Amhara Annexation of Western Tigray – #AnnexingTigray – July 24, 2021

#AnnexingTigray 1

1. Towns, cities & villages in western Tigray have Tigrayan names, this is the first indication that they’ve always been a part of Tigray. Yet Ethiopian & Amhara forces have ethnically cleansed Tigrayans from these lands. #AnnexingTigray @FilippoGrandi @EP_President @CoryBooker

2. The Genocidal war waged on Tigray by the Ethiopian government has allowed neighboring Amhara forces to commit ethnic cleansing in western Tigray by taking land belonging to Tigray.#AnnexingTigray @IntlCrimCourt @EUCouncil @TheCWIS @MinorityRights

3. Western Tigray was given away to Amhara by EMP Haile Selassie as a way to punish Tigrayans for not kneeling to his dictatorship. Today, we see @AbiyAhmedAli repeating this same act, displacing millions solely due to their ethnicity. #AnnexingTigray @tomastobe @AnnLinde @UN

4. Amahara forces entered W. Tigray in support of the Ethiopian military. Since their invasion into the Tigrayan populated towns, they’ve committed every crime against humanity imaginable! #AnnexingTigray@CoryBooker @endrapeinwar @BernieSanders @FMCastaldo

5. Tigrayans living in the western town of Humera are under severe threat, again. Many have been demanded by Amhara forces to leave their homes within 24 hours. Ethnic cleansing and #AnnexingTigray must stop. @KarimKhanQC @UN4Indigenous @USAmbUN

6. “We told the Amhara that we don’t have a safe route to leave: the border with Sudan is closed & we are prevented from moving..” Many are still being starved, abused and traumatized during #TigrayGenocide. @GerrySimpsonHRW @SecBlinken #AnnexingTigray

7. It is critical that the world understands @AbiyAhmedAli’s political & economic ambitions by use of #TigrayGenocide, and now #AnnexingTigray. He has broken countless Int’l. laws in attempts to secure his throne. @CSORG @CommonsForeign @TheDemocrats @Ilhan

8. “The Amhara militia are going door to door. If they know you are a Tigrayan they kill or arrest you. We feel bad because it is our country.” The ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans from their ancestral lands must stop. #AnnexingTigray @IFADEastAfrica @eu_eeas

9. Invading forces have brutally targeted civilians & infrastructure. Immediate & verifiable withdrawal of Amhara militias & Ethiopian & Eritrean forces is needed from all areas of Tigray, including falsely reclaimed areas.#AnnexingTigray @vonderleyen

10. New reports of genocide in Alamata & Humera. Ethiopia’s genocidal war on Tigray is sheer terrorism on the average citizen. Why is the world allowing this to continue? #AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide @hickspeggy @Mariearenaps @FMCastaldo @czorrinho

#AnnexingTigray 2

1. The Ethiopian Govt has violated every International human rights law & now they are #AnnexingTigray. It’s time that #TigrayGenocide is officially recognized as a genocide. Perpetrators must be held responsible. @irishmissionun @DicarloRosemary @USUN @hrw

2. Alarming reports of abuse of Tigrayans in southern Tigray. Amhara forces are attacking innocent civilians based on their ethnicity, forcing them to leave their homes behind at gunpoint. @EU_Commission @ecrgroup @IWGIA @UN_HRC @AnnLinde #AnnexingTigray

3. Abiy Ahmed is committing #TigrayGenocide in order to secure his dream of becoming Ethiopia’s 7th king. He has adopted Emperor Haile Selassie’s imperial governing styles & land annexation strategy to achieve this. #AnnexingTigray @CDU_CSU_EP @eu_echo

4. Ethiopia is mobilizing militias from all over to support Amhara Forces in committing genocide against the people of Tigray. The inaction of @IntlCrimCourt has enabled #TigrayGenocide. All invaders must withdraw. #AnnexingTigray @USUN @franceonu @VP

5. “The Amhara militia are going door to door. If they know you are a Tigrayan they kill or arrest you..Anyone who can escape is fleeing…” Stop the ethnic violence and annexation! #AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide @EUCouncil @EUatUN @Europarl_EN @SVG_UN

6. In March, @SecBlinken told @HouseForeign that ethnic cleansing was ongoing in W. Tigray. Amhara Forces are #AnnexingTigray & committing another wave of killings. @IntlCrimCourt must recognize #TigrayGenocide & act to stop it. @StateDept @SCRtweets @AOC

7. Tigrayan families are being uprooted from their ancestral homes by brute force. The annexation of western Tigray must end so those violently displaced can return to their homes and begin to heal the putrid wounds from #TigrayGenocide. #AnnexingTigray @JakeSullivan46 @EUAmbUS

