All Eyes On Tigray – June 29, 2021


1. 7+ months of #TigrayGenocide has shown us that Ethiopian and Eritrean troops retaliate against Tigrayan civilians when they’re defeated in battle. Now more than ever we need verified #EritreanTroopsOutofTigray. @USUN @VP

2. As Ethiopian forces retreat, @UNICEF has been raided, and there have been retaliatory massacres. We call on the international community to accept the reinstatement of the elected Tigrayan gov’t to create order + protect civilians. @ChrisCoons @SenatorRisch

3. During the frantic retreat from Mekelle- the int’l community must keep #AllEyesOnTigray + protect vulnerable minorities within Tigray. Eritrean forces have a history of abducting + killing the Kunama, Irob & communities along the border to retaliate. #TigrayGenocide @franceonu

4. Civilians need to be protected not starved, ppl are dying daily due to famine caused by food blockage. This is another attempt by Ethiopia to commit genocide & collective punishment on civilians. #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets @JanezLenarcic

5. Ethiopian + Eritrean troops have violated every international + humanitarian law and don’t respect that #CiviliansAreNotTargets. Why would the @UN|SC believe they will respect human rights and the ceasefire now? #TigrayGenocide @EstoniaUN @irishmissionun

6. Ethiopian government has blocked critical aid and prevented Tigrayan farmers from farming- causing famine. It is crucial that @USAIDSavesLives @UNOCHA work with the elected government of Tigray to save millions from starvation. #TigrayGenocide

7. As part of the war on Tigray all invaders have brutally targeted civilians and infrastructure. Immediate and verifiable withdrawal of Amhara militias, Ethiopian + Eritrean forces is needed to end #TigrayGenocide. #CiviliansAreNotTargets @SecBlinken @USUN

8. Collective punishment of civilians has been @AbiyAhmedAli’s choice of retaliation. Tens of thousands of civilians in Tigray have suffered because of this. We can’t continue to allow this! #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets @antonioguterres @LindaT_G @EU_Commission

9. Dozens of civilians killed & over 100 injured after Ethiopia strikes a busy market. This disregard for human life & International law is the reason Intl. intervention & monitoring is necessary! #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets @SecBlinken @UN

10. The Ethiopian & Eritrean troops have intentionally targeted Tigray civilians directly and indirectly, by destroying their livelihoods as a weapon of war. #CiviliansAreNotTargets justice must be served @IntlCrimCourt @GCR2P @UNOSAPG @SAdamsR2P

11. In Togoga market alone, over 64 Tigrayans were killed & over 100 injured in an airstrike by Ethiopian military. We demand a no fly zone! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN #AllEyesOnTigray @Niger_ONU @SVG_UN @PmTunisia @AmbMKimani

12. We cannot emphasize the importance of having internationally monitored & verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean troops immediately, along Amhara militias. #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @POTUS @EU_Commission @eu_echo @JanezLenarcic @Europarl_EN @UNHCRCanada

13. Communication must be restored throughout Tigray. What is @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki exactly hiding, & why aren’t world leaders questioning this suppress dissent? It’s time leaders intervene & protect Tigray. #CiviliansAreNotTargets @antonioguterres @mbachelet @EUCouncil

14. .@GlobalGsts has received reports that the town of Yechila, and its nearby villages, have completely collapsed following the continued indiscriminate shellings & bombardments by Ethiopian forces. Invading troops must leave Tigray. #CiviliansAreNotTargets @RepKarenBass

15. Yechila, a town of over 30,000 residents, has completely collapsed following the continued indiscriminate shelling & bombardments by @AbiyAhmedAli. Another day, another Aleppo in Tigray. Dozens were killed & 1000s fled. @EUCouncil @KarimKhanQC @StateDept #TigrayGenocide

EU – 1

1. UNICEF said Ethiopian National Defense Forces (#ENDF) has entered the UNICEF office in #Mekele, #Tigray, today & dismantled VSAT equipment. Another attempt to hamper humanitarian relief to the vulnerable. #AllEyesOnTigray @regsprecher @Mi_Muentefering

2. Atrocities of Eritrean soldiers looting food aid, burning crops, preventing Tigrayans from farming is still happening! The existing food crisis will be exacerbated if the int‘l community doesn‘t act now! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @heikomaas @eu_echo @vonderleyen

3. The Ethiopian & Eritrean forces who are terrorizing civilians in Tigray & blocking humanitarian aid for nearly 8 months, are now going attacking aid workers! Please act now! @RegSprecher @BaerbelKofler @HeikoMaas #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets

4. The head of the U.S. Agency for International Development said the hunger crisis in Tigray is the world’s worst in a decade, and the new findings about the famine are “terrifying”. Meanwhile, @AbiyAhmedAli still denies it all. @HeikoMaas #AllEyesOnTigray

5. The world said: “Never again!” to genocide. But now, the world is watching again as a man-made famine is taking place in Tigray, at the hands of @AbiyAhmedAli & Isaias Afwerki. Germany act now! @HeikoMaas @regsprecher @Mi_Muentefering @BaerbelKofler

