Humanitarian Crisis – February 20, 2021

1. As Ethiopia continues weaponizing aid, the @UNOCHA office has confirmed that if the international community doesn’t intervene, hundreds of thousands of people in #Tigray may die due to man-made famine. @SecBlinken @AmbMKimani @AOC @IlhanMN #TigrayGenocide

2. “…will the United Nations call out “famine” & if so when?” A question to ask @un @antonioguterres as reports reveal emaciated Tigrayans fleeing war-torn Tigray due to a government imposed famine. #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray @GCR2P@UN_GP_RtoP

3. Tigray appreciates U.S. stance & denunciation of #WarOnTigray BUT we urge @POTUS @SecBlinken to join EU & suspend aid to #Ethiopia until unhindered aid corridor is provided. #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray @StateDept @LindaT_G @SamanthaJPower

4. “In all my years as an aid worker, I have rarely seen a humanitarian response so impeded and unable to deliver in response for so long, to so many with such pressing needs.” Humanitarian corridors remain closed in Tigray hindering lifesaving aid. @UNOCHA @hrw #TigrayGenocide

5. By providing money to a government that is intentionally blocking much needed humanitarian access to its own country, is allowing genocide to continue. @WorldBank @WorldBankAfrica @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @kanshul @ShaolinyangWBG @Mari_Pangestu @carmenmreinhart @SandieOkoro

6. A government that has inflicted humanitarian disaster to 4.5 million people by declaring #TigrayGenocide should NOT receive money from #IMF @WorldBank. @ShaolinyangWBG@carmenmreinhart @Mari_Pangestu @SandieOkoro @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @HafezGhanem_WB

1. A government that has inflicted humanitarian disaster to 4.5 million people by declaring #TigrayGenocide should NOT receive money from #IMF @WorldBank.  @ShaolinyangWBG @carmenmreinhart @Mari_Pangestu @SandieOkoro @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @HafezGhanem_WB

2. The aim of #IMF funds is to promote economic growth, financial stability, and reduce poverty in countries but NOT to fund an active #TigrayGenocide. @ShaolinyangWBG @carmenmreinhart @Mari_Pangestu @SandieOkoro @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @HafezGhanem_WB

3. It is clear that @WorldBank should NOT take part in #TigrayGenocide by funding the Ethiopian government.  @ShaolinyangWBG @carmenmreinhart @Mari_Pangestu @SandieOkoro @AntonellaBassa3 @jorgedajani @HafezGhanem_WB

4. Why would #IMF @WorldBank give money to a government that’s killing its own people?@DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @kanshul @ShaolinyangWBG @Mari_Pangestu @carmenmreinhart @SandieOkoro @HafezGhanem_WB @Diop_WB @JingdongHua

5. By providing money to a government that is intentionally blocking much needed humanitarian access to its own country, is allowing genocide to continue. @WorldBank @WorldBankAfrica @DavidMalpassWBG @AxelVT_WB @kanshul @ShaolinyangWBG @Mari_Pangestu @carmenmreinhart @SandieOkoro

1. When @AbiyAhmedAli received 3 billion in aid from @WorldBank in 2019, he wrote, ”this reaffirms both govt. & donors’ partnership to transition Ethiopia to a prosperous & peaceful nation.” He has done the exact opposite in the last few years. #TigrayGenocide@DavidMalpassWBG

2. It’s likely @AbiyAhmedAli will not be able to pay back @WorldBank at the rate he’s going. Ethiopia’s economy is destined to fail. Please pay attention & stop funding his quest to secure the throne. @kanshula @AxelVT_WB @DavidMalpassWBG#TigrayGenocide

3. The @WorldBank mission is “to reduce poverty, & improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth & investment in people.” All things @AbiyAhmedAli is working against in Ethiopia. Are you holding him accountable or choosing to fund #TigrayGenocide? @HafezGhanem_WB @hrw

4. When deciding to help with debt relief, leaders like @DavidMalpassWBG should hold other leaders accountable. Does the war waged on Tigray by @AbiyAhmedAli align w/ @WorldBank mission when death & destruction are involved? @AlbertZeufack #TigrayGenocide

