HumeraMassacre took place in Tigray. It’s imperative that Int’l leaders act today. This is a genocide. @eu_echo @EUCouncil @USAmbUN

3. Tigrayans were tortured, killed, and thrown into a river. A genocide is still taking place in Tigray and world leaders have yet to stop it. How long will you allow this to continue? @antonioguterres @mbachelet @UN_HRC #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide

4. When will the @UN act on the concerns they have voiced for the last nine months? It’s time for action. Appointed leaders have a responsibility to protect innocent civilians. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UNOSAPG @AminaJMohammed @SongweVera @Lacroix_UN

5. .@Refugees are reliving the trauma they faced escaping #TigrayGenocide as they find fellow Tigrayans floating dead in the Tekeze River. The @UN has a responsibility to protect civilians escaping genocide. When will you? @UNGeneva @UNOCHA #HumeraMassacre

6. The Ethiopian Govt continues to punish innocent Tigrayans through food blockades and massacres as a military strategy, because they are unable to defeat TDF on the battlefield. The world cannot keep turning away from these crimes against humanity. #HumeraMassacre @UNGeneva

7. “Doctors who saw the bodies pulled out from the river said some had tattoos or facial markings common among Tigrayans, raising fresh alarm about atrocities in the least-known area of the Tigray war.” #HumeraMassacre @hrw @WorldPeaceFdtn @PalomaUnicef

8. “Most come with their hands tied behind their backs. Some had gunshot wounds in the head, others in the back. We buried more than 40..” #TigrayGenocide is a grave tragedy exacerbated by those that turn away. #HumeraMassacre @RepKarenBass @antonioguterres

9. How many must die before appointed leaders recognize the conditions in Tigray are that of a genocide? Another #HumeraMassacre has taken place, and now many face famine. It’s time to ACT NOW! @AmbMKimani @KarimKhanQC @UNOSAPG @UNReliefChief @UN

10. The @UN must do everything in its power to stop the refugee & mass displacement crisis of those forced to leave their homes. Not effectively dealing with the issue is only intensifying the problem. #HumeraMassacre @mbachelet @EUCouncil @Refugees

11. After @SecBlinken asserted that ethnic cleansing has taken place in western Tigray, #ETH???????? & #ER???????? continue to commit #HumeraMassacre with total impunity. We demand targeted economic sanctions on both countries. @JanezLenarcic @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF

12. In order to successfully annex western Tigray, Amhara forces have to make sure no Tigrayan is left alive. They continue to ensure this by #HumeraMassacre, weaponized starvation & rape, and land theft. @Refugees @amnesty @RaoufMazou @UNTreatyBodies @UN

13. “I saw a lot of barbaric things,” said the doctor. “Some had been struck by an axe.” How are Ethiopian and Eritrean Govts allowed to continue committing #TigrayGenocide with total impunity? @PrevGenocide @GCR2P @RepKarenBass @RepGregoryMeeks @potus

14. Amhara forces blocked Tigrayans from fleeing to Sudan when the Ethiopian Govt waged #TigrayGenocide. They continue to massacre innocent civilians and committ weaponized rape. Bodies of those massacred have been found floating in Tekeze River. @IlhanMN

15. “Their aim is to leave no Tigrayan,” she said. “I hope there will be a Tigray for my children to go home to.” Tigrayans are getting killed if they stay and if they try to flee western Tigray #HumeraMassacre @KellyTClements @PowerUSAID @Europarl_EN

16. .@IntlCrimCourt Nach über 9 Monaten streiten @AbiyAhmedAli&seine Handlanger den #TigrayGenocide ab!Trotzdem erreichen uns täglich Nachrichten wie #HumeraMassacre! Der Wahnsinn muss gestoppt werden! @KarimKhanQC jede Sekunde zählt.

17. Corpses in Tekeze River reveal the brutal torture Tigrayans endured. “Some had been mutilated, they say, including with severed genitals, gouged eyes and a missing limb.”@UN you must act now. #HumeraMassacre @KenyaMissionUN @UNGeneva @MexOnu @USAmbUN

18. Corpses were found bloated, drained of color. Some mutilated, including severed genitals, gouged eyes and missing limbs. Many with hands bound or gunshot wounds. This is a Genocide. @UN you must act now. #HumeraMassacre @irishmissionun @NorwayUN @SVG_UN