6. For the past 8 months the people of Tigray have been starved, raped and humiliated. We demand immediate international monitoring and verifiable withdrawal of Ethiopian & Eritrean forces, as well as Amhara militias! #AllEyesOnTigray #TigrayGenocide @regsprecher @vonderleyen

7. Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers are deliberately causing famine, retaliatory massacres against civilians, weaponized rape and indiscriminate shelling! People are suffering because you fail to intervene! @HeikoMaas @MKoehlerEU @BaerbelKofler #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

8. Three aid workers from @MSF in Tigray providing assistance to people, and it is unthinkable that they paid for this work with their lives. @BaerbelKofler @HeikoMaas @vonderleyen @Mi_Muentefering #TigrayGenocide #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets

9. .@UNICEF reported that ENDF have entered their office in Mekelle. This is not neutral! Humanitarian access must be guaranteed & protected at all times. #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @swiss_un @UNGeneva @GerrySimpsonHRW

10. .@UNICEF: “This act violates @UN privileges and immunities and the rules of International Humanitarian Law regarding respect for humanitarian relief objects.“ @ignaziocassis @s_sommaruga @UNGeneva #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

11. .@MSF mourns three colleagues brutally murdered in Ethiopia. Switzerland stands for humanitarian rights! Please stand up for Tigray. @ignaziocassis @s_sommaruga @UNGeneva #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide #AllEyesOnTigray

12. Horrible things happening in Tigray for almost 8 months. It’s awful that @MSF now mourns three colleagues brutally murdered by the Ethiopian Govt. Tigray needs justice. @ignaziocassis @s_sommaruga @UNGeneva #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

13. Starvation is used as weapon in Tigray for almost 8 months. The situation is horrible! We need international action & support especially from Switzerland. #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets @spschweiz @ignaziocassis @s_sommaruga @Bundesrat_CH

EU – 2

1. Yechila, a Tigrayan town of 30k residents was destroyed following the bombardments by the Ethiopian army. Meanwhile, @MarinaSereni funded @AbiyAhmedAli’s sham election & @guerini_lorenzo has a military deal with Ethiopia. @PiazzapulitaLA7 #TigrayGenocide

2. .@AbiyAhmedAli bombed Togoga killing dozens & wounding hundreds. Yet, Italy’s @luigidimaio funded the #ShamEthiopianElection and @guerini_lorenzo has an ongoing military deal with that govt. #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @PiazzapulitaLA7

3. Ethiopian & Eritrean troops looted @UNICEF buildings & Mekele’s public & private properties. Yet, Italy is still supporting @AbiyAhmedAli’s regime. @luigidimaio @lauraboldrini @guerini_lorenzo @Roberto_Fico @ItalyMFA #TigrayGenocide

4. Despite TDF liberation of Mekelle, Tigray still faces imminent threats as Amhara & Eritrean troops are currently committing atrocities on civilians. Italy needs to cooperate with Tigray’s govt. to achieve true peace. @luigidimaio #CiviliansAreNotTargets

5. Ethiopian forces have retreated from Mekelle, but #TigrayGenocide & a man-made famine are still ongoing-5.2 M are facing famine-invading troops are still in Tigray-Fresh reports of atrocities near Tembien by retreating ENDF. #CiviliansAreNotTargets

6. Despite TDF liberation of Mekelle, Tigray still faces imminent threats as Amhara & Eritrean troops are currently committing atrocities on civilians. Italy needs to cooperate with Tigray’s govt. to achieve true peace. @luigidimaio #CiviliansAreNotTargets

7. .@UNICEF & other @UN agencies in Mekelle have been looted. Their workers were also threatened by Ethiopian soldiers. Why does Italy have a military deal with @AbiyAhmedAli? @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni @ItalyMFA #CiviliansAreNotTargets

8. For almost 8 months civilians in Tigray have been subject to cruel, inhumane and unspeakable crimes against humanity. Enough is enough the world must act to alleviate their suffering. #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets @JamesDuddridge @DominicRaab @HouseofCommons

9. Under a complete communication blackout, Ethiopian forces have completely destroyed Yechila. The situation is dire & people are in need! We’re pleading with the world to act! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #YechilaShelling #TigrayGenocide @JamesDuddridge @DominicRaab @HouseofCommons

10. .@USAID reported 900,000 ppl are facing starvation. Thereafter, the Ethiopian Govt shut down all transport, communication and banks! If this isn’t considered a deliberate attempt to wipe out the people of Tigray, what is!? Save Tigray! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

11. Yechila a small town of 30,000 residents and neighbouring villages has been under constant airstrike bombardment for 11 days. The whereabouts of residents & no. of causalities are still unknown. The world needs to act to save lives! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #YechilaShelling

12. Ethiopia continues to blanket bomb densely populated towns in Tigray!When will this nightmare for innocent children, mothers, sons & fathers end!?Who will stop @AbiyAhmedAli!? @JamesDuddridge @DominicRaab @UKHouseofLords #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide #YechilaShelling


