#EUActNow – October 15th, 2021 – October 15, 2021

#EUActNow Pt. 1

1. Hundreds of urgently needed aid convoys are getting blocked by the Ethiopian Govt. @AbiyAhmedAli will go to any extent to keep this engineered famine going. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@davidmcallister @JosepBorrellF @EUSR_Weber @dreynders @Mariearenaps https://www.bbc.com/news/58681797

2. Approaching the anniversary of the #TigrayGenocide, the consequences are taking on disastrous proportions. Millions could die. #EUActNow – it’s time to sanction Ethiopia and #StopTigrayFamine!@vonderleyen @tomastobe @JanezLenarcic @SwissMFA@SpainMFAhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

3. Keeping children in concentration camps is against any convention & must be stopped immediately. Those responsible must be held accountable! #EUActNow – you must sanction Ethiopia!#StopTigrayFamine @davidmcallister @trussliz @MFASerbia @HeikoMaashttps://www.salon.com/2021/09/25/eyewitness-accounts-video-confirm-reports-of-tigrayan-children-held-in-concentration-camp/

4. In July, the @UN reported that more than 400,000 people in Tigray are at risk of the worst famine in decades and 1.8 mil people are on the brink of survival. It’s only gotten worse! #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @BaerbelKofler @RegSprecher @EUCouncil https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/400000-people-ethiopias-tigray-face-famine-now-78640838

5. Hospitals have been inaccessible in Tigray: women give birth without assistance, people die of curable diseases and there are no vaccinations for babies.Tigray needs IMMEDIATE AID! #EUActNow to #StopTigrayFamine! @GudlaugurThor @DZalkalian @CzechMFAhttps://www.bbc.com/news/58681797

6. “In every district of the more than 20 where one aid group works, residents have starved to death.” People are dying in the masses. What is the EU waiting for ⁉ #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine! @a_schallenberg @eliimets @simoncoveney @dfatirl @JY_LeDrian https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

7. “At a health center last week, a mother and her newborn weighing just 1.7 pounds died from hunger.” The Ethiopian government is starving Tigrayans to death. #EUActNow to #StopTigrayFamine @Sophie_Wilmes @Haavisto @xhacka_olta @Christodulides @CzechMFA https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

8. “Months after crops were burned and communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.” #EUActNow and airdrop much needed humanitarian aid to save millions of Tigrayan lives. #StopTigrayFamine @ebphilipp @JeppeKofod @JY_LeDrian @EvaristBartolo https://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

#EUActNow Pt. 2

1. For almost a year, the Ethiopian and Eritrean genocidal regimes have imposed a blockade of humanitarian aid from entering Tigray. The Int’l community has a responsibility to #StopTigrayFamine. #EUActNow @edgarsrinkevics @DominiqueHasler @MFA_Lu @MFA_MNEhttps://www.dw.com/en/humanitarian-situation-worsens-in-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-59004740

2. .@ItalyMFA & @MarinaSereni always seem to say the worst thing at the worst time.Discussing “bilateral relations” with the Eritrean Govt, while Eritrean troops are mass-raping & massacring Tigrayans is SHAMEFUL! @TgLa7#EUActNow #StopTigrayFaminehttps://twitter.com/ItalyMFA/status/1446468357121773571

3. .@luigidimaio is doing nothing to restore @ItalyMFA’s reputation. Italy’s funding of $400K for @AbiyAhmedAli’s sham elections will always be a stain. As @JosepBorrellF said, those elections were not transparent! @aics_it #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine https://ambaddisabeba.esteri.it/ambasciata_addisabeba/en/ambasciata/news/dall_ambasciata/2021/06/comunicato-stampa-sostegno-italiano.html

4. There’s a structural erosion of institutions & stability in #Eth. EU’s resolution hinting at an Ethiopian-led national dialogue is impractical if not impossible. There must be a @UN or EU-led dialogue instead. @JosepBorrellF @ItalyMFA #StopTigrayFamine t.ly/ZYcc