8. .@AbiyAhmedAli’s fantasy of becoming “7th King” is sending Ethiopia into a downward spiral. Scapegoating opposition parties is a method to gain his power. When will the @UN|SC step in & protect innocent civilians from this tyrant? #AnnexingTigray @UNPeacekeeping @EUCouncil @HRC

9. Ethnic profiling of Tigrayans has extended to Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The rising hate speech against Tigrayans, primarily by PM @AbiyAhmedAli is fueling the #TigrayGenocide. #AnnexingTigray@PalomaUnicef @UNSRCulture @UNGeneva @WhiteHouse

10. There are reports of renewed killing & torture in Western Tigray. How can appointed leaders still stand by as peoples’ livelihood & identities are stripped away by Amhara forces? This is a genocide. #AnnexingTigray @VeraJourova @GCR2P @Haavisto @SVG_UN

11. Abiy Ahmed & Isaias Afwerki must be held accountable for #TigrayGenocide. These men have gone to great lengths to kill Tigrayans to secure their power.How many more must die? #AnnexingTigray@UNReliefChief @POTUS @VP @StateDept @StateDeptSpox

#AnnexingTigray 3

1. How can peace be achieved with @AbiyAhmedAli when he spews hate speech against Tigrayans, and shows no mercy towards these civilians? Abiy has hopes of #AnnexingTigray at any costs. @IntlCrimCourt @ChildrensRights @SenateForeign @ChrisCoons @SenBooker

2. The Ethiopian Govt. is actively working to kill, intimidate & starve Tigrayans. #AnnexingTigray is a form of this ethnic cleansing. All invading troops must withdraw from Tigray & the @UN must verify that they do. @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN @UKUN_NewYork @USAmbUN @Niger_ONU

3. “My village was peaceful. I had a great hotel, and a huge house,” says 60-year-old Berhan, reminiscing about her life before the war.#AnnexingTigray must stop. It is inhumane to force people from their ancestral home. @EU_Commission @JanezLenarcic

4. “War makes for bitter men. Heartless and savage men,” Ethiopia’s PM @AbiyAhmedAli said when he received the @NobelPrize, only for him to turn around to wage a genocidal war in his own country. #AnnexingTigray is Abiy’s next quest to gain power. @JuttaUrpilainen @UNOSAPG @USUN

5. Amhara forces are attacking inhabitants of western Tigray in order to unlawfully expand their rule. They are systematically starving & taking homes from Tigrayans. @UN, when will you exercise your Responsibility to Protect? #AnnexingTigray @AmbMKimani @USAmbUN @antonioguterres

6. There are extremely horrific genocidal crimes committed on Tigrayans in the western town of Humera in Tigray. Extrajudicial killings, rapes, beheadings and intentional starvation. This quest of #AnnexingTigray must stop.@HouseForeign @SenateForeign @SecBlinken @LindaT_G

7. The #TigrayGenocide is rooted in a desperate attempt at Amhara expansion for political and economic gain. @AbiyAhmedAli is focused on hate, power & profit – NOT peace & unity in Ethiopia. @StateDept @HouseForeign @andersoncooper @Trevornoah @ChrisCuomo

8. Ethiopia has shown through brutal acts of violence that it will rape Tigray, literally and figuratively. The gruesome sexual violence on women, the looting of historical artifacts and now by #AnnexingTigray. This is a Genocide. @KarimKhanQC @EUCouncil @DicarloRosemary @UNOSAPG

9. When will the @UN Security Council and the @IntlCrimCourt take #TigrayGenocide serious?There are renewed killings in Humera, Tigray.Amhara militia are terrorizing Tigrayan civilians through beatings, killings, and unlawful detainment. @NorwayUN @USUN @Niger_ONU

10. We urge the Intl. community to officially recognize the genocide of #AnnexingTigray by Amhara Forces & Amhara Fano militia in western Tigray as genocide, not just an ethnic cleansing. #TigrayGenocide@IntlCrimCourt @Ilhan @EU_Commission @UNReliefChief

11. “Beginning her journey at 3am, she wandered into the barren outskirts of her hometown, waking through thickets of thorns that tore at her skin.” How many more refugees in order for leaders to exercise concern? @USAmbUN @eu_eeas @Haavisto #AnnexingTigray

12. Azmera fled Humera & saw the casualties firsthand. Young people who felt they had no reason to flee had been slaughtered. “They were only civilians,” she said. “Peaceful young adults who were unarmed.”#AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide @DicarloRosemary

#AnnexingTigray 4

1. “Women that have been raped say that the things that they say to them when they were raping them is that they need to change their identity — to either Amharize them … & that they’ve come…to cleanse the blood line.” #AnnexingTigray @IntlCrimCourt