1. .@EmmanuelMacron @florence_parly Malgré un contrôle rigoureux des exportations d’armes, la ???????? continue d’armer l’???????? sans tenir compte des droits de l’homme. La vente indirecte d’armes à l’???????? via l’???????? a provoqué le #TigrayGenocide. #CiviliansAreNotTargets

2. .@franceonu @EmmanuelMacron @francediplo_de Après deux jours de démentis et de condamnations internationales, l’armée éthiopienne confirme avoir effectué une frappe aérienne dans le Tigray, nommé le #TogogaMassacre. #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets

3. Le cessez-me-feu à Mekelle n’inclut pas les habitants des Irob et du Tigray rural. Qu’en est-il des autres villes et villages frontaliers soumis aux troupes érythréennes ? N’oublions pas leur situation critique. @franceonu @EU_Commission #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets

4. Il n’y aura pas de repos tant que tous les territoires du Tigray ne seront pas rendus à leur seul propriétaire, le peuple du Tigré. Le Tigré a besoin de paix et de justice. @franceonu @EU_Commission @francediplo_de #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets

5. Nous ne savons pas ce qui arrive aux habitants des villes et villages frontaliers.Les lignes téléphoniques+l’électricité ne fonctionnent toujours pas.Que font les forces éthiopiennes +érythréennes dans l’obscurité? @JosepBorrellF @hrw #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

6. Tigray n’obtiendra jamais justice tant que son intégrité territoriale ne sera pas respectée &que tous les dommages causés par les forces érythréennes & éthiopiennes ne seront pas repatriés. #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets @UNGeneva @franceonu—land-dispute-drives-new-exodus-in-ethiopia-s-tigray/46488520

7. @francediplo «La seule raison de l’urgence humanitaire est que la coalition des forces fédérales éthiopiennes de la région de l’Amhara et des troupes érythréennes commettent des crimes de famine à grande échelle» #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets

8. Le Tigré, région la plus septentrionale de l’Ethiopie et frontalière de l’Erythrée, est en proie depuis près de huit mois à un conflit destructeur. Agissez maintenant ! #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets @RPFranceUE @EmmanuelMacron @francediplo

9. Demandez une investigation sur les atrocités des soldats érythréens qui pillent l’aide alimentaire, brûlent les cultures et empêchent les Tigréens de cultiver leur terre. La crise alimentaire est là ! #TigrayGenocide @RPFranceUE @Elysee @amnestyfrance #CiviliansAreNotTargets

10. La famine de masse est utilisé comme moyen de guerre. L’armement de la faim est un crime de guerre et doit être traité comme tel @FranceOTAN @IntlCrimCourt @FranceONUGeneve @EmmanuelMacron #TigrayGenocide #CiviliansAreNotTargets


1. Tigray must be closely monitored as for 8 months, ???????? & ???????? forces have committed heinous crimes. Intl. leaders must continue to pressure for the removal of these foreign forces and for sanctions to be imposed. #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @ScottMorrisonMP @MarisePayne

2. The global community must have #AllEyesonTigray. Civilian lives are are at stake as #TigrayGenocide has not ended in Tigray. Int’l community must take action to ensure removal of all invading forces. #CiviliansareNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @AustraliaUN @EUatUN @PeterDutton_MP

3. Mekelle, the capital city of Tigray, is under threat of a final attack. Global leaders need to step and ACT NOW. #AllEyesOnTigray #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @ScottMorrisonMP @MarisePayne

4. Banks remain closed, streets blocked & the people of Tigray need urgent unfiltered humanitarian access. The @ausgov and the rest of the world must continue to apply pressure and demand action. #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @MarisePayne @SenatorWong @ScottMorrisonMP

5. AllEyesOnTigray every second moving forward is crucial. There is potential mobilization of external fighter jets, expats have been ordered to leave and there is fear of explosives being planted in Tigray. #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide @MarisePayne @SenatorWong

6. .@ScottMorrisonMP must call for a swift internationally monitored & verifiable withdrawal of all invading troops from Tigray. Without their removal, innocent civilians will continue being massacred & starved. @MarisePayne @AlboMP #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide

7. Under a communication blackout, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have destroyed Tigray. The situation is critical & people are in need of international intervention. Please speak up! #CiviliansAreNotTargets #TigrayGenocide #AllEyesOnTigray @ausgov @SenatorWong @AustraliaUN

8. It is imperative that there is immediate and verifiable withdrawal of Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, along with Amhara militias from Tigray. How else will #TigrayGenocide truly end? #CiviliansAreNotTargets @ScottMorrisonMP @SenatorWong @MarisePayne

9. Eritrean & Ethiopian govts have worked together to block critical aid, while also preventing Tigrayan farmers from harvest. Global leaders must work with the Tigrayan govt. to save millions from #TigrayGenocide. @ScottMorrisonMP @SenatorWong @MarisePayne

10. Yechila, a Tigrayan town of 30k residents, was destroyed following the bombardments by the Ethiopian army. Global leaders must exercise their responsibility to protect in order to end #TigrayGenocide. Enough is enough. #CiviliansAreNotTargets @ScottMorrisonMP @EstoniaUN @UN