Refugees find more bodies in river separating Tigray, Sudan

Six more bodies have been found floating down the river separating Ethiopia’s troubled Tigray region from Sudan, refugees and a physician said on Saturday. They urged Sudanese authorities and the U.N. to help in search efforts.

Around 50 bodies have been discovered over the last two weeks in the Setit River, which flows through some of the most troubled areas of the nine-month conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, according to Tigray refugees.

DW: Ethiopia – A catastrophe in the making

Thousands of people have died, around 2 million have been displaced, more than 5 million rely on emergency food aid and 400,000 are at risk of starvation. But violence in Ethiopia is growing beyond Tigray province.

In Ethiopia’s Tigray province, a lack of medical supplies, frequent power cuts and a severe fuel scarcity — not to mention a cash shortage due to closed banks, and growing unemployment after factories were shut down or looted — is making life increasingly difficult for the population, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“The humanitarian situation is very worrying and getting worse,” said Alyona Synenko, the ICRC’s spokesperson for Africa.

The Guardian: Eritrean soldiers killed 19 civilians in latest Tigray atrocity, locals claim

Eritrean soldiers killed 19 civilians in a village at the foot of an internationally celebrated rock-hewn church in Tigray three weeks ago, witnesses, relatives and local residents have claimed, the latest alleged atrocity in the war-torn Ethiopian region.

Millions in need amid Ethiopia’s Tigray war

According to UN estimates, the fighting has displaced nearly 2 million people. The death toll remains unknown, as the area has been cut off from communication with the outside world. About 4.5 million people need immediate assistance, especially food, as fighting destroyed crops and interrupted last fall’s harvest.

UNHCR Regional Update #15: Ethiopia Situation (Tigray Region), 12 – 30 April 2021

OCHA warned of alarming malnutrition rates in Tigray. Out of +69,000 children screened, +1,900 cases of severe acute malnutrition and +17,700 cases of moderate malnutrition have been identified. Malnutrition has also been found amongst pregnant women. WFP is targeting around 867,000 children and 415,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women with their feeding programmes.

In Ethiopia camp, displaced Tigrayans live with hunger, fear

Many came with almost nothing. And yet, “I don’t want to think of going back,” said 21-year-old Wegahta Weldie, a student from Mai Kadra, the scene of the six-month-old conflict’s first known massacre.

She recalled stepping on dead bodies there as her family hid in a maize field and then walked hundreds of kilometers (miles) to reach Mekele.

“Many people had been killed and it was very dark,” she said. “I could not tell whether they were my relatives or not.”

Tigray: thousands flee in search of safety as humanitarian needs rise

The conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia broke out early November 2020. It is estimated that thousands of fighters and civilians have died, and around 4.5 million people require emergency food assistance, of whom an estimated 2.2 million are displaced. Over 60,000 have crossed the border into Sudan in search of safety.

Gender Analysis Key Findings: Women’s Exploitation & Gender-based Violence Across Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis

Between late February and early-April 2021, as the crisis continued in Tigray, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) conducted a Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA) with 186 clients and stakeholders across 6 refugee camps and sites for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The RGA is a critical step in the IRC’s efforts to ensure that emergency programming in Tigray is responsive to the needs of women and girls, who have been impacted differently by the crisis than men and boys. This document focuses primarily on the findings around gender-based violence, and the sexual exploitation of women and girls in exchange for cash to buy food. A more comprehensive report will be released in mid-May 2021, with more detailed findings on women’s needs, and how these are shaped by changing gender and social norms, within the camp setting.

UNFPA Ethiopia – Preparedness and Response Plan for the Tigray Crisis – 2020

Nearly 96,000 refugees are affected by the crisis and are in need of protection and health services as well.

The plan seeks US$75.7 million to provide life-saving assistance to people affected by the conflict in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara regions.

Ending Tigray conflict will test UK’s claim to be ‘force for good’

More than 1.7 million people have been displaced within Ethiopia by the fighting, according to the UN, and there have been widespread reports of rape, massacres and attacks on health facilities.

“The FCDO must do everything in its power to ensure humanitarian access, and bring sanctions against those who try to obstruct delivery of vital food, water, healthcare and shelter,”