5. Not only should @AbiyAhmedAli be held responsible for war on Tigray & economic mismanagement, but @WorldBank as well. As you continue to provide financial support, you choose to have blood on your hands. @DavidMalpassWBG @kanshula @AxelVT_WB @WBPubs 


6. By 2017, Ethiopia had world’s fastest growing economy. In 2021, Ethiopia is still at war. How can @WorldBank continue to grant relief when @AbiyAhmedAli has set the country back? Stop funding the #TigrayGenocide! @HafezGhanem_WB @AxelVT_WB @ADixon_WB

7. Ethiopia’s war risks leaving manufacturing dreams in tatters & as @WorldBank aids @AbiyAhmedAli, it plays an active role in economic incompetence. Funds will help aid a war to kill & destroy more infrastructures. @AlbertZeufack @KGeorgieva #TigrayGenocide

1. Critical that @WorldBank understands that the Ethiopian govt. is still waging war on Tigray. There are an increase in rapes, killings of civilians, & humanitarian access denied to the region. Do not take part in funding the #TigrayGenocide.@DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBankAfrica

2. It is imperative that Ethiopia is blocked from using foreign aid to fund #TigrayGenocide. Many have been killed in the country due to this regime’s brutality. Debt relief from @WorldBank will only result in a prolonged war, death, & destruction. @Mari_Pangestu @carmenmreinhart

3. Reports have emerged highlighting the deteriorating situation in Tigray. Choosing to provide debt relief to Ethiopia will cause war to continue. Please do NOT provide aid to fund such cruelty on humanity. @WorldBank @kanshula @AxelVT_WB #TigrayGenocide

4. The humanitarian situation in #Tigray remains dire. “An assessment conducted by @UNICEF partners found prevalence of severe acute malnutrition, which is potentially life-threatening, was above emergency levels set by the @WHO.” #TigrayGenocide

5. “There is no area that is not affected by this conflict.” “The situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating every day and every minute.” said Ato Abera Tola, president of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society #TigrayGenocide@un @SecBlinken@antonioguterres

6. Approximately 2 million Tigrayans are internally displaced & yet the Ethiopian govt. refuses to allow humanitarian access. If the int’l community also refuses to act now, they will be responsible for a larger catastrophe. #TigrayGenocide @GCR2P @UNOCHA

7. The president of the Ethiopian @RedCross reports that #Tigray|ans who manage to reach one of the few refugee camps in Tigray are emaciated. “You see their skin is really on their bones.” When will #UNSC intervene? #TigrayGenocide @GCR2P @UNReliefChief

8. Humanitarians have acknowledged for years that famines are man-made & that starvation is a crime, yet #Tigray famine is internationally ignored. The Int’l community must step up now! @PmTunisia @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU @UNReliefChief #TigrayGenocide

9. Ethiopia has BLOCKED aid access to #Tigray. A govt. that fails to protect its citizens by using both hunger & rape as a weapon, CANNOT be an ally to the West. Int’l leaders are morally obliged to protect innocent civilians. #TigrayGenocide @AmbMKimani

10. The president of the Int’l Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent reported that “only four hospitals out of 40 are operational in the region & are all facing major shortages in medical supplies..” #TigrayGenocide @Niger_ONU @KenyaMissionUN @PmTunisia

1. “The one thing we do know is that every additional day of waiting for help will only worsen children’s suffering.” Will #UNSC ever act & grant #HumanitarianCorridor access? #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray @LindaT_G @POTUS @SecBlinken @UN @VP

2. After three months of war, Tigray faces starvation. #Ethiopia’s government is blocking humanitarian relief to the region!#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray@LindaT_G @POTUS @SecBlinken @UN @VP @IntlCrimCourt

3. All routes to Tigray have been deliberately closed for the last 3+ months. #WarOnTigray is tearing apart families. The plight of #Tigrayans is unimaginable. Unfettered #HumanitarianCorridor is critical. #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray #UNSC @LindaT_G

4. The ongoing #WarOnTigray created a huge humanitarian crisis in #Tigray. Aid agencies can’t even provide support, as the Ethiopian gov is refusing to open #HumanitarianCorridor. #UNSCActNow#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray

5. Not only that children in #Tigray are suffering from hanger, trauma & malnutrition; they are set to lose their precious school years as long as the #WarOnTigray continues. #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray@UNICEF @Europarl_EN @SecBlinken @UN