5. The genocidal Ethiopian regime continues the siege & another wave of war on Tigray. @EU_Commission, @eu_eeas & @UN MUST impose economic sanctions & arms embargo on Ethiopia & Eritrea. We demand a UN-led independent investigation, only. #StopTigrayFamine t.ly/50zy

6. The @IntlCrimCourt must condemn Ethiopia’s handling of aid-delivery. @antonioguterres & @eu_echo should establish a working group that will operate directly in Tigray. #EUActNow – instate a direct air-bridge & ensure unfettered access.#StopTigrayFamine t.ly/3446

7. Hundreds of Tigrayan children are locked up in concentration camps but instead of denouncing the Ethiopian govt, @MarinaSereni is strengthening bilateral relations with Eritrea, one of the main actors of the #TigrayGenocide! @JosepBorrellF #EUActNow https://bit.ly/3mRkJGU

8. Millions of Tigrayans are in dire conditions and many are dying from Ethiopia’s man-made famine. EU must act immediately to end the blockade and recognize the #TigrayGenocide. #EUActNow@luigidimaio @JosepBorrellF @Mariearenaps @EUSR_Weber @FMCastaldo https://yhoo.it/3aDLzN2

9. The @UN reported that over 6M Tigrayans urgently need relief aid & 400K are in famine-like conditions. Barely 1/10 of required aid has reached Tigray due to @AbiyAhmedAli’s blockade. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @EamonGilmore @eu_echo @BelgiumUNGenevahttps://nyti.ms/3lIp2EW

#EUActNow Pt. 3

1. Tigray is experiencing famine because relief is intentionally blocked. Children are dying of starvation as famine conditions reach new extremes. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @luigidimaio @ebphilipp https://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region?t=1634235496721

2. Needs are mounting each minute, as the blockade is causing extreme human suffering in Tigray. Stop Ethiopia’s imposed blockade. #EUActNow – please!#StopTigrayFamine @AnnLinde @NikosDendias @JuttaUrpilainen @GudlaugurThor @simoncoveney @MFA_Lu @AnzeLog https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/editorial/the-irish-times-view-on-the-war-in-tigray-a-humanitarian-crisis-1.4700805

3. The Ethiopian govt is clearly not protecting Tigrayan civilians in Ethiopia. It is critical that humanitarian aid reaches ALL populations in need throughout Tigray. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @xhacka_olta @mubachfont @HeikoMaas @ebphilipp @Sophie_Wilmeshttps://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210923-silent-killing-starvation-stalks-ethiopia-s-tigray

4. The man-made #TigrayFamine is descending into a situation of catastrophe. Banks still remain closed, communications remain cut, humanitarian aid is still largely blocked. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@grlicradman @Christodulides @HeikoMaas @NikosDendiashttps://www.npr.org/2021/09/23/1039987434/the-united-nations-warns-people-in-ethiopias-tigray-region-face-famine

5. The crisis in Tigray must be addressed as a matter of urgency. Ethiopia’s weaponization of food created a famine & extreme human suffering for nearly a year. Sanction Ethiopia now! #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @JeppeKofod @Haavisto @NikosDendias @trusslizhttps://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/9/20/22683836/tigray-ethiopia-hunger-famine-starvation-deaths-united-nations

6. Abiy Ahmed knows he can continue #TigrayGenocide & his manufactured famine until the int’l community stops him. The EU remains inactive to push for humanitarian aid to get into Tigray. Why?! #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @EU_Commission @NorwayMFAhttps://theconversation.com/the-war-in-tigray-the-makings-of-a-man-made-famine-and-what-can-be-done-165406

7. Tigrayans are starving in silence as Ethiopia prevents aid agencies from moving lifesaving food and medicine to the region. To avoid a full recurrence of the worst humanitarian crisis, the EU must act now! #StopTigrayFamine @AraratMirzoyan @Sophie_Wilmeshttps://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region?t=1634235496721

8. Mothers in Ethiopia’s war-scarred Tigray region describe feeding leaves to their children in a desperate bid to keep them alive. What will it take for #EUActNow to #StopTigrayFamine? @gouvernementFR @francediplo @JY_LeDrian @davidmcallister @vonderleyen https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210923-silent-killing-starvation-stalks-ethiopia-s-tigray

