Children of Tigray – #ChildrenOfTigray – July 17, 2021

#ChildrenOfTigray – 1

1. Women & children are amongst the most affected in @AbiyAhmedAli’s manufactured famine in Tigray. 8 months later, & millions of civilians are still in critical need of emergency aid. #ChildrenOfTigray #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @jakejsullivan

2. Weaponized starvation in Tigray at the hands of @AbiyAhmedAli has left over 5.2 million in need of emergency food. Over 2.3 million children remain cut off from necessary emergency humanitarian assistance. @eucopresident @vonderleyen #ChildrenOfTigray

3. ‘There is famine in Ethiopia right now,’ said the UN aid chief in June. Over a month later, and the situation has become worse. The #ChildrenOfTigray are suffering the most. @AbiyAhmedAli must stop hindering humanitarian aid. @IntlCrimCourt @SecBlinken @POTUS @eu_echo @hrw

4. “Fighters raping a woman one by one for speaking her own language. A child, weakened by hunger, left behind.” May we not forget that the #ChildrenOfTigray are still under attack because of @AbiyAhmedAli’s brutal genocidal war. @USAmbUN @EU_Commission @UN

5. Ethiopian, Eritrean, & Amhara forces have turned schools into military bases in Tigray. These forces have looted & destroyed books, computers & resources, leaving over 1.4 million #ChildrenOfTigray out of school. @JuttaUrpilainen @JanezLenarcic @EmmanuelMacron @HeikoMaas

6. Children are often the most affected by conflict. #TigrayGenocide has left thousands of children to be orphans, living in refugee and displacement camps. The #ChildrenOfTigray must not be forgotten. @ChrisCoons @SenBooker @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks

7. Tigrayan refugees were blocked from fleeing the embattled Tigray region into Sudan by Ethiopian forces. Nearly half the refugees are children. Thousands unaccompanied. #ChildrenOfTigray @UNGeneva @UNOSAPG @franceonu @Pontifex @sanchezcastejon

8. It is the @UN’s responsibility to end genocide & stop mass civilian displacement. There are over 2.3 million children still in need of food aid, today. #ChidlrenOfTigray need leaders to end #TigrayGenocide. @Haavisto @CharlesMichel @JoeBiden @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF

9. The genocidal war waged by @AbiyAhmedAli has caused unimaginable human suffering in Tigray. Lives are forever changed. @Refugees camps are still struggling to provide necessary care to children, thousands of which arrived unaccompanied. #ChildrenOfTigray @SvonFriedeburg @hrw

10. There are at least 33,000 children dying in inaccessible parts of Tigray, many severely malnourished. Help must reach them today for any chance of survival. #ChildrenOfTigray @keepachildalive @savechildrenuk @iainlevine @Invisible @ChildrensRights @HRC

11. The #ChildrenOfTigray are being robbed of a life with their parents. Families become separated as they flee. Fathers are killed. Mothers die in agony without access to aid, & children are left with the trauma. @VeraJourova @Europarl_EN @Assita_Kanko

12. Not only are children in Tigray suffering from trauma & malnutrition, but they are missing out on their vital school years during #TigrayGenocide. Something must be done to help #ChildrenOfTigray. @JamesDuddridge @ScottMorrisonMP @JustinTrudeau @RoyalBelgianFA @savechildrenuk

13. “The fighting in Tigray is depriving many children of an education & the warring factions are only making matters worse,” -Laetitia Bader of @hrw. World leaders must act now to protect the #ChildrenOfTigray. @azgbelgie @RoyalBelgianFA @alexanderdecroo

14. “My eldest daughter, who is 14, was one of the best students in her class. She has not been in school for about a year – first because of COVID-19, then because of the fighting. She is very upset.” @UN_Women @save_children @Invisible #ChildrenOfTigray

#ChildrenOfTigray – 2

1. The #ChildrenOfTigray continue to be victims of intentional violence as well as indirect injuries from shelling, crossfire, undetonated explosives and landmines. @keepachildalive @childrensociety @EU_Commission @PalomaUnicef @unicefchief @JosepBorrellF

2. “There are alarming levels of malnutrition among #ChildrenOfTigray. In more than 50 localities in rural areas of Tigray, one out of every four patients we have treated suffers from malnutrition.” @SavetheChildren @sanchezcastejon @SpainMFA @alferdez

3. From the newborns lacking proper care at delivery, unvaccinated & malnourished; all the way up to teens being massacred – it’s clear that the #ChildrenOfTigray are targets. The systematic killing & intentional destruction of health centers must stop. @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @hrw

4. “In recent weeks, among the 309 children we saw in one of the most remote areas of Tigray, we found an overall malnutrition rate of 26.6%. More than 6% of the total suffered from severe acute malnutrition. ” #ChildrenOfTigray @antonioguterres @mbachelet

5. The #ChildrenOfTigray don’t deserve to be scattered in refugee or displacement camps, nor subjected to deplorable living conditions. The international community must do more to protect the most vulnerable. @Refugees @KellyTClements @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @unicefchief

6. If other nations give children the right to be educated, then why are we allowing the #ChildrenOfTigray to miss out on school? All children deserve an opportunity. Please cont. to be a voice for those suffering & take concrete actions. @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @Haavisto

7. Weaponized rape is inflicted upon innocent children in the #TigrayGenocide, as a form of psychological trauma. Why are the international leaders not taking action against such violations on #ChildrenOfTigray? @MarisePayne @SenatorWong @ScottMorrison @endrapeinwar @Invisible

8. It’s been nearly 9 months while the Ethiopian & Eritrean troops strategically prohibit humanitarian organizations from providing resources to the victims of #TigrayGenocide. International leaders must take action to protect #ChildrenOfTigray. @EU_Commission @UN_HRC

9. Both the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have executed the #TigrayGenocide to reduce the population of the Tigrayan ethnic group. This is genocide, and the innocent #ChildrenOfTigray are enduring immeasurable trauma. @Refugees @savechildrenuk @ChildrensRights @RefugeesIntl

10. The US estimates that close to a million Tigrayans are in famine conditions amidst #TigrayGenocide, while @AbiyAhmedAli falsely claims that there is “no hunger” there. The #ChildrenOfTigray are dying because of his dishonest & vengeful leadership. @VeraJourova @DicarloRosemary

11. Over 2.3 million are in the emergency phase of humanitarian aid needs, including children who are particularly vulnerable. #ChildrenOfTigray deserve a brighter future. @AbiyAhmedAli and Isaias Afwerki must be condemned. @SamanthaJPower @WFPChief @SecBlinken @OHCHR_MENA

12. According to Alex De Waal of the World Peace Foundation “We’re at the stage where it’s unavoidable that thousands, probably tens of thousands, of children will die of starvation in the next month.” Please take action to help the #ChildrenOfTigray. @Europarl_EN @Haavisto

13. The @UN has officially warned that at least 33,000 severely malnourished children in inaccessible areas now face the imminent risk of death without access to aid. #ChildrenOfTigray must be protected from @AbiyAhmedAli. @EmmanuelMacron @UKUN_NewYork

14. In Tigray, aid workers have reported stories of women & children being repeatedly raped while held captive in their homes or in military camps. Families have been forced to commit or watch acts of rape against women & children. #ChildrenOfTigray @UN_Women @iainlevine

#ChildrenOfTigray – 3

1. The #ChildrenOfTigray have been robbed of a peaceful childhood by invading forces of the Ethiopian & Eritrean armies. Australia has a responsibility to condemn the violence and protect the victims of war. @DanielAndrewsMP @ausgov @AlboMP @AliciaPayneMP

2. Children in Tigray that have been physically wounded by the war are unable to seek medical assistance as health centers are “systematically looted, vandalized and turned upside down.” #ChildrenOfTigray @savechildrenuk @Invisible @ChildrensRights

3. The #ChildrenOfTigray are left without an education as their schools have been deliberately attacked by @AbiyAhmedAli. There is“continuing insecurity, damage to schools, and protection concerns for students & teachers.” @keepachildalive @RaoufMazou

4. The #ChildrenofTigray have bore witness to mass atrocities as their cities are occupied by invading forces. A new generation of Tigriyans are victimized by war & man-made famine in the midst of a global health pandemic @savechildrenuk @iainlevine @Invisible @ChildrensRights

5. Children in Tigray are experiencing undue violence, displacement and are activley being separated from their family. #ChildrenOfTigray @keepachildalive @savechildrenuk @iainlevine @Invisible @ChildrensRights @HRC

6. Children in Tigray are experiencing undue violence, displacement and are actively being separated from their families. Why are world leaders still silent? #ChildrenOfTigray @keepachildalive @JustinTrudeau @AliciaPayneMP @thinkper @VietNam_UN @Niger_ONU

7. Tyrants @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki have allowed their troops to not only invade Tigray, but to destroy schools, & rape & torture the #ChildrenOfTigray. No govt should have the power to rob children of their innocence & future! @SavetheChildren @UNOCHA

8. Children across the globe should always be protected. Why are innocent Tigrayan girls being victims of weaponized rape? Silence should not be accepted! World leaders MUST ACT NOW! #ChildrenOfTigray @USAID @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @endrapeinwar @SavetheChildren

9. “The number of people in famine conditions…is higher than anywhere in the world.” #ChildrenOfTigray are not only victims of weaponized rape & displacement, but now famine. We ask the Australian government to take immediate action NOW! @ScottMorrisonMP

10. The #ChildrenOfTigray have been robbed of their innocence by @AbiyAhmedAli. “To stop hunger from killing millions of people in Tigray, there needed to be a ceasefire, unimpeded aid access & more money to expand aid operations.” @UNPeacekeeping @StateDept

11. Children across Australia have the luxury to focus on their studies whereas #ChildrenOfTigray must witness a genocidal war since November 2020. The Tigrayan Community in Australia calls for @ScottMorrisonMP to announce immediate sanctions on @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki.

12. ChildrenOfTigray have faced gruesome acts of genocide for nearly 9 months, as thousands have been deliberately gang raped and murdered. Millions have been starved and displaced by Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Amhara forces. @IntlCrimCourt @SecBlinken @POTUS @hrw @SavetheChildren

13. The Int’l. community has an obligation to protect children & their rights. #ChildrenOfTigray are facing genocide, being deliberately targeted in satanic ways the world has never seen. @SamanthaJPower @IntlCrimCourt @SecBlinken @POTUS @SavetheChildren

14. For #ChildrenOfTigray, Ethiopia as a whole is not safe. For over 8 months, Tigrayan children have been living in fear of getting raped, killed, starved, and arrested. PROTECT TIGRAYAN CHILDREN NOW. @SamanthaJPower @IntlCrimCourt @SecBlinken @POTUS @hrw @SavetheChildren

#ChildrenOfTigray – 4

1. Thousands of #ChildrenOfTigray are suffering from psychological, emotional, & physical trauma from being raped during #TigrayGenocide. They need urgent aid to help with their depression, PTSD, suicide, & panic attacks. @SamanthaJPower @SecBlinken @hrw @SavetheChildren @UN_Women

2. The rights of #ChildrenOfTigray have been completely obliterated by the Ethiopian & Eritrean gov as they deliberately target Tigrayan children to kill, rape, & starve them. Intl. community must intervene. @SamanthaJPower @SecBlinken @hrw @SavetheChildren @ChildrensRights

3. While children across the globe have been sheltered by their families, thousands of #ChildrenOfTigray have been orphaned in the last 8 months. Their families have been killed by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces. Children deserve to be protected. @UNOSAPG @eu_eeas @HouseForeign

4. At least 33,000 #ChildrenOfTigray are dying of a man-made famine, created by the Ethiopian government. Where is the national outcry for innocent children who have been starved to death in the name of war?! @jakejsullivan @USUN @Niger_ONU @AmbMKimani

5. As a result of the #TigrayGenocide, the #ChildrenOfTigray have not had the luxury of their innocence being protected. Instead they have beeen left traumatized and in need of psychological support. @Savethechildren @ScottMorrisonMP @Sophie_Wilmes @MeryameKitir

6. ChildrenOfTigray had to walk for weeks to get care after being shot, knifed, or hit by shrapnel by Ethiopian, Eritrean, & Amhara forces. Health centers were intentionally looted/destroyed to ensure Tigrayans could not receive immediate treatment. @UNOCHA

7. Delayed treatment due to looting and destruction of health centers resulted in many #ChildrenofTigray having limbs amputated. Mikiele Kahsay, 16, had his leg amputated because he couldn’t get to the hospital for 4 days, & gangrene set in. @SavetheChildren

8. By looting & destroying schools and universities the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara forces have denied not only the present but the future hope of #ChildrenOfTigray #TigrayGenocide @SavetheChildren @ChildrensRights @EUCouncil @FilippoGrandi @VietNam_UN

9. Schools are turned into living rooms for IDPs. Kids are living daily horrors’ of #TigrayGenocide listening to bombings & gunshots, instead of attending school & playing with their classmates. #ChildrenOfTigray @azgbelgie @ItalyMFA @SavetheChildren

10. .@MSF suspending work in parts Tigray after the “brutal murder” of 3 of its staff last month will yet have a another devastating effect on the #ChildrenOfTigray. 87% of health centers in Tigray are destroyed by ????????n &????????n forces. @PmTunisia @VietNam_UN

11. “We haven’t really had a chance to wash ourselves since we arrived. My baby gets sick because of the harsh conditions in which we sleep.” The conditions #ChildrenOfTigray experience in IDP centers are inhumane. #TigrayGenocide @unicefchief @USAmbUN

12. #ChildrenOfTigray deserve the basic human right of education. They have been stripped of this due to the #TigrayGenocide with schools being looted & destroyed by ????????&????????. Australia must ACT & sanction these parties to protect the future of Tigrayans. @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP

13. A new mother walked for 12 days with her 20-day-old baby to receive medical care. The international community MUST call for unfettered humanitarian access into all of Tigray. #ChildrenOfTigray are suffering & must not be forgotten. @MarisePayne @ausgov

14. ​​#ChildrenOfTigray, including a one-year-old baby, were victims of the Ethiopian military’s airstrike in a busy market in Togoga, Ethiopia. “I think most of the patients, they died because we were late there, because care wasn’t available.” @UNHumanRights

15. Following military defeats, members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force pillaged @UNICEF’s video equipment despite 140,000 acutely malnourished #ChildrenOfTigray being “at risk of dying without urgent nutritional treatment.”@ChildrensRights @Invisible

16. ​​Nearly 5,000 #ChildrenOfTigray were separated from their parents due to the actions of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Amhara forces in the ongoing #TigrayGenocide. These children now struggle to meet their basic needs. @SavetheChildren @savechildrenuk