6. “Around 80 or 90 % of the health centers that we visited between Mekelle & Axum were not functional, either due to a lack of staff or because they had suffered robberies” #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray@SecBlinken @POTUS @LindaT_G

7. Through the use of #TigrayGenocide, invaders forced people in western Tigray out of their homes to flee to Sudan & moved other groups into their homes. We need reparations and our people to be back in their homes. #AllowAccessToTigray @SecBlinken @UNDPPA @UN @LindaT_G

8. If a person in power uses their position to block all basic needs of a specific ethnic group, wouldn’t that amount to genocide? @LindaT_G #NeverAgain is possible if @SecBlinken & #UNSCActNow@POTUS @NorwayUN @franceonu @EstoniaUN #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray

9. Oct 2020, China’s Gezhouba reps received a restriction to travel from Abiy’s admin when they were on their way to #Tigray to work on water supply project. #Abiy continues to deny access to clean water for Tigray.#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray

10. “We support the call made by the UN High Commission for Refugees for independent human rights monitors to be given access to #Tigray…” Lord Ahmad. #UNSCActNow#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray @LindaT_G @SecBlinken @USUN @EstoniaUN @franceonu

11. It’s been 3 months since @AbiyAhmedAli waged war on #Tigray in cooperation with Eritrea’s dictator #Isaias. So far millions displaced, thousands perished & 4.5 million need urgent humanitarian aid.#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray #EritreaOutOfTigray @SecBlinken @UN

12. We call for @UN full access to reach people in need wherever they are; safe passage for civilians seeking assistance; and the security of aid workers. #UNSC act NOW. #AllowAccessToTigray #TigrayGenocide #EritreaOutOfTigray@POTUS @VP @SecBlinken @SamanthaJPower @LindaT_G

13. .@UN must use Responsibility to Protect to defend civilians in Tigray & create a conducive environment for unfettered access to humanitarian aid to over 4.5 million people#AllowAccessToTigray #TigrayGenocide@SecBlinken @mbachelet @JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic @NRC_Egeland

14. “Lack of food, water and health services are affecting hundreds of thousands of people and our colleagues on the ground are reporting a rise in malnutrition and water-borne diseases” @JensLaerke#AllowAccessToTigray #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @LindaT_G

15. There are 2.3 million people in need of life-saving assistance in Ethiopia’s #Tigray region. Humanitarian aid is available, but access has been extremely limited.#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray #UNSCActNow @UN @LindaT_G @POTUS @VP @SecBlinken

16. #HumanitarianCorridor remains closed for more than 7 million #Tigray|ans cut off from aid. Innocent lives being lost every day. #TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray #UNSCActNow before it gets too late!@UN @antonioguterres @VP @POTUS @LindaT_G

17. Some 16 UN agencies and 25 NGOs have applied. But so far only provisions are being allowed through and are being stored in warehouses in Tigray’s capital city Mekelle.#UNSC Please act now & #AllowAccessToTigray#TigrayGenocide @UN @POTUS @LindaT_G @hrw

18. “A spokesman for the @UN refugee agency said they had received reports that some of them were eating tree barks and drinking water from puddles after being forced to flee their camps” Independent investigation now@EU_Commission @StateDept#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray

19. Unhindered #HumanitarianCorridor to the entire Tigray, food shouldn’t be used as a weapon. @UN’s aide should be delivered by humanitarian workers, not by the Ethiopian gov. #UNSCActNow @LindaT_G#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray@UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SecBlinken

20. If NOT granted #HumanitarianCorridor to the entire #Tigray immediately, history is going to repeat itself. #UNSC #AbiyAhmed with the same pattern of denying access to aid providers. @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @POTUS @VP#TigrayGenocide #AllowAccessToTigray

1. The intl community must understand hunger is deliberately being weaponized by ???????? gov. After 91 days, aid is still not reaching civilians. No more words, take action!#TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow #TrudeauActNow @POTUS @JustinTrudeau @EU_Commission

2. The security situation in Ethiopia is dire @Haavisto. For over three months more than 4.5mil people are in need of humanitarian aid in #Tigray. No more semantics, save lives! @EU_Commission #UNSC @antonioguterres @POTUS #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray

3. The Tigray Crisis is one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history. An ethnic region in a country is being held hostage w/out food, water nd basic necessities for 3 months. The Ethiopian gov is refusing to open #HumanitarianCorridor #TigrayCantWait #TigrayGenocide

4. “I have rarely seen a humanitarian response so impeded and unable to deliver in response for so long,” @NRC_Egeland. 3 months into the #WarOnTigray & “meaningful humanitarian operations” have yet to be initiated. #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide #Ethiopia

5. “The door is open for #US officials to reengage diplomatically… to pressure Abiy’s government to confront the mounting humanitarian toll.” #Ethiopia’s ongoing #WarOnTigray is unfolding a humanitarian crisis. @ABlinken #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide

6. In addition to casualties from shelling & bombardment, the collapse of the healthcare system in #Tigray will also result in countless deaths. What’s happening in #Ethiopia “is a failure of the humanitarian world.” #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide @MSF @UN

7. “If women with complicated deliveries, seriously ill patients, and people with appendicitis and trauma injuries can’t get to hospital, you can imagine the consequences.”@SecBlinken @LindaT_G ACT now and save lives!#TigrayGenocide#StopWarOnTigray

8. It is estimated 2.3mil people are in need of life-saving assistance. Access to aid is intentionally blocked, this is under a communications blackout. There are reports of entire families dying from starvation in places like Irob, Rama + Sheraro. #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide

1. According to @Unicefchief 70,000 children may be facing malnutrition in Tigray. #Ethiopia has weaponized famine by intentionally blocking aid & food supplies to the #Tigray region.@UNICEF #HumanRights #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayCantWait

2. #Ethopia’s #HirutZemene makes false claims of war on #Tigray being over & resources are now being given to Tigray. A claim he made to the #EuropeanParliament that was quickly proven to be false.#TigrayCantWait #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray

3. #UN|s emergency aid department reports about food shortages,widespread looting,sexual violence+other abuses in #Tigray. #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide @POTUS @KamalaHarris @RussiaUN @LindaT_G @ABlinken @JosepBorrellF @GermanyUN @UKUN_NewYork @Haavisto

4. Mounting reports,mounting evidence,desperate calls from NGOs about #Tigray. When will the intl community make a clear stand and take action? It’s 3 months of #TigrayGenocide @LindaT_G @ABlinken @POTUS @irishmissionun @RussiaUN @USUN @GermanyUN @franceonu

5. NGOs are sounding the alarm & are demanding unhindered access to the entire #Tigray region. But 3 months after #Ethiopia|n gov is still blocking humanitarian aid. #UNSCActNow #StopWarOnTigray @Haavisto @ABlinken @EU_Commission @RussiaUN @POTUS

6. According to @Unicefchief 70,000 children may be facing malnutrition in Tigray. #Ethiopia has weaponized famine by intentionally blocking aid & food supplies to the Tigray region.@UNICEF #HumanRights #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayCantWait

1. The @WFP reported that aid for Tigray is currently in Gondar, which is 291 km/181 miles away. Also, @FilippoGrandi pleaded for access to the humanitarian corridor. What is the plan to get the aid into Tigray? @UNReliefChief @DominicRaab @UNOCHA #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide

2. “Without [aid], I’m deeply concerned about the fate of hundreds of thousands of people (in #Tigray),” @UNReliefChief. 80 days into the #WarOnTigray and the humanitarian crisis is only worsening. @DominicRaab @ABlinken @UN #TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow

3. The ongoing #WarOnTigray “compounded by climate-fueled locust infestations & coronavirus has left millions of people in desperate need of humanitarian aid yet access to those affected continues to be restricted.” #BidenActNow to stop #TigrayGenocide. @UN

4. 4.5 million #Tigray|ans are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. But NGOs are not given access to help. There is no time to be concerned. It’s time to take action. 81 days of terror. And weaponizing hunger. #TigrayGenocide #BidenTakeAction @POTUS @VP @EU_Commission @Haavisto

5. #Tigray|ans are dying of hunger because the #Ethiopia|n PM @AbiyAhmedAli deliberately denies humanitarian aid for more than 80 days. #Tigray|ans are fearing for their life as they have nothing to eat. #TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow

6. Destroying grain stores, burning crops, slaughtering livestocks. This is a man made famine by @AbiyAhmedAli to use hunger as a weapon.81 days of #TigrayGenocide. Actions speak louder than words. #BidenActNow @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @USUN

7. The @UN fears massive COVID outbreak in Tigray, fueled by displacement & collapse of health services – hospitals looted & destroyed. Was this a part of your discussion @DominicRaab, with @AbiyAhmedAli & @SahleWorkZewde? #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray

1. The humanitarian situation in Tigray is increasingly severe, w/ reports of fighting, human rights violations, & increasing hunger & malnutrition affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Please @UN #BidenActNow to remove the blockade. #TigrayGenocide

2. The @UN fears massive transmission of COVID-19 in Tigray, due to displacement & collapse of health services – & NOT one statement from @lia_tadesse or @SahleWorkZewde. These women are a danger to the Horn of Africa. #TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow @UNOCHA

3. #Tigray|ans in #Ethiopia are “dying from lack of healthcare services, are suffering food and water shortages, and remain ‘terrified’” in the ongoing #WarOnTigray. Aid is available but is blocked by the federal government. @DominicRaab @UN #TigrayGenocide

4. The ongoing #WarOnTigray “compounded by climate-fueled locust infestations and coronavirus has left millions of people in desperate need of humanitarian aid.” Despite this, humanitarian aid access continues to be blocked. #TigrayGenocide @DominicRaab @UN

5. Millions of children in Tigray are danger of violence & starvation but @AbiyAhmedAli cont. to block humanitarian corridors. Int.l leaders – we cannot let this go on. Please – it’s your Responsibility to Protect. #UNSC @UNReliefChief #TigrayGenocide

6. Millions in #Tigray are counting on you to do right by your duty as leaders. #TigrayGenocide happening for 79 days & counting. We need immediate action to allow #HumanitarianCorridor. @PMEthiopia has weaponized aid. #UNSCActNow @EUCouncil @SamanthaJPower @MexOnu @KenyaMissionUN

1. The @UN fears “massive community transmission” of COVID in the Tigray region, fueled by displacement & the collapse of health services. Hospitals have been looted, even destroyed.#TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow @jakejsullivan @ABlinken @LindaT_G @WHO

2. Residents of #Tigray, including nearly 100,000 #Eritrea|n refugees in camps there, are struggling to survive as food insecurity and internal displacement continues to rise. Civilians are subsequently dying of starvation. #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide

3. The ongoing #WarOnTigray has resulted in “a disruption in essential services and endangered the lives and wellbeing of around 6M residents and over 100k #Eritrea|n refugees.” #BidenActNow for the millions at risk of dying. #TigrayGenocide

4. “The troops have reportedly looted and torched two of the camps, abducting many of the refugees and forcing them back to Eritrea. Relief agencies have been barred from entering the two camps.”#TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow

5.In the towns of Adigrat, Adwa & Axum, “the level of civilian casualties is extremely high in the places we have been able to access,” the @MSF_USA official Vinoles said. She cited the fighting and lack of health care.#TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow

6. We receive consistent reports of ethnic-targeted violence, killings,massive looting,rapes,forceful returns of refugees & possible war crimes. Over 2 million internally displaced. #TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow @ABlinken @LindaT_G @jakejsullivan

7. #TigrayGenocide is real. It is ongoing. People of #Tigray have been cut off from the world for over 2 months. Left to starve and die in the dark. All under @AbiyAhmedAli. Allow humanitarian access, open banks, and stop killing civilians. #UNSC @Refugees @UN

8. The federal government declared victory at the end of November but is still blocking urgently needed humanitarian aid to #Tigray. 4.5 million are in need of emergency food aid. The humanitarian situation is ‚severe‘ #TigrayGenocide #BidenActNow

1. “There is an extreme urgent need — I don’t know what more words in English to use — to rapidly scale up the humanitarian response because the population is dying every day as we speak” #TigrayGenocide #BidenTakeAction

2. 4.5 million are in risk of starvation because the #Ethiopia|n gov blocks humanitarian aid since November. The deliberate act of forcing starvation on #Tigray is #TigrayGenocide. #BidenTakeAction @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @AmbassadorRice @HeikoMaas