9. No food, no medicine – there is a shortage of everything. This is a siege orchestrated by Ethiopia’s @AbiyAhmedAli and Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki to starve a region to death. #StopTigrayFamine #EUActNow @gouvernementFR @francediplo @TimmermansEU@tomastobe https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/12/world/africa/ethiopia-tigray-offensive.html?smid=tw-share

#EUActNow Pt. 4

1. “… it’s the worst food insecurity problem I’ve seen for many years now, possibly the worst since the terrible famine that took the lives of quarter of a million Somalis 10 years ago.” #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @francediplo @JY_LeDrian @eucopresidenthttps://www.rfi.fr/en/africa/20210607-we-must-stop-a-colossal-humanitarian-tragedy-in-tigray-un-warns-mark-lowcock-famine-ethiopia-eritrea-conflict

2. In July, @EmmanuelMacron tweeted the necessity of aid delivery to the people of Tigray. Yet everyday there are people dying because of this engineered famine. We ask that #EUActNow to #StopTigrayFamine. @Bujar_O @MAERomania @GvtMonaco @ignaziocassis https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/12/world/africa/ethiopia-tigray-offensive.html?smid=tw-share

3. Speaking at the genocide memorial in Rwanda @EmmanuelMacron said France “valued silence over examination of the truth”. Then why do it again in Ethiopia? #EUActNow and #StopTigrayFamine @gouvernementFR @francediplo @JY_LeDrian @davidmcallister @eu_eeas https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57270099

4. Each day of silence is a death sentence you condone in Tigray, as was done with Rwanda. France and the @EU_Commission cannot continue to be blind to #TigrayGenocide. #EUActNow and #StopTigrayFamine@JY_LeDrian @nestrangeiro_pt@CzechMFA @JakubKulhanekhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57270099

5. “Since the fighting broke out Tigray has suffered an increasingly restrictive blockade by government force”We are calling on the EU to take action to end this blockade. Sanction Ethiopia! #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@CzechMFA @ItalyMFA @ministerBZ https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/10/09/ethiopia-is-deliberately-starving-its-own-citizens

6. .@EthioHRC is not an independent organization, therefore, a joint investigation will not be impartial nor credible. It is an institutional tool to cover up and whitewash atrocities in Tigray. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@vonderleyen @JanezLenarcichttps://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2021/10/11/neither-impartial-nor-independent-the-joint-un-ehrc-human-rights-investigation-in-tigray

7. “All this reveals…that Abiy has 2 objectives in Tigray. The 1st is to starve the population either into subjugation or out of existence.” EU, sanction Ethiopia & Eritrea to lift this blockade. #EUActNow@nestrangeiro_pt @CzechMFA @franceonu @ItalyMFAhttps://www.cgdev.org/blog/how-destroy-country-does-ethiopia-have-future

8. “Every day that the blockade remains in place means more lives are lost.” Do you care that millions of lives could perish from your inaction? Sanction Ethiopia & Eritrea. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@nestrangeiro_pt @CzechMFA @luigidimaio @JY_LeDrianhttps://www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/2021/10/6/100-days-of-blockade-in-tigray

9. The Ethiopian gov’t imposed a genocidal blockade on Tigray. Telephone, water, electricity – everything is cut off. Hundreds are dying daily with millions at the brink of starvation. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @eu_echo @NorwayMFA @JanezLenarcic @trussliz https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-58420509

#EUActNow Pt. 5

1. “Ethiopia is deliberately starving its own citizens.” Through their scorched earth policy, Ethiopian+Eritrean troops created a famine. Now with the siege, millions could die. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @xhacka_olta @mubachfont @ebphilipp @MarosSefcovic https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/10/09/ethiopia-is-deliberately-starving-its-own-citizens