2. All historical evidence showcases that western Tigray has always been ancestral land of the Tigrayans. Intl. leaders must push Amhara forces to evacuate western Tigray & bring all forcibly displaced people back to their home. #AnnexingTigray @IntlCrimCourt @IENearth @UNDPPA

3. #ChildrenOfTigray are facing gruesome acts of genocide by Amhara forces. Children as young as 8 years old have been raped. Millions are displaced, and millions more are being starved. #AnnexingTigray @RepSaraJacobs @YoungKimCA @RepTedLieu @AmbassadorRice

4. Tigray was annexed by Haile Selassie & given to Amharas, as a form of retaliation on Tigrayans for rebelling against his brutal regime during the 1st Woyane Rebellion. Amhara expansionist claim on W. Tigray comes from this. #AnnexingTigray. @Ilhan @CSORG

5. “It is reported that Amhara militia & Ethiopian forces are instructing Tigrayans to destroy their Tigrayan IDs & replace them with Amhara IDs. These civilians are ordered to denounce their Tigrayan identity…” @hrw @mbachelet @Haavisto #AnnexingTigray

6. .@vrtnws journalist saw many empty houses in Western Tigray.”They say they don’t know by whom, but there are indications that they are being chased away. I have the feeling that the Tigreans were no longer welcome there.” #AnnexingTigray @NorwayUN @USUN

7. In this @vrtnws documentary, a man tells the journalist about houses being set afire after the fighting stopped. The man tells him only Tigrayan owned houses were burned. This is genocide. #AnnexingTigray@RepKarenBass @EUatUN @DarrellIssa

8. Fighters and officials from the Amhara region are “deliberately and efficiently rendering Western Tigray ethnically homogeneous through the organized use of force and intimidation,” the US report said in March.#AnnexingTigray @KenyaMissionUN @VietNam_UN

9. “Pregnant women’s stomachs were being opened and I saw a body being dragged by the neck behind a motor bike and four dead children whose necks had been cut.” Mabraduh said. #AnnexingTigray@Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @irishmissionun@KarimKhanQC @PrevGenocide

10. “There is a new surge of mass arrests [by Amhara militia]. It is ethnic cleansing. The forceful eviction of Tigrayans from w. Tigray is getting intense right now,” said surgeon Tewodros Tefera, who fled to Sudan. #AnnexingTigray @HouseForeign @eu_eeas

11. “We had a decent livelihood back home,” says Azmera. “We had freedom & lived a good life.” But when violence erupted, she could no longer access her bank account. Why is @AbiyAhmedAli allowed to steal from innocent civilians? @SecYellen#AnnexingTigray

12. Eritrean & #ETH???????? forces are still in Tigray up until now. They are a threat to the livelihood of Tigrayans. They’ve committed acts of rape & to ignore it’s happening is a grave injustice. #AnnexingTigray @RepKarenBass @RepBera @RepJuanVargas @UN_Women

#AnnexingTigray 5

1. “They (Amhara forces) circulated a paper saying, ‘If you don’t leave the area within two days, you will lose your lives’,…“Then they took all the cattle and everything in the house.”#AnnexingTigray @eu_echo @DicarloRosemary @UNReliefChief @BorisJohnson

2. Tigrayans have been forcefully removed from parts of western Tigray by Amhara militias, and are now displaced. The Ethiopian Govt has given these militias the green light to conduct this genocide. #AnnexingTigray @Haavisto @CyrilRamaphosa @RaoufMazou @UNGeneva @UNHumanRights

3. Unconstitutional adjustment of territories by force should not be tolerated. Acts of genocide against Tigrayans must be condemned by the international community. Silence is complicity. #AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide @hrw @RegSprecher @EmmanuelMacron @EUSR_Weber @Europarl_EN

4. The Tigray-Amhara boundary should be resolved by constitutional means, not by violent force. Expelling Tigrayans from ancestral land is not only unconstitutional, but is ethnic cleansing. @CourPenaleInt @thinkper @pnudfr #AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide

5. Ethiopian expansionists claim territory on the basis that the Tigrayans will either be expelled from western Tigray or become Amharas in the future. Identity should never be forced on anyone. #AnnexingTigray @JustinTrudeau @ScottMorrisonMP @amnesty

6. Amhara militias have looted & burned the homes, farms, and livestock of Tigrayans in west Tigray. These heinous actions are supported by the Ethiopian government & it must stop. #AnnexingTigray @Assita_Kanko @JanezLenarcic @UNHumanRights @KenyaMissionUN

7. Amhara militiamen have forcefully removed Tigrayans out of their homes. They’ve also raped and killed Tigrayans and robbed them of everything they own. #TigrayGenocide must stop. #AnnexingTigray@IPRightsIntl @Refugees @Pontifex @nowthisnews @UNFPA

8. Ethnic profiling of Tigrayans in Ethiopia has been ongoing. Arbitrary mass arrests in the capital city, and many remain missing. Please press the Ethiopian Govt. to release all those unjustly detained.@SenatorRisch @RepMcCaul @RepGregoryMeeks @IlhanMN

9. Residents of Qafta Humera, a place that once was feeding more than just its population, are now “left with nothing to eat” after Amhara militias looted & destroyed their villages, burned crops & livestock. #AnnexingTigray @EstoniaUN @MexOnu @NorwayUN

10. The fate of those forcefully displaced from their homes is horrendous. Children separated from their parents after having to witness atrocities, are now starving. Their basic needs are still unmet. #AnnexingTigray @USUN @KellyTClements @EP_ForeignAff

11. Abiy Ahmed invited foreign invaders such as Eritrean & Somali forces to unleash terror & commit #TigrayGenocide. Administration has gone as far attempting to legitimize #AnnexingTigray in western Tigray as part of the Amhara expansionism.@IWGIA @Survival

12. Amhara fighters & officials are forcefully removing Tigrayans from western Tigray, leaving them internally displaced. It’s time the @UN|SC stop those committing #TigrayGenocide. #AnnexingTigray@davidmcallister @Mariearenaps @AuschwitzMuseum

#AnnexingTigray 6

1. “Almost everyone is on the verge of death -our eyes are affected by the hunger, the situation is perilous.” How much longer will leaders allow the Ethiopian Govt to block aid without repercussions?#AnnexingTigray @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @USUN

2. “Along with inviting foreign invaders such as Eritrean and Somali forces to unleash terror on the Tigray region, Abiy Ahmed’s administration has made an attempt to legitimize land grabbing and Amhara expansionism.” #AnnexingTigray @EUCouncil @SecBlinken

3. Abiy Ahmed must be pressured to restore public services including internet, electricity, water, banking, transportation & telecommunications. Denying these needs is only exacerbating the crisis.#AnnexingTigray #TigrayGenocide@SpeakerPelosi @SecYellen

4. Areas in western & southern Tigray remain hard to reach. @AbiyAhmedAli will block aid, deny it, and show no remorse – not even for murdered aid workers. When can we rely on world leaders to act? @sanchezcastejon @MexOnu @USAmbUN @UNOSAPG #AnnexingTigray

5. Mass detention & profiling of Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia is a method to dehumanize civilians.@AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki are guilty of countless human rights abuses and need to face the @IntlCrimCourt for all their crimes. #AnnexingTigray@SenateDems @HRC

6. “I was carried over the river,” she says, describing the moment she crossed to Sudan. “My legs just couldn’t walk anymore.” Tigrayans are living in fear & if forced to leave their homes, they will embark on a dangerous journey. @UN_HRC #AnnexingTigray

7. Annexation of western Tigray is politically motivated to eliminate Tigrayan identity, culture and language. Tigrayans are told either to “go back home” or “shift identity” to be Amhara. #AnnexingTigray must stop.@RepMcCaul @GerryConnolly @RepSpanberger

8. Amhara forces took advantage of @AbiyAhmedAli’s genocidal war to annex Tigray. They’ve displaced over 1.1 million Tigrayans & have indulged in massacres, sexual violence, arbitrary arrests & destruction of villages. #AnnexingTigray @JanezLenarcic @SenatorMenendez @RonWyden

9. Humanitarian response in Tigray remains challenged by a lack of food, supplies, communication services & no commercial supply chain. Appointed leaders must take action to pressure Abiy Ahmed to restore public services. @AmbMKimani @antonioguterres @USUN

10. Fertile farmlands of southern & western Tigray is a source of major agricultural produce for the region. The Amharas claim of the land is simply to deprive Tigray from being agriculturally & economically self-reliant. #AnnexingTigray @HouseForeign @HouseofCommons @HeikoMaas

11. The expansionist idea of Amhara is part of the genocidal campaign to “wipe out” Tigrayans, and force assimilation to eradicate cultural heritage of Tigrayans.Amhara forces must leave Tigray. #AnnexingTigray@Survival @EPPGroup @HeidiHautala

12. Amhara forces continue to commit heinous crimes against Tigrayans. They’ve blocked humanitarian aid from reaching western & southern Tigray. Ethiopia & Eritrea must withdraw troops & the @UN must verify this.#AnnexingTigray @USAmbUN @KenyaMissionUN