3. Millions starving. Thousands killed. More than 55,000 have fled into Sudan, showing signs of starvation. This is #TigrayGenocide. Open humanitarian corridors. What is the @WFP waiting for? #BidenTakeAction #BidenActNow #TigrayCantWait

4. In 1980s, drought, conflict and government denial contributed to the famine in #Tigray, killing over 1 million people. History is repeating itself under @AbiyAhmedAli, who orchestrated #TigrayGenocide. We cannot let this happen in 2021. @WFP #BidenActNow. @JoeBiden @LindaT_G @UN

5. “It is a daily reality to hear people dying with the fighting consequences, lack of food,” a letter by the Catholic bishop of Adigrat, #Tigray said this month. The daily reality of #TigrayGenocide doesn’t have to continue. #BidenTakeAction @JoeBiden

6. In a repeat of history, @AbiyAhmedAli is utilizing the same tactics Haile Selassie employed by denying basic food aid to #Tigray despite aid agencies begging to help. #BidenTakeAction to prevent starvation of “hundreds of thousands.” #TigrayGenocide

7. In northern Shire “up to 10% of the children whose arms were measured met the diagnostic criteria for severe acute malnutrition, with scores of children affected,” a UN source said. Emaciated children are ubiquitous in #Ethiopia’s state-sponsored #TigrayGenocide #BidenTakeAction

8. “The Conflict in Ethiopia remains far from over despite @AbiyAhmedAli’s claim,” @corybooker @toddyoungin those were your words. #Tigray|ans need assistance now. #bidentakeaction #tigraygenocide @ilhanMN @AOC @coribush @ablinken @lindat_g @joebiden

9. Concern in lieu of action has brought no de-escalation of hostilities in #Ethiopia’s #WarOnTigray. The number of casualties & those in need of humanitarian assistance continues to rise. #BidenTakeAction swiftly! @ABlinken #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray

10. In #Tigray, there are “increased risks of malnutrition” due to food being either unavailable or ltd. in quantity as a result of the war. With supply lines & humanitarian access remaining cut-off, hunger is weaponized. #BidenTakeAction #TigrayGenocide @UN

11. Over the last 73 days, the @UN has repeatedly called for unrestricted access to humanitarian aid in the #Tigray region. The ????????  govt has yet to grant access, violating international law, + leaving millions trapped w/o food, water, + medicine. #TigrayGenocide #BidenTakeAction

12. #BidenTakeAction #TigrayGenocide For 73 days, #Tigray has been a war zone + full-scale humanitarian crisis continues 2 unfold. Alarming reports of war crimes, yet many in the diaspora are still unable to reach their families due to comms blackout. @JoeBiden @SenKamalaHarris

13. The welfare of #Tigray|an Ethiopians is of grave concern, the @UN cautions 1.3 million require aid urgently. Currently, over 50,000 #Tigray|ans are seeking refuge in Sudan. The International community must act now @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenateForeign #BidenTakeAction

14. @UN|s insecurity in pressuring the Ethiopian government to take action is possibly killing 4.5 million people in #Tigray. Unhindered humanitarian access must be granted asap. #StopWarOnTigray @IlhanMN @JoeNeguse @YohannesAbraham #BidenTakeAction #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide

15. The @UN|s grave concerns for 3 months is taking 4.5 million people in #Tigray to the grave. They’re being starved, tortured, raped & killed. The world remains a bystander. #StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide for 74 days! @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @YohannesAbraham #BidenTakeAction

16. Humanitarian aid has been blocked to nearly half of the population in #Tigray for 3 months because the #Ethiopia|n government is weaponizing hunger. This is a clear violation of international laws. #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray No one is above the law. #BidenTakeAction

17. @UN officials have stated, “food supplies are very limited, widespread looting is reported and insecurity is high.” The situation in #Tigray is dire and federal aggression against Tigrayans must end. #BidenTakeAction #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide @JoeBiden

18. Humanitarian access remains closed. 4.5 million #Tigray|ans have no access to food, water, medicine, and other basic necessities. 74 days of #TigrayGenocide  @AmbassadorRice @JoeNeguse @YohannesAbraham #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray #BidenTakeAction #BidenActNow