2. The Ethiopian government’s reputation for hiding famine is well earned and evident with the total siege of Tigray. Ethiopian govt must be sanctioned to lift this genocidal siege and save lives! #StopTigrayFamine #EUActNow @JY_LeDrian @ItalyMFA @CzechMFAhttps://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/ethiopias-sophisticated-campaign-to-withhold-food-fuel-and-other-aid-from-tigray

3. Ethiopian + Eritrean troops have weaponized rape, manufactured a famine, massacred, & destroyed essential infrastructure in Tigray. The EU must sanction Ethiopian and Eritrean officials to #StopTigrayFamine + hold perpetrators accountable! #EUActNow @JakubKulhanek @ItalyMFA

4. The Ethiopian govt imposed a deadly blockade on Tigray. Telephone, water, electricity has remained shut off for months. Millions may die of starvation. Do you value human life? #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine@nestrangeiro_pt @CzechMFA @ItalyMFA@JY_LeDrianhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-58420509

5. Our Kunama + Irob indigenous vulnerable minorities of Tigray are in eminent threat during this ongoing #TigrayGenocide, deprived of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS: food, medical, banking, electricity & telecom #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @DominiqueHasler @MFA_MNE https://cnn.it/3AOSiyR

6. #EUActNow & demand immediate humanitarian access into all of Tigray via the opening of humanitarian corridors and/or airdropping food into the region. @edgarsrinkevics @DominiqueHasler@GLandsbergis @MFA_Lu @EvaristBartolo@GvtMonaco @MFA_MNE @CzechMFAhttps://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/12/world/africa/ethiopia-tigray-offensive.html?smid=tw-share

7. As the mass atrocities continue to worsen in Tigray, minorities are at increased existential threat. Time is of the essence for communities such as the Irob people, #EUActNow to #StopTigrayFamine @xhacka_olta@AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA@JakubKulhanek @JeppeKofod

8. In Tigray, malnutrition rates are ~ 30% for children under the age of 5 & ~ 80% for pregnant + breastfeeding women. Numbers are anticipated to be much worse among the remote parts of Tigray. #EUActNow @SpainMFA @DmytroKuleba#StopTigrayFaminehttps://www.wsj.com/articles/u-n-warns-of-escalating-humanitarian-crisis-in-ethiopias-tigray-region-11633105224

9. Abiy Ahmed has repeatedly denied the famine in Tigray, all while blocking food/aid from entering.Ethiopia has made it clear that they don’t intend on ending the #TigrayGenocide. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @DmytroKuleba@CzechMFA @BelgiumUNGenevahttps://www.npr.org/2021/09/20/1038858345/i-just-cry-dying-of-hunger-in-ethiopias-blockaded-tigray-region

10. Ethiopian & Eritrean troops have intentionally targeted women & children in Tigray. To support Abiy Ahmed is to support the mass rape committed against the women of Tigray. Sanction Ethiopia & Eritrea! #EUActNow @MFATurkey @SpainMFA @ItalyMFA @CzechMFAhttps://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/ethiopia-troops-and-militia-rape-abduct-women-and-girls-in-tigray-conflict-new-report/

11. “Months after crops were burned and communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.”Ethiopia is weaponizing hunger & starving millions in Tigray! #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @EamonGilmore @grlicradman @nestrangeiro_pt @JakubKulhanekhttps://apnews.com/article/africa-united-nations-only-on-ap-famine-kenya-ef9fe79cc0cf35917fd190b6e9bd0f46

12. Almost a year of Ethiopia blocking food and aid from entering Tigray. Civilians are dying daily of hunger. When will the international community act to #StopTigrayFamine? How many more innocent ppl must die? #EUActNow @grlicradman @RauZbigniew@dfatirl https://news.yahoo.com/report-150-starved-death-ethiopias-131358462.html

13. Since Nov 2020, the Ethiopian govt has systematically created a Genocide against the ppl of Tigray. From massacring civilians & whole villages to creating a man-made famine! #EUActNow before millions die! @AnnLinde @vestager @VDombrovskis @JosepBorrellFhttps://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/ethiopia-tigray-news-executions-rape-war-atrocities